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NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide • 3
The NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide is another program developed by NATE to improve safety on tower sites. But this program is different. NATE developed this Guide as a reference for project managers and site superintendents of carriers, broadcasters and tower owners, along with tower erectors.


The National Association of Tower Erectors Scholarship • 12-15

NATE is accepting scholarship applications for dependants of a permanently disabled or deceased employee of a current NATE member company. Scholarship candidates must be nominated by a NATE member company in good standing.

NATE 2010 Show Highlights • 19-30

Outstanding attendance of nearly 1,000 was welcomed by an excellent slate of speakers covering a record number of educational sessions, a full exhibit hall featuring the industry’s best safety products and services, and an abundance of networking opportunities.

Celebrating NATE’s 15th Anniversary • 35-43

The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) officially celebrated its 15th Anniverary on March 31, 2010.

Coming Clean • 50

As few as 10 years ago, implementing a substance abuse testing program was difficult. Employees challenged owners that it wasn’t constitutional. Similarly, many owners felt it would send the wrong message to employees — a message that they just weren’t trustworthy.

On the Cover
The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) officially celebrated its 15th Anniverary on March 31, 2010.
April 2010

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April 2010



From the Chairman • 4
What an outstanding show we had in Lake Buena Vista, Florida! I hope everyone enjoyed all the great educational sessions, not to mention the opportunity to visit and network with one another.

Annual NATE Event • 58-63
April 2010

Apr il 2010 • VOLUME 16 • ISSUE 4

Mark your calendar for NATE 2011 to be held February 21-24, 2011 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

From the Executive Director • 8

It was great to see so many familiar and new faces at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort for NATE 2010! What an outstanding event! NATE celebrated its 15th annual conference and exposition with the highest membership numbers in the history of the annual event. That support for NATE was reflected in every aspect of our time together.

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NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide
he NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide is another program developed by NATE to improve safety on tower sites. But this program is different. NATE developed this Guide as a reference for project managers and site superintendents of carriers, broadcasters and tower owners, along with tower erectors. AbOUT THE HAzARD RECOGNITION GUIDE • The Guide is an online resource that provides insight into the most important aspects of safety and hazard recognition on broadcast and communication tower sites. There is no charge for members or non-members to access and utilize the Guide. Visitors only need to register to access the Guide. The Guide provides safety information and requirements for a broad range of broadcast and communication tower site hazards from ladder positioning to the safe use of a gin pole. Provided in the Guide are sources for additional information, including OSHA references and guidance to the appropriate NATE resources.
Topics Covered in the Guide Job-site Documentation Job-site Conditions Personal Protection Equipment Fall Protection Equipment Training RF Radiation Hazard Hoists Personnel Lifting Rigging & Blocks Gin Poles Ladders

• •


I just returned from NATE 2010, which was as usual successful, well-run, and well-organized. I gave a speech on Washington matters at the Voting Session, with more detailed issue updates provided to the Board of Directors and the Legislative & Regulatory Committee.



INDUSTRY RELATIONS Industry Relations Update • 33

OSHA Relations • 9 Trade Show • 17 Membership • 44 Safety & Education • 47

We would like to say thank you to NATE members for your interest and enthusiasm in the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide. It was wonderful seeing so many NATE 2010 attendees excited and eager to test drive the new resource.


LEGAL The Importance of Employee Discipline • 48

The recent appointment of David Michaels as the new head of OSHA signals an aggressive OSHA with an active enforcement agenda. For employers, this means more inspections and more citations.

NATE has long believed that sharing information is key to improving safety on tower sites. This Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide was developed to share knowledge between NATE members and their customers: carriers, broadcasters and tower owners.

FINANCE The Stretch IRA: An Asset Transfer Strategy • 56

Dates to Remember • 5 Membership Information • 6 NATE Mission Statement • 6

Making this Guide available to their on-site personnel can empower project managers, site superintendents, etc. to become part of the safety solution on their tower sites. INDUSTRy bACkED GUIDE bUILDS IMPORTANT SkILLS

Although you initially established an IRA as a nest egg for your retirement years, you may also want to consider using your IRA as a tax-efficient vehicle to pass wealth on to your heirs—particularly if you have other sources of retirement income and do not need to draw funds from your traditional IRA.

National Association of Tower Erectors
8 Second Street SE Watertown, SD 57201-3624 Tel: 605-882-5865 Toll Free: 888-882-5865 (U.S.) Fax: 605-886-5184 Email: nate@natehome.com Website: www.natehome.com

Are you ready to recommit to safety?
NOW is the time to reaffirm your commitment to NATE’s mission of safety and pledge continued focus to reduce risk in every project in which you engage.

The Association leveraged its repository of tower safety standards and safety resources to ensure the Hazard Recognition Guide provides personnel with information required to recognize hazards and take steps toward their mitigation by the crew on site. SBA Communications, one of the largest owners of wireless infrastructure, and two cellular carriers collaborated with NATE on this project. This information is available at no cost as an educational resource for recognizing potential hazards on tower sites. For more information on the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide, visit www.nate home.com or www.hazardrecognition.com. This online information is intended to be an informational safety resource for employees and employers on how to recognize potential tower site safety hazards. n
TOWER TIMES • April 2010

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2 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES


com and click Interested in running for the NATE Board of Directors? Watch for the Board of Directors Election Procedures/Application in the May 2010 Tower Times Mark Your Calendars! Genoa. Until next time – Stay safe! n Jim Coleman is the Chairman of the National Association of Tower Erectors and is President of Southern Broadcast Services. and Cellular South.com Jimmy Miller DIRECTOR millerCo. formulate and adhere to uniform standards of safety to ensure the well being of tower personnel. The Guide also provides personnel with additional resources such as OSHA guidelines where further information about specific topics is available. carriers. We believe this Guide to be one more component to open doors between NATE and its members’ customers to allow for realistic discussions on the value of hiring safe. Inc. To access the Guide. professional. Watertown. Laptop computers set up in the GolinHarris booth allowed attendees to experience the course. Virginia davea@shensvc. Inc. As part of its mission to increase safety on all broadcast and communications tower sites. At the show. not just NATE members.com Pat Cipov VICE CHAIRmAN Cipov Enterprises. South Dakota Winter Park. Every responsible person on a tower site should have a working knowledge of safe operating procedures and be able to recognize hazardous situations.natehome. Pelham. Gulfport.com Ron Romano DIRECTOR Installation Services.net kari Carlson SECRETARY/TREASURER Tower Systems. South Carolina cipov@ftc-i. The course deviates from NATE’s typical safety materials since it is not geared just for tower technicians who work for the construction and maintenance companies that are typical NATE members. in a continuing effort to improve safety on broadcast and communications tower sites. 2010 NATE 2011 Call for Speaker/ Presentation Proposal Deadline www. It also focuses on project managers who work for the carriers and vertical real estate companies so that when they visit tower sites they will be able to readily recognize hazards. Inc. NATE collaborated with SBA Network Services. Alabama. in Pelham. Kansas khayden@haydentower. Dates to Remember From the Chairman Jim Coleman CHAIRmAN APRIL 10-15. The Hazard Recognition Guide provides them with a resource to help them assume that important role.org JUNE 1. The Hazard Recognition Guide is designed to empower on-site employees of tower owners.com kevin Hayden DIRECTOR Hayden Tower Service. Inc. Inc. The amount of work that goes into these shows by the NATE staff and the involved NATE members never ceases to amaze me! I would like to personally thank everyone on the NATE Administrative Staff and the Trade Show Committee for the outstanding efforts to ensure the success of the NATE Annual conference and exposition. Alabama jwcoleman@southernbroadcastservices. Jim Coleman This online course was developed as a tool for getting tower owners and carriers to recognize hazards on tower sites under their control. 2010 NAb 2010 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas. He can be reached at 205-663-3709 or jwcoleman @southernbroadcastservices. The NATE Hazard Recognition Guide will provide easy access to best practice information for project managers and allow NATE to know which owners and operators are taking advantage of available safety information. This Guide serves as another tool in developing a culture of safety and ensuring that everyone goes home safely each night.natehome. Florida kcarlson@towersystems. Colorado jim@ettower. Ltd. Colorado Springs. NATE is offering the Guide free to anyone in the industry. W Southern Broadcast Services.com Dave Anthony DIRECTOR Shenandoah Tower Service. Inc. Florida! I hope everyone enjoyed all the great educational sessions. Inc. Nevada www. NATE unveiled one of its major achievements with the launching of the first-of-itskind Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide. To develop the content for the Guide.com Southern Broadcast Services. Inc.com 4 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 5 . Staunton. Sumter.com Jim Miller DIRECTOR EasTex Tower.NATE bOARD OF DIRECTORS FROM THE CHAIRMAN on the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide image. Inc. broadcasters and general contractors to recognize hazards on broadcast and communications tower sites and take steps to alleviate those situations quickly and effectively. broadcast and other contractors have a responsibility to help ensure the safety of the tower technicians working on and around the tower. Inc. Topeka.nab. qualified contractors. Mississippi jlmiller@millercoinc. We are fortunate to have such dedicated staff and members working on our behalf.com. not to mention the opportunity to visit and network with one another. go to www. Illinois rromano@installationservices. hat an outstanding show we had in Lake Buena Vista. Your association is dedicated to pursue. The employees of cellular.

whose primary function was erecting. T NATE has something for everyone in the tower industry. If you have questions regarding membership.com.com. For those who have retired from the industry. 6 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES . constructing or maintaining communication towers or similar structures. To keep all members informed of issues relevant to the industry. please visit our website www. the Association offers a special Retired NATE membership. applicable government agencies and clients on continued progress toward safer standards within the industry. Legal Counsel and Insurance Carriers • • • • • • • • • • • • Safety & Education Partnership with OSHA Annual Conference & Exposition Access to key players in the tower industry Standards Training Tower Times magazine Networking Strong voice in Washington. Consultants.S. Carol Coughlin via telephone: 605-882-5865 or 888-882-5865 (U. To learn more about becoming a NATE member and the benefits of membership. To facilitate effective safety training for the industry. There are also subcategories under each of these categories. To educate the general public.) or email: carol@natehome. Two categories of membership have been established: Primary membership and Support membership. Safety Trainers. Legal counsel NATE membership list Opportunities to feature your products/services NATE Mission Statement To pursue. D. To provide a unified voice for tower erection. please contact NATE Membership Coordinator.C.NATE Membership Information he National Association of Tower Erectors was founded by a group of companies. servicing. formulate and adhere to uniform standards of safety to ensure the continued well-being of tower personnel. service and maintenance companies.natehome. Tower Erectors and Climbers Tower Owners and Operators Manufacturers and Distributors Construction Management Firms and General Contractors Engineers. but would like to keep informed and involved.

as we head into spring. Although our industry is doing better. these companies provide involvement that is crucial to making the annual event a success. Carol.com TOWER TIMES • April 2010 ´ 9 8 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES . The economy created bigger challenges for NATE 2010 than we have ever seen before.com carol@natehome. and the entire Board for their seemingly endless dedication to NATE’s success.com shelly@natehome. and NATE offer’s its special thanks to Ken meador and his team on the Trade Show Committee for another year of outstanding leadership and planning.com. one is too many. and you can read about it in the committee updates. please turn to page 20 of this Tower Times and view the sponsors who provided the underwriting support that made this event a reality. Among the biggest news this year was the release of NATE’s online Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide. Gordon Lyman WesTower Communications ANSI z359 FALL PROTECTION STANDARDS There were no substantial new standards issued in 2009. NATE ARTICLES t was great to see so many familiar and new faces at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort for NATE 2010! What an outstanding event! NATE celebrated its 15th annual conference and exposition with the highest membership numbers in the history of the annual event. Please also take the time to review the list of exhibitors on page 26-27 of this Tower Times who invested their time and resources to make NATE 2010 a success. We have greater challenges and greater opportunities before us than every before. NATE SAFETy MANUAL The OSHA Relations Committee was working on revising the existing Safety Program Guide and has finished that task. Vice Chairman Pat Cipov and Secretary/Treasurer Kari Carlson. a program designed not only for NATE member use. I look forward to the work we will again accomplish together. but to help educate owners and operators on recognizing hazards to increase their role in tower site safety. n Patrick Howey is the NATE Executive Director. The Board of Directors re-elected its previous slate of executive officers for 2010. NATE thanks all members who participate on committees for the work you do to keep NATE moving forward. remember that the only way to do any job is to do it safely. including our Gold Sponsors. additional online safety tools and efforts toward new industry standards are all items NATE is looking forward to during the coming year. Washington State is nearing completion on a standard that resembles the regulations adapted in michigan. 2009 FATALITIES FROM FALLS We had a general discussion on the lower number of fatalities in 2009 which were five and one in 2010. and the experience they bring to the show is the foundation upon which success is built. Business meetings are a standard component of the days we spend together each February. Andrew Solutions and Crump/Zurich for their leadership at NATE 2010. Stay safe. Last but not least. That support for NATE was reflected in every aspect of our time together. NEW OSHA CPL 2. NATE thanks all of this year’s sponsors. Thank you all. service and maintenance industry. Their hard work is unparalleled. Shelly. showing their confidence in the leadership of Chairman Jim Coleman. NATE again provided outstanding educational and training sessions at C O M M I T T E E U P D AT E I the conference. my sincere gratitude goes out to the individuals I have the good fortunate to work with every day. and help them better recognize qualified contractors.xx RIDING THE LINE The revised CPL remains on hold at OSHA. He can be reached at 605-8825865 or patrick@natehome. And finally. new and updated safety resources. and underwriting support was nothing short of phenomenal. NATE is now in its 16th year as the unified voice for the tower erection. Paula. OSHA PARTNERSHIP Our NATE office continues to work with the new administration to get the NATE/OSHA National Partnership in place. I want to personally thank each of these officers for their commitment to NATE.FROM THE ExECUTIvE DIRECTOR From the Executive Director National Association of Tower Erectors OSHA Relations in their hands and they rose to the occasion and beyond. Speaking of sponsorships. Along with the sponsors.com paula@natehome. waiting for the new OSHA leader in Washington.600 pound safety latch requirement on all components is important to implement.com jodi@natehome. the Washington Wire. There is a lot of additional news from the annual event. The general theme going forward is that we must continue to educate and encourage our members and our industry in the importance of tying off 100 percent of the time. Thank you for another demonstration of your dedication to excellence. O Patrick Howey ur annual meeting was held in Lake Buena Vista this year and I would like to thank all those individuals who were able to attend the meeting and the show.com jamie@natehome. Please remember to support those companies who support your association. so the final action on that document can be taken. As usual.1. but we need to remind everyone of the new 3. and Industry Relations report in this magazine. approval and implementation. the exhibit floor was a remarkable showcase of the best the industry has to offer. the NATE Board of Directors spent time together daily working on the countless issues that define the Association’s direction and goals in pursuit of its mission. Let’s put all the good work we have done together to its intended purpose. turning it over to the NATE Board for their review. after all it is the law. Jodi and Jamie again navigated the seemingly endless array of details inherent in setting up and operating another successful show. They are the best. The success of the show was I would like to personally thank all the committee members for writing quality monthly articles and getting them in on time. WASHINGTON STATE REGULATIONS UPDATE NATE continues offering assistance to Washington State on its tower safety standard. The year 2009 was a tough one for most companies and we still had the full committee in attendance. NATE member attendance surpassed expectations. I want to express my gratitude to all presenters and trainers for essential contributions to the annual event. Updates from each of the committees can be found throughout this issue of Tower Times. Beyond this effort. ADMINISTRATIvE STAFF Patrick Howey EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Paula Nurnberg OPERATIONS mANAGER Carol Coughlin mEmBERSHIP COORDINATOR Shelly Trego PROJECT mANAGER Jodi Messerli ACCOUNTS COORDINATOR Jamie brandriet ADmINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT patrick@natehome.

