Adeptus Arbites (by Andy Chambers, excerpted from WD 169) The Adeptus Arbites are the keepers of the Imperium

's laws and watchdogs of the farflung empire of humanity. The Imperium is an organisation where rebellion and defiance of the Imperial will are Crimes Against Humanity. The Arbitrators are the grim and uncompromising reminder of the Imperium's presence which no planetary governor can ignore. They cannot be bought off or threatened or corrupted or negotiated with. Indeed the Adeptus Arbites goes to a great lengths to ensure that those recruited into their ranks do not serve on their own homeworlds nor anywhere within a dozen light years of home. They do not communicate with the citizenry unless absolutely necessary and only leave their great fortress-precincts on official business. Should a planet revolt against the Imperium the Arbitrators will be the first to go into battle against the traitors. More often than not a rebellious governor will order the destruction of the Adeptus Arbites precinct on his planet as his first treachery and a great battle will break out between rebel planetary defence forces and the besieged Arbites. The one-sided struggle of a few hundred against an entire world should not last long and the result would seem inevitable but the Judges are well trained in their task and always ready. During the rebellion of Ichar IV the Arbitrators held their precinct for twenty seven days before finally escaping via a secret tunnel and capturing four of the hive's power generators. These they held for a further six days before destroying them as the last of the judge's positions was overrun. When the Ultramarines Chapter of Space Marines arrived to crush the rebellion they found twenty percent of the planets ground defences inoperative and successfully staged a drop directly into the core hive, shortening the whole campaign by two months.

The most common armament for patrol groups. Mobile fleets of Arbitrators stand in constant readiness to answer the call of their precincts and bring retribution upon the transgressors of the Emperors laws. Every Arbitrator is equipped with a complete suit of carapace armour. One member of the five man Arbitrator squad is usually armed with a special weapon drawn from the extensive precinct armouries. Beyond them the entire might of the Imperium can be called upon with Space Marine Chapters and the Imperial Guard prepared to quell the fiercest rebellion. Chaos incursion or alien attack. Arbites shock troops are frequently deployed as heavy assault troops and carry the much feared Power maul and Suppression shield.In truth the Arbitrators need only to hold out until their astropath has transmitted a message summoning help. execution teams and snatch squads is either standard boltguns or the specially designed Arbites Combat Shotgun. The most common choice is a grenade launcher as . It is ironic that planetary governors who may have plotted against the Imperium for years are always the first to squeal for help when the Orks arrive. Beyond this basic equipment the specific armament of Arbitrator squads varies according to their mission. Equally the Arbitrators stand ready to fight against the foes of humanity in the case of Genestealer infestation. All Arbitrators also carry a bolt pistol as their standard side arm. The well armed and rigorously trained Arbitrators make excellent troops and Squads of Judges can add vital backbone to the planetary defence forces. ARBITES TROOPS ON THE BATTLEFIELD The forces of the Adeptus Arbites are deliberately better equipped than those of either Planetary Defence forces or the Imperial Guard to discourage attack.

this offers the greatest tactical flexibility. but it can be applied in many subtler ways to achieve the desired end.. excerpted from WD 189) Across the galaxy. and power-crazed dissidents and rabble rousers exhort the ignorant masses to rebellion against the Imperium. scare and choke. In its crudest form. these have also proved very potent against poorly equipped opponents such as Orks and Gretchin.. OFFICIO ASSASSINORUM Ruling the galaxy-spanning Imperium of mankind requires absolute authority. • • • • The Arbites Combat Shotgun o Ammo: Executioner Rounds Characters Squads Adeptus Arbites Wargear List WD 189 Vindicare Imperial Assassin (by Andy Chambers. blackmail and murder are . Arbites squads also have access to a range of special grenade types such as photon flash. threats. These crimes obviously cannot be tolerated by the loyal followers of the Emperor. Coercion. war machines and spacecraft. either attacking enemy held positions or defending key points. Arbites squads are very hard to shift at the best of times and they can fight off the fiercest assaults with sufficient heavy weapons support. power means armies of warriors. self-proclaimed prophets preach falsehoods and heresy. Because of their heavy armour and (if armed with Arbites Combat Shotguns) their potent short ranged firepower Arbites squads are most useful at short ranges in dense terrain. which are invaluable for crowd suppression and the capture of criminals. Chaos cultists and Genestealer broodbrothers. and this needs to be reinforced by the use of absolute power. bribery. They excel in street fighting where their small squad size enables them to make best use of available cover.

