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Handbook of Project Management Procedures 66

A Guide to the Procurement of Privately Financed Projects 75
Record Pictures 76
Civil Engineering in Context 76


Civil Engineering
ISSN 0965 089X UK £98 Rest of World £139

Handbook of Project Best Practice Tendering for “This book fills an important gap in
Management Procedures Design and Build Projects construction literature and makes a
Albert Hamilton Alan Griffith and Andrew King, Sheffield Hallam positive contribution to improving
University and Andrew Knight, Nottingham Trent buildability and hence efficiency. I
University am sure it will benefit its readers and
the construction industry generally.”
March 2004 Sir Frank Gibb
Hardbound 2003 Buildability demonstrates that projects that go well
374 pp Paperbound and leave satisfied clients and contractors are based
243 x 170 mm on thorough planning and design. However, there are
184pp many factors to consider to achieve a successful
0 7277 3258 7 230 x 156 mm outcome. These include the implementation of
£49.50 guidance on fair practice, better management and
0 7277 3218 8 improved techniques suggested by the Latham and
£25.00 Egan reports, and the application of improved health
This book provides definitive, comprehensive, step- and safety measures. Also required is a knowledge of
by-step, best-practice processes for managing any There is increasing pressure upon clients, in particular practical construction and the incorporation of this
type of project from start to finish. government departments and local authorities, to knowledge into the project details from the outset.
procure construction projects in a best practice This excellent book lists simple proposals, put
This is the book that everyone involved in projects manner. ‘Design and Build’ is one procurement
has been waiting for, but until now has not been forward by a variety of experienced people, which,
approach used extensively, both in the UK and if implemented correctly, will help reduce
available. It is not academic. It is not of a general worldwide; being recognised for its capability to deliver
nature. This is the first practical, project construction problems and cost, and make work
real value to both public and private sector clients. more straightforward and safe.
management book that provides working standards
and practices in the recognised project This book is based on the findings of an Engineering Buildability is a practical guide based on extensive
management knowledge areas. It will be of and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) experience of construction projects, and it will be
significant guidance and assistance to all those funded project. It reports on the factual experiences invaluable for all those seeking to improve the
engaged in projects and their management. of those construction practitioners involved in efficiency of their practice.
Design and Build procurement and presents
Today’s enlightened leaders recognise that projects practical tools for the application of best practice CONTENTS
are the basis by which organisations achieve their tendering. This book provides a comprehensive
strategic targets. They are also acutely aware that ■ The state of the industry
guide for consultants and practitioners involved in
the management processes used on project work the procurement process. ■ The health and safety issues
are different to that used on other types of ■ The business requirements
organisational work. As most people are involved, CONTENTS
in some way or other in projects, this Handbook will ■ Good practice in the construction process
■ Introduction
be invaluable in providing ‘a way to do it’. ■ The future
■ Design and Build
■ References
Project managements importance to corporations ■ The development of tendering arrangements in
and public bodies is becoming more and more the construction industry ■ Index
critical. Formalised project management ■ Pre-qualification
methodologies are essential for all organisations
that are either project driven or where projects are ■ Competition in Design and Build projects Strategic Management
a significant aspect of their business and what ■ Published guidance, ethical and practical Applied to International
they do. considerations
■ The practical application of best practice Construction
This Handbook is structured into four distinct tendering Rodney Howes, Chairman of the Innovation and
parts: Research Committee of the Construction Industry, UK
■ References
■ Part 1: Introduction - the concept of the ‘living ■ Index
and formerly Head of the School of Construction, South
book’ Bank University and Joseph H M Tah, Professor of
Construction Management, South Bank University
■ Part 2: Projects - three integrated structures for
managing projects
■ Part 3: Project Management procedures - how to
use them Successful construction from concept to 2003
■ Part 4: Route Maps - from inception to completion
completion Paperbound
Trevor M Holroyd
This book in many ways breaks new ground and is
unique. As a Handbook it is the ideal ready- 243 x 172 mm
reference for any user involved in projects and 0 7277 3211 0
project management. As a ‘living book’ the users 2003
have the opportunity to relay their experiences and £19.95
comments directly to the author through Paperbound
registering in the ‘Sign up for the alumni’ section This book has been specifically written to provide a
208pp broad coverage of the knowledge required to
and influence and enhance future editions of this
publication. 230 x 156 mm address strategic issues relating to the business of
construction on a global scale. Unlike previous
0 7277 3207 2 books in this area, it is not biased towards practice
For more information visit
£25.00 in any particular country. Instead, it provides