This is a big standard with twenty five different sections. com. 10. . I am also thankful and lucky to direct a committee that is so willing to work after hours to get the many tasks completed that would not otherwise get done. He is the Vice President of Safety & Quality Assurance for WesTower Communications in San Antonio. ANSI A10.48. kevin Dougherty MILLENIA CONTRACTING. 13. 2. 12. He can be reached at 210-655-2741or glyman@westower. 22. 20. 6. Wes Weis MIKAB Corporation barbara Houdek Trillium Development. 16. Inc.20xx “CRITERIA FOR SAFETy PRACTICES WITH THE CONSTRUCTION. 21. INC. 15. Inc. These are the sections that are now in place: 1.Tennessee Equipment Supply Inc. 23. 11. 8. 3. Subcommittee Members brian Weis MIKAB Corporation Don Doty Doty Moore Tower Services LLC Robert burke TESSCO Technologies Eric Munsell Black & Veatch Anthony blaylock TES Inc. 25. 18. 10 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 11 . There was an educational session presented on the standard by Ernie Jones and Gordon Lyman and there will also be a presentation at the next NAB conference in April by Ernie Jones and Don Doty. input and cooperation. Texas. 9. The Editing Committee hopes to have the standard complete by this fall. In turn the OSHA Relations Committee is asking the industry to pitch in and help. Jordan Wang True North Tower I think it was a very successful meeting and I would like to thank all the committee members for their participation. 4. n Gordon Lyman is the Chairman of the NATE OSHA Relations Committee. General References Definitions Pre-job Planning Job Site Conditions PPE Fall Protection RF Hoists Personnel Lifting Rigging Gin Poles Ladders Training Loads Effecting Structural Capacity Cranes Electrical Considerations Industrial Equipment Hand and Power Tools Trenching and Excavation Catheads Demolition Confined Spaces Helicopters Non-Lattice Structures and Appendix OSHA Relations Committee Members board Oversight & Committee Member Pat Cipov Cipov Enterprises. 5. Chairman Gordon Lyman WesTower Communications Committee Members Jim Coleman Southern Broadcast Services. DEMOLITION. 19. 7. Chris Pleibel Primus Electronics Edward Hartmann Commnet Supply LLC. The OSHA Relations Committee has been asked by the NATE Board to be the driving force to get this standard completed in a timely manner. 14.OSHA RELATIONS COMMITTEE UPDATE NEW TIA 1019 -20xx CONSTRUCTION STANDARD The new Construction Standard that evolved from the Gin Pole Standard is in the final stage and is in the hands of the Editing Committee. MODIFICATION AND MAINTENANCE OF TELECOMMUNICATION TOWERS” This is a new standard that is being created to fall under the A10 group of standards and will be an all encompassing standard for the communication industry. Inc. 17. 24. All those individuals interested in helping with the standard are asked to contact Shelly Trego at the NATE office to ask questions or sign up.

12 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 13 . 2010 of the Committee’s final decision. National Association of Tower Erectors Attn: Scholarship Committee 8 Second Street SE Watertown.Stop By and Visit NATE Administrative Staff Members: SCHOLARSHIP OPERATIONS mANAGER The National Association of Tower Erectors The National Association of Tower Erectors SCHOLARSHIP Paula Nurnberg ACCOUNTS COORDINATOR Jodi Messerli at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) • NATE Booth #SU7202 April 12-15. • There will be a telephone interview with members of the Scholarship Committee. (No more than two pages double-spaced). • Letter of recommendation from a teacher or other school official. Scholarship candidates must be nominated by a NATE member company in good standing.received from an institution. aid received from an institution. 2010. Florida. Applications must be received in the NATE office no later than April 15. 2010 Guidelines: • The scholarship will supplement a financial aid package -. 2010. National Association of Tower Erectors Attn: Scholarship Committee 8 Second Street SE • Watertown. The following documents (pages 13-15) outline the program as approved by the NATE Voting Members. Application: Applicants must submit the following documents for NATE scholarship consideration: • Application form.S. please contact the NATE office. the NATE Voting Members approved the implementation of a NATE scholarship for dependants of a permanently disabled or deceased employee of a current NATE member company. and must be received in the NATE office no later than April 15. • The individual must be a high school graduate or equivalent and must be accepted as a full-time student to an accredited college or technical school to receive the scholarship. and • Is there anything else you want us to know about you? All of the above items are to be submitted in a single envelope.500 each and are renewable annually (for up to four years) provided academic criteria are met. • Letter of nomination from current NATE member company in good standing. • Essay describing why you feel the NATE Scholarship will help you achieve your goals.) C L O SING D A T E : APRI L 15. 20 1 0 The NATE Scholarship Committee will review all applications and make an award if it determines that one of the candidates has met all of the criteria. Nevada At the NATE 2008 Voting Member Business Session in Orlando. Closing Date for Applications: April 15. • High school transcript. Applicants will be notified in writing on or before June 2. If you have any questions regarding this process. 2010 Award Announcement: July 1. and • The candidate must be nominated by a current NATE member in good standing. 2010 • Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas. rather than substitute for.not substitute for aid -. Eligibility Requirements: • Student must be a legal dependant of a permanently disabled or deceased employee of a current NATE member company in good standing. • Letter of acceptance from the college or technical school you will be attending. 2010 DETAILS Award: The National Association of Tower Erectors Scholarship value: Scholarships are valued at up to $2. and the application process as developed by the NATE Scholarship Advisory Committee and approved by the NATE Board of Directors. SD 57201-3624 888-882-5865 (U. • Scholarship awards will be made payable to the school on behalf of the student and are intended to supplement. SD 57201-3624 C L O SING D A T E : APRI L 1 5 .

I the undersigned. I authorize NATE to provide news releases to print and electronic media. and will only be used by the NATE Scholarship Committee for purposes of evaluating applicants. and • The candidate must be nominated by a current NATE member in good standing. I understand that I am not guaranteed a scholarship award by submitting this application.5 GPA or equivalent for each successive year. Last): _____________________________________________________________ Home Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City.0 GPA or equivalent will be required for the recipient’s freshman year. • The individual must be a high school graduate or equivalent and must be accepted as a full-time student to an accredited college or technical school to receive the scholarship. State: _________________________________________________________________________________ Graduation Year: _____________________ GPA: _________________ ACT/SAT Score: ___________ _________ Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ Hometown Newspaper: _______________________________________________________________________ Eligibility Requirements: • Student must be a legal dependant of a permanently disabled or deceased employee of a current NATE member company in good standing. 2010 APPLICATION C L O SING D A T E : APRI L 15. A 2. with a 2. Middle. Release of information: By submitting this application. NATE Member Company: ______________________________________________________________________ My Name: __________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Business Telephone: __________________________________________________________________________ E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Employee: __________________________________________________________________________ Name of Company Worked for: _________________________________________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Please include this form with NATE Scholarship Application Form Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ___________________ Privacy: Personal information collected as part of the application process will become the property of the NATE Scholarship Committee. authorize NATE to share its contents with Scholarship Committee members. Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________ Parents/Guardian/Spouse: _____________________________________________________________________ Social Security Number : ________-_______-_________ Date of Birth: ______ /______ /______ Gender: q Male q Female High School: ________________________________________________________________________________ City.The National Association of Tower Erectors SCHOLARSHIP FORM MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE APPLICANT The National Association of Tower Erectors SCHOLARSHIP C L O SING D A T E : APRI L 15. will be kept confidential. State. For Office Use Only Date received: _____ /_____ /_____ Date Notified of Results: _____ /_____ /_____ Year: q1 q2 q3 q4 Contact person and full address and telephone number of school: _____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 14 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 15 . I wish to nominate ______________________________________________________________________ ______ for the National Association of Tower Erectors Scholarship. 2010 NATE SPOnsor for Academic Scholarship (nominee’s name) Full Legal Name (First. I understand that the scholarship will be paid directly to the institution for tuition purposes. Scholarship Details: The scholarship will be renewable for up to four years based on academic performance. I understand scholarship awards are based on my enrollment as a full-time student at an accredited college or technical school and any break in enrollment may forfeit my award.

Submit your dynamic photos to the NATE office by the June 30. for their never-ending participation and support. or on the NATE website. • All photos must be relevant to the tower industry and any photo portraying improper safety will not be considered. as long as proper credit is given.. but each photo must have the entry form attached. The throngs of attendees and members of the 84 exhibitors socialized in a relaxed environment tailor made for our association. That evening the NATE welcome reception was enjoyed by all who attended. Ken Meador Subcommittee Members Jerry bezner Trylon TSF Tom Foster TESSCO Technologies Scott A. Valmont Site Pro 1. exposition. A very special thanks goes out to Capital Safety. Photos and CDs WILL NOT be returned.com. what better place to celebrate than with a return to the city of our very first show and conference. Inc. And. NATE reserves the right to use any photo submitted in print. Eric Larson Larson Tower Specialists. The convenience of lunch being served in the exhibit hall made for even more quality time for attendees and exhibitors alike. Inc. Inc. TWR Lighting. Primus. 2010 deadline for your chance to win: 2 FREE Full Conference Passes to NATE 2011 in Oklahoma City. Of particular note. Inc. TESSCO Technologies. Orlando. There is no limit to the number of photos submitted. Jeff Hall Hutton Communications Rob Menees Primus Electronics D. All photos must have the entry form above attached. The photos on each panel demonstrated just how far NATE has come in its short life and a mindbending walk down memory lane for all of those whom have been involved these past 15 years. Email ________________________________________________ Brief Description of Photo _______________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Authorized Signature: __________________________________ Chairman ken Meador TWR Lighting. Committee Members Patrick Shea Crump Insurance Services Connie Aasen Sabre Industries. Inc. A surprise to many in attendance was the NATE 15-year anniversary wall. and the numerous social functions. Ltd. By signing the entry form. Inc. Inc.000 attendees traveled from as far away as Sweden to take part in the educational sessions.. Oklahoma February 21-24. you are granting NATE the right to use your photo in any NATE promotional items. this 15th annual event also included 9 exhibitors who have been in all of the NATE trade shows. meetings. 2011 The winning photo will also be featured on the September 2010 Tower Times cover.com.000 square foot show floor. The Tuesday management and tower hand educational sessions were extremely well attended leading up to the exposition opening and associated Andrew Solutions sponsored reception on the 42. Qualifying photos chosen for Honorable Mentions will also be featured on future Tower Times covers and other NATE printed materials and on the NATE website. On monday. or a scanned copy of the form above. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort played host to our annual event. Scott bartlett Sioux Falls Tower & Communications Dave Anthony Shenandoah Tower Service. available on the NATE website. or as TIFF • or JPEG high resolution (at least 1200 x 1800 pixels) digital images saved to a CD accompanied by a color printout or emailed • (file size not to exceed 5MB) to jamie@natehome. video. Sabre Industries. Hydradyne Hydraulics LLC. Florida. SD 57201-3624 TWR Lighting.   ´ 16 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 17 . Once again.S. krouse Valmont Site Pro 1 Amanda Stegall MillerCo. Nearly 1. • • • Photos may be submitted as 4” x 6” prints or larger. LLC Please submit photos by June 30. ROHN Products LLC. NATE will not distribute photos to other parties. C O M M I T T E E U P D AT E Q Trade Show Committee Members board Oversight & Committee Member Ron Romano Installation Services. the conference kicked off with a packed room for the OSHA 10-Hour Course with all of the committee and Board of Directors meetings being held simultaneously throughout the day.) or jamie@natehome. and Weisman Consultants Inc. The numerous offerings and ultimate success of the NATE 2010 event were in large part made possible by the 22 sponsoring companies which showed their continued commitment to our organization and the industry in general. 2010 to: NATE Photo Contest 8 Second Street SE • Watertown. Wednesday’s educational sessions continued the broad range of exciting topics until noon when the show again opened for all of the attendees.NATE Photo Contest ENTRY FORM Company Name _______________________________________ Contact ______________________________________________ Photographer _________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________ City/State/Zip _________________________________________ Phone # ______________________________________________ Trade Show Fifteen Years and Counting uite a milestone for any organization. but especially for NATE. Emailed photos must be accompanied by the PDF form. Questions? Contact Jamie Brandriet at 605-882-5865 or 888-882-5865 (U.

NATE 2010 proved to be more than another successful milestone for the Association. Inc. Individuals attending the educational sessions had the opportunity to receive a certificate of participation. The 4-day event housed a packed agenda beginning with meetings of the Board of Directors and committees. This year. Inc. which included round trip airfare. Dwight Siman of VBine En- Outstanding attendance of nearly 1. and the 15th annual NATE exposition. Although there were many remarkable displays this year. three exhibitors were selected as the Best of Show for the NATE 2010 Exposition. but the beginning of another level of visibility and viability to the industry we serve. Returning again by popular demand.   18 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES Celebrating Years! 1 5 Show Highlights Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort The following pages include NATE 2010 Conference & Exposition photos. Inc. Valmont Site Pro 1 PATRON Cipov Enterprises.. the reception on the show floor again opened with a vast array of hors d’oeuvres. Inc. with Andrew Solutions sponsoring Wednesday’s reception. Associated with the close of the show and the numerous drawings was the selection of our grand prize winner. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The crowds enjoyed the mix of food and libations along with their exhibitor interaction. hotel accommodations. In addition to a bustling exhibit hall. He can be reached at 713973-6905 or kmeador@twrlighting. Congratulations to Dwight. NATE 2011 will offer a totally new location and venue and it won’t be long until we have to “cowboy up” and head to Oklahoma City. Another testament to how far NATE has progressed in 15 years..m. Texas. Tower Systems. See page 21 for the winners. various networking events. Big congratulations to all of our exhibiting companies for being an integral part of raising the professionalism of our industry and supporting the mission of NATE. Ltd. TWR Lighting. Many thanks to the dedicated effort and support of the Trade Show Committee Members and to the nATe Administrative Staff for making our shows a continued success. Inc. Please see pages 26-27 for a full listing of NATE 2010 exhibitors.000 was welcomed by an excellent slate of speakers covering a record number of educational sessions. Inc. Trylon TSF Inc COFFEE SPONSOR Granger Telecom Corp. Best of Show booth judging took place and this year’s winners were: Gravitec Systems.. Hutton Communications. and full conference and exposition passes for two to the NATE 2011 Conference & Exposition in Oklahoma City. WANHO Manufacturing. a full exhibit hall featuring the industry’s best safety products and services. n Ken Meador is the Chairman of the NATE Trade Show Committee.com.TRADE SHOW COMMITTEE UPDATE The NATE 2010 Conference & Exposition held February 15-18 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista. attendees were treated to a large 15th Anniversary display that featured photographs from the past 15 years. Midwest Underground Technology. and the OSHA 10-Hour Training Course followed by a full slate of educational sessions. Inc. in Houston. two tracks of educational sessions were offered covering tower hands and management. TESSCO Technologies bRONzE Installation Services. Hayden Tower Service. The exposition included recognition of outstanding booths at the show. Great Plains Towers. See page 21 for the winner of this year’s Grand Prize. Inc. EASTEX TOWER INC. Thanks to the sponsors whose contributions are greatly appreciated. The networking events were well attended and provided those in attendance the opportunity to meet with peers. All in all. Inc. At 5:00 p. and TESSCO Technologies. The exposition concluded with a Grand Prize drawing. Inc. LLC FRIENDS OF NATE GolinHarris Helical Anchors Inc. As with all of the NATE conferences. TriVis Inc. Florida was a great success! ergy won the round trip and accommodations package to NATE 2011 in Oklahoma City. and an abundance of networking opportunities. Primus Shenandoah Tower Service. ´ 15th Annual Conference & Exposition TOWER TIMES • April 2010 19 . Sabre Industries. colleagues and friends. Inc. Inc. All attendees were treated to complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres at the NATE receptions on Monday. Special Thanks to the NATE 2010 Event Sponsors GOLD Andrew Solutions Zurich/Crump SILvER Hutton Communications. He is the President of TWR Lighting. They are listed on pages 18 and 20.

. and creativity. Jim Coleman. 10 x 20. Inc.Tower Safety.Event Sponsors Gold Best of Show & Grand Prize Winner The NATE 2010 exposition again included recognition of the “Best of Show” booths. A COMPANY Patron Best of Show “AA” (10 x 20 BOOTH) Hutton Communications. and educational material displayed and/or offered. and criteria was based on a variety of items. The Grand Prize includes a round trip for two to the NATE 2011 Conference & Exposition to be held February 2124 in Oklahoma City. There were three divisions including 10 x 10. NATE Chairman. presented the awards: Silver Best of Show “AAA” (10 x 30 OR lARGER BOOTH) TESSCO Technologies Bronze Installation Services. Inc. Grand Prize Winner TOWER TIMES • April 2010 21 . product display. It’s Up To You! Additional criteria included: exhibit booth design and presentation. events such as this would not be possible. 20 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES Dwight Siman of VBine Energy was the Grand Prize Winner. Friends of NATE Coffee Sponsor A sincere THANK YOU to these sponsors who helped make the 15th Annual NATE Conference & Exposition a huge success! Without the support and dedication of these sponsors. Best of Show “A” (10 x 10 BOOTH) Gravitec Systems. and 10 x 30 or larger booths. and two full conference & exposition passes to NATE 2011. with emphasis placed on how the booth designs incorporated the NATE 2010 safety theme -. Judging was conducted by the Trade Show Committee. exhibit booth personnel professionalism and friendliness. hotel accommodations at the Renaissance Oklahoma City Hotel for 5 days & 4 nights. appearance and creativity. including: domestic coach class airfare tickets. Inc. adherence to exhibitor and show rules and regulations. Oklahoma.. identity.

Receptions & Networking Meetings & Luncheons 22 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 23 .

