Nanda Nippani

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I am seeking a new role in mechanical CAD designing where my technical skills, educational qualifications and abilities can be effectively applied. Over the last 1 year I’m practicing machine parts designs in AutoCAD2004 and Pro-E.

Technical Skills Education

AutoCAD 2004, Pro E Wildfire 2.0, Catia V5, Ansys.

Master Diploma Certificate in CAD/CAM
Mechanical Design, Analysis and Management (AutoCAD 2004, Pro E Wildfire 2.0, Catia V5,
Ansys and MS Office Project).

CADD Centre Training Services, Koramangala, Bangalore. India with A/1st class in October 2006

Bachelor Degree in Production Engineering.
Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur. India with A/1st Class in April 2002

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
Government Polytechnique, Solapur. India with A/1st Class in July 1999.
1. Design and manufacturing of Pantograph drilling machine.


The main idea of this project is taken from pantograph milling machine where pantograph mechanism permits the work piece to be reproduced of small then, equal to or greater than size of the template model used for purpose. Pantograph mechanism is generally constructed of four bars or links which are joined in the form of parallelogram. The tracing stylus is moved manually on the template of model to be duplicated and cutter mounted on the spindle moves in similar path on the work piece reproducing the shape of the model. The machine can be used where numbers of holes are to be produced on number of work places. The tool follows the same path as that of the stylus but at reduced scale. It eliminates the use of drilling jig. 2. Design and manufacturing of Exercise Machine.

Industrial Experience

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (Castings division). Undergone industrial training in this industry from 2.7.2001 to 31.7.2001 In industrial training I had made report what actually carried out in the industry from marketing to finished good. In marketing, order is received & job order is sent to factory then it go to planning, there analysis will be done on which material and how much quantity required. Afterwards they gave it to production. In store regular check will be made on materials stock, new order will be placed for that material if stock is less. In production planning will take place on how much time and how many operations on which machines

have to be done and which operations required for manufacture the job. In production job should be manufactured within time & tolerance. Quality check will be made on customer specification and requirement within tolerance. After approval of quality checks it goes to finished goods. This industry manufactures castings of clutches, gear boxes, flywheels and machine parts. Nationality Date of Birth Marital Status Indian 30th May 1978 Married

Personal Details Extra Activities Visa status References

State level Player in Ball Badminton in November 1990 Interested in playing outdoor games and watching TV. HSMP valid till September 2009. Available upon request.