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knowledge that is universally applicable. This practical case studies, the authors demonstrate how CONTENTS
knowledge is supported by a series of case studies steps towards innovation through management ■ Introduction
of leading consultants, contractors and suppliers of systems and processes are applicable in key ■ Briefing and client requirements processing
products, materials and construction equipment to organisations involved in the construction process.
■ Tools and methodologies for client
highlight current best practice by organisations in
requirements processing
America, Japan and Europe. Supporting the text are
numerous diagrams, charts and tables to help Doing it Differently ■ Methodology for client requirements processing
visualise the key issues. ■ Capturing client requirements with the client
Systems for rethinking construction requirements processing model
Strategic Management Applied to International David Blockley, University of Bristol and ■ ClientPro: software version of the client
Construction will be an excellent reference work for Patrick Godfrey, Halcrow requirements processing model
practitioners across all construction related
■ Summary and conclusions
disciplines who are seeking to supplement their
strategic business knowledge and expertise in the
broad spectrum of international construction. The
book will also be essential reading for postgraduate 2000 Construction Creativity
students studying construction management and
for undergraduates who are studying specialist
Paperbound Casebook
options. 336pp David Langford and Branka Dimitrijević,
University of Glasgow
CONTENTS 297 x 210 mm
■ Introduction 0 7277 2748 6
■ Preparation for entry into international £60.00
construction 2002
■ International trade and the nature of This informative and practical book provides Paperbound
international construction numerous tools, techniques and case studies that 76pp
■ Corporate strategy will help change the way things are done within the
■ Marketing, competitive advantage and construction industry. It explores the rapidly 230 x 156 mm
procurement changing expectations of the clients of the 0 7277 3148 3
construction industry and includes a tool kit to help
■ International construction finance make a difference. It also encourages both clients £30.00
■ International management culture and industry to explore the concepts outlined in the
■ International human resource management Government’s report Rethinking Construction, and Many innovations in the UK construction industry
helps develop its basic ideas focused on the are in response to government initiatives based on
■ Organization structure and management customer process and people.
systems the Egan Report. This publication provides a
CONTENTS background and profile of innovations in the UK
■ Communications construction industry through an analysis of the
■ Project management ■ Preface innovations presented within the Network of
■ Future horizons ■ Part 1: The need to do it differently; Meeting the Construction Creativity Clubs (NCCC).
The analysis of collected data shows that
■ Part 2: Thinking differently; Focussing on significant efforts are being made in the
Managing Innovation in process; Finding leverage; Hard & soft; Practical construction industry, academia, professional
Construction ■ Part 3: Making the difference; Business cases;
organisations, and through government initiatives
to stimulate and achieve improvements.
Martyn Jones and Mohammed Saad, University of
Managing the team; Managing the life-cycle; Innovations are taking place in all construction
West of England
Looking to the future related areas, especially in environmental impact
management, contracting and partnering,
procurement, and application of IT.

2003 Capturing Client

Hardbound Requirements in Building Innovation
Complex constructs in a changing world
316pp Construction Projects David Gann, University of Sussex
230 x 156 mm John M Kamara, University of Newcastle-upon-
Tyne, Chimay J Anumba, University of 2000 Hardbound 264pp
0 7277 3002 9 Loughborough and Nosa F Evbuomwan, Divine Inc.
230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2596 3 £45.00
2002 Paperbound 192pp
This book presents an understanding of how to
This book investigates best practice across 230 x 156 mm 0 7277 3103 3 £30.00 manage contemporary change. It starts in the
different sectors of the economy and their Machine Age, showing how a sophisticated set of
transfers into the context of construction. It This book describes an innovative and structured industries and design processes have evolved to
examines the development and diffusion of approach for capturing client requirements on work with new materials, components and systems,
innovation to address adversarial relationships, the construction projects. The new approach, culminating in the experiences and skills needed to
fragmented processes and lack of customer focus encapsulated in a Client Requirements Processing integrate systems in the Digital Age. The book
which still characterise much of the industry. Model (CRPM) and associated prototype software, compares approaches and draws lessons from
ClientPro, facilitates better understanding and Europe, Japan and North America. It addresses the
It explains systematically how construction must implementation of clients’ requirements, more role of government policies and professional
respond to the raft of new management processes effective collaborative working and design institutions in supporting innovative approaches
expounded throughout the past decade in a bid to creativity. CRPM also promotes effective facility aimed at improving performance in construction. It
achieve a more appropriate approach for business management by ensuring early identification of concludes with lessons for the management of
innovation in construction. Through a number of issues affecting the whole life cycle. technology and innovation in project based firms.

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looks at: CONTENTS

Design Chains ■ a practical model for applying partnering in Part 1: What is partnering – why adopt alliancing?
A handbook for Integrated Collaborative your projects ■ Potential barriers to alliancing
Design ■ the principles and tools – as well as a generic ■ Legal considerations
S Austin, A Baldwin, D Root, D Thomson and process – for developing any procurement strategy
Part 2: Implementing an alliance – a tool kit
A Thorpe, Loughborough University, J Hammond ■ a review of traditional contractual
and M Murray, AMEC arrangements; when to use them and their ■ The owner internal alignment process
suitability for partnering ■ Starting the process with potential alliance
2001 Paperbound 240pp contractors
■ the concepts, process and mechanisms for
297 x 210 mm 0 7277 3039 8 £50.00 developing a balanced incentive plan ■ Selecting alliance contractors
■ specific considerations when using incentives ■ Contracts for alliancing
This book presents innovative thinking on supply to improve time, quality, performance in use,
chain management. Springing from the work of the ■ The alliance incentive scheme
service and/or health and safety
Integrated Collaborative Design (ICD) research ■ Project organisations in an alliance
project, a combined industry and academic ■ the ten key implementation points when using
target and reimbursable contracts ■ Project procedures and processes in an alliance
initiative, it presents a set of key principles and
practices that provide a new approach to design ■ when to use alliances – both project and ■ Building and sustaining alliance relationships
management – the design chain. It describes how strategic, and their key implementation points ■ Monitoring performance in an alliance
design can be understood, managed and optimised from a procurement perspective. ■ Building relationships with others
to add value for clients. The practices developed
through ICD and described in the book provide a Written in accessible language and using
timely response to the need to manage design accelerated learning techniques to promote
complexity to help collaborating organizations comprehension and retention, Procurement Routes
for Partnering translates cutting edge thinking and
Trusting the Team
deliver projects that meet client needs. The best practice guide to partnering in
academic rigour into practical application. It is a
‘must-read’ for any construction professional construction
Benefits of an ICD approach include:
involved in setting up a partnering relationship. Professor John Bennett and Sarah Jayes,
■ creating business level frameworks for University of Reading
organizations to collaborate for mutual benefit
on projects 1995 Paperbound 82pp
■ aiding understanding of design information flows Contracting for Business 297 x 210 mm 0 7049 0503 5 £50.00
■ helping organisations align their competencies Success
and business cultures Andrew Cox and Ian Thompson, University of
■ promoting value adding design solutions Birmingham Best Practice Partnering in
■ Integrated processes across organisations.
“. . . A highly informative insight Social Housing Development
into contracting practices. It offers Martyn Jones and Vic O’Brien
Procurement Routes for essential guidance that is relevant
Partnering to all contract managers.”
Practical Guide Martyn Osborn, Scottish Hydro-Electric plc 2003
Dr Jon Broome Paperbound
1998 Hardbound 340pp
230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2600 5 £40.00
297 x 210 mm
0 7277 3219 6
2002 Partnering in Europe £25.00
Hardbound Incentive based alliancing for projects
416pp Bob Scott
This essential book provides a seven-step model for
230 x 156 mm developing new supply chain relationships and
0 7277 3136 X describes how best to approach and manage
sustainable partnerships. It identifies a number of
£45.00 benefits and dangers that can flow from close, open
and more collaborative customer–supplier
This book is aimed at those who want to apply, or Paperbound relationships:
improve the application of, partnering to their
projects in the construction and heavy engineering 160pp ■ higher housing quality
industries. It focuses on procurement aspects and 297 x 210 mm ■ more open communication
is based on the premise that unless the commercial ■ greater certainty in relation to quality, price and
and contractual conditions align objectives, there is 0 7277 2965 9 programme
little stimulus to change the culture and integrate £45.00
processes and teams to achieve the outstanding ■ continuity of work for contractors
results that can be attained through partnering. ■ loss of competitiveness due to complacency
This invaluable book presents detailed information This handbook provides a practical guide for ■ problems of dependency due to fewer suppliers
about partnering and procurement process, which creating and implementing project specific and customers
will lead to better delivery of construction projects. alliances, primarily for engineering construction ■ reconciling the aims, values and objectives of
More specifically Procurement routes for partnering activities for private-sector clients. the competing organisations involved