Voting Session & It’s Up To You Educational Sessions 24 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 25 .

Valmont Site Pro 1 Weisman Consultants Inc. Williams Form Engineering Corp. Inc. Penn-Tech International. Inc. Altezza Contracting Amerisafe Andrew Solutions Anritsu Company Antenna Systems & Solutions. Inc. Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau OSHA PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association Pendulum Instruments – Now Spectracom Penn Engineering Components.Exposition Exhibitors 3Z Telecom AGl Magazine Allstate Tower Inc. Insurance Office of America ITl. Inc. Buckingham Mfg. ERICO Eupen Cable USA Flash Technology Florida Industrial Electric FWT. Maclean Dixie MAFI AB Megger Midwest Unlimited llC Miller Fall Protection/Sperian Narda Safety Test Solutions National Strand Novatec Braids ltd. Inc. Inc. Fallstop Division TWR lighting. Inc. llC lattice Communications lindapter North America. Zurich/Crump TOWER TIMES • April 2010 26 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES 27 . Houston Structures Hughey & Phillips Hutton Communications. Technostrobe TES Inc. TESSCO Technologies The Ground Hog Connection Times Microwave Systems TowerSource Tractel ltd. ltd Spinner Atlanta Storm Copper Components Sunsight Instruments Talley Inc. Inc. Inc. Eastpointe Industries. Inc. Pigeon Mountain Industries Precision Quincy Corp. llC RSI Sabre Industries. llC CITCA ComTrain llC Corporate College Dillon/Quality Plus. Capital Safety Carwell Specialty Coatings. Inc. Elk River. AlT Fabrication Altec. Inc. UNIMAR INC. llC ROHN Products llC Rosenberger Site Solutions. Hydradyne Hydraulics llC Illini Drilled Foundations. Inc. Specialty Tower lighting. HAIlO Harger lightning & Grounding Helical Anchors Inc. Inc GolinHarris Gravitec Systems. Preformed line Products Primus Radio Frequency Systems RISA Technologies.

Thank You For Attending! 28 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 29 .

That panel. of course.. the FCC. an agency which promotes expanding communications services and capabilities. and the bird groups and ´ 30 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 31 . in a variety of important areas. I am honored to join you once again to discuss what we’ve been doing with and for NATE in Washington. and they seek to mandate that tower work must be subject to substantial and very time-consuming environmental review. the environmental groups want to impose height and siting restrictions on towers. I gave a speech on Washington matters at the Voting Session. and there’s no need to delve into the history of our efforts on this matter. and Terry Sharp. This month’s article features excerpts from the speech. which was as usual successful. suffice it to say we remain vigilant. small business matters. I always seem to lead with migratory birds. I have participated in a series of meetings with FCC officials to ensure that tower construction and modification activities proceed as expeditiously as possible. just returned from NATE 2010. Over the past year. seems to be siding with us.See You Next Year! Legislative and regulatory news that affects you. and. Fish and Wildlife Service Bob Lawrence & Associates Jim Goldwater I Washington Wire and various environmental groups.C. Fortunately. This past year has been especially busy in D. When I speak to you. communications and broadcast policy.S. Yet here. too. Don Doty. migratory birds. We’ve been working on this issue for some time. with more detailed issue updates provided to the Board of Directors and the Legislative & Regulatory Committee. and we continue to work closely with our industry allies to oppose the irresponsible stances taken by the U. well-run. There has been a flurry of activity on such issues as the economy.. and wellorganized. featuring the leadership of Kevin Hayden. had lengthy discussions of priorities and a game plan for the coming years on topics covered in my speech.

an organization working on behalf of small as well as independent companies. wireless carriers. For example. too. and it seems that there are now no more than 59 supporting it.” said David Sams. opportunities. now that there is a new Assistant Secretary in place. “This Guide is another way we are developing a culture of safety and ensuring that everyone goes home safely each night. particularly. In addition.C. and Cellular South are working with us on this project. I’d like to thank Pat and his superb staff at the NATE office for their usual great work. operators. again overstepped its authority when it opposed the construction of a new cell phone tower in Duluth. I must reemphasize how important this matter remains. it is necessary to be part of the process. Inc. I’m pleased that I’ve been asked to act on NATE’s behalf on a wider range of subjects. the Association’s first educational resource designed for use by the entire industry. W Our goal is to continue to enhance and improve the program on an ongoing basis based on feedback from individuals utilizing the resource. There are also a variety of other proposed tax incentives to help small businesses invest more in their firms. since some of your suppliers may not be small businesses. One of its top people is also a member of the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health at OSHA. and others to advance NATE’s position in Washington. The presentation highlighted the role and importance of on-site managers and demonstrated the new Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide. there are several pending bills seeking to facilitate the creation of small business health plans and provide small business owners a tax credit for employee health insurance coverage. former NATE Chairman Don Doty partnered with SBA Network Services. and you. however. the Board of Directors. GolinHarris and your Industry Relations Committee are excited to embark on several additional initiatives supporting our commitment to tower-site safety. As we move into spring. Alexandria. For further information. which is continuing to grow each day. OSHA officials. It is fine to be reactive. but we must also be proactive. for example. too. Recently. the Hazard Recognition Guide is already off to a great start! To date more than 430 participants have registered for the online resource. broadcasters.specifically the project managers and site superintendents of these organizations -. Inc. Both of these bills pose significant potential problems for small businesses. to speak to an audience of tower owners and carriers at the 13th Annual Tower Technology Summit.. or you’ll be stuck with whatever the feds foist on you. businesses. I spoke with House and Senate staff on several occasions about both the definition of small business and the potential implications of the bill. minnesota. I believe it is very important to be engaged. As a result of our efforts.com. Fax: 703-836-6086. D. the NATE/OSHA Partnership. The performance tax will drive a lot of local radio stations out of business. and whether this would have applied to small FyI A key function of NATE is the development of a unified industry voice on issues affecting tower erection. There are also efforts underway to provide relief from states seeking to tax non-resident workers. our team reached out to numerous key industry media outlets. Bob Lawrence & Associates serves as the marketing representative for NATE. owners and operators. We anticipate working with the National Federal of Independent Businesses. We will be meeting with her in the near future. As you may know. It appears that this bill died when the Democrats lost their 60-vote majority in the Senate last month. to discuss a tower safety standard. We are thrilled to announce that SBA Network Services. citing concern for migrating birds. Do you have feedback to share? Contact industry relations@natehome. Email: jimauh2o@ aol. the Performance Rights Act would mandate that local radio stations pay a tax to the recording industry every time they play a song. Inc. small business issues. Thank you. As we demonstrated with the riding the line policy directive on which the association played a very active role. the revisions to the riding the line directive. which means fewer licensees on towers. The big issues concerning the Employee Free Choice Act had been whether workers would be pressured to form a union.their tactics have thus far only succeeded in alienating the FCC staff. working with members of Congress. In march. Tel: 703-836-6196. WirelessEstimator and Urgent Communications. and education and training. we secured key feature articles with media outlets such as Above Ground Level. NATE IN THE SPOTLIGHT During the recent launch of the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide. broadcasters and general contractors -. Director of Risk management for SBA Network Services. We’ve worked on several congressional bills: the Performance Rights Act and the Employee Free Choice Act.Virginia 22314. I’m honored to be associated with them. CONTINUED COMMITMENT TO HAzARD RECOGNITION Over the next few months we will be working with the Industry Relations Committee to continue our work on the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide. among others. Next up: congressional and small business matters. carriers. he can be contacted at Bob Lawrence & Associates’ office at 345 South Patrick Street.com. It was wonderful seeing so many NATE 2010 attendees excited and eager to test drive the new resource.in fortifying a culture of safety on each and every tower site. such as extending the bonus depreciation tax incentive for companies that purchase equipment. “Improving safety in the tower industry should be paramount for tower companies. and look forward to continuing our work together. There are. as well as encouraging community banks to lend more to small companies. co-located at CTIA Wireless.” The new online resource. which will hurt us. and is focused on workplace safety regulations. The session addressed the role of owners. TOWER TIMES • April 2010 ´ 33 32 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES . NATE Board members and ambassadors have been busy spreading the word about the new Guide and NATE’s overall commitment to tower-site safety. it takes 60 votes to cut off debate on a bill. in Las Vegas. We’re not talking about the royalties stations currently pay to songwriters. and service work. n Jim Goldwater is a Vice President at Bob Lawrence & Associates. we plan on meeting with him. maintenance. Fish and Wildlife. Speaking of OSHA. Industry Relations UPDATE WASHINGTON WIRE ® e would like to say thank you to NATE members for your interest and enthusiasm in the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide. In closing.

com. NATE has proven the value of a good idea. a cooperative effort re- • Let us know your thoughts by sending an email to industryrelations@natehome. Through diligence in engaging and educating OSHA. it became clear that safety would be first and foremost. UP NExT This month Don Doty will be speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas April 12-15. and what individuals can accomplish when they work together toward a common goal. this organization has served as the unified voice for the tower erection. n • Give Us your Two Cents! What conferences are you planning to attend this year? Are there any that you think NATE ambassadors should attend? Send an email to industryrelations@natehome. the OSHA Relations Committee began working on regulatory issues with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The Board of Directors and the Safety & Education Committee took on the awesome responsibility of developing materials to outline the procedures to keep tower climbers safe. Inc. Above all else. driving an increase in our growing number of Guide users. What topics would you like to see NATE present during Web casts? Your input is greatly appreciated! • Is your company actively involved in any of the SWA’s? Please let us know – be sure to include your company name. NATE and OSHA recognized the common ground they had in their desire to keep tower climbers safe. What happened from there was nothing short of incredible. and Don Doty and Pat moore at Doty moore Tower Services LLC and shared his ideas. Those individuals hammered out the details necessary to vote NATE into existence. Celebrating NATE’s 15th Anniversary H appy Anniversary.com. Since 1995. In Dallas.. service and maintenance industry. the first safety program guide was developed for NATE member use.natehome.. 2010 marked NATE’s 15th Anniversary. installing and relocating broadcast antennas. state. The initial meetings found NATE and OSHA realizing their different views on how to most effectively address safety. Texas 62 tower service companies gathered to discuss the pro’s and con’s of starting this association. NATE! march 31. IT’S UP TO YOU! Don’t Delay.nabshow. volunteer members of NATE began the process of thoroughly reviewing communication tower accident reports. NATE was determined to educate government officials on practices and procedures.IT’S UP TO yOU Session attendees were provided a demonstration and sampling of the Guide. but both organizations continued to meet and discuss these vital topics. He had the insight to realize that the industry needed to take the lead in developing its own best practices for safety. At the same time.com for more details. So Bill called four of his competitors – Kevin Hayden at Hayden Tower Service. rather than waiting for federal regulators to fill that role. Among the initial steps for creating NATE was developing its mission statement. how long you have been involved in your state’s wireless association and if there are any upcoming meetings you think NATE leadership should plan to attend.Join NATE Today! See page 6 for more information or visit www. ´ 35 34 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 . The five men agreed to work together to bring this organization into being. While NATE had a lengthy list of goals. com with your recommendations. Inc. and pursued ongoing methods where the two organizations could work together toward this common goal. With the sources of injuries and fatalities determined. Through their dedication in working together.. NATE began developing the tools to keep tower technicians safe. It was determined that 99% of all serious tower accidents could be addressed through the development of specific best practices. Craig Snyder at Sioux Falls Tower & Communications. Don will be presenting an important educational session focused on best practices in dismantling. After months of hard work. Visit http://www. With regulatory authority for tower climbers being taken from existing construction standards that often did not apply to tower erection realities. To initiate this process. NATE was created through the vision of Bill Carlson of Tower Systems.

manuals addressing RF awareness. products and services that address their specific needs. a marketing representative – Jim Goldwater of Bob Lawrence & Associates – was selected to oversee and report on legislative and regulatory changes in Washington. is now working on a national tower safety standard. With the lifeblood of the Association obviously being its members. This program has allowed NATE members to distinguish themselves for their dedication to safety. a four-page newsletter called Tower Times was created and distributed to members and others in the industry. NATE continued its relationship with OSHA by establishing a National Partnership for tower climber safety. NATE’s annual conference and exposition became the industry’s home for annual gatherings. The Trade Show Committee was formed to assist the Association in creating a world-class event to establish this forum. This was a major breakthrough for tower climbers nationwide. The NATE CTS has provided the consistency for private vendors to provide authorized climber training at the NATE show each year. With NATE’s efforts to develop a culture of safety well-established. with subsequent revisions to that construction standard now nearing completion. rooftop booklet protocols. Tower Times has evolved into a world-class publication. The creation of safety materials continued all the while. The documents assembled in that committee are still being used to define tower safety practices.C. Following the adoption of gin pole procedures. and continues to receive growing recognition for its impact on tower climber safety and health. NATE began playing a greater role in the development of standards. NATE is continuing to facilitate new methods of tower climber training. and online training opportunities will be available to NATE members in the near future. n TOWER TIMES • April 2010 37 . The State of michigan would next turn to NATE. a fourth and final standing committee – the membership Committee – was formed to promote and effectively address the issues of NATE membership. we will achieve even greater heights in the next five years. NATE members were again among the leadership of that effort. At this point. The State of Washington is now growing close to adopting a tower safety standard. when following established protocol. NATE spent six years working with the State of North Carolina creating the first state tower safety standards. NATE added a safety video on this subject. This effort – known as Industry Relations – has NATE reaching out to owners and operators to educate them on the cost and value of hiring qualified. ANSI. and another state tower standard was developed in conjunction with NATE leadership. To keep members advised of the progress being made. companies could receive fines in excess of $100. an online program to help anyone on a tower site better understand best practices and recognize hazards so appropriate corrective action can be taken. The conference and exposition continues to be the premiere event in the industry. To utilize the experience and dedication of these companies. the program has been utilized by hundreds of individuals from all aspects of the industry. With the growth of the Association. opportunities for networking and education were needed. In its short time online. While the list of NATE’s growth as the unified voice of the industry can be charted in even more ways. Be36 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES yond these tremendous successes. Safety resources such as the 4th edition of the NATE Accident Prevention.000 for using a procedure which. The event brought unprecedented opportunities for networking and for tower erectors to see firsthand new developments in equipment. and set the tone for future NATE endeavors with OSHA. tower terminology. Hundreds and hundreds of NATE members have been trained to the OSHA 10-hour standard through an educational session at the annual NATE conference and exposition. D. When federal OSHA empanelled the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety & Health (ACCSH) to review tower safety and develop a footprint for a tower safety standard. Together. the conclusion – that NATE members have made a tremendous difference in industry safety – is undeniable. Among the greatest advancements of the last few years at NATE has been the outreach to the entire industry. remains the safest means of tower climbers ascending to and descending from their work stations on towers. NATE also established a relationship with labor law specialist mark Lies of Seyfarth Shaw LLP in Chicago to provide legal counsel to the Association and its members as needed. utilizing the expertise of NATE members. To keep NATE apprised of additional regulatory issues that could effect tower erectors. Safety & Health Program Guide will be available to members soon and an updated glossary of Tower Terminology is also near completion. again utilizing NATE members and the groundwork NATE has completed in this area. Safety videos were developed outlining tower climber orientation and personnel hoisting. NATE also developed groundbreaking internal standards such as the NATE Hoist Standard and the Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard. manufactures and vendors of tower-related equipment provided strong support for NATE from the very beginning of the Association. and safety signals were produced for the membership. professional contractors to work on their tower sites. expanding those efforts to all aspects of the industry – from tower erectors to owners to carriers and broadcasters – has raised the level of NATE’s activities on behalf of its members to new levels. and then looking for additional ways we can work together toward instilling a culture of safety. the event also provided the regular forum for tower safety and related education. Prior to the development of this compliance directive. The Industry Relations effort has raised NATE’s profile in national media and with owners and operators working to educate the industry on the numerous strides the industry has made in safety through NATE. site signage. NATE members were deeply involved in ANSI 222 (g) and TIA 1019. the Association was only getting warmed up.CELEbRATING NATE’S 15TH ANNIvERSARy sulted in procedures for allowing personnel hoisting. CELEbRATING NATE’S 15TH ANNIvERSARy The crowning result of this effort to date is the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide. and the NATE website has also grown to provide members with a convenient source of information.