zero-G or crushing weight. is one of the most secretive organisations in the Imperium. with the Officio instructors testing their prospective pupils mercilessly. the High Lords took special care to control the Officio Assassinorum so that only traitors and heretics need fear it today. It is said that in the distant past the Grand Masters used Assassins to further their own ends. feral societies and the most dangerous hive-cities of the Imperium. the cabal of awesomely powerful individuals whose every decision affects untold billions of people and immense tracts of the Imperium. They must constantly fight each other in armed and unarmed combat. By the time of their arrival there may be only a tenth of the prospective Assassins left. THE ART OF DEATH Individual Assassins begin their training in early childhood when they are chosen from the progeny of Deathworlds. and a reign of terror clutched even the High Lords themselves. the Imperium has developed several institutions to study. To this end. The recruits must survive on limited food or air for days at a time. for fear that their own weapons may be used against them. and as they journey to Terra the wilful and cowardly are excised in tests of determination and enforced discipline. perfect and exploit these weapons to their fullest. or Office of Assassins. In the anarchic Wars of Vindication the Grand Master himself fell to the Assassin's knife. Such ancient institutions trace their history back to the Great Crusade and the very birth of the Imperium. stifling heat or freezing cold. The weak and foolish are weeded out before they even board the ships. or sometimes none at all if the instructors deem every recruit to be . in conditions of total darkness or blinding light. Only the High Lords themselves can sanction the deployment of the Assassins. Its hidden Grand Master is one of the High Lords of Terra.all weapons in the armoury of those that rule. One such organisation is the Officio Assassinorum. Training starts even as the ships return to Earth. Thereafter. The Officio Assassinorum.

when the High Lords of Terra select their tools of death from the lethal disciples of the secretive Officio Assassinorum. Each temple has its own ancient ways and mysteries.unworthy. their followers soon become disillusioned and fearful. Vindicare Assassins practice callous. and Vindicare Assassins have been known to occupy a position overlooking their target for days before finally taking their shot. Thus. The skills of the Vindicare temple are commonly used to slay those who use mob rule and rousing oratory. One of the temple's maxims is that a clean kill can only be made from an excellent firing position. many heresies have been stopped with a . In this way. Their training becomes ever more rigorous as the temples test each candidate to his or her utmost limits. Many false messiahs have fallen with a Vindicare bullet through their brains as they preached their credo. and have elevated the skills of the marksman to an art form. Rebellious politicians and revolutionary leaders who speak out against the wisdom of the Imperium constantly fear being cut down on the rostrum. untraceable sniper. replying to sedition with the seemingly divine retribution of an invisible. They aim to bring inglorious death to the enemies of the Emperor with a sniper's bullet. unfeeling destruction which eliminates the target with contemptuous ease. they are assured of only the most finely honed and efficient living weapons. each specialises in a different aspect of the art of murder. When such charismatic figures die at the hands of a faceless servant of the Emperor. fighting in deadly bouts or mastering specialist weaponry and techniques. VINDICARE TEMPLE The Vindicare temple of Assassins specialises in vengeance and revenge killings. To complement this. Days are spent battling with bonewrenching exercise engines. On arrival at Earth the new recruits are divided amongst the hidden temples of the Officio Assassinorum. the Vindicare temple emphasises stealth and evasion techniques as well as weapons training.