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Best Practice Partnering in Social Housing “This book is a major reference

Development will be an invaluable resource for
registered social landlords (RSLs), consultants and work that provides essential
contractors, housing associations, local authorities information for all future rail
and students of best practice. A useful audit transport developments in
checklist is included at the end of each section that
can be employed by RSL staff to gauge the level of London. It is essential reading for
implementation. anyone with an interest in public
transport planning and the
The Future of International complex processes involved in the
Construction development and delivery of CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY
Ranko Bon and David Crosthwaite, University of major infrastructure projects. It is BOARD REPORTS
Reading well written, full of fascinating
detail and an interesting read!” In June 1997 the Construction Industry Board (CIB)
published a series of codes of practice and good
Professor Brian Mellitt practice guides, which aim to improve the
2000 Director of Engineering, London Underground, performance of the UK construction industry by
1989 to 1995, past-President of the Institution of instilling a culture of cooperation, teamwork and
Paperbound Electrical Engineers continuous improvement.
Much has been written about the construction work
210 x 210 mm and architecture of the JLE, particularly the Constructing success
0 7277 2749 4 stations; however, this is the first book that Code of practice for clients of the
provides a rounded view of how a major new construction industry
£40.00 underground railway line came to be built. It
presents key details of the JLE project activities
relating to transport planning, the legal processes, 1997 Paperbound 28pp 297 x 210 mm
This book begins with a brief background and comprehensive safety planning, procurement, 0 7277 2541 6 £12.50
history to international construction activity and contracting, engineering development,
moves on to disseminate and discuss the findings environmental issues, project management and
of the European Construction Economics Research
Unit (ECERU) surveys. By examining three
commissioning. Partnering in the team
horizons: 25 years, 5 years and 12 months, The Jubilee Line Extension: From concept to
completion will appeal to everyone who is interested 1997 Paperbound 48pp 297 x 210 mm
predictions are made for short and medium-term
developments and where possible, a comparison is in major transportation projects and in discovering 0 7277 2551 3 £10.00
made between the survey predictions and the how the JLE was able to deliver a major urban
actual outcomes. infrastructure with the minimum of environmental
disturbance and with an exemplary safety record. Briefing the team
A Bridge to the Future Project managers will find this detailed record of all
that was involved an inspiration and an invaluable
1997 Paperbound 24pp 297 x 210 mm
Profitable construction for tomorrow’s source of information, which they can apply to other 0 7277 2540 8 £12.50
industry and its customers projects they are working on now and in the future.
Roger Flanagan, Ian Ingram and Laurence Marsh,
University of Reading
CONTENTS Code of practice for the
■ Planning and design – 1990 to 1993 selection of main contractors
1998 Paperbound (including CD-ROM) ■ The parliamentary process
■ The route described 1997 Paperbound 30pp 297 x 210 mm
72pp 297 x 210 mm 0 7277 2714 1 / 2743 5
■ Safety 0 7277 2618 8 £12.50
£52.10 (including £2.10 VAT) ■ Trains and operations
■ The stations
(no VAT charged on overseas orders)
■ Tunnelling the line
Code of practice for the
■ Electrical and mechanical engineering selection of subcontractors
■ Commissioning and line opening – 1998 to 2000 1997 Paperbound 28pp 297 x 210 mm
The Jubilee Line Extension ■ The contracts
From concept to completion 0 7277 2542 4 £12.50
■ Time, cost and quality
Bob Mitchell ■ Look to the future
■ Appendix 1 – JLE main contractors Selecting consultants for
■ References and further reading the team
Balancing quality and price
The Management of Projects 2nd edition
Peter Morris, UMIST 2000 Paperbound 28pp 297 x 210 mm
1997 Paperbound 376pp 0 7277 2831 8 £12.50
240 x 170 mm 0 7277 2593 9 £30.00
243 x 170 mm Fourteen original CIB reports are available in a
0 7277 3028 2 1994 Hardbound 358pp boxed set at the special price of
£39.95 240 x 170 mm 0 7277 1693 X £65.00 £70.00 0 7277 2552 1

