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JAN 1. What People 1.0LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
Do INTERPERSONAL i. talking about myself daily Simple Present
Week (1,2 & 3) USE routines and our parents’ Tense for habitual
(03-21 Jan 11) occupation OR action
1.1 Making friends and ii. talking about hobby /
keep friendships by ambition ‘Wh’ words

a. talking about myself, Level 2: Sound System

family, friends, i. giving an account of r /r/ , l /l/
interests and describing about hobby /
understanding others ambition and writing simple Vocabulary
when they talk about paragraph Antonyms
b. taking part in Level 3:
conversation and i. writing simple letters to a
discussion friend on one’s ambition
observing correct format with
salutation and ending.
ii. reading articles and
discussing point of interest with
JAN/FEB 2. Villagers and 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
Their Livelihood INTERPERSONAL i. talking about interest / what Subject-verb
Week (4 & 6) USE you or your friend like to do agreement
(24-28 Jan 11)
(07-11 Feb 11) 1.1 Making friends
and keep
friendships by Level 2: Punctuation: capital
a. talking about interest i. asking questions politely to letters and full-
and understanding get information on one your stops
others when they talk friend interest
about themselves ii. seeking clarification about it Sound System
b. taking part in s /s/ , z /z/
conversation and Level 3:
discussions i. writing recount/description Vocabulary
c. exchanging ideas, (such as the livelihood of some Synonyms
information and people in Malaysia / ours’
opinions Malaysian interest)

Week (5) (29 January – 06 February 2011)
(31 Jan-04Feb 11)
FEB 3. Famous Faces 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
INTERPERSONAL i. talking about one’s favourite Adjectives that
Week (7 & 8) USE personalities show qualities
(14-25 Feb 11) ii. express congratulations,
1.1 Making giving compliments to Simple Past Tense
friends and keep somebody and respond
friendships by appropriately. Sound System
v /v/ , w /w/
a. talking about feelings Level 2:
and understanding i. participating in a conversation Vocabulary
when others talk by agreeing politely with others Antonyms
about themselves / disagreeing politely /
1.2 Take part in social interrupting politely / taking
interaction by leave on topic Malaysian
Personalities (such as
a. carrying out a variety singer/actor/athlete)
of language function
Level 3:
b. participating in i. write a simple card to one’s
conversation and favourite personality (such as
discussion singer/ actor/athlete).

FEB/MAR 4. Stop Air 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar

Pollution INTERPERSONAL i. talking about on topics of Simple Future
Week (9 & 10) USE interest (such as air pollution) Tense using ‘going
(28 Feb-11 Mar to’
11) 1.1 Making friends and Level 2:
keep friendships by i. asking simple question to get Punctuation:
information (such as the best Question Mark
a. taking part in way to reduce air pollution)
conversations and ii. responding to question by Sound System
discussions giving the required information Refer to the text
book (pg 53)
b. exchanging ideas and Level 3: Vocabulary
giving opinions on i. writing composition on Prefix ‘mis’
topics of interest pollution in a town-causes and

Week (11)
(12 - 20 Mar 2011)
MAR/APR 5. Flood Woes 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
INTERPERSONAL i. talking about flash floods Preposition of
Week (12,13 & USE ii. offering help and responding direction
14) appropriately
(21 Mac-08 Apr 1.1 Making friends and Formation of the
11) keep friendships by Level 2: plural: words
i. asking and discussing about ending with ‘f’ and
a. talking about past article on flash floods ‘fe’
events, personal ii. design a card to express
experiences and appreciation to the people who Sound System
understanding when in charged in helping flash Refer to textbook
others talk about floods victim (such as (pg 67)
themselves policeman. Firefighter, etc)
b. taking part in Vocabulary
conversations and Level 3: Prefix ‘re’
discussions i. writing story on a flash flood
from the newspaper report /
1.2 Take part in myself hometown
social interaction by

a. Carrying out of
variety of language
APR 6. Give Us Space 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
to Run and Play INTERPERSONAL i. expressing satisfaction and Negative
Week (15 & 16) USE dissatisfaction on a playground statements
(11-22 Apr 11) in one’s neighborhood
1.2 Take part in social Punctuation:
interaction by Exclamation mark

a. Carrying out a Sound System

variety of language Refer text book (pg
functions 82)
b. participating in Level 2: Vocabulary
conversations and i. participating in a conversation Suffix ‘ful’
discussion by agreeing and disagreeing
politely with the opinions of
resident of one’s neighborhood
park about their playground for

Level 3:
i. write story /recount on a
‘gotong-royong’ activity at
one’s neighborhood park at
APR/MAY 7. Times Is Gold 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
INTERPERSONAL i. understand the types of Punctuation:
Week (17 & 18) USE services available at a sports Apostrophe for
(25 Apr-06 May centre contraction
11) 1.3 Obtain goods and ii. making enquiries as to what
service by sports centre offers Article ‘the’

a. making enquiries Level 2: Sound System

b. ordering goods and i. make further enquiries via ed /t/, ed /d/
services telephone to book one game at
one’s sports centre

Level 3:
i. write story about spending
time at one’s sport centre Vocabulary
during the school holiday Suffix ‘less’
MAY 8. What Are 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
Friends For? INTERPERSONAL i. talking about qualities one Negative
Week (19 & 20) USE looks for in a friend Adjectives using
(09-17 May 11) ‘im’ and ‘un’
1.1Making friends Level 2:
and keep i. participating in class Pronouns: Subject
friendships by discussion by agreeing, and object
disagreeing and giving opinions pronouns
a. talking about friends, about qualities of a friend / the
feelings and ways to build a healthy Sound System
understanding when friendship Refer to text book
others talk about (pg 110)
themselves Level 3:
i. writing a simple card to friend Vocabulary
1.2 Take part in social to greet “Happy Friendship Synonyms
interaction by Day”

ii. writing replying letter to

friend to give him advise about
a. participating in something had happen to him.
conversations and

