People in Information Technology--in the Philippines

MANILA Philippines - Information Technology in the Philippines has evolved over the years and much have changed in a span of 10 years or so. Professionals and innovative talents sprang up from the Philippines alone. Dr. Jaime D.L. Caro - graduated Cum laude of Bachelor of Science Major in Mathematics at the University of the Philippines in 1986- has contributed significant and crucial works and study where Information Technology is concerned. A Professor and Chairman of Computer Science at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, His research interests are complexity theory,Combinatorial Network Theory and e-learning. As the Chief Academic Officer of Techfactors Inc., and as series Editor of Techfactors courseware that pioneered more than 30 Titles under the labels - Tekkids, TekHigh, Digitans and ICTopia Brand- Dr. Caro has Geared up IT Technology to Global Heights. Currently Director of the UP Information Technology Training Center, Dr. Caro focuses in IT education and the Honing of future IT Professionals Filipino and foreign Students alike---to be in shape for the competitive IT jobs in and out of the country. After earning a Post Doctorate Degree in Oxford; Dr. jaime Caro widened His Professional services and now seats as chairman of the CHED Technical Panel on computer Science and Entertainment, President of the Computing Society of the Philippines.

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