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■ The management of scope

Managing Projects for Project Management of ■ The management of time
Success Multiple Projects and ■ The management of cost
A trilogy Contracts ■ Quality management and project performance
Albert Hamilton, Consultant Edited by Jack Loftus, Jackpot Limited ■ The interaction of time, cost and quality
■ Project implementation
■ People in project management
■ Procurement
2001 1999 ■ Project appraisal
Hardbound Hardbound ■ Variability, uncertainty and risk
■ Project management information systems
628pp 184pp
240 x 189 mm 230 x 156 mm
0 7277 2941 1 0 7277 2710 9 Construction Project Teams
£65.00 £37.50 Making them work profitably
This book is a response to a growing need for Tim Cornick, University of Reading and
This multi-authored work provides detailed James Mather, Johnston & Mather
project management, management that is needed guidance on managing multiple projects, and
when leading, or working within, teams undertaking advises on the standard contracts that should be
a partial or complete project. This is a ‘how to do it’ 1999 Hardbound 320pp
used. It assists engineers and managers in
book of considerable value to practitioners and organisations where little established 230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2745 1 £37.50
students alike. It addresses the challenge of theory infrastructure and assistance exists, offering clear
application by providing a series of exercises and guidance and step-by-step accounts of project This book addresses the important issues
comprehensive illustrations. management as viewed by all of the concerned involved in forming effective and profitable teams
parties. It covers the whole spectrum from the for construction projects – both within and
It is written in three inter-related parts – Part 1: The between client, design and construction firms. It
framework, Part 2: Planning for control and Part 3: capital expenditure budgeting process through to
commissioning and beneficial use. is divided into two main sections.
The tool kit – to promote clarity of understanding
and study, will equip the reader with specialist CONTENTS The first contains theories related to particular
skills that can be immediately applied in practice. aspects of project teams, with key points
■ The client’s problem
illustrating their practical application. The second
■ Capital expenditure proposals contains real and simulated building and civil
■ Commercial management engineering case studies, each concluding with
Partnering in the Social ■ Cost control and estimating corrective lessons to aid successful construction
Housing Sector ■ Project management project team building.
■ Accounting for projects
A handbook
European Construction Institute
■ Engineering and project department
Unconstrained Organizations
■ The management of projects Managing sustainable change
2000 Wirobound 112pp
Ted M Hutchin
230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2951 9 £30.00

This handbook provides the social housing sector

Construction Project
with a step-by-step guide to implementing Management 2001
partnering arrangements for both additions to, and
refurbishment of, their housing stock. It is Getting it right first time
particularly relevant to the Government’s Best John Woodward, Consultant
Value requirements, which necessitate continuous 168pp
improvement in efficiency, effectiveness and 1997 Hardbound 296pp 243 x 170 mm
economy for local authorities.
230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2557 2 £52.50 0 7277 3016 9
This valuable guide to partnering will have application
in many areas of the building and construction £35.00
industry, particularly for work for the public sector. “Its breadth and depth commend
it to everybody who needs to Every organisation has to deal with constraints. The
refresh, or extend their knowledge Theory of Constraints argues that there are typically
■ Why partner? – Current partnering practices only a few constraints and that they can be
■ How to partner – The partnering process
of the subject . . . It covers the full determined through the application of a robust and
■ The partnering decision mechanism
range of techniques from the hard logical thinking process. The expectation is that having

■ The partnering selection mechanism

basics of network analysis to the found the constraint, developed the solution and
implemented the plan, the results would simply follow.
■ The partnering implementation mechanism
softer but vital human aspects.”
This book examines the fact that on many occasions
■ The partnering maintenance and development Dr Martin Barnes
the expected results did not appear. The identification
mechanism of a crucial barrier to change entitled ‘paradigm lock’ is
■ Contractual matters CONTENTS the key finding of the research and the methods by
■ What is a project? which it might be overcome. The book covers the
■ The audit trail research process used to determine this phenomenon
■ What is management?
■ Training and the steps taken to validate the findings before
■ What has to be managed in a project?
gaining confidence in what was discovered.

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on the psychology of judgement and its application in

The Value Management Enterprise Focused professional decision making, as well as his extensive
Benchmark Management experience in the field of engineering planning, design
and construction, the author has arrived at fresh
Professor Steven Male, University of Leeds, John Changing the face of project management
Kelly, Marcus Grönqvist, Scott Fernie and Graeme insights that will benefit all engineers.
Ted M Hutchin
Bowles, Heriot-Watt University