Team Solutions PTE LTD S. Inc. Inc. LLC Priority Construction Services Inc. A. TowerMRL. FarLight LLC Fent Tower Services L. Ranco Services Inc. Emergency Radio Service. Inc. Inc. INC. MEMBERSHIP AS OF MARCH 3. Inc. LLC Communications Infrastructure Group Comsite Hardware. Inc. Inc. DukeNet Communication Services. Stainless LLC Stanton Hill Communications Inc. Baran Telecom BBS Inc. Inc. Midland Communications Inc. E. Tri-County Tower Service. LLC. CITCA Clearshot Services. Inc. Jampro Antennas. Hayden Tower Service. Ltd. Inc. R. Inc. LLC Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) TES Inc. LTS Wireless. Inc. Orion Builds. Inc. Tech Products. Inc. Inc. Paul Tower. Inc. Mueller Construction Murphy Tower Services. Inc. Vinculums Services Inc. Inc. LLC General Dynamics Wireless Services General Telecom. Inc. Inc. North Face Construction Northern Pride Communications. Inc. Site Source South. CSB Communications. Property & Technical Services Ltd Providence Construction Quest Tower Corp. Inc. Coast Guard . New Horizon Towers. Inc. Long Wave Inc. Tower 16.L. Inc. LLC T Steele Construction Inc. Commnet Supply LLC. Inc. Inc. LLC Coast to Coast Tower Service. M. Inc. Inc. Inc. Ltd. Edmiston Tower. 4SE. Jada Enterprises. LLC Crown Consulting. Inc. Inc. InSite Towers. Midwest Tower Erection. Airial Construction Inc. Skyline Tower Painting Inc. Data Cell Systems. LLC Ultimate Tower Service. Inc. Ashcraft Brothers Communications. Co. Inc. Tower Service & Manufacturing Co. Axia NetMedia Corporation B-C Walker. We would like to thank the following companies for their membership and support! CELEbRATING NATE’S 15TH ANNIvERSARy Thank You NATE Members! Founding Members Brook Hill Communications. AmChel Communications. SYNTECH Safety Solutions. LLC Waybest Tower Inc. LLC SUPERIOR TOWER SERVICE. Inc. Inc. Clearwire CMS Wireless. Inc.C. Blanton Antenna Service. Inc. Message Center Management. RISA Technologies RMCI Construction LLC Roanoke County of Virginia Robert Deane. D. Towers. Wireless Construction Solutions. Inc. BCS Welding & Fabrication. Flash Technology Florida Industrial Electric Four Leaf Construction. Lowe-North Construction. E. Inc. JemStar Construction JFC Construction. Inc. Inc. Inc.com Richland Towers. Cooper’s Welding and Manufacturing. Inc. Christensen & Griffith Construction Co. LLC N. Megger Mercury Communication. U. BTE Management Group. Inc. Co. . LLC Trusty Construction.M. Expert Construction Managers. Trilogy Communications. Chaffin Tower Services. Cellular U. AnchorGuard LLC Andrew Solutions Angle Tower Corporation Anritsu Company ANS Advanced Network Services LLC Antenna Products Corporation Anthony’s Building Company. Schrader Broadcast Services. Inc. M J Telecom Services Inc. TelCom Tower Technologies. Talley. Inc. Inc. Inc.. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. . Parsons Patriot Towers Inc. Inc. Procomm Systems.The Wireless Infrastructure Association PDQ Tower Services. Inc. Inc. Inc.-Tower Painting Shawrose. Midland Tower Construction. MC Squared Holdings Inc. Front Range Wireless. Coast Tower & Excavation Colton Tower Consultants. Northern Tower Erection Co. Inc. Inc. Tower Erectors. TESSCO Technologies Texcom Construction LLC The BASE Group The Crosby Group. Hy-Lander Tower Systems. R & M Electrical Telecom/Maint. LLC Odyssia Global Communications Omega Development Company Omni Contracting. Light’s Tower Construction Co Inc. Wagstaff Construction Services. RF Industries. Inc. Inc. DOD (ASE) DOSL Communications. Inc. Inc. Inc. Holmes Communications. thermOweld® Thin Air Construction Thumb Radio. Inc. Intermountain Tower Specialists. Inc. Inc.C. Deerfield Construction Group. Inc. Tim Rajkowski Timberline Construction Corporation Times Microwave Systems Total Service Telecom Total Telco Specialists. Inc.Mobile Radio Div. TEAM Communications Team One Communications. Goodman Networks. Inc. LLC KCI Wireless Services. LLC Atlantic CommTech Corporation Atlantic Risk Management Corporation Atlantic Tower Services. Wicomm Construction Wigdahl Electric Company Williams Form Engineering Corp. Fred A. Northern Tower Connections. JBS Solar and Wind. Tower Consultants. Tower Resource Management. Inc. COMTRAIN LLC Concordia Group Connect-It Wireless. Tempest Telecom Solutions. Inc. Inc. 3Z Telecom. Inc. SafetyTech Communications SAI Communications SBA Network Services. Griffin Tower Connection. Equipment Corporation of America ERI Installations. P. JG Contracting Company JM Contractor of LA. World Tower.CELEbRATING NATE’S 15TH ANNIvERSARy The strength of any trade association can be determined by the type of members it has. Inc. Heartland Solutions Corp. Cherokee Nation Towers. Inc. HighTower Solutions Inc. Hogantec. Advanced Integrated Services Advanced Tower Climbing Service LLC Advanced Tower Components Advanced Tower Services. New Horizons Telecom. Inc. Galeforce Telecommunications Galvanized Endeavors. Summit Solutions Group. Inc. Commenco. Communication Enhancement LLC Communication Equipment & Service Corp.D. (1988) Custom Wireless Inc. LLC. W-T Communication Design Group. UNC-TV UNIMAR. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Xcellwave. Testing Services. Inc. Inc.CCEC UCI Construction Services. Portapage Precision Communications. Inc.Cunningham Communications Service LLC D. Inc. Cornerstone Tower Service. Inc.. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Preformed Line Products Premier Construction Group Presco Telecommunications. Inc. Motorola. Inc. DNV Global Energy Concepts Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. RF Tech Solutions. Elkhart Enterprises Engineering & Wireless Epic Communications Epic Touch Co. SubCarrier Communications.C. WennSoft Wes-Tec. WPCS International Inc. Inc. LLC Rosenberger Site Solutions. Inc. Inc. LTD United Tower Company. LLC Tower West Communications. National Strand Products. Aerial Communication Systems Inc. Inc. Inc. Mid America Drilling Corp. Inc. Inc. MacLeanDixie MAFI Mammoth Constructors. Henderson Construction & Engineering. AT & T California ATG Communications. Robins Rigging & Telecom ROHN Products. IETS Illini Drilled Foundations. Inc. Pioneer Telephone Cooperative. Inc. Appalachian Wireless Arthur J. Diversified Communications Services Diversified Telecom Services Inc. EasTex Tower. Inc. Mountain Valley Tower Service.T. Skelding Co. Dynamic Construction Services. RFSigns.Tower Services Division Gulf Equipment Corporation H & H Industries. Dennis Todd MIKAB Corporation P & D Antenna Service. Nudd Corporation Grant Tower. Georgia-Carolina Tower Company Teltronic Towers. LLC. Sioux Falls Tower & Communications Skyhook. . Intellecom Communications Inc. Inc. Inc. DESIGN Telecommunications Dialight Corporation Dietz Brothers. Tiller Engineering Inc. LLC US Tower Services. WANHO Manufacturing. Phoenix Tower Service. Site Source. Tower Base Inc. Inc. Narda Safety Test Solutions Nat-Com. Inc. Midwest Underground Technology. Inc. Powell & Co Cellcom Construction. MCE Wireless. Elite Wireless Elite Wireless. Frontier Tower Service. Lit Systems. Legacy Wireless Services. DynaComm. Spectrum Surveying and Engineering Speelman Electric. Inc. P. Structural Components Stutler Technologies. Miller Fall Protection MillerCo. Adams Tower Services Adesta. BEATUS Networks. Spencer Contracting Company Spinner Atlanta. Earthcom. Inc. LLC Installation Services. Gallagher Risk Management Services. Inc. Inc. Gravitec Systems. Inc. LLC L & L Communication Services. Inc. Inc. RFIP. American Communications American Tower Company American Tower Corporation AMERISAFE AMF Electrical Contractors. Inc.I. Inc. Simons Construction Incorporated Site Link Construction. PCIA . Netrepid New Horizon Communications. Broadcast Tower Technologies. LLC Duley’s Electric Communication Site Services Inc. Mid Atlantic Contracting. Inc. Nsoro MasTec. D & H Builders. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Northstar Broadcast Contractors Northwest Tower NorthWest Tower Engineering. INC. True North Management Services. Union Pacific Railroad Union Telephone Company United States Department of Interior United States Tower Services. MCIS. Inc. LLC Aerial Site Communications Inc. GTS . Lindapter North America. Shenandoah Tower Service. ITL. Collins Inc. Primus Electronics Priore Construction Services. Valmont/Site Pro 1 Vanbro Corporation Vbine Energy Vertical Limit Construction Services. LLC RS Technologies RT & Sons LLC S & S Communication Specialists. Inc. Inc. R & S Tower Maintenance Inc R. Inc. Inc. Taylor Commercial Construction. Inc. Inc. LLC Custom Riggers LTD. PLLC Novatec Braids Ltd. Broadcast Connections. INC. Skala Inc. Black & Veatch Black Diamond Consultants. Inc. Berthel Lewis Electric.C. Inc. Tower Engineering Professionals. Inc. D. Inc. Trillium Development. Wallen Communications. Inc. LLC Doty Moore Tower Services LLC Downs Electric. Inc. BCI Communications. Aero Solutions AFL Network Services.S. Inc. Inc.M. Inc.Sarasota Operations Wren Construction. GPD Services Granger Telecom Corp. 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Vertical Technology Services Vinco. Corp. G & G Builders. Inc. New Vector Newave Tower Components Nex-Tech. FWT. Inc. Inc. NATE is very fortunate to have its membership body consist of industry leaders and innovators. Engineering & Construction.C. MDM Construction. Optima Network Services Inc. Inc. Inc. Enterprises General Contractors. Grapevine Solutions. Inc. LLC Windy City Tower Techs LLC WireCo® WorldGroup Wireless Alliance. Excell Communications. Inc. Burton Technologies Cache Valley Electric Cam Com Communications Capital Safety USA Carrick Contracting Corporation Carwell Specialty Coatings Cecil W. Bahamas Telecomm. St. Houston Structures. Global RF Solutions Global Tower Service. Aerial Erectors. Inc. Inc. Tower Services.R. Inc. Inc. Highland Communications Hightower Communications.I.Sheriff Wireless Services CrossLink Communications. Inc. United Tower Solutions. Herca Telecomm Services. Inc. Inc. Peak Power Services Pendulum Instruments . Telkore. Inc. Inc. 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Ltd. – Don Doty When our company joined NATE. . I was new to this area. Being elected to the Board of Directors was truly an unexpected honor for me both personally and professionally. Inc. construction standards. – Dave Anthony ken Meador TWR Lighting. – Pat Cipov Educating and working with OSHA. Inc. get my name listed in a catalog and hang a certificate on the wall. Kevin Hayden. Those guys now live the culture of safety. not against.. I wondered if my guys would wear them or quit. that for the past 15 years I had been blessed to work with really great people on the Trade Show Committee and on the NATE staff. the work with OSHA and the training videos. Pat Moore Doty Moore Tower Services LLC Chris Pleibel Primus Electronics Ron Romano Installation Services. At the time of the signing. Here is what they had to say. – Pat Moore To have a voice in our unique industry as well as to listen to others for safety and education. Inc. – Ron Romano or our company at the time. my last Board meeting. There are not enough adjectives to describe how honored and humbled I felt. you could have cut the anxiety and excitement in the air with a knife. NATE Board Members and Committee Members were asked to look back on the last fifteen years and also look forward to the future. yet it felt like we fit in almost immediately. – Pat Moore Probably the opening of the NATE annual conference in New Orleans on “Fat Tuesday. who showed an interest in me when I was virtually unknown. fall protection standards and was recognized and responded to from Washington! – Jim Miller The NATE/OSHA Partnership is a huge success and proves that diligence and hard work prevails. They take great pride in recounting events they see in their travels. That all changed once I attended the first couple of meetings and saw the caliber of people involved and their passion to make our industry a more successful one. Craig Lekutis. – Steve Wilder There were 2 or 3 general sessions in the begining that produced some great results.. and I hope to remain on this committee for years to come. I learned about “safety”. – Pat Moore my very first Board meeting. I WAS WRONG. Bill Carlson. – Jimmy Miller etched in my memory. – Ron Romano I honestly expected to spend money. – Jim Coleman The hard work of the NATE Board of Directors and committees to try and make our industry safer.CELEbRATING NATE’S 15TH ANNIvERSARy NATE would not be in existence today if it were not for the many individuals who have volunteered their time and resources to make NATE what it is. Pat moore and I met just before the first meeting in Dallas. Before my first annual conference in Orlando. When I became involved in the leadership. Reflecting at NATE 2010.” Of course the very first conference and trade show we held in Orlando is a fond memory. and being given the chance to make an impact on safety in the tower erection industry is fantastic. when we actually got “frozen” into the hotel because of an ice storm. – Jimmy Miller Pat Cipov Cipov Enterprises. Jimmy Miller MillerCo. – Jordan Wang Initially. – Ron Romano my first excitement came when customer #1 called me after finding our services via NATE publications. #3. That day will forever be Doty Moore Tower Services LLC What is your favorite NATE memory? Everyone involved with NATE made me feel so welcome. and came in with the intent of listening and learning. the number of companies and people that showed up. As a safety and training professional. – Jordan Wang The NATE/OSHA Partnership is the greatest accomplishment so far. – Steve Wilder The very first meeting. Thank you to all who made that day possible. there are really three: • The NATE/OSHA Partnership • The Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide • The ongoing development of standardized safety related materials. They especially like “eating cheese” on competitors. The start of developing safety practices and education for government agencies and clients in all facets of the tower construction world. Also. A purposeful drive to teach all contractors how a safety program can be financially beneficial. rather than to see each other as competition. Florida. I expected no other benefits. Boy. Don Doty In your opinion. I expected NATE to be and is a great resource for information and strength to all of us as a group. To hear all of our voices in that room with creative ideals of where we need to go with NATE. what has been NATE’s most important accomplishment in the past 15 years? The great reputation. I was part of the NATE Board of Directors. I had hopes that perhaps a few companies would join us in advancing our industry in a positive manner. During that conference. tower hands all in one room together for the first time. – Jim Miller In 1995 when Craig Snyder. I remember having dinner with Dave Anthony and Jim Coleman one evening after we first joined. – Dave Anthony I think the most important accomplishment of NATE over the past 15 years has been making OSHA aware of our industry and our special needs. Jim Coleman Southern Broadcast Services. – Don Doty In my opinion.Chris Pleibel Without a doubt. – Ken Meador To create a group of tower guys whom voiced together concerns about safety standards. Inc. the recognition from all the different companies and vendors. safety is a passion of mine. information and guidance.  He inspired me to serve on committees and the Board of Directors and to take the time to show my appreciation to all members of NATE when I see them at the meetings.. Also having the first magazine article I have ever written in my life published in TowerTimes and having my experience with Hurricane Katrina published. from day one.. I had no clue what to expect.. – Dave Anthony I think my initial expectations revolved around the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss best practices with others in our industry. Inc. I wasn’t even sure if I would or could stay a member of NATE. And always a favorite memory is the original formation meeting in Dallas.etc. – Jim Miller I owe a debt of gratitude to an early era board member. I thought there was a slim chance that NATE could actually form and accomplish anything before it self-destructed. It was totally out of the “norm” for tower companies to even speak to each other much less socialize together. Those participants of NATE are a special elite group of professional tower contractors. NATE and OSHA formed a National Partnership. Also pull together as a group and share information. – Ken Meador There are many. After years and years of hard work and dedication by so many individuals. and have always been made to feel like a welcomed and valued part of NATE since. Although I had an extensive safety background. then customer #2. – Jim Coleman To unify the tower industry. and in particular. Paula Nurnberg. the advancement of many industry-specific safety initiatives. What has been a defining moment for you during your involvement with NATE? Being asked to serve on the NATE Safety Committee. ´ Jim Miller EasTex Tower. NATE’s most important accomplishment to date and my most favorite NATE memory are one in the same. To celebrate NATE’s 15th Anniversary. There was such unison and a hunger for our group to organize. and those two gentlemen made me feel so relaxed and so welcome. – Barbara Houdek Better knowledge of the industry from its veterans and getting hands on time with the latest gear and equipment at the expo.  I hope it is one day surpassed by a negotiated rule for the Tower Industry. Hard hats were the talk of the meeting. – Ken Meador Right from the beginning to see how passionate all of us founding members were and are to create safety standards to bring our crews home every day. Nobody knew me barbara Houdek Trillium Development. – Pat Moore In my opinion. Jordan Wang True North Tower Steve Wilder CITCA 40 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 41 . – Pat Cipov Awareness for needed safety practices within our industry. Inc. CELEbRATING NATE’S 15TH ANNIvERSARy Contributors Listed in Alphabetical Order Dave Anthony Shenandoah Tower Service. – Steve Wilder An association that could have a voice with OSHA. Inc. NATE’s most prestigious accomplishment came into fruition. Little did I know how well conceived Bill and Kevin had planned that first meeting. – Jim Miller What were your initial expectations when you joined NATE? I really didn’t have any. We all made the trip to Washington and participated in the signing. like meeting people.

