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Name of the faculty Member: Eliza Jain

CourseNo.: MGT 516 Course Title Research Methodology
Class : MBA Semester II Section:S1001 Batch : 2010 - 2012
Max. Marks______25_______ Date of Allotment: 08/2/11 Date of Submission: 18/4/11
Important: To be read before filling up the Plan format.
1. Planning for academic activities other than Lecturers/Tutorial/Practical like Assignments, Case study, Presentation,
Quiz, Projects, Class tests, industrial visits, teaching practice, court visits etc to be undertaken as a part of the continuous
assessment for the Course should be prepared separately as per the format at the start of the session.
2. Industry oriented academic activity should be encouraged. If the academic activity is organization based, please specify
the organization with respect to the assignment. Absolute theoretical academic assignments, which involve only copying
from the books, should be discouraged. Model *(Method/Pedagogy) used in allotment and evaluation of the assignments
should also be specified in the assignment plans itself.
3. All the students should be given a different topic of assignment, in all cases either the topic of assignment should be
different or the organization on which the assignment is based should be different.
S.N Roll No Topic Objectives of Topic Organization Model*
o No. Academic Activity
1 2-70 1 To promote writing, A set of research topic Selected topics Break Up of
analytical & will be allocated by
interpretational instructor on which they Evaluation:
skills amongst have to prepare a report:
students. Viva before MTE 5
1) Introduction;
Viva immediately
2) Objective of the after MTE 5
study Report submission-10
3) Review of Viva after submission
Literature; -5

4) Research design
5) Data collection
6) Analysis and
7) References Note:
Students must use
com and,
for review of
literature apart from
other websites

Date: Sig. of Faculty member

Remarks by HOD (Mandatory

Sig. of HOD with date

Remarks by HOS (Mandatory)
Sig. of HOS with date
Seri Registerat Name Roll Term Paper Topic
al ion Number
No Number
1 11009433 Sunny Chhajta RS1001A0 Ratio analysis based decisions (Select a
2 Company for this)
2 11000824 Gagandeep Singh RS1001A0 Micro Finance and SHGs (Self Help Groups): Is
3 really beneficial to rural India?
3 11006005 Tanuj Vaid RS1001A0 Reports on Corporate Frauds (Indian Context).
4 11010048 Ajayab Singh RS1001A0 Risk Management in Stock market
5 11008686 Ravneet Kaur RS1001A0 India’s March towards a Knowledge Economy
6 11002316 Neha Kumari RS1001A0 Consumer Perception On Mutual Funds
7 11007588 Akhil Gupta RS1001A1 New Pension System (NPS)- Boosting India’s
0 social security system
8 11005102 Kumar Shubham RS1001A1 Impact on stock market by Government’s PSU
1 Disinvestment Plan
9 11006471 Nitish Tiwary RS1001A1 Management & technology impacts
10 11009949 Sunita Kumari RS1001A1 Celeb Advertising and Brand Endorsements
11 11001397 Sahil Mahajan RS1001A1 Impact of wages on employee satisfaction
12 11002687 Vikram Chauhan RS1001A1 Is India ready for hosting Olympics?
13 11003520 HARPREET SINGH RS1001A1 Impulse Buying Behaviour In FMCG Sector
8 With Special Reference To Big Bazaar And
Vishal Megamart
14 11005461 Prateek Batra RS1001A1 Social Networking: Creates new dimensions for
9 relationships
15 11002350 Rini Pandita RS1001A2 Can young make a real difference: The new
0 face of Indian Parliament
16 11009075 Chandan Kumar RS1001A2 Reverse mentoring- Is really required to
Suman 1 analyze by corporate sectors?
17 11006456 Gurpal Singh Bali RS1001A2 Retention strategies- Either view positively or
2 negatively?
18 11005836 Shadab Khan RS1001A2 Impact of working environment on
3 employee satisfaction
19 11005146 Sweta Srivastava RS1001A2 Emerging Issues in Higher Education in India
20 11008111 Salony RS1001A2 India’s most effective AD campaigns
21 11005095 AMARENDRA RS1001A2 Retention strategies- Either view positively or
NARAYAN SINGH 6 negatively?
22 11008679 Ankush Kansal RS1001A2 RFID( Radio Frequency Identification)-
7 Advanced technology for big retailers
23 11001730 Piyush Kulshrestha RS1001A2 Can internet be used for Brand Engagement?
24 11009182 Avneet Kaur RS1001B3 Employee Motivation and Job
0 Satisfaction
25 11005239 Rashpal singh Sandhu RS1001B3 Brand positioning by “ Employee Branding”
26 11003255 Disha Sharma RS1001B3 Investors’ response to various financial
6 products
27 11007367 Puja Kumari RS1001B3 Investors’ response to various financial
7 products
28 11007574 Mamta Kumari RS1001B3 Doordarshan and its future in highly
8 competitive broadcast media market
29 11007670 Amandeep Kaur RS1001B3 FDI and Economic Growth during last decade
30 11006110 Ritu Singh RS1001B4 Students’ surveys on pocket money
0 expenditure
31 11001415 Manpreet Singh RS1001B4 Role of stakeholders and profitability
32 11008688 Vivek Labh RS1001B4 Performance efficiency of sales staff
33 11004459 Saba Masod RS1001B4 Bursting of Dubai Bubble
34 21000058 Chetna Kumari RS1001B4 Effect of technology on employees performance
35 11000968 Azhar Shokin RS1001B4 Tourism in Kashmir: Ups and Downs
36 11008341 Sukhdeep Kaur RS1001B4 Empirical study on level of
7 satisfaction and loyality of customers
on broadband services of BSNL
37 11001222 Ajay Kumar Narula RS1001B4 Problems Encountered by Telecom Industry
38 11005013 Jai Prakash RS1001B4 3 Cs of Indian Politics- Cash, Criminals and
9 Corruption
39 11000259 Rajesh Kumar RS1001B5 Brand Preference Behaviour of house wives
0 (Hair Oil)
40 11007131 Gaurav Kumar Sinha RS1001B5 Effect of technology on Consumer services
41 11002007 Shweta Sharma RS1001B5 Brand Choice behaviour for different products
42 11004488 Raju Saw RS1001B5 Increasing Dependence on BPOs
43 11010179 Retika Bhat RS1001B5 Comparative Study of State Bank of
5 India with two Private and two Public
44 11008339 Shiv Kumar Rajput RS1001B5 Employee Participation in Strategic
6 Planning
45 11007439 Anam Arora RS1001B5 Indo-US Nuclear deal- How much economically
7 & strategically important?
46 11011354 Manjot Kaur RS1001B5 Flexi Work initiatives by Indian Corporates-
9 Does it really Work?
47 11011597 PARVEEN NAGAR RS1001B6 Reward System and Job Satisfaction
48 11011596 Manoj Sharma RS1001B6 Distance Workforce: Managing Across
2 Language, Culture, Time and Location
49 11012916 Rahul Kumar Thakur RS1001B6 Training and Employee Performance
50 11012921 Jogender Singh RS1001B6 Corporate Governance issues
51 11013326 Aashish kumar RS1001B6 Organizational Productivity: Effective
5 Time Management
52 11013406 Gaurav kumar RS1001B6 Potential scenarios for deployment of mobile
6 technologies in rural market
53 11012880 Navpreet Kaur RS1001B6 Education and Entrepreneurship
54 11013607 Pranay kumar RS1001B6 McDonalds’ Competitive Edge over KFC
55 11013467 Girraj Singh Baish RS1001B7 Relevance of PPP in context of Indian
0 Economy