Framework Document:
2001 Hardbound 192pp Cost–Benefit Analysis for
243x170 mm 0 7277 2979 9 £45.00
1998 Paperbound 64pp 297 x 210 mm Engineers and Planners
Based on the author’s research over a three year Michael Snell, Mott McDonald
0 7277 2729 X £35.00
period in a number of different companies
throughout Europe, this book discusses the key 1997 Hardbound 328pp
Research Report: issues within organisations today. These 230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2587 4 £50.00
1998 Paperbound 72pp 297 x 210 mm companies, drawn from project-based industries
such as construction and high-tech product
0 7277 2730 3 £35.00 development, understand the pressure to make
profit both now and in the future. They have a Risk Analysis and
Interactive CD: wealth of data at their fingertips; yet remain
unable to make sense of this mass of information.
Management for Projects
1998 0 7277 2731 1 £47.50+ £7.88 vat Using the rigour and logic of the Theory of (RAMP)
Constraints first to analyse these difficulties, and Institution of Civil Engineers and the Actuarial
(no VAT for overseas customers)
then to propose a way forward, the book should be Profession
The Framework document, the Research document first port of call for all working or preparing to work
and the interactive CD: in such environments.
£70.00 + £7.88 VAT (no VAT for overseas customers)
This book highlights the benefits of value
management, and presents a framework for
Value Management Paperbound
implementing it on real projects. Improving capabilities
The Framework Document highlights the Roy Woodhead and Clive Downs, Oxford Brookes
University 297 x 210 mm
requirements at specific (value opportunity) points
in the project life cycle. The Research Report 0 7277 3200 5
presents the findings of the three-year research £30.00
programme that forms the basis for the Framework
document. A CD comprising both the Framework 2001 Risk analysis and management for projects (RAMP)
document and the Research Report is also available.
Hardbound is a process that has been developed by a joint
working party of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Value Management 96pp and The Actuarial Profession for the purpose of
evaluating and controlling risk in major projects.
Incentive Programme 297 x 210 mm
RAMP demonstrates how to identify, analyse and
Nigel A Standing 0 7277 3030 4 mitigate risks and how to place financial values on
£45.00 them. This practical handbook details a rigorous
approach to risk management that can be applied to
This report is one of the few to look at value all types and stages of investments. It provides a
2001 management (VM) from the client’s procurement method to enable a structured and consistent
perspective. Based on extensive empirical research analysis of the financial implications of risk within
Paperbound over a period of one year in the UK, it examines (and between) projects to be carried out effectively.
152pp why clients use VM, how they use it, and what It can be applied either at a strategic level or as a
benefits they achieve by applying it. This detailed analytical and control process. The RAMP
297 x 210 mm publication acts as a third-party facilitator helping process aims to achieve as much certainty as
0 7277 2989 6 both clients and providers improve VM. possible about a long-term and uncertain future.
Risk analysis and management for projects will be
£45.00 The text provides a comprehensive summary for of use to everyone who is concerned with the
those wishing to improve the organisational value financial, commercial, legal or engineering aspects
The book considers value incentive programmes in creation for all stakeholders and explains how to of major projects and ongoing activities of any kind.
depth, highlighting their application and benefits to improve VM in a structured way to enhance
client and contractor. It provides an insight into competitive advantage.
contractor-led value engineering and its effective Engineering Construction
use in different procurement forms. To highlight the
alignment of value within the different procurement Risks
forms the project value chain has been developed Engineering Judgement and A guide to project risk analysis and risk
from strategic value to operational value. Risk management
It reviews value incentives that exist in the USA and James Parkin, University of Technology, Sydney Peter Thompson and John Perry
Australia. It also examines the procedures that are
2000 Hardbound 225pp 1992 (amended 1998) Paperbound 68pp
undertaken in their application within the project
environment. As no formalized UK value incentive 230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2873 3 £37.50 210 x 297 mm 0 7277 1665 4 £25.00
clauses exist, this book also considers the criteria that
should be met, and how they should be implemented. This book explores the nature of professional This book provides detailed appraisal of risk
The impact of a value incentive clause on the various judgement and how it is used in planning, design and management, analyses, applications and techniques,
parties involved in a project is also investigated. management. Drawing upon two decades of research and suggests contract strategies that deal with risk.

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Supply Chain Management Achieving Results: How to The Decision Makers

for Refurbishment Create Value Ethics for engineers
Roy Woodhead and James McCuish James Armstrong, Consulting Engineer,
Lessons from high street retailing Ross Dixon and Simon Robinson, University of Leeds
Professor Steven Male and Marcus Grönqvist,
University of Leeds, John Kelly, 1999 Hardbound 200pp
Glasgow University, Leela Damodaran and Wendy 230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2598 X £37.50
Olphert, Loughborough University 2003
Paperbound This book examines the problems involved in making
engineering decisions that affect the quality of life of
large numbers of people worldwide and presents the
230 x 156 mm individual, family, community and global contexts
2003 within which the engineer has to make such
0 7277 3184 X decisions. Engineers need to understand the
£25.00 decisions that they are required to make, and which
168pp decisions are likely to produce the most favourable
297 x 210 mm results in the short and longer terms.

0 7277 3242 0 “It is rare to sit and read a book at

£35.00 a single sitting but this is what I The Role of Cost Saving and
found myself doing, being intrigued
This book is the outcome of an EPSRC supported by the developing arguments and Innovation in PFI Projects
three year research project involving seven major well crafted points. The authors Construction Industry Council
high-street retailing clients; Arcadia Group, Boots,
Borders (UK), Halifax plc, Nationwide, Rubicon Retail state that the future for value 2000 Paperbound 130pp
Ltd, Pizza Express; and their supply chains. engineering rests with the 297 x 210 mm 0 7277 2879 2 £45.00
The book comprises two complementary parts. The development of more rigorous
first, the Good Practice Framework, is the ‘What To approaches to thinking and This publication presents the findings of a study
designed to test the proposition that PFI will yield
Do’ for effective refurbishment involving the closer decision taking, I believe that they value for money by stimulating innovation. It surveys
integration of ‘supply’ and ‘value’ chains in
construction. The second, the ‘Why Do It This Way’, have argued this point succinctly the people responsible for managing the purchasing,
comprises research evidence from a wide range of and convincingly.” designing, building and operating of PFI projects, and
construction and business management sources; poses questions about the extent to which cost
Professor John Kelly saving improved value for money in various projects
including process maps, management models and School of the Built and Natural Environment,
outcomes from fieldwork with the retail clients and in both the construction and operation of facilities.
Glasgow Caledonian University
their supply chains; that provided the basis for the
Achieving Results: How to Create Value is not
Constructors’ Key Guide to
Forensic Engineering another book of tools and techniques for value PFI
Edited by B S Neale, Institution of Civil Engineers engineering. Many such books already exist. Construction Industry Council
Unfortunately, few of them explain the theories
underlying the practice that they preach. Readers 1998 Paperbound 92pp
are expected to enter into a blind faith that accepts
297 x 210 mm 0 7277 2662 5 £37.50
the ‘magic’ of value engineering without question or
2001 even evidence or understanding.