they would wonder why they hadn’t been a member all along. my expectation that anything we needed to protect our employees would become available to us has proven to be true. – Jimmy Miller What annual conference and exposition venue have you enjoyed the most and why? Nashville has been wonderful. because there is a lot to do in the city. more educated company. methods of procedures and camaraderie that only can be achieved as an organized association. education.  I just like the area and the people better. – Jordan Wang One of my fondest memories is when the membership elected me to the Board of Directors. Non-members certainly don’t seem to recognize this benefit. – Jim Coleman Not just one. more professional and more informed due to education. professionalism. – Ron Romano How has your company benefited from NATE membership? We feel that being a part of NATE gives us credibility in the industry. exposure. I enjoyed Nashville the most. – Jim Miller Being part of an organization that truly is out to protect the climbers of our industry. as a past Board member. – Pat Moore A sense of belonging to something bigger and more dynamic than their job or their company. – Jordan Wang Being a member of NATE has been a rewarding and enriching experience. seem more friendly. The close relationships that have been created with each other. – Chris Pleibel That they don’t have to go it alone. being kept informed of most recent industry practices and procedures. – Steve Wilder All the information that is at our finger tips. – Jim Miller In more ways than I can count. – Dave Anthony I feel the most important element non-members are missing out on is the opportunity to work together to make our entire industry safer. NATE’s mission of safety and our mission of safety seem to parallel one another. San Diego. knowing in all cases that the selection process by the committee and NATE staff on sites chosen won’t make everyone happy. NATE has a unique blend of talented and gifted people who are willing to be a resource to one another for a common good.the bonding! – Barbara Houdek Although I have only been to Nashville and Orlando. – Jim Miller Yes it would because safety is one of our top priorities. best standards.  – Don Doty Education. NATE has done so much for the positive visibility of the tower industry. The numerous variables involved in pulling off a seamless appearing. An opportunity to support the industry in which we serve. – Pat Moore As Trade Show Committee Chair. what as an organization does NATE have as expectations of its membership? – Ken Meador NATE has exceeded expectations with OSHA relations. – Ron Romano CELEbRATING NATE’S 15TH ANNIvERSARy New Orleans . best training.CELEbRATING NATE’S 15TH ANNIvERSARy The Versa-climber that one member brought to the San Diego Conference. – Barbara Houdek Walking into the expo for the first time and feeling like a kid in a candy store. NATE is a valuable network to us. safety and setting standards. Each venue to date has had benefits to every attendee whether they recognized it or not. – Jim Miller Yes. It also has good restaurants. I have enjoyed all that I attended. Knowledge. both present and future. training and setting standards. – Ron Romano my association with NATE has pushed me to do things that I probably would have been somewhat complacent about and it has improved my company and myself personally. Phoenix. The resources alone are worth the price of admission. I thought it was the most realistic simulator of actual climbing I had experienced. I look at the venues from a totally different perspective. experience. And each venue in their own right has proven to be where we needed to be at that time in this association’s existence. – Ken Meador I believe any company that has truly participated in NATE is a safer.  my expectation that our employees would enjoy safer work environments overall than those not affiliated with NATE has proven to be true and my expectation that our responsible customers would demand that only NATE members service their towers is also becoming a reality. Orlando. networking. – Jordan Wang One of the venues I have enjoyed the most is Opryland …It is a beautiful facility that lends itself to relaxation. – Ron Romano Access to experts in the industry. and as a committee chair. as well as. After the show I tried to buy one. – Jim Coleman missing out on valuable input from others to keep our industry as safe as we can. – Steve Wilder When an association grows into a very respectable group with the integrity that NATE has everyone that is a part of that enjoys the benefits. it’s the people that I’ve come to enjoy the most. and the people in NATE know our commitment to safety and turn to us for training as a result. training. – Ken Meador We have become SAFER. – Dave Anthony Yes. A constructive feedback channel via the trade show venues. and it is gratifying to know that we are working toward the same end result. – Jim Coleman When we get together twice a year for the annual and summer conference. – Pat Moore Visibility to one of the most important segments of our markets. – Pat Moore As a supporting member company. The grand scale opportunity for social interaction with your peers. – Ken Meador Not one venue sticks out in my mind more than another. – Jordan Wang The camaraderie and fulfillment that comes from working hard together with the best people in the tower industry to create a safer work environment for all our employees. as well as joining the unified voice working with OSHA. successful event. The personal gratification that comes from being part of a solution which benefits the entire industry. I am convinced that if they would show up for just one event with an open mind. and well beyond. have never failed to challenge or educate any of us involved behind the scenes. The rest is just buildings. and proves that we are committed to a cause that goes beyond business and profits. – Steve Wilder Warm weather. – Don Doty All the safety knowledge! – Barbara Houdek Educating employees and management on the latest equipment available for safety and efficiency. – Ron Romano Has NATE lived up to your expectations? And much more. that it has exceeded any and all of my expectations. Dozens of climbers stepped on it and what a hoot to watch their faces as they put it through its paces. – Ken Meador Industry best safety. 99% of our clients are NATE members. but they had been discontinued. I guess a more important question might be. and we know each other on a first-name basis because of NATE. – Jim Coleman By being involved with the communications from other NATE members. We couldn’t get one state or federal employee to even try it.  I have been very fortunate to work with so many professionals that I now consider my friends. – Ron Romano Would your company be where it is today if NATE had not been formed? I doubt we would have made it this far. – Don Doty What do you feel is the most important element that non-members are missing out on? 42 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 43 . – Pat Moore Definitely not. including the NATE staff. and most of all… personal humility. – Steve Wilder All the great people we have met. – Don Doty Being part of the unified voice. The opportunity to network with friends and professional colleagues has been of great value. if and when we have the opportunity to sit back and relax.

their crewmates and the companies for which they work. FL West Finley Telecom • West Finley. PA • A strong voice in Washington through NATE’s marketing representative. WA North Face Construction • Calmar. In talking with several of them I discovered that they consider the NATE conference a great value! C O M M I T T E E U P D AT E Advanced Tower Climbing Service LLC • Pittsville. the tower technicians. their crews and their companies. Contact NATE Membership Coordinator. Inc. IL Premier Construction Group • Jane Lew. but they are the life of our industry. They came to learn and grow and they experienced exactly what they came for. Co. It should have been obvious to me long ago. barry baird Flash Technology Legacy Telecommunications. just don’t be surprised when you and yours discover that NATE is a great value. Ltd.) or carol@ natehome. These folks were treated to educational sessions that challenged their notions about safety and they may just have discovered a better way to do something.com with Membership questions. Join us next year in Oklahoma City. They came to learn and grow and they experienced exactly what they came for.Membership MEMbERSHIP COMMITTEE UPDATE W elcome to our newest NATE members: Membership Committee Members board Oversight & Subcommittee Member kari Carlson Tower Systems. Washington. He can be reached at 253858-0214 or jimt@legacytowers.com. FL CellTech • Cleveland.M. Inc. In talking with several of them I discovered that they consider the NATE conference a great value! Group B – Call them by any name you like. Inc. Inc. Inc. Bob Lawrence & Associates • Continuing safety and education through safety videos.S. they cared. Inc. but these risk takers are the life of our industry. They came together because they care about their families. WI Advanced Tower Components • Salem. Membership benefits • Access to key players in the tower industry Chairman Jim Tracy Legacy Telecommunications. Inc. • Crestwood. • Gig Harbor. in Burley. and it showed! I guess that is part of the reason that NATE membership is growing in record numbers. These are the managers. These are 44 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES • Strong unified voice to work with OSHA on new and improved tower safety regulations • Legal counsel available to members through Seyfarth Shaw • NATE Annual Conference & Exposition • Use of NATE’s registered logo • Membership plaque and certificate which are updated annually • Access to NATE’s membership list • Complimentary website link • Opportunity to serve on committees and subcommittees • NATE Sportswear Subcommittee Members Therese O’brien Hutton Communications. While this was not a total epiphany for me. themselves. There were two separate and distinct groups of attendees who gathered in Florida. Inc. KY It didn’t matter if you were considered labor or management in Orlando. n Jim Tracy is the Chairman of the NATE Membership Committee. Inc. MI The bASE Group • Denver. Jim Tracy Spectrum Construction Services. beLinda Fadely Andrew Wireless Solutions Diane Mueller Primus Electronics Pat Miller EasTex Tower. UT Turnkey Solutions LLC • Orlando. themselves. • Richmond. CO Triple M Enterprises • Nephi. Testing Services. Inc. WV RF Tech Solutions. you came to learn and there was something to learn. Group A – Call them by any name they like. Yet the shared connection between the two groups was gratifying and speaks volumes about our industry. ´ TOWER TIMES • April 2010 45 . Inc. Inc. Inc. Don Train Train’s Towers. • San Juan. Carol Coughlin at 605-882-5865 or 888-882-5865 (U. • NATE Safety Program.I. These folks were treated to educational sessions that challenged their notions about safety and they may just have discovered a better way to do something. He is President of Legacy Telecommunications. educational sessions and safety resources Please see page 6 for NATE membership information. brian Donahue Wireless Infrastructure Services Clement Rolle Bahamas Telecomm. They came together because they care about their families. • Polk City. PR SLH Communications. • Fenton. IA P. my non-scientific polling stopped there because it really did not matter whether they were signing the front or the back of a paycheck. vALUE RECEIvED I discovered something at the annual NATE conference in Orlando. Inc. OH Eagle Communication Services. OR bCS Welding & Fabrication. a guide for member companies to use when developing their own safety programs • NATE/OSHA National Partnership • Complimentary subscription to Tower Times magazine • NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard Committee Members kevin Reski Great Plains Towers. the stark reality of the Hatfield’s and the mcCoy’s sharing anything should be surprising.

n Ryan Tracy is the Chairman of the NATE Safety & Education Committee. Washington. or relocate the compressor inside of the building to eliminate the freezing problem. Also be on the lookout for a new version of the Tower Terminology booklet. The following are some precautions that will help prevent flammable vapors from entering the compressor and subsequently becoming trapped in your tires. He can be reached at 509-659-4470 or ryant@legacytowers. concerns about safety take care of themselves. The flammable vapors will be sucked into the compressor intake. He is the Vice President of Legacy Telecommunications. n www. etc. or other flammable solvents to the compressor tank to prevent freezing of the condensation inside of the air tank. Pat Moore Doty Moore Tower Services LLC Dale R. Inc. Do not add alcohol. Along with these works-in-progress. the committee encourages all members to feel free to contact NATE with any way we can help the industry become a more safe yet productive environment. methanol. they emit hydrogen gas during the process that is highly flammable and can be sucked into the compressor intake. exploding with no apparent cause while still mounted on the vehicle.com Legacy Telecommunications. C O M M I T T E E U P D AT E Committee Members John Hanna. Electrons that are swinging back and forth between several ions. Inc. t is with great joy that I have taken on the role of Chairman of the Safety & Education Committee. The forces involved in this type of explosion are very powerful and capable of causing serious injury to anyone in the immediate vicinity. some of these explosions are believed to be caused by flammable vapors that somehow enter the tire. paints. and violently. Dave Fuechsel. Use a non-flammable solvent or degreaser designed for this purpose that is recommended by the filter manufacturer. and an explosion will occur. and any or all of the above heat producing factors are present. Inc. When batteries are being charged. in Ritzville.com. we hope that you had a great show and look forward to seeing you next year in Oklahoma City. the best in his future endeavors. the temperature of the air and vapor mixture inside the tire increase due to friction. the temperature inside of the tire can reach the combustion point of the air mixture. and pumped into your tires. Chad Jepson Hayden Tower Service. the outside air temperature. A better solution is to drain the tank frequently. after all this is your association. which convert mechanical energy into electric energy. Ryan Tracy THANk yOU! The Safety & Education Committee extends its sincere appreciation to David Fuechsel for his dedicated service as a committee member since 2007 and Chairman of the committee from 2009 . and the Tower Term of the Month Alternating Current (AC) Current that periodically reverses the direction in which it is moving. It has been a pleasure working together. Jr.natehome. Inc. Do not store the compressor in a utility room that is also used for storing flammable solvents. or a collision if this occurs while the vehicle is being driven. Let’s all work toward a year with no injuries in our industry and prove that when we adhere to the best practices NATE has developed. Inc. Tower & Communication Services.toolboxtopics.com. If the vapor and air mixture inside the tire are within the flammable limits that will support combustion. Do not locate the compressor near your battery charging area. I Safety & Education Committee Members board Oversight & Committee Member Jim Miller EasTex Tower. 46 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 47 . Inc. Although the causes of tire explosion are often difficult to determine. All of us at NATE wish the Past Chairman. To order the NATE Glossary of Tower and Communications Terminology and other NATE Safety and Educational materials. Thank you to all who came to the show in Orlando. Created mostly by electrical generators.Tailgate Safety Meeting Topic Safety & Education effect of sunlight shining on black rubber absorbing heat. The committee is currently working on getting out a new web-based training format for climber orientation. thinners. Heath Andrew Corporation Rick Jones Sky Jack Communications Jim Graf Skyline Tower Service. When the vehicle is being operated. Chairman Ryan Tracy Legacy Telecommunications. It is believed that the source of this problem is the introduction of flammable gasses and vapors through the compressed air system.2010. Equipment Hazards Tire Explosions Do not clean the compressor air intake filter with a flammable solvent. T Subcommittee Members bob Schmeckpeper Corporate College Steve Wilder CITCA Gerry Spinelli Narda Safety Test Solutions Wade Lawyer Doty Moore Tower Services LLC here have been instances of brand new truck and tractor tires spontaneously. please visit the NATE website at www. Inc.