never realising that death waits for them amongst their loyal followers. by the few individuals who are even aware of its existence. a massed Eldar assault in the Lammas campaign was halted by a lone Vindicare Assassin hiding in a ruined habtower. so that time and again the Eldar advance was stalled by a hail of deadly fire which slew Exarchs. • • • • Imperial Agents Army List Special Rules Wargear Wargear Cards o Exitus Weapons o Exitus Ammunition o Stealth Suit o Spy Mask WD 190 Callidus Imperial Assassin (by Ian Pickstock. OFFICIO ASSASSINORUM The Officio Assassinorum is considered. Overly successful alien commanders and dangerously powerful psykers often fall beneath the cross hairs of the Vindicare. In one celebrated (but carefully concealed) incident. but such is the way of the Assassins of the Callidus temple. The tower enjoyed a commanding view of the surrounding terrain. . Vindicare Assassins are always in great demand to support Imperial forces on the battlefields of the war-torn galaxy. scheme and plot against the Imperium. there are many who believe that they can defy its authority. to be the ultimate tool of destruction and diplomacy. excerpted from WD 190) Hidden cult leaders and rebel lords plan. Eventually the Eldar called in their Scouts to clear the tower. but when they entered it they found it deserted and empty.single shot. Rarely do they suspect the trusted lieutenant or the harmless courtesan that ends their miserable existence. In an Imperium that spans an entire galaxy. Warlocks and support weapon crews in quick succession.

Some may be able to avoid the judiciaries of the Adeptus Arbites. Such individuals play a dangerous game in the corridors of power. the foolish and the perverted. making a mockery of the Imperium whilst appearing to do no wrong. Their aim is to get close to the chosen target. The techniques that the Callidus temple use to bring down a target are many and diverse. specialising in the artful deception of the enemies of the Imperium. all must be purged for the greater good of humanity. The Callidus temple undertake many covert operations which may involve an Assassin infiltrating an enemy civilisation for months or even years. Others have fallen under the domination of Genestealers or been seduced by the promises of Chaos. Planetary rulers across the Imperium must understand that abuse of their power will result in them facing the justice of the sword and gun. The Callidus Assassin is the ultimate tool against the over-ambitious who use diplomacy. No heretics can be allowed to stand against the Imperium or their foul thoughts would spread across the galaxy like a cankerous infection in the greatest civilisation mankind has ever known. The methods of the Callidus temple are those of utmost cunning and subtlety. They are often used on missions where overt interference by the Imperium will upset the intricate balance of power maintained by the High Lords of Terra. bribes and corruption to further their position. so that they can carry out their mission. and can go far beyond that of simply killing the perpetrator. This is the Assassin's battleground . the Ecclesiarchy and a galaxy seemingly ruled by twelve faceless figures in the name of a lifeless Emperor.Some simply crave for independence away from the Imperial cult.the misguided and the ambitious. but let it be known that none can stand against the Officio Assassinorum! CALLIDUS TEMPLE The Callidus temple is the most subtle of the ancient hidden temples of the Officio Assassinorum. This could range from simply influencing important decisions to . fewer still may be able to face off against the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Astartes.

All the Assassins of the Callidus temple are trained in the use of Polymorphine. With Polymorphine alone a Callidus Assassin may masquerade as any human being they may choose. The implants consist of flexicartilage and hardened synskin. The most startling and horrific of these implants are those that allow a Callidus Assassin to transform themselves into the totally alien form of a Genestealer Hybrid! Whilst using Polymorphine an Assassin must have . at a cellular level. Essentially. or the lithe and graceful body of an Eldar.eliminating the target at a key moment. the bonds that hold the flesh. Once the Polymorphine drug has done its work the cells reestablish their bonds and the trained Assassin will now be changed into a new form until another injection of the Polymorphine drug allows the Assassin to re-assume their original shape or change to that of another. They can lengthen bones. However. Under the influence of Polymorphine. convert protein cells to fat cells and vice versa. like Orks and Eldar. similar to that used in the black carapace of Space Marines. It is only when Polymorphine is injected that these implants react to stimulants within the drug and transform into the genetically encoded shapes that allow the Assassin to restructure their body into the grotesque and hunched form of an Ork. from a beautiful young woman to a crippled old man. change the size and shape of their muscles. in addition the Medicus Adepts of the Imperium have developed a range of surgical implants to allow Callidus Assassins to mimic members of alien races. the user's body undergoes dramatic changes and only a fully trained individual is able to keep these changes under control. When the Assassin is in normal form these implants lie dormant under their flesh and within their bones. An injection of Polymorphine allows a trained Callidus Assassin to completely change their appearance. stretch skin. allowing the user a brief period to literally rearrange their cell structure. bone and nerve cells together are broken down by the Polymorphine drug. To achieve their exacting tasks the Callidus temple specialise in the use and development of the shapealtering drug Polymorphine.