Hardbound This is a book that puts the value of science back Privatized Infrastructure
into value engineering. The authors focus on the The role of Government
228pp underlying theories that link leadership, value
230 x 156 mm engineering and technology management. It argues Adrian Smith, Chartered Surveyor
that the practice of value engineering has hardly
0 7277 3094 0 moved forward in the last 30 years because the 1999 Hardbound 256pp
£40.00 underlying theories upon which practice is based 230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2712 5 £52.50
have rarely been critically examined or explained
and that the subjective models upon which practice This book examines the major aspects of the
Forensic engineering encompasses any engineering is based have been promoted at the expense of
discipline that has the potential to be used for the relationship between government and the private
objective models – this is what the authors seek to sector in the provision of high quality, sustainable and
technical investigation of failures. This volume overthrow.
presents papers from leading experts on how to affordable privately funded infrastructure projects.
learn from failures of constructed environments The book provides a new foundation for value
(from serviceability to catastrophic), and on the engineering, and will help its many advocates to see
implications for construction professionals. it as a method that enables the improvement of
artificial constructs, from artefacts to organizations.
Privatized Infrastructure
It will help you to become a leader and a value The BOT approach
The Philosophy of Risk technologist who thinks not just of product or project
John C Chicken, Consultant and Tamar Posner, value but also of how this value will bring Charles Walker, Consultant and Adrian Smith,
Safety Assessment Federation improvement to your customers and shareholders. Chartered Surveyor

1998 Hardbound 180pp For a full list of contents of this book together with 1995 Hardbound 304pp
some sample material please visit: 230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2053 8 £60.00
230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2666 8 £32.50

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Infrastructure Planning Electronic Communication ECI Pricing System for

James Parkin and Deepak Sharma,
University of Technology, Sydney
in Construction Piping Works
Achieving Commercial Advantage European Construction Institute
Tim Cole, Interlock Limited

2000 Wirobound
Paperbound 120pp
230 x 156 mm
222pp 230 x 156 mm
0 7277 2747 8
210 x 148 mm 0 7277 3120 3
0 7277 2746 X £75.00
This book introduces engineers to the principles £32.50
and procedures necessary for infrastructure
planning in rapidly developing regions. It covers the This book sets out the commercial issues driving, The first volume in the ECI Pricing System series,
technical methods required in planning for or hampering, recent developments, with regards to this book deals specifically with the fabrication and
infrastructure provision, from base-line studies and the implementation of common information erection of pipework, offering a structured
problem definition through to the specification for a exchange standards and will dispel the many approach to the contracting of piping work that
set of projects. myths that generate excuses for inertia. maximises clarity for contractors and owners alike.
The ECI Pricing System will reduce bidding costs
and remove some of the ambiguities in the
Site Management for Adding Value Through the compensation basis and the risk allocation
between parties. Additionally, the factor system it
Engineers Project Management of CDM is based on lends itself to automation of the bidding
Trevor Holroyd, Consulting Engineer Edited by Liz Bennett, Habilis Ltd effort and to the electronic pricing of engineering
deliverables. The innovative aspect of the system is
2000 Paperbound 100pp the fixing of the relative value for welding and
erecting different piping material types, sizes,
230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2866 0 £22.50 thicknesses and complexities together with the
1999 clear separation of direct and indirect costs.
This book has been published as a direct response
Hardbound to the poor results in the years following the CONTENTS
introduction of the CDM Regulations. Throughout ■ Introduction
288pp the book the authors demonstrate that the CDM
Regulations can be a tool for delivering real value in ■ General
230 x 156 mm
health and safety, improved operational output, ■ Phases of development
0 7277 2736 2 and savings and measurable benefits for clients. ■ The ECI Piping Pricing System
£42.50 ■ Example
■ Application
This book will enable you to learn from the mistakes
of others and to benefit from ideas that have been
The ECI Guide to Managing ■ Sources used
proven to work well. It provides practical working Health in Construction ■ Description of the system
guidance of site supervision of middle range projects. European Construction Institute ■ General
■ Pricing Structure diagrams
The Management of Setting ■ Multiplier reference points
■ Description for Piping Prefabrication Multipliers
Out in Construction 1999
■ Transportation of Piping Materials
Institution of Civil Engineers Design and Hardbound
Practice Guide ■ Description Pricing Tables for the Prefabrication
Edited by Jim Smith ■ Description for Piping Erection Multipliers
230 x 156 mm
■ Description Pricing Tables for Erection
1997 Paperbound 96pp 0 7277 2762 1 ■ Pricing Tables: Prefabrication
297 x 210 mm 0 7277 2614 5 £20.00 £37.50 ■ Pricing Tables: Erection
■ Examples
Clients and contractors have a responsibility to ■ Example of a Contractual Summary of Base Unit
Construction Safety develop health risk management systems, based
on the full and careful appraisal of the risks to
Handbook which all their employees (including subcontracted ■ Example 1: Prefabrication of Large Bore Piping
workers) are exposed. This book is the first ■ Example 2: Erection of Large Bore Piping
2nd edition dedicated to the subject of construction health as ■ Example 3: Fabrication and Installation of Small
Vic Davies and Ken Tomasin, Consulting Engineers opposed to just safety. Bore Piping
1996 Hardbound 320pp
230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2519 X £60.00