14. OSHA has. or with plain indifference to employee safety and health. in the context of OSHA citations. In essence. coupled with effective enforcement of those rules and policies by disciplining violators. 131 S. Mr.” which gives the agency the ability to issue separate citations on a per-instance or per-employee basis. (BNA) 1454 (O. that employees who are absent from work on the date of their scheduled training are not overlooked or forgotten. Educate supervisory employees about the importance of enforcing safety and health rules and provide intensive training to supervisory employees. the citation against the employer should be vacated. many times. of Labor v. If the employer has a robust set of workplace safety and health programs and can demonstrate that those programs are enforced through disciplining violators. Nov. Disciplining employees is never a pleasant task.H. Dearborn Street. THE UNPREvENTAbLE EMPLOyEE MISCONDUCT DEFENSE In addition to the numerous human capital benefits of effective discipline.” discussed recent precedent from the Review Commission that signaled the rebirth of OSHA’s egregious penalty policy. and reducing human costs to the organization. employees cannot be disciplined for doing things that they have a legal right or obligation to do. 17 O. then the employer has not acted with plain indifference to employee safety and health. this means more inspections and more citations. 1995). CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS It is imperative that employers develop and implement workplace safety and health rules and policies and implement them effectively. it must be done in a sensitive and lawful manner. maintain documentation of any such disciplinary action. thereby creating the violative condition without the employer’s knowledge. Suite 2400. For example. bENEFITS OF EMPLOyEE DISCIPLINE Disciplining employees is not often an easy or pleasant task. Further. the defense operates as a complete bar to employer liability.com. employers cannot discipline an employee for raising a complaint about a workplace hazard or for participating in an OSHA or other governmental inspection that may be considered to be disloyal or contrary to the employer’s interests.THE IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOyEE DISCIPLINE The Importance of Employee Discipline The recent appointment of David michaels as the new head of OSHA signals an aggressive OSHA with an active enforcement agenda. Having an effective disciplinary system. for example. or voluntary disregard for the law’s requirements. Cas. For employers. on how and when to discipline employees. and 4) it has effectively enforced the rules when violations have been discovered. Having a robust set of rules and policies related to workplace safety and health. Effective implementation involves clearly communicating those rules and policies and enforcing them through disciplining employees who violate them.R. TOWER TIMES • April 2010 49 . When the employer is able to meet its burden of proof with respect to the four elements of the unpreventable employee misconduct defense. In addition. more repeat citations. in the first two months of 2010. “OSHA Defense 101: Avoiding the OSHA Liability Pyramid. there are relatively few defenses an employer has in its arsenal to avoid liability. Her practice focuses on regulatory compliance and litigation. benefits employers in many ways. Thus. whereby those who violate safety rules and procedures are disciplined (including termination) helps reduce hazards in the workplace that increase the costs of doing business. OSHA defines a willful violation as one committed with intentional. Elizabeth Leifel Ash is an associate with Seyfarth Shaw. in fact. Young supervisors who may still have their peers in non-supervisory ranks may have particular difficulty and be reluctant to discipline those employees. Thus. Thus. The employer bears the burden of proving each element of this affirmative defense. This should include a method for ensuring. Precast Services. and more citations issued under OSHA’s “egregious penalty policy. These types of activities may be “protected” under a variety of federal or state statutes. Perhaps most obviously. Employers have now experienced the resurgence of this policy. Lies. but it is a necessary step to create a hazard-free workplace. One of those few defenses is the “unpreventable employee misconduct” defense. already topping the four egregious penalty policy citations issued by OSHA throughout the entire year of 2009. We recommend that employers consider the following: • Develop written policies for ensuring that required training is conducted for every employee subject to a particular requirement. it will be more difficult for OSHA to meet its criteria for establishing a willful violation. But it also means that a greater portion of citations issued will be of higher gravity: more willful citations. Preventing injuries and illnesses is not only a moral responsibility for the employer. An employer who retaliates against an employee may be liable for monetary damages. particularly newly promoted supervisors. employees are promoted to supervisory roles because they are skilled at their professional duties. while employers must discipline employees who violate workplace health and safety rules. the defense is available where an employee violates the employer’s established and enforced safety rule or policy. reducing employee attrition. does not necessarily mean that the new supervisor is prepared to act as a 48 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES Mark A Lies. violated a mandatory health or safety standard. II & Elizabeth Leifel Ash Seyfarth Shaw LLP the employer’s business by reducing worker’s compensation liability. but also benefits • • • Mark A. n I NTRODUCTION supervisor.S. Employers who have documented cases of employee discipline may also be able to attack a willful citation classification. The employer must prove that: 1) it has established work rules designed to prevent the violation. Lies can be contacted at 312460-5877 or mlies@seyfarth. Thus.S. Where OSHA can establish that an employer. Chicago. 3) it has taken steps to discover violations. however. including occupational safety and health and environmental matters. eash@seyfarth. maintain documentation demonstrating the receipt of training for every employee required to receive the training. Illinois 60603. 2) it has adequately communicated those rules to its employees. Proficiency in job tasks. The Review Commission has clear criteria for employers to avail themselves of this defense. it is imperative that employers ensure that they are implementing and enforcing their applicable safety programs and policies. Hold individual employees (including supervisors) accountable through appropriate disciplinary measures where an employee violates a safety or health related rule. For example.com. reinstatement.H. Sec. knowing. Being a supervisor also means: (1) being knowledgeable of and implementing the employer’s policies and procedures. effective enforcement of safety rules is critical to reducing potential injuries or illnesses in the workplace. young or new supervisors may not yet have developed the managerial skill sets required to effectively and lawfully impose discipline on employees and to document such discipline properly.C. 312-4605845. there are other pitfalls of employee discipline. Our previous article. and even attorneys fees. He specializes in occupational safety and health law and related employment law and personal injury litigation. In addition to the reluctance of supervisors to discipline employees. First and foremost. issued eight citations under its egregious penalty policy. it is necessary to protect the employer from liability. II is a Labor and Employment Law attorney and Partner with Seyfarth Shaw LLP. effective enforcement of safety rules can provide a shield from OSHA liability as well.. and (2) disciplining employees who violate those rules. Inc.

Employees challenged owners that it wasn’t constitutional. Berber from Cornell University in 1999. This should be of particular concern to contracting firms. 33% of employees know of the illegal sale of drugs in their workplace. This relates to the fact that 91% of large American businesses have substance abuse policies while only 5% to 10% of small-to medium-sized businesses have implemented similar programs. • • 20 15 10 5 0 • 12-17 Yr Old 18-25 Yr Old 26+ Yr Old 15. Substance Abuse Dependence by Age 25 sheet in the following ways. as shown in the following chart: Current Drug Use by Occupation A service turnkey wireless contractor. In the same study.” STATISTICAL SNAPSHOT ON SUbSTANCE AbUSE In the United States today. president of mcLean Insurance in Potomac Falls. We find most of our positives with the pre-employment tests and find an occasional positive throughout the year. “Another reason why a contractor should test for drugs is many states offer discounts on workers’ comp premiums if the company has a substance abuse program.5 times more likely to be absent eight or more days a year than his or her “clean” counterpart. approximately 49% of full-time workers must undergo some form of workplace drug testing. many contractors still Coming Clean Judy Swartley Red Planet Substance Abuse Testing. 73% of drug users are employed. Denier Contracting in Ross.to 25-year-old age bracket.4% Small businesses (classified as those with fewer than 250 employees) — another category where the majority of contracting firms fits — also seem to be more at risk than larger businesses. New Jersey. according to a recent DOL report released in march 2006. he’s found it invaluable because job sites are often spread far apart. Today.6 times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident. Inc. s few as 10 years ago. As a fullTOWER TIMES 50 April 2010 • • TOWER TIMES Even more specifically related to the contracting profession is a study conducted by J.5% 10. But it seems times are changing. Substance abusers file three to five times as many workers’ comp claims than those not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Downtime has been decreased because employees don’t have to take time off and go to a urine testing facility and productivity increased because employees are back on the job in 3 minutes. its workers’ comp experience-rating modification factor.41% reduction in ´ TOWER TIMES • April 2010 51 . and Substance abusers are 1/3 less productive at work than nonsubstance abusers. as the construction industry draws heavily from the pool of workers 18 to 34 years old. the person is not hired. the DOL notes that the costs associated with substance abuse negatively affects a business’ balance 11. Summit. After collecting data from 71 out of 405 voluntary electrical contracting company respondents. a current posting by the DOL mentioned that small businesses that don’t have a drug testing program risk becoming a haven for drug and alcohol abusers. 44% sold drugs to other employees. Ironically. 300% higher medical costs are due to substance abusers. On the same note. A substance abuser is 2. “It is the employer’s primary responsibility to provide a safe place for all the employees. he found that the average contractor that conducts drug tests experiences a 51% reduction in its injury rate within two years of implementing such a program compared to the 14% decline in those that did not during the same time period. and 20% of young workers admit to using marijuana on the job. fewer than 1% of employees nationwide were subject to drug screening.” Despite the slew of compelling statistics. Ohio has been testing more than 18 years. • 38% to 50% of all workers’ comp claims are related to substance abuse in the workplace. revealed that 75% of addicts use drugs on the job. 64% admitted that drugs adversely affected their job performance. THE COST OF AbUSE According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Virginia.7% 11. implementing a substance abuse testing program was difficult. a positive result for an established employee is treated differently and may result in rehab.” says Doug megill. about 75% of employed Americans work for small-to medium-sized businesses. The workers’ compensation modification factor will also be positively impacted due to claims being denied when it can be determined that an employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the average electrical contractor that drug tests experienced an 11. If a preemployment test comes back positive. Although we don’t have data to determine the effectiveness of our program. drug users are three times more likely to be late to work and 3. On the other hand. we feel the overall level of professionalism of the company has increased with drug testing along with a decrease in absenteeism and medical expenses. According to mike Kallmeyer. That’s good news for contractors — when you consider the fact that the construction industry currently has a higher rate of documented illicit drug use than any other specific industry tracked by the Department of Labor (DOL). according to the Substance Abuse and mental Health Services Administration (SAmHSA). the National Cocaine Helpline.COMING CLEAN In terms of age. As a result of fewer job site accidents and injuries. • Implementing an oral or urine drug testing program helps contractors combat the construction industry’s bad wrap for employing workers with substance abuse problems. “Employers who want greater control of their company and promote a safe working environment are the ones who embrace substance abuse testing.6% CONSTRUCTION RESTAURANT MACHINE OPERATORS SALES LABORERS OTHER Jeff Jenkins of Spectrum Construction and Contracting LLC has been using lab-based saliva drug testing for several years. many owners felt it would send the wrong message to employees — a message that they just weren’t trustworthy. In 1983.2% 10. Similarly. and 18% had stolen from co-workers to support their drug habit.5% 40. In fact. by far the largest group of substance abusers comes from the 18.

Urine Testing Advantages: • An advantage of urine testing is that it can “look back” farther on marijuana usage.. gives the sample. Shows immediate marijuana use. Every drug-masking product went undetected by the drug screening labs. can be effective. no cabinets that may contain adulterants such as Clorox. and reasonable suspicion approaches serve to warn employees and potential employees that the company is drug-free by detecting drug use. GAO investigators posed as truck drivers to test 24 collection sites throughout the U. the advantage here is the element of surprise as to who is selected as well as how often the tests are administered. outside the cubicle where they provide the specimen. if a company only performs pre-employment drug testing. and what they found was alarming. For this study. the collector must apply a temperature strip to the specimen to make sure it matches body temperature. v66. Typical random programs test 10% of employees once a month. According to mRO Todd Simo. Urine Testing . When you consider how severely just one drugrelated lawsuit could affect a company’s financial health. Sometimes such indecision leads to no test at all. While the portable service saves downtime from the job for random testing. Saliva Testing . a supervisor should also accompany the employee to the clinic to ensure he or she doesn’t attempt to tamper with the test. Additional failure rates can be seen in the table below. Although less expensive. briefcases. Saliva Testing Advantages: • • As accurate as urine as shown by landmark 5-year study. Lab-based saliva drug test Intercept. has been upheld in court 12 times. Recent media accounts indicate that some sites performing DOT drug test collections may not be adhering to the collection protocols. Random tests. 8/21/01. These tests are self-administered by the employee taking the test. And. this is not typical. such as the daily user or the person who uses drugs before coming to work or during lunch and/or breaks. For lab-based tests. and returns to the job site. National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP) have reported that the number of adulterated and substituted urine specimens has been increasing. after accepting a new job. With both types of urine tests.COMING CLEAN push substance abuse testing to the back burner. for contractors with CDL (Commercial Drivers License) requirements. the collector must check the specimen for unusual color and odor. given the different techniques a drug user may employ in an attempt to defeat a drug test. deter drug use. Some also purchase adulterants from one of more than 200. purses. the contractor has two options for collecting a specimen: (1) hire a service that comes to the office or goes to the job sites with a portable facility such as an RV equipped with a “controlled environment” bathroom. human urine. Federal Register. Testing at several federally certified. For example. the laboratories certified under the National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP) have reported that the number of adulterated and substituted urine specimens has been increasing. SALIvA TESTING Although lab-based urine testing has been around longer. Virginia. adulterants and synthetic urine were easily taken into collection sites and used during a lab-based urine drug test. or (2) send the employees to a clinic.S. If the instant portion comes up “presumptive positive” for illegal drugs. the sample must be given in a “controlled environment” — that is no running water in the bathroom. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two approaches. URINE vS. postaccident. “During the past few years. Shy-bladder syndrome where the employee takes several hours and a lot of water to void. more alarming was an undercover study performed in 2007 by the U. who must typically take out two to three hours from work by the time he or she drives to the facility. synthetic urine. Keep in mind that pre-employment. Legally defensible.S. such as when companies forget to request a test after an accident or management can’t determine when an accident is serious enough to require a test. waits in line. the sample is too diluted to produce an accurate test. n162. the employer collects the sample in a cup provided by one of several manufacturers. then drives back to work. post-accident. etc. post-accident. In general. and the donor is instructed to leave coats. Issues also arise with post-accident testing. more alarming was a survey on 2/27/09 of 45 New Jersey contractors — in which not a single company currently performed drug testing. With instant tests. President of Pmm&C in Williamsburg. your next choice is deciding between the two most popular methods of testing — urine and saliva. substituting or adulterating a urine specimen in order to obtain a passing result. pre-employment. the disadvantage of using a clinic (these tests range anywhere between $35-$60) is downtime of the employee. General Accountability Office. it is possible that a person could defeat a drug test by diluting. waits in line. the laboratories certified under the • • • ´ Failure Rates for Selected DOT Protocols GAO Tested Selected DOT urine specimen collection protocol Secure the facility from all substances that could be used to adulterate or dilute the specimen Secure all sources of water in the restroom Ask the employee to empty his/her pockets and display items to ensure no items are present that could be used to adulterate the specimen Check the temperature of the specimen Place a bluing agent in the toilet or secure it with tape % of the 24 collection sites that failed 75 67 42 19 17 • TOWER TIMES • April 2010 53 . on the other hand. such employees often start using drugs again. they have no choice other than to use lab-based urine drug tests. GAO was asked to perform an undercover operation to determine whether (1) urine collectors followed DOT protocols at selected collection sites and (2) whether commercially available products could be used to defeat drug tests. To be safe. After deciding what type of program to implement. the same sample can be sent to a laboratory for confirmation testing. FDA-cleared oral fluid tests have shown comparable and superior ability to detect drug usage when compared to laboratory-based urine tests. This is because drug users typically refrain from using drugs during a job search so they can pass the test then. The administrator at the company simply gives the employee instructions—the administrator never touches the test or saliva. The administrator can be certified via a training CD which requires passing a test and having it certified by the manufacturer of the test.There are two ways a contractor can implement a urine program — instant tests and labbased tests. and temperature-controlled pouches 52 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES to sway results. such as diluting drinks. Can test for 14 various drugs of abuse. And. it’s important to first step back and explore the different types of substance abuse programs. moreover.” DOT approved. gives the sample. even contractors who have put their head in the sand for years should take a second look at starting a drug testing program. Usually after drinking excessive amounts of water. it is typically up to four times as expensive as using a clinic. reasonable suspicion. masking agents. • • Urine Testing Disadvantages: • Length of time per test — the average lab-based urine test takes 1-2 hours by the time the person drives to the collection site. which can typically be administered in two ways. For employers most interested in pinpointing heavy users. the marijuana metabolite screened for in urine testing has a typical window of detection of 7 days for the vast majority of marijuana smokers (even chronic smokers). Random testing DETERS drug use. According to the most recent publication of SAmHSA on the adulteration of drug tests. p43876-43882. There are undocumented articles that indicate a very small percentage of chronic marijuana users can stay positive up to 30 days. Obviously.000 lab-based saliva drug tests concluded that labbased.D. oral fluid testing.Saliva-based oral drug testing has been on the market COMING CLEAN MEMbERSHIP COMMITTEE UPDATE approximately 12 years and can be either instant or lab-based. m. Division of Workplace Programs. TyPES OF TESTING PROGRAMS In order to understand drug testing. Takes 6-8 hours for marijuana to get into the urine. as can be evidenced in surveys taken at seminars and trade shows that indicate only 5% to 10% of contracting companies currently have drug-testing programs. independent labs and a landmark 5-year study of 650. But there are no laws regarding the number of random tests so you can perform as few as one test a month. freeze-dried urine. it’s still likely to be infected with drug users.000 websites that sell products. “Using the federally regulated screening and confirmation cut-off levels. These services cost anywhere between $75$120. including pre-employment. the toilet bowl water must contain a bluing agent. and enjoys the status of being DOT approved. saliva testing is gaining in acceptance and popularity. both instant and lab-based. According to the most recent publication of SAmHSA. and random. however. and reasonable suspicion testing DETECT drug use.