so choice of weaponry is always limited and in some cases the Assassin may be forced to fight barehanded. Using this technique the Callidus Assassin can get close to enemy commanders or powerful psykers. Over the centuries. On the battlefield. and by and large the female novitiates make better chameleons than the men. Usually this is done by eliminating individuals and taking their place. • • Imperial Agents Army List o Special Rules Wargear o C'tan Phase Sword o Neural Shredder o Polymorphine . the Callidus temple practises innumerable ancient and secret martial arts. against which even a battle-trained foe would be hard pressed to find a suitable defence. the Masters of the Callidus temple have learnt that the female body and psyche is better able to implement these changes.complete control of their body as well as total empathy with the subject they are attempting to replicate. As part of this training. A Callidus Assassin must move among the enemy as one of them. Callidus Assassins undergo years of rigorous training to use Polymorphine and become one of the living weapons of the Callidus temple. Even so a Callidus Assassin is just as deadly unarmed as when carrying the lethal but easily concealed weaponry used by the Callidus Temple. where they use their cunning and stealth to infiltrate the enemy army. the Callidus Assassin can assume the identity of almost anyone in the enemy force. Callidus Assassins are landed behind enemy lines. ritualised forms of combat also helps the Assassin achieve the inner calm and total concentration required. These arts train the Assassin in many deadly forms of combat. The high level of discipline required by the complex. By disguising themselves with the recently deceased's armour and wargear and using Polymorphine to change their body. influencing their strategy and finally killing them when the opportunity arises.

EVERSOR TEMPLE In order to fulfil these gruelling objectives. Using specialised knowledge of genetics and human . each of which practises and perfects its own special methods of assassination. An example of this is the Culexus temple with its horrifying psychic assassins. some of which are known and others that remain completely secret. By contrast. Eversor Assassins are primarily used against rebel governors who have plans to move against the Imperium with a large armed force of renegades. The enemy are utterly destroyed forever by the Eversor's unstoppable attack. Such brutality ensures that the renegades are totally cleansed and that no would-be successors may take over. An Eversor rarely has just a single target. the methods of the Eversor temple are neither subtle nor concealed and their Assassins are known and feared across the galaxy. The Eversor is possibly the most gruesome of the many temples of the Officio Assassinorum. instilling fear of Imperial retribution into the hearts and minds of all who hold positions of power. the High Lords will sanction the use of an Eversor Assassin.o Poison Blades WD 191 Callidus Imperial Assassin (by Ian Pickstock. The Eversor specialise in shock and terror tactics. Rather than meet this threat with a huge and costly war that will use up precious resources and probably leave whole planets ravaged. the Eversor temple trains its Assassins to be utterly ruthless and completely dedicated to the Imperium. It is answerable only to the High Lords of Terra. The Officio Assassinorum is divided into many different temples. There are many such temples. one of whom is the Grand Master of Assassins himself. His mission will be to rip the heart out of the rebel operation. wreaking havoc and destruction. excerpted from WD 191) OFFICIO ASSASSINORUM The Officio Assassinorum is one of the most ancient and secret organisations within the Imperium.