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Refurbishing Occupied
This series of management guides addresses the management issues facing the civil engineer in the Management of risk under the CDM
21st Century. Since the publication of the original Engineering Management series, SARTOR’97 has Regulations
radically changed the BEng and MEng curricula and the practitioner has experienced new codes and
Bev Nutt and Peter McLennan, University College
London and Roger Walters, Bickerdike Allen
These new guides are intended to support graduate engineers and young chartered practitioners in the Partners
acquisition and effective management of fundamental knowledge relating to engineering management.
The whole ethos of these new guides is to promote integrated or ‘joined-up thinking’ in a management
approach to construction management. The texts in the series are designed to provide a sound basis for
further reading or CPD as appropriate.
Financing Infrastructure 128pp
Projects 230 x 156 mm
Tony Merna, UMIST and Cyrus Njiru, 2003
0 7277 2732 X
Loughborough University Paperbound
230 x 156 mm
2002 0 7277 3221 8
Paperbound Principles of Estimating
304pp Trevor M Holroyd, Consulting Engineer
perspective, and uses examples from other
230 x 156 mm industries where appropriate.
0 7277 3040 1 This essential book offer presents guidance,
£30.00 explanations and case studies to help the reader
comprehend the strengths and weaknesses and 2000
This book deals with financial aspects of realistic meanings and outcomes of the stages in
the development of an effective procurement Hardbound
procurement of various infrastructure projects
and commercial aspects of the projects, sources strategy. Bringing together the theory and 152pp
of finance, financial instruments, financial practice that relates to procurement, the book
offers guidance on how the process should be 243 x 170 mm
markets and financial engineering techniques.
Aimed at individuals and organisations involved in undertaken. It begins by outlining the role of 0 7277 2763 X
the procurement of projects and in the financial procurement in the construction industry,
including the problems it faces and some of the £30.00
aspects of infrastructure, this book provides
engineers, project managers and planners, steps that can be taken to overcome these
students and postgraduates, with sound problems. It then goes on to consider contractor
The ability to price work correctly is a key skill for
information on commercial aspects of selection and raises issues relating to the
engineers, but many find themselves ill prepared for
infrastructure projects. allocation of risk in contracts and factors to
this important undertaking. Current practice on most
consider when awarding a contract. A brief
contracts dictates that the engineer deals with
summary of the relevant legal aspects is also
engineering matters and the quantity surveyor
Management of The book also examines contract strategy, major
covers the commercial aspects. As a result, engineers
have become increasingly uneasy at setting rates,
Procurement organisational arrangements and payment types evaluating claims and pricing work generally.
Edited by Denise Bower, University of Leeds and provides a summary of the key features of
This book has been written with a practical
the most common standard forms of contract. The
This invaluable book covers all aspects of approach that will allow engineers to become
relationship between benchmarking, key
procurement, from drafting and using contracts to competent estimators. It will appeal to civil and
performance indicators and incentives is
procurement strategies for privately financed structural engineers, surveyors, contractors,
explained and a framework for developing
projects. It is written from a construction consulting practices, further and higher education
incentive mechanisms is provided.
establishments and students, and local authorities.
■ Estimating from first principles
■ Building up the net price
Successful Professional Civil Engineering Procedure ■ The site set-up – preliminaries
■ Calculating rates
Reviews for Civil Engineers 5th edition
■ The sources of our prices
H Macdonald Steels, Institution of Civil Engineers Institution of Civil Engineers
■ Getting the final price – the tender and other totals
1997 Paperbound 120pp 1996 Paperbound 157pp ■ Examples of estimates
210 x 138 mm 0 7277 2613 7 £20.00 210 x 147 mm 0 7277 2052 X £15.00 ■ Cost, value and budgets

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which expertise is needed. Model competencies for 'Promoter' (private body) at each phase of the
CESMM3 these elements have been produced which are procurement process, from inception through to
Institution of Civil Engineers representative across all areas of the industry. financial closure. Principals using this guide should
Together the key roles and the model competencies be able to adapt the private finance procurement
provide a diagnostic tool for self-assessment and process for their specific organisation and business
comparison and make indispensable reading for all sector. Moreover, in the case of the promoting
managers in the construction industry. organisation, the guide provides an appreciation of
1991 the steps that occur and the various processes
undertaken and the associated costs of bidding.
Management Decisions for Key topics of focus are:
Engineers ■ preliminary assessment of project proposals
297 x 210 mm James Parkin, University of Technology, Sydney
0 7277 1561 5 ■ developing the business case and advertising
1996 Paperbound 240pp the project
£25.00 ■ tendering
210 x 148 mm 0 7277 2501 7 £25.00
■ preparing bidders
■ closing the deal
CESMM3 Price Database People and Organizational
A guide to the procurement of privately financed
1999/2000 Management in projects: an indicative assessment of the
Edited by E C Harris Construction procurement process provides an invaluable
understanding of the critical facets involved in PFP
Shamil Naoum, South Bank University
1999 Paperbound 600pp and suggests frameworks for developing objective
2001 Hardbound 312pp orientated procurement elements.
297 x 210 mm 0 7277 2779 6 £85.00
230 x 156 mm 0 7277 2874 1 £40.00
In recent years the CESMM3 Price Database has
earned widespread critical acclaim and established
Dynamic Mentoring for
itself as the standard source of price information
This book offers an extended dictionary of key
management concepts for students and
for the civil engineering industry. professionals alike. It helps the reader to search H Macdonald Steels, Institution of Civil Engineers
for the most appropriate ways of improving their
2001 Paperbound 160pp
CESMM3 Examples organisation’s performance and effectiveness.
With the aid of case studies drawn from the 210 x 138 mm 0 7277 3003 7 £25.00
Martin Barnes construction industry, this book discusses key
1992 Paperbound 116pp management issues This book offers practical guidance on how mentors
can quickly achieve the required competencies in
297 x 210 mm 0 7277 1657 3 £17.50 their trainees and looks specifically at the detail of
A Guide to the Procurement how to make mentoring work effectively in practice.
CESMM3 Handbook of Privately Financed In an increasingly commercial and fast-moving
business, the only competitive advantage a
Martin Barnes
Projects company has is the skills, abilities and commitment
of its workforce. To develop these various talents to
1992 Hardbound 256pp An Indicative Assessment of the their maximum potential, as quickly as possible,
297 x 210 mm 0 7277 1658 1 £27.50 Procurement Process requires the industry to train much more efficiently
Douglas Lamb and Tony Merna and effectively than it has ever done in the past.
Mentors must be carefully chosen and better trained
Management Development NEW to undertake this vital role. In the past, very few ever
received any guidance, let alone training – this book
in the Construction Industry will allow that to change.
Guidelines for the Construction Professional August 2004
Institution of Civil Engineers Paperback Communication for
136pp Professional Engineers
297 x 210 mm 2nd edition
0 7277 3273 0 Bill Scott, Consultant and Bertil Billing, Consultant
Paperbound £30.00
1997 Hardbound 288pp
A guide to the procurement of privately financed 210 x 138 mm 0 7277 2630 7 £35.00
297 x 210 mm projects: an indicative assessment of the
0 7277 2969 1 procurement process outlines the concept of
privately financed projects (PFP) that can be used
£20.00 for both public-private and private-private
Effective Training for Civil
interactions. Utilising models from many countries
the guide develops a robust procurement system
Completely updated in 2001, this is the second 2nd edition
edition of an essential management tool that will applicable to PFP and project finance in both the EU
enable readers to assess and develop their and overseas. H Macdonald Steels, Institution of Civil Engineers
management skills. The book identifies twelve key
roles that represent the fundamentals of modern This guide provides a systematic approach for the 1999 Paperbound 128pp
construction management, each with a number of preparation and evaluation of privately financed
projects (PFP) and services. It is intended to assist 210 x 138 mm 0 7277 2709 5 £20.00
elements that reflect the actual responsibilities in
both the 'Principal' (often a public body) and the