in Bethlehem. Pennsylvania. president of Hawkins Electric. Shorter window of detection for marijuana. The confirmation test includes the services of an mRO (medical review officer who is a medical doctor) to analyze the lab confirmation results. a random program can start with a “baseline” test of all employees and then progress to random testing on a pre-determined basis. distributing. ‘I can’t take that test. the company must give 60 days notice to current employees before a drug and alcohol testing program can begin. Typically. and give the sample. The swab is analyzed at a SAmHSA certified lab within 24 hours and negatives are reported to the employer via a secured website. calls your employee. and then announcing. this final step is easier than you may think. 2) complete the necessary paperwork. New mexico. The employee swabs his/her mouth for 3 minutes then places the swab in a container for overnight shipment to a laboratory. believes more contractors throughout the country are embracing saliva testing although he admits he routinely gets a “look of horror” from certain potential employees when he introduces the saliva-based drug test concept. at this point. or www. The last page of the policy is usually a “sign off ” sheet.. The mRO contacts your employee to discuss the lab results. Get negative results in 24 hours. Will it fire the individual immediately or offer rehabilitation? Typically. it’s time to implement your drug-testing program. The employee swabs his/her mouth for 3 minutes. it must be sent to a lab for confirmation testing. Announce program details. First. The mRO process for lab-based saliva drug testing takes approximately 24 hours. says it used to take 4 hours to pull someone off the job for a random test and get that person to a testing facility. applauding the fact that with saliva tests his supervisors can perform the tests in minutes and have lab-based results back the next day. For TOWER TIMES • April 2010 55 . The employee is handed a packaged swab and given instructions by an administrator. The swab is packaged with a tamper-proof seal and shipped overnight to a certified lab. the employer. positives in 36 hours. Inc. • • • • • Eric Shatzer. you’ll need to select a substance abuse provider or TPA. City. To place an order or ask questions. and reasonable suspicion — as well as the start date of the program. Exhibits quick testing--only 3 minutes to administer and up to 10 people can be tested at the same time. And. Usually this is accomplished through a training CD or manufacturer’s website. you can reach her at 610-509-0567. the overnight shipping/mRO fee/ lab fees are set up at the same time your account is established. Typically. maryland. Fortunately.COMING CLEAN • • • Preserves donor dignity as no one handles a container or urine. The employee signs the sheet and gives it to the employee for safekeeping. IMPLEMENTING A DRUG-TESTING PROGRAM After deciding which method of testing to pursue. swab in a container and in approximately 1-2 minutes you have “screening” results. Keep in mind that the confirmation testing is done with the original swab — there is no reason to perform another test. post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing takes place with each incident. random. Anywhere. the lab-based saliva drug test called Intercept is FDA cleared. wait in line.com. The container is sealed with a tamper-proof strip. Just make sure you can use instant saliva drug tests in your state. in Las Cruces. COMING CLEAN MEMbERSHIP COMMITTEE UPDATE pre-employment. there are three main steps a contractor should take before getting the program up and running: 1) select a substance abuse provider. While the lab-based saliva drug test called Intercept has very few restrictions state-by-state. Since overthe-counter medicines such as cold/antihistamine medicines can show “presumptive positive” for amphetamines. The employee is handed a packaged swab and is given instruction by an administrator. Formalize the program by determining the policy. The company needs to decide how it will handle a positive drug result. And. a large percentage of these users never complete rehab. Lab-based saliva drug testing product called Intercept is more accurate than instant saliva drug testing. • Not DOT approved yet. Preserves donor dignity as no one touches the test subject’s saliva. they use instant saliva drug tests at pre-employment and Intercept for random and post accident.redplanettesting. com. in turn. However. Comparing Intercept with instant saliva drug tests in the neighboring states of Virginia and maryland we have the following: (1) Virginia--there are no restrictions for either the lab-based saliva drug test called Intercept or the instant saliva drug tests. Learn procedure to administer test. the employer with the results. Florida and Ohio have restrictions due to workers’ comp programs. to send the instant drug test swab to a lab for confirmation testing. the mRO contacts you. Due to the random nature of the program. 2. and 3) start the program. Once you settle on a solution. The testing procedure for the labbased saliva drug test is equally simple: 1. although some states don’t have such requirements. (2) maryland — there are no restrictions for the lab-based saliva drug test called Intercept but instant saliva drug tests are only permitted for pre-employment testing and if the instant saliva drug test is “presumptive positive” for any drug. Electric. “They’d ‘get lost’ and not come back for the rest of the day. Intercept has been approved by 48 states (maine and Hawaii being the exception). On the other hand.T.” as most medical insurance pays for the service. it is best.” says Tegmeyer. places the • In general. 3. causing delays on the job and costing more downtime that I had to pay for. jswartley@redplanettesting. upon successful completion of the training. Test for 14 drugs of abuse both illegal and prescription medications. upon the conclusion of the investigation. anytime. Talk to other contractors or contact industry associations or gain firsthand information at your annual trade shows. post-accident. It’s important that the contractor maintains these sheets in a safe location in the event of an OSHA audit or other legal implication. random tests are performed once a month (a different day/week once a month) on 10% of employees. Saliva Testing Disadvantages: 54 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES Some firms implement dual saliva drug testing programs. For example. At the conclusion of the investigation. “Some tell me they left something in the car and need to get it before taking the test — and never come back. Inc. For example. this document means the employee received the policy — not that he or she agrees with it or has even read it. The testing procedure for the instant saliva drug test is quite simple: 1. • • Distribute the policy. Unfortunately. ultimately leaving the contractor with an empty slot to fill. president of R. • Determine policy details.” he says. n Judy Swartley is the President of Red Planet Substance Abuse Testing.. The confirmation process takes approximately 3 days. the same employee may be selected several months in a row. contractors with fewer than 100 employees offer rehab to maintain a “family atmosphere. 2. Then the mRO contacts you. and administering the program across your organization. 3. The way most contractors do this is by networking. instant saliva drug tests vary in acceptance state-by-state. the employee earns a certificate. I’m only prepared for a urine test!’” Kevin Tegmeyer. “Or they’ll say. Positives are electronically sent to an mRO who. These include the type of testing — pre-employment. Basically. Inc.

Mark’s RMD amount over 9 years (Age 41 – 49) $1.1 million in income over a 46-year period of time. South Dakota. See the chart at right for details and assumptions.The Stretch IRA: An Asset Transfer Strategy Michael Cole UBS Financial Services Inc. as her primary beneficiary.576. which may change in the future. He takes distributions every year for another 23 years until his death at age 75.* lthough you initially established an IRA as a nest egg for your retirement years. as beneficiary. maintains the account as a beneficiary IRA and names his son. this total would significantly change.* $2. You should consult with your legal and/or tax advisors when making decisions about retirement plans and retirement plan distributions. nor its employees provide tax or legal advice. The information contained in this article is based on sources believed to be reliable. maintains the account as a beneficiary IRA and names his son. as beneficiary. n This article was provided by Michael Cole. elects to treat John’s IRA as her own & names her son.649. Vice President Investments for UBS Financial Services. the IRA owner. John just turned 70½ and has now taken his first RmD. Should any recipient elect to take distributions greater than the minimum or receive a lump sum at any point.841. Mary (first beneficiary. which had a beginning balance of $300. Spanning over three generations. You may choose to keep your traditional IRA intact until reaching age 70½. now takes distributions each year until the assets in the account are fully depleted. now age 41. at which time you must begin taking required minimum distributions (RmDs). This article has been written and provided by UBS Financial Services Inc. the IRA.* Mary’s RMD amount over 8 years (Age 70-77) is $156. John Smith. Jack. Neither UBS Financial Services Inc. Inc.026. Mark. * Asset growth is based on a 7% rate of return and assumes all generations receive their respective Required Minimum Distributions as defined by the IRS on December 31 of each year distributions are required. mark. This illustration is hypothetical and not meant to represent the performance of any specific investment or security. Mary. in Sioux Falls.* Third Generation Mark Mark can take distributions using Jack’s remaining life expectancy factor. 4 years (Age 66-69 . as his sole primary beneficiary. Mary dies at age 77. **This number assumes that each generation elected to take only the required minimum over the longest period allowed by current law.189 Total Distributions for All Generations** 56 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 57 . Jack dies at age 75.000. takes distributions every year until assets in the IRA are depleted. This will also pave the way for your beneficiaries to potentially take advantage of the stretch IRA strategy. The stretch IRA might not be appropriate for everyone. Distributions are subject to income taxes. spouse) Second Generation Jack Jack’s RMD amount over 23 years (Age 53-75) $933. for use by its Financial Advisors. Jack.” In the example. (Note that this option is only available to a spouse who is named sole primary beneficiary.000 & John names his wife. Mary’s RMD Income over John dies at age 71. at age 41. Jack. The strategy is commonly referred to as the “stretch IRA. Actual returns will vary and principal value will fluctuate. An Example of the Stretch IRA Strategy at Work RMD Income to Each Family Member First Generation John (original IRA owner) John’s IRA is $300. Jack is required to A take distributions from the IRA based on his remaining single life expectancy. Individual results will vary. has named his wife. Mary. Jack can take distributions over the longer of Mary’s life expectancy or his own life expectancy. mary. who is now 66. It is always a good idea to name both primary and contingent beneficiaries – even if you expect your beneficiary(ies) to be living. Mark. John dies at age 71. provided over $2.139. you may also want to consider using your IRA as a tax-efficient vehicle to pass wealth on to your heirs—particularly if you have other sources of retirement income and do not need to draw funds from your traditional IRA. which results in 9 years worth of distributions until assets are depleted. mary as the sole primary beneficiary of his IRA. she does not have to take RmDs from the IRA until she turns age 70½. decides to treat the IRA as her own and names her son. Jack. as her beneficiary. Your beneficiary designations will have a significant impact on the available payout options from your IRA after your death. John’s RMD amount over 2 years (Age 70-71) is $22. It’s just another way to help assure that you are the one controlling to whom your IRA assets are ultimately distributed.No RMDs required) is $0. The discussion that follows will focus on a strategy to withdraw the minimum amount required each year under IRS guidelines and to maximize the taxdeferred compounding on the assets remaining in the IRA for as long as possible. now age 53. His son mark. now age 53. Since mary has elected to treat John’s IRA as her own.123. now age 66.) mary takes RmDs from age 70½ until she dies at age 77. This illustration is based on current tax and regulations law (as of August 2006). but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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If your event sponsorship selection is no longer available.000 Reception in Exhibit Hall on Wednesday. and will include computers with Internet access for attendees to use at no charge. February 22 • $2.Sponsorship Packages Gold • • • Bronze Package Price • • $7.000 Patron Package Price • • $3. February 22 • $38. 10’ x 20’ (200 square feet) exhibit space with priority booth selection (with sponsorship secured prior to May 1. four-color ads to appear in Tower Times in 2011 First right of refusal for NATE 2012 Platinum Sponsorship One educational session speaking opportunity (with sponsorship secured prior to June 15. If you have further questions. along with payment. four-color ad to appear in Tower Times in 2011 Six full conference & exposition passes 1/4 page. 1 2 3 Reception on Monday.000 5 Luncheon in Exhibit Hall on Wednesday. February 23 • $2. we will contact you to review other available event sponsorship options. please see page 62 for the Exhibit Space & Sponsorship Application/Contract.$2. four-color ad in show guide (exact size to be determined) Company name and logo link placed on NATE 2011 event website Additional Event Sponsorship Opportunities A How do I participate? NATE 2011 event sponsorships will be secured in order of request by completing and returning. 2010) Company name/logo recognition as event sponsor in NATE 2011 Show Guide (if package is secured prior to December 1. these sponsorships are available for such functions as coffee breaks. providing your company with added visibility and name recognition.S.000 • • • 10’ x 10’ (100 square feet) exhibit space with priority booth selection (with sponsorship secured prior to May 1.000 • • • • • • • Friends of NATE Package Price . receptions. 6 Cyber Café • $5.500 4 Available Package Price - $25. four-color ad in show guide (exact size to be determined) Company name and logo link placed on NATE 2011 event website • long with overall event sponsorships.500 Coffee on Wednesday. four-color ad in show guide (exact size to be determined) Company name and logo link placed on NATE 2011 event website Company name/logo to appear on direct mail conference materials Company name/logo to appear on signage and banners posted throughout the annual event Patron sponsor recognition in show guide Company name to appear on show shirts and totes Company name/logo to appear in Tower Times leading up to and following event Acknowledged at the annual event and presented with an award • • • • Receptions (co-sponsorships available upon request) All receptions include hors d’oeuvres and two beverage tickets provided for each attendee.500 TOWER TIMES • 58 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES April 2010 59 . 2010) Company name/logo to appear on direct mail conference materials Company name/logo to appear on signage and banners posted throughout the annual event Gold sponsor recognition with 40-word company profile/description in show guide Company name/logo to appear on show shirts and totes Company name/logo to appear in Tower Times leading up to and following event Acknowledged at the annual event and presented with an award Two full page. Additional beverages will be available to attendees on a cash bar basis. 2010) Prominent placement of company name/logo on direct mail conference materials Prominent placement of company name/logo on signage and banners posted throughout the annual event Platinum sponsor recognition with 55-word company profile/description in show guide Prominent placement of company name/logo to appear on show shirts and totes Prominent placement of company name/logo to appear in Tower Times leading up to and following event Acknowledged at the annual event and presented with an award Fifteen full conference & exposition passes One full page. and the Cyber Café.) or 605-882-5865. Paula Nurnberg via email: paula@ natehome. luncheons. Morning Coffee Breaks 7 8 Coffee on Tuesday. four-color ad in show guide (exact size to be determined) Four full page. single event sponsorships are being offered for the NATE 2011 Conference & Exposition.000 • Company name/logo to appear on signage and banners posted throughout the annual event Friends of NATE sponsor recognition in show guide Acknowledged at the annual event and presented with an award Luncheons (co-sponsorships available upon request) 4 Luncheon on Tuesday. 2010) Company name/logo recognition as event sponsor in Tower Times leading up to the event Company name/logo recognition as event sponsor in Tower Times post show issue First right of refusal for same function at NATE 2012 event 20’ x 20’ (400 square feet) exhibit space with priority booth selection (with sponsorship secured prior o t May 1. February 23 • $45.000 Reception in Exhibit Hall on Tuesday. Perfect for the company that wants individual attention.000 Cyber Café The Cyber Café will be located in the NATE Information Booth for the duration of the annual event. 2010) Company name/logo to appear on direct mail conference materials Company name/logo to appear on signage and banners posted throughout the annual event Silver sponsor recognition with 30-word company profile/description in show guide Company name to appear on show shirts and totes Company name/logo to appear in Tower Times leading up to and following event Acknowledged at the annual event and presented with an award One full page. • • Platinum • 1 Exclusive • • • • • • • • Package Price - $50. please contact NATE Operations Manager.com or tel: 888-882-5865 (U. February 21 • $26. 2010) Company name and logo link placed on NATE 2011 event website One single piece of literature distributed with registration materials • • Silver • • • • • • • • • • • 4 Available • Package Price - $15.000 • • If you are interested in becoming an Event Sponsor. the form on page 62.

service and maintenance industry. Sales-oriented proposals will not be considered. to: NATE Operations Manager. All sponsors are encouraged to return Exhibit Space & Sponsorship Application/ Contract by May 1. The annual NATE event is widely regarded as the most comprehensive and up-to-date educational event in the tower industry. 2010 Exhibit Hall Map Visit NATE’s website to reserve your Exhibit Space TODAY! NATE is currently accepting speaker/presentation proposals for the NATE 2011 Conference & Exposition to be held February 21-24 in Oklahoma City. Review the floor plan and select your preferred booth location(s).S. remaining booth space will be available on a first come.natehome. first serve basis. To be considered. The educational sessions focus is SAFETY. Questions? Please contact the NATE office at 888-8825865 (U. The deadline for proposal submission is June 1. 2010. along with this completed form. and be educational and informative. 3. Return the completed Exhibit Space & Sponsorship Application/Contract and full payment to NATE. Please Note: All exhibitors with earned seniority points are encouraged to return the Exhibit Space & Sponsorship Application/ Contract and full payment before May 1. Proposals should focus on safety. Oklahoma.S. South Dakota 57201-3624 Tel: 888-882-5865 (U. please complete this form in its entirety when submitting your speaker/ presentation proposal. Remaining booth space will be available on a first come. Exhibit space preference is allocated based on seniority points and sponsorship. 2. first serve basis. The conference educational sessions are specifically designed to provide in-depth interaction and exchange of ideas on the challenging issues facing the telecommunications and broadcast tower construction.Call for Speaker/Presentation Proposals DEADLINE: JUNE 1. and is dedicated to those who erect. Zip ______________________________________________________________________ Telephone Fax ______________________________________________________________________ Email 118 116 114 112 126 124 122 127 125 226 224 227 225 324 327 325 426 424 427 425 526 524 525 626 624 627 625 726 724 727 725 723 121 119 220 218 Attendee/ Exhibitor Lounge 420 319 418 421 419 520 518 519 620 618 621 619 720 718 719 219 215 NATE Awards Stage 614 715 713 113 213 312 313 413 513 612 REQUIRED WITH THIS FORM: q Presentation Title ______________________________________________________________ q Presentation Length Requested: (not guaranteed) q 60 minutes q 90 minutes q Presentation/Speaker Fees Required (if any): ______________________________________________________________ q Presentation Synopsis: (100 words or less) q Speaker Biography: (100 words or less) q Photograph: (at least 300 dpi jpeg or tif) q Company Description: (50 words or less) q Audio/Visual Requirements for Presentation: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Please send above information. State. After May 1. Paula Nurnberg via email: paula@natehome.com or mail to: 1.) or 605-882-5865.com 60 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES TOWER TIMES • April 2010 61 . Speaker/presentation proposals will be reviewed for objectivity and relevance of subject matter. service and maintain communications structures. 2010. Speaker/Presentation Proposal Form ______________________________________________________________________ Speaker ______________________________________________________________________ Speaker’s Title ______________________________________________________________________ Company ______________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________ City. 100 108 106 104 203 303 300 301 400 702 109 107 206 209 207 308 306 307 408 406 407 506 709 507 607 707 705 101 201 401 501 601 700 701 ENTRANCE How to Obtain Exhibit Space National Association of Tower Erectors 8 Second Street SE Watertown. including priority booth selection. 2010. Complete the Exhibit Space & Sponsorship Application/Contract. 4.) or 605-882-5865 Fax: 605-886-5184 Website: www. 2010 to retain all sponsor benefits.