When an Eversor is selected for a mission he is transferred from the cryo-crypt to a special drop pod. In addition. a large number of the drugs are also highly addictive. Without them the Assassin will almost certainly die. Each Eversor Assassin is stored in a cryo-crypt on board one of the many secret spaceships that the Eversor temple have scattered across the Imperium. with them the Assassin is turned into an unstoppable killing machine. He will be psyched up and ready to satiate his desire to slaughter the enemies of the Imperium. as remote links with the space-ship reanimate the Assassin and ready his finely-tuned body with all he needs to complete the mission. The inevitable result of this is that the Assassin becomes addicted to the killing itself! The only way they can be kept under control is to keep the Eversor Assassins in cryo-suspension until they are required for a mission. The pod is launched at the target planet. where neuro links feed the details of the mission to him while he remains in cryosuspension. the Assassin will be fully awake and ready to begin his grim task. These ships maintain a constant state of alert. When the pod impacts. However.he might have spent years or even centuries in a frozen state. their bodies driven beyond normal human capabilities by genetic alterations and advanced bionics.biology. every single Eversor Assassin is engineered to be a super-human killing machine. and push his bio-enhanced body to its absolute limit. the Eversor temple has developed a range of combat drugs to alter the Assassin's state of mind to that of a psychopath. the Eversor's assault is so swift and ruthless that his foes are rarely aware that they are under attack until the doors of their sanctuary are . Cutting a swathe of destruction through the heart of the enemy. Each Eversor Assassin develops hyper-immuno systems to counter the toxins in the many drugs used by the temple. waiting only for orders from the High Lords of Terra to unleash their deadly cargoes. He will be totally unaware of the time spent in cryo-suspension . but to the assassin the time gap between the end of the last mission and the start of the next will be mere moments.

or the wish to serve the Imperium into determination to complete his .torn off their hinges . If the trainee's body survives all of the implants and modifications then the novitiate's cerebral cortex is also enhanced. Muscular hypertrophy enables the Assassin to explode in a fury of hyperactivity. These chips amplify the Assassin's state of mind. After that the real experiments begin. genetic manipulation and drugs turning each Assassin into a living. bioimplants and chemical boosters to enhance the Assassin's body far beyond what a normal human could achieve. speeding up his cerebral functions and combat reflexes. but when the Assassin is really driving his body to the limits. The process of becoming an Eversor Assassin is arduous and long. The masters of the Eversor temple and the Medicus Adepts are constantly developing and adapting a special programme of genetics. Not only does this give the Assassin extra survivability should one heart be damaged in combat. results from training exercises are assessed to determine which alterations would be most suitable. The novitiate Assassin undergoes endo-skeletal restructuring. both hearts can kick in. the extensive testing. turning a mere dislike for the enemy into raging hatred. without seizing up. The Medicus Adepts make the most of these adaptations when an Assassin is chosen for the Eversor temple. The brain is fitted with genetically coded lobo-chips.. increasing his stamina and aerobic performance and allowing him to fight for days without tiring or the need for rest. This ensures that he can maintain the excessively high heart-rate demanded by his enhanced biochemical body. breathing experiment. This is because only a body which isn't fully developed is able to accept the many genetic alterations that the novitiate will which time it's far too late! BIO-KILLERS Recruits for the Eversor temple are invariably chosen from the youngest of the available novitiates. In order to cope with these changes the Assassin is given a second heart.. At first.

allowing the Assassin to work briefly in a hard vacuum. more often. Whilst the Eversor lives he can keep everything under control using his hyperimmuno system and advanced cerebral cortex. Adrenal ducts are implanted. he spontaneously combusts with quite horrifyingly explosive results! Imperial Agents Army List . These enable him to constantly re-immunise himself and maintain safe levels and combinations of chemicals within his body. The adrenal ducts are also able to feed the brain. should the Assassin's hearts stop or his brain fail.mission at any cost. Many Assassins have died on the operating table or. and allowing the Assassin to make complex calculations and tactical decisions in seconds. As the dead Assassin's control over his body deteriorates. The process of turning a normal human being into a bio-enhanced killing machine is not without its dangers. However. from some unforeseen sideeffect of their many complex bio-enhancements. every Eversor Assassin is fatally flawed by his inability to totally stabilise his body. However. the chemical concoctions inside him will react at a rapidly accelerating rate. A lot of the side effects are known to the Medicus Adepts and can be countered by glandular implants that constantly feed the necessary counter-active agents into the Assassin. speeding up the brain's higher functions.

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