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The Diary of William Mackenzie, a fascinating new

Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineering Heritage: book which presents a unique record of this
Civil Engineers in Great Ireland important figure and also of the Victorian world in
which he lived, affording new insights for
Britain and Ireland - Edited by R Cox and M H Gould economic, social and engineering historians.
Volume 1: 1500-1830 Mackenzie’s remarkable career was based on the
business of building railways and canals. He was at
Edited by Mike Chrimes, Sir Alec Skempton, 1998 Paperbound 210 x 148 mm
the forefront of the export of Britain’s technical
R W Rennison, R C Cox, Ted Ruddock and 304pp 0 7277 2627 7 £19.95 expertise, for the development of Europe’s
P Cross-Rudkin infrastructure.
2002 Hardbound 243 x 156 mm
784pp 0 7277 2939 X £95.00 Civil Engineering Heritage: Record Pictures
Intended as a valuable biographical reference work Eastern and Central England Photographs from the Archives of the
on the lives, works and careers of individuals Edited by E A Labrum Institution of Civil Engineers
engaged in the practice of civil engineering, this Michael Collins
volume looks specifically at those whose careers NEW
1993 Paperbound 210 x 148 mm
began before 1830. Beginning with what little is
known of the lives of engineers such as John Trew 304pp 0 7277 1970 X £19.95
September 2004
who practised in the Tudor period, the background,
training and achievements of engineers over the Clothbound
following 250 years are described by specialist 128pp
authors, many of whom have spent a lifetime Civil Engineering Heritage:
researching the history of civil engineering. This 60 colour plates
book will be of particular interest to historians of Northern England 255 x 300 mm
all disciplines and of great value to engineers
involved in restoration work for whom an Edited by R W Rennison 0 7277 3281 1
authoritative source of information on the 1996 Paperbound 210 x 148 mm £30.00
engineers who designed public works over 300
years will be available for the first time. 300pp 0 7277 2518 1 £19.95
Record Pictures: Photographs from the Archives of
the Institution of Civil Engineers represents the
photgraphic jewels of arguably the finest collection
Civil Engineering Heritage Civil Engineering Heritage: in Britain. Spanning a period of 75 years from the
Series: Southern England Wales and Western England mid-ninteenth century, the book contains
previously unpublished examples drawn from
Edited by R A Otter 2nd edition across Europe, Africa, Australisia, the Far East and
1993 Paperbound 246pp Edited by Roger Cragg Latin America.

210 x 148 mm 0 7277 1971 8 £19.95 1997 Paperbound 210 x 148 mm

304pp 0 7277 2576 9 £19.95 Civil Engineering in Context
Sir Alan Muir Wood, Past President of the
Civil Engineering Heritage: Institution of Civil Engineers
London and the Thames The Diary of William
Valley Mackenzie NEW
Edited by Denis Smith Edited by David Brooke
October 2004
2001 Paperbound 210 x 148 mm Hardbound
340pp 0 7277 2876 8 £19.95 248pp
This book deals with the civil engineering heritage 2002 234 x 156 mm
of the capital and Thames Valley. The development Hardbound 0 7277 3257 9
of London has attracted the design and
construction skills of a range of eminent civil 240 x 189 mm £19.95
engineers and contractors. The work of Sir Marc and 648pp
I K Brunel, the Rennie family, Robert Stephenson,
William Cubitt, Sir Joseph Bazelgette, and many 0 7277 2830 X Where is British Civil Engineering going? This brand
others is included. £29.95 new book, written by a Past President of the
Institution of Civil Engineers (1977-78) identifies
The books in this series have all been designed the nature of the recent rapid changes in the role of
specifically as guide books for exploring these the Civil Engineer and the consequences of
landmarks, and provide the reader with a ticket into History has not been kind to the memory of William
adaptation. From a function of translating narrowly
Britain’s engineering history. Mackenzie. While the names of Telford and
defined requirements of the Client, through science-
Stephenson continue to be well known today, that of
based technology, the successful Civil Engineer of
William Mackenzie, one of the most important figures
today – and yet more so tomorrow – contributes to
in the engineering world during the first half of the
a broad range of functions between identification of
nineteenth century, has slipped from prominence.
and realisation of projects which satisfy, or more
The Institution of Civil Engineers has now published than satisfy, the Client’s ‘business case’.

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