00 per occurrence. any space contracted for but not canceled. The Exhibitor will be responsible to abide by all city fire and safety codes.) Contact _________________________________ Title___________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________ City _____________________________________ State __________ Zip ___________ Telephone ____________________________ Fax ____________________________ _ Email ________________________________ Website _________________________ Confirming Signature ____________________________________________________ Title _________________________________________________ Date ____________ Sponsors: Please email your company logo in an EPS (vector) format to towertimes@natehome. There will be no announcement of Exhibitor’s contests. 2011 at The Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. and the legal relations created herein shall be determined. TOWER TIMES • April 2010 63 .500 q $3. Program listings will note only contracted exhibitors. riot. NOTICE: All exhibitors and attendees agree that as of a condition of attending this event they will not engage either directly or indirectly in the activity of soliciting away any existing employees of any member companies during this function. 20. Qualifications .com PLEASE MAKE A COPY OF THIS FORM FOR YOUR RECORDS _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Description is REQUIRED and must be submitted with this contract. Show Management and/or NATE will not be liable to the Exhibitor. Cancellation . Governing Law and Jurisdiction .Standard 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 20’ in-line booths will be provided with back drape and side rails. We understand this exhibit space application becomes a binding contract when accepted by NATE. 7.com. models and other employees must remain within the booths occupied by their employers.100 q $6.800 ’ (See additional space choices on page 10) Exhibitor/Sponsor Information Company ______________________________________________________________ (Member company names will appear in listings and on badges ExACTLY as they are listed in the NATE member listing. 4. upon reasonable notice. 17. Any addendum or modification hereto or thereto must be in writing and signed by both parties and attached hereto. Oklahoma. (Exception: Upon Show Management approval of written request. to persons with disabilities. Exhibitors agree that their entire exhibit and display will be confined to the exhibit hall and the booth space assigned. Exhibit Design and Inclusions . 6. agents or guests for any damages. contract and full payment before May 1. All exhibits must remain intact until the Exposition is officially closed. Installation and Dismantling . raffles and drawings. subject to the Exhibitor’s disposition. including selling the space to another Exhibitor without any rebate or allowance to the defaulting Exhibitor and without incurring any obligation of any kind to said prospective Exhibitor. Each party hereto expressly consents to the personal jurisdiction of. __________ 3.500 Gold Sponsor (4) (Includes 10’ x 20’ Exhibit Space) Silver Sponsor (4) (Includes 10’ x 10’ Exhibit Space) Exhibitor Packages (U. Each Exhibitor must have a minimum of 100 square feet of contracted exhibit space. its employees.) Exhibitors. Use of Space . Gifts. 10. telecommunication satellite earth terminals positioned outside exhibit facility for clear transmission path may be permitted. or may be deemed unsuitable or objectionable. electricity. 2010.200 q $ q $6. Exhibitor assumes responsibility for all licensing in association with any use of copyrighted material.S. and it is agreed the Exhibitor will not sublet nor assign any portion of same without the written consent of Show Management. sale or service of telecommunications service and support products. naming Show Management as additional insureds: • • General Liability Insurance with minimum limits of $2. its employees or agents. decorations. so that the Exhibitor’s display will be accessible. but not limited to. accident or any other cause. be as equally binding on all parties affected as the original General Information. Payment Method: q Check Enclosed q VISA q MasterCard q American Express Credit Card # ______________________________________________________ Security Code (Required) ____________________________________________ This number can be found on the signature strip on the back of your card. first serve basis.The aisles. Exhibitor agrees to provide Show Management with a copy of and will maintain the following insurance for the entire duration of the Exposition. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold Show Management and NATE harmless for any claims arising out of or in connection with the Exhibitor’s display’s failure to comply with the ADA. Rules and Regulations may be amended or supplemented at any time by Show Management. All exhibit booths are required to have carpet. such courts. Key Personnel (To be published in Show Guide) 1. __________ 4. on Tuesday. Show Management and/or NATE. Entire Agreement . Outside Exhibits/Hospitality Suites .200 q $12. Changes in Floor Plan . and all such amendments or additions shall. ___________________________________ Title _____________________________ 2. agents or guests. Show Management reserves the right to edit copy. is obligated for the full cost of the space and is not entitled to any rebate. Show Management reserves the right to reassign cancelled exhibit space and sponsored items. 13. 19. if permitted under state or local laws.500 q $2. Use of Aisles and Common Areas . Rights in the Event Exposition Is Not Held . Service Organizations . Children under the age of 18 are specifically prohibited from being on the trade show floor at any time. Show Management’s liability to the Exhibitor shall be the refund of any payments for booth space received. It will be the last 3 or 4 digits. by executing this contract.By executing this contract.000 q $35.This Agreement shall be interpreted and construed. Any sign or display exceeding 4’ in height must be set back at least 5’ from the aisle. February 22. 3. Food and Beverage . covering any loss or liability resulting from personal injury. we agree to abide by the rules and regulations published on pages 10-11 of the NATE 2011 Sponsor & Exhibitor Planning Guide. Show Management has contracted. All food and beverage items must be approved. Sponsorship Packages Platinum Sponsor (1) (Includes 20’ x 20’ Exhibit Space) q $50. 5. the Exhibitor will notify NATE of that fact at least two weeks in advance of the Exposition and of the alternative measures it intends to take to assure compliance with the ADA during the period of the Exposition. labor strike or destruction of exhibit facility. banners. Show Management reserves the right to reject any applicant to exhibit. Rules and Regulations 1. Show Management shall have the right to use said space to suit its own convenience.Show Management reserves the right to restrict exhibits that may have been falsely entered. Uniformed attendants. or damage to Exhibitor’s displays. Funds) Exhibit Space Size Members Non Members Bronze Sponsor Patron Sponsor Friends of NATE Reception 1 Reception 2 Reception 3 Luncheon 4 Luncheon 5 Cyber Cafe 6 Coffee Break 7 Coffee Break 8 10’ x 10’ 10’ x 20’ ______ (Includes 6 full conference badges) (Includes 8 full conference badges) (Includes 12 full conference badges) q $3. Service companies other than the designated contractors will not be allowed to work on the exhibit areas unless specifically authorized by Show Management. On island booths. After May 1. This reservation applies to noise. no exhibit construction. All exhibits must remain within the confines of their own spaces and no Exhibitor will be permitted to erect signs or display products in such a manner as to obstruct the view. in accordance with the laws of the State of South Dakota without reference to any conflicts of law principles that would require application of the laws of another state. One standard 7” x 44” identification sign will be provided for each Exhibitor. governmental emergency. or anything of a character that might be objectionable to the Exposition as a whole.000. The General Information. Additional consequences of such activities include prohibition from attending future NATE events and the possible revocation of NATE membership where applicable. theft.000. prepared and provided by the Exposition facility. Date ________________________________________________________ Card Holder’s Name ________________________________________________ Amount authorized to charge to my credit card $ ________________________ Signature _________________________________________________________ Date _____________________________________________________________ Exhibitors From Whom We Desire Booth Separation ________________________ ________________________________________________ Certificate of Insurance must be furnished to Show Management by December 1.000 q $45.The Exhibitor understands that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that its display must be accessible to persons with disabilities.000 q $7. The exhibit hall. engineering.S.e. damages and claims arising out of injury to Exhibitor’s employees. will be subject to the approval of Show Management. 9. 15. 2010.A cancellation fee of 50% of the total space cost shall be assessed in the event of contract cancellation 60 days or more prior to first move-in day.000 q $38. passageways and overhead spaces remain strictly under control of Show Management and no signs. South Dakota shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising out of this Agreement. limit or discontinue the distribution of gifts. 2011. This would include sales closing areas and unauthorized facility tours.400 q $ 20’ x 20’ Island ’x ______ q $12. which may arise from such cancellation. All matters and questions not covered by the following rules and regulations or the Exhibitor Service Manual are subject to the decision of Show Management. acts of war. In-line booths may display actual product in excess of 8’ provided the product is not used as signage. Please Return Exhibit Space & Sponsorship Application/Contract and Full Payment To: NATE 2011 8 Second Street SE • Watertown. product or signage may exceed 16’ in overall height. water. _________ Exp. 18. Assignment of Space . apparel. objects or items.) or 605-882-5865 Fax: 605-886-5184 You may also complete and submit this form online at www. advertising matter or special exhibits will be permitted in them except by special written permission of Show Management. Exhibitors may combine space provided each exhibitor completes a valid contract and reserves a minimum of 100 square feet (i.000 q $25. 21. By signing below. 2010 to retain all sponsor benefits. Applicants may be required to submit the nature of their business and the scope of items to be exhibited. All cancellation notices must be received in writing. 2. Sponsorship packages are non-refundable. Worker’s Compensation Insurance as required by applicable law. theft or damage to the Exhibitor’s materials must be carried at the Exhibitor’s expense. 2010. 8. Electric or electronic amplification of musical instruments is specifically prohibited. ___________________________________ Title _____________________________ Brief Description of Products and/or Services To be published in Show Guide - 30 Words or Less. Rules and Regulations. Show Management shall not be liable for any consequential damages.000 q $15. Insurance protection against fire. remaining booth space will be available on a first come. The words “Show Management” used herein shall mean the sponsors acting through their officers. give-aways or similar promotions. two exhibitors reserve 200 square feet each and share a 400 square foot island).Show Management reserves the right to make appropriate changes to the floor plan and booth locations at any time as it deems necessary for the overall success of the Exposition. The use of NATE and/or Show Management established billboards for advertising is acceptable. storm.Show Management reserves the right to prohibit. their agents and employees from losses. Exhibit construction and/or signage may not exceed 12’ on perimeter booths. Default .m. In the event of cancellation. or 2) the manufacture.Any Exhibitor failing to occupy by 3:00 p.Exhibit Space & Sponsorship February 21-24. General Information . Restrictions . death or property damage arising from or in connection with your exhibit. Public address systems are specifically prohibited. Contests. The Exhibitor hereby warrants that it will provide auxiliary aids and services to individuals with disabilities suitable for effective communication between all parties in accordance with the requirements of the ADA. and Employer’s Liability Insurance with minimum limits of $1.natehome. printed matter. with all charges to follow at no liability to Show Management. Contests.Exhibitor assumes responsibility for all state. This prohibits Exhibitors from displaying products/services and/or other advertising materials in areas outside their booth space such as. 11. occasion injury or disadvantageously affect the display of other Exhibitors.This show is sponsored and managed by the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE). its employees or agents. Any and all advertising distribution must be made from the Exhibitor’s booth space. Failure to remove an exhibit in the allowed time will afford Show Management the right to remove and place same in a warehouse. Anyone engaging in soliciting away existing employees during this event will be immediately removed from the event and not allowed to return.000 q $26. Hold Harmless and Insurance .000 q $25. conduct. persons. we request NATE to assign what it considers the best space available. or would result in an undue burden to the Exhibitor.Eligibility is generally limited to persons or firms engaged in either 1) furnishing consulting.000. including exposition set-up.Exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses. and exposition dismantle.400 q $24. equipment. 3) The Exhibitor may be prohibited from exhibiting at the following year’s Exposition. Exhibitors shall indemnify and hold harmless the exhibit hall. 12. and the Exhibitor agrees that it is solely responsible for assuring that its display complies with the ADA. which may be in effect. smoke.Should Show Management elect to cancel the Exposition. If our space choice has already been allocated. but not limited to. and other property brought upon the premises of the exhibit hall. as defined in the ADA.000. which must be utilized. Taxes and Fees .Exhibitors have move-in and move-out times as indicated in the NATE 2011 Exposition information. 2011 Application/Contract Oklahoma City. All sponsors are encouraged to return sponsorship form by May 1. The federal and state courts within Codington County.00 combined single limit per occurrence. 16. parking lots and hotel lobbies. Oklahoma YOU MAY ALSO COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THIS FORM ONLINE AT www. or Conference and Exposition Managers. on an exclusive basis. including priority booth selection. Should the Exposition be canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of Show Management including. damages and claims inside or outside the exhibit hall that may arise as a result of actions or omissions of the Exhibitor. design and technical services utilized by the tower industries. No promise or agreement that is not expressed in this Agreement has been made by one party to the other and neither party is relying upon any other statement or representation of the other party. No exhibit construction or signage may exceed 8’ in overall height on these booths. SD 57201-3624 Tel: 888-882-5865 (U.In the interest of making available the best-qualified craftsmen in numbers sufficient to handle all of the services necessary for the operation of the Exposition.Exhibitors submitting completed contract and full payment of space cost will be assigned space based on seniority points and size.000 q $2.The space contracted for is to be used solely for the Exhibitor whose name appears on the contract. 2) The Exhibitor’s “points” for the following year’s space assignment may be taken away. drawings or raffle winners during the Exposition. Please reserve exhibit space at NATE 2011 to be held February 21-24. We request the space(s) listed below.This contract and the documents executed in connection herewith contain the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all prior and contemporaneous oral agreements. also expressly agree not to operate hospitality suites during hours in which the Exposition is open or when any official NATE sponsored events are in progress unless otherwise approved by written consent of Show Management.000 q $2. official contractors to provide such services. 14. No refunds are available for cancellations received less than 60 days prior to first move-in day. The Exhibitor further warrants that where the provision of such auxiliary aids would fundamentally alter the nature of the goods and/or services provided by the Exhibitor. All exhibitors with earned seniority points are encouraged to return space application. loss or injury from fire. Violations of Rules and Regulations . exposition hours. the Conference Chairman. Space Choices 1.com For NATE Use Only Date Received _______________________ Time Received _______________________ Amount Received ____________________ Points ______________________________ Booth(s) Assigned ____________________ Contract. The imposition of one or more of these remedies by Show Management shall not in any way limit available remedies provided in other provisions of this contract or by law.Violations of these rules and regulations will afford Show Management the right to execute one or more of the following remedies: 1) The Exhibitor may be prohibited from exhibiting at the current year’s Exposition and will forfeit all booth payments.000 q $5. acts of God. Show Management shall return each Exhibitor’s space payment less a pro rata share of costs and expenses incurred. and venue in.natehome. federal and local taxes associated with sales activities. __________ 2. ADA Compliance .

... important membership updates and information................. 55 800-332-7472 • www...... Inc...............7 800-332-7472 • www............. 5 800-842-7437 • www......) or 605-882-5865.............................. 31 713-722-8123 • www..antennaproducts.........................com Elk River.......cfm 64 April 2010 • TOWER TIMES .com or 888-882-5865 (U.......rsicorp.......com TESSCO Technologies. please contact Jamie Brandriet at the NATE office at towertimes@natehome.......................... 18 608-329-4840 • www......... ... ALT Fabrication ........ ...............altfab............................................com Bird Control While every attempt has been made to make this listing as complete as possible.. Miscellaneous ADVERTISE HERE! Contact Jamie Brandriet at 605-882-5865 or 888-882-5865 (U.....com Primus Electronics ..specialtytowerlighting.......com Antenna Products..........IBC 800-435-1636 • www.. Inc....com (704) 377-2010 www....S.......................com Tractel Ltd...com Preformed Line Products ...............................S.......... Inc..... etc..... ....harger........com April 2010 For advertising information.... Anchor bolt Division ................natehome...........tessco............com Hutton Communications....BC 877-648-8866 • www.....com Comsite Hardware.com Structural Components.... 41 800-950-7960 • www.ComTrainUSA... 57 800-633-3954 • www...........unitech-rf......huttononline... Inc.com RF Industries ...........com ComTrain LLC .....) or email: towertimes@natehome......... its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.....INDEx OF ADvERTISERS April 2010 Classifieds Products & Services RF Protection Garments Sales and Rentals Low Cost Tower Signs Re-Steel Supply Co........elkriver.................................... 12 858-549-6340 • www........ 43 800-561-3229 • www.resteel...................com RISA Technologies ..... Inc. ........... 11 800-949-7079 • www..................................risa.......comsitehardware...........preformed....... 34 866-386-7622 • www.....structuralcomponents..com Changes may be submitted on the NATE website at www..com Harger Lightning & Grounding ........ ...com Specialty Tower Lighting Ltd.............. • Changed location? • Changed the NATE contact person? • Changed area codes? • Added a new website or email address? • Made any changes that the NATE office should know about? The NATE Administrative Staff needs this updated information as soon as possible to ensure each NATE member receives Tower Times.............IFC 800-472-7373 • www.rfindustries..... ...primuselectronics.................... in a timely manner.......net Talley.............talleycom....... 51 940-325-3301 • www. Has your Company. 37 775-832-2523 • www...... 10 800-876-8216 • www........tractel................. 45 440-461-5200 • www............com RSI ...com/contactNATE......