Week (20 & 21) FIRST MID-YEAR EXAM 2011

(18-27 May 11) (18 – 27 May 2011)


Week (22 & 23) MID-YEAR SCHOOL HOLIDAY 2011

(30 May-10 Jun (28 May – 12 June 2011)
JUNE/JULY 9. Looking 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
Good, Feeling INTERPERSONAL i. talk about what beauty means Connectors:
Week (24, 25 & Great USE ii. giving instruction orally Sequence
26) about how to take care or keep connectors
(13 Jun-01 Jul 1.1 Making friends and our beauty
11) keep friendships by Conjunctions:
Level 2: ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’,
a. taking part in i. writing simple messages to ‘or’
conversations and friends to praise his /her beauty
discussions and get tips of beauty from him Sound System
es / iz/ ies/ aiz/ and
1.2 Take part in social Level 3: ves / vz/
interaction by Write composition on dental
care for your school magazine Vocabulary
a. carrying out a variety with teacher guideline Synonyms
of language function
JULY 10. Food For 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
Thought INTERPERSONAL i. giving and following Modal Verbs:
Week (27, 28 & USE instruction / advice on healthy ‘must’, ‘may’,
29) diet. ‘can’
(04-22 Jul 11) 1.2 Take part in social
interaction by Level 2: Preposition: ‘of’
i. making and giving decision
a. carrying out variety the best way to stay healthy and Sound System
of language function diet in right way s /z/ , s /z/
b. participating in
conversation and Level 3: Vocabulary
discussion i. writing simple letter to friend A group of words
c. making plans and that are related to
arrangements to give advise to him to take the one word
good way in diet. Give him tips
on healthy diet.

JULY/AUG 11. Fun Way To 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar

Fitness INTERPERSONAL i. asking questions politely to Adjectives of
Week (30, 31 & USE get information about the sports Comparison:
32) activities offered during sports Regular and
(25 Jul-12 Aug 1.1 Making friends and awareness campaign irregular
11) keep friendships by ii. Persuading a friend to try adjectives / longer
a. talking about events sports activities adjectives / using
and understanding ‘’ and ‘not…
when others talk Level 2: as’
about themselves i. participating in a conversation Possessive
by agreeing/disagreeing and Pronouns
1.2 Take part in social interrupting politely with others
interaction by about joining in sports activities Sound System
ii. make further enquiries about Past Tense form ‘-
a. participating in activities offered during sports ed’ /ed/ and ‘ed’
conversation and awareness campaign /id/
Level 3: Vocabulary
1.3 Obtain goods and i. write a simple messages to A group of words
services by persuade a friend to join that are related to
activities during sports one word
a. making enquiries awareness campaign
ii. write an account of sports
awareness campaign event
Week (33 & 34) (15 – 26 August 2011)
(15-26 Aug 11)
(29Aug-02Sept11) (27 August – 04 September 2011)

SEPT 12. Going 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar

Organic INTERPERSONAL i. talking about making compost Uncountable Nouns
Week (36, 37 & USE for garden in the school
38) ii. giving oral and written Prepositions of
(05-23 Sept 11) 1.1 Making friends and instruction to make compost for place
keep friendships by garden in the school

a. talking about events Level 2:

and personal i. participating in a conversation
experience and by agreeing/disagreeing politely Sound System
understanding when with others about the Stresses in two or
others talk about advantages making our own three syllable
themselves compost words
b. exchanging ideas,
information and Level 3: Vocabulary
opinions on topic of i. writing report for school Contextual clues
interest magazine about a trip to an
agrotourism farm
1.2 Take part in social
interaction by

a. participating in
conversation and
SEPT/OCT 13. Our Green 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
Heritage INTERPERSONAL USE i. responding appropriately to Simple Present
Week (39, 40 & questions about the importance Tense for facts that
41) 1.1 Making friends and of our jungles/our nature are generally true
(26 Sept-14 Oct keep friendships by
11) Level 2: Simple Future
a. exchanging ideas, i. participating in a conversation Tense form using
information and by agreeing/disagreeing politely ‘will’
opinions on topic of with others about the
interest importance of loving our nature Sound System
/ jungles. Stresses in
1.2 Take part in social compound words
interaction by Level 3:
i. writing report about a trip to Vocabulary
a. participating in the National Park for your Contextual clues
conversation and school magazine.
OCT 14. Innovations 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR Level 1: Grammar
in Technology INTERPERSONAL USE i. talking about latest Adverbs of place
Week (42 & 43) innovations (such as robot, etc) and time
(17-28 Oct 11) 1.1 Making friends and
keep friendships by Level 2: Punctuation:
i. participating in a conversation Apostrophe to
a. talking about events, by agreeing/disagreeing politely show possession
feelings and and giving opinions with others
understanding when about on technology and its Sound System
others talk about effects. Contractions
b. exchanging ideas,
information and
opinions on topic of

1.2 Take part in social Level 3: Vocabulary

interaction by i. write a composition Change nouns to
describing one’s innovation adjectives
a. participating in (such as robot, etc)
conversations and
11) (04 November 2011)

Week (45 & 46) (07 November 2011)
(07-18 Nov 11) FINAL YEAR EXAM SCHOOL 2011
(08 – 18 November 2011)


(19 November 2011 – 01 January 2012)