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1. Discuss the shortcomings of Recursion with help of a suitable Ans.Recursive solution is always logical and it is Very difficult to trace and debug it. Before each recursive calls current values of the varibles in the function is stored in the PCB, ie process control block and this PCB is pushed in the OS Stack.Sosometimes alot of free memory is require for recursive solutions.


2. Discuss the various applications where the Queues are applied, also give the justification for those applications. Ans. Queues that are created by an application or by the Message Queuing administrator are
referred to as application queues. Destination queues are any application queue that sending applications send messages to, or that receiving applications receive messages from. Administration queues are application-generated queues used to store system-generated negative and positive acknowledgment messages that are created by Message Queuing or connector applications. Any available nontransactional queue can be used as an administration queue. Response queues are application-generated queues used to store application-generated response messages that are typically returned by an application that is reading messages from a queue. Any available queue can be specified as a response queue Report queues are application-generated queues used to store report messages generated by Message Queuing or connector applications when tracing is requested by the sending application. When a message is sent with tracing enabled, a report message is generated each time the message leaves or arrives at a Message Queuing computer. Subqueues are implicitly created local queues that are logical partitions of a physical queue. Applications can use subqueues to group messages. The subqueues feature enables you to logically group messages in a queue without creating another physical queue.

3. Discuss the impact on the complexity of an algorithm due to the different ways of implementation of Binary Trees. Ans.

Discuss the significance of Binary Search Tree as compared to other data structures and also describe the application areas where Binary Search Tree are applicable. . 6. Searching a binary search tree for a specific value can be a recursive or iterative process.4. The major advantage of binary search trees over other data structures is that the related sorting algorithms and search algorithms such as in-order traversal can be very efficient. Write a procedure to find the shortest path from a given node A to a given node B. This explanation covers a recursive method. WAP in C++ to Implement the Priority Queue and discuss its complexity. Give the description of some of the applications that require the usage of the Heap data structure than the Tree. 7. 8. Ans. Write a procedure to print the list of successors of a given node N in a Graph. Part-B 5.

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