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From the Board of Directors and Executive Director
Greetings from the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center! As proud as we are to share this report of the Center’s two-year record of accomplishments, we’re even more proud of the many, many names it contains. They are the names of the Center’s friends; names of people whose lives we have touched, who’ve invested time and money in our vision, and of people who visit and benefit from the Center’s programs and services. Together with your name, they comprise a roll-call of our community, and that’s what the Center is all about. The Center is here to connect the diverse members of our community to resources, opportunities and each other to build a stronger, healthier and more equitable world for LGBT people and our allies. We’re coming up on our tenth year, a significant milestone. It’s been a long and at times difficult road to get here. We’ve done it with your support. The entire Board, staff and cadre of Center volunteers’ efforts have created a strong foundation. As a result, we truly believe that we are at an exciting turning point – one from which we will grow stronger and that now allows us to embark on new initiatives to support and benefit our community. In the coming year, these initiatives will include investing in technology, and increasing our online presence and the resources available to you; solidifying the Center’s finances; and reconfiguring the Center’s community and rental space to better suit the community’s needs. As a team, the Board and Executive Director are leading our fundraising efforts, building a diverse and committed board of directors, and advocating vigorously and effectively in the community. We’ve made great progress in the past two years and are excited as we move forward! This is all about responding to the changing needs of our community and creating a Center that celebrates and safeguards our strong community values of compassion, tolerance and self-expression. For everyone. There is something for everyone at the Center but our services and celebrations need you to make them part of the community. We hope to see you soon and often.

Debbie Chaw
Board Co-Chair

James williamson
Board Co-Chair

RebeCCa RolFe
Executive Director



A Stronger, Healthier and More Equitable World for You!
The mission of the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center located in San Francisco’s world-famous Castro/Upper Market District is to connect our diverse community with opportunities, resources and each other to build a stronger, healthier and more equitable world for LGBT people and our allies. TheRe is someThing FoR eveRyone, inCluDing you, aT The CenTeR. Our building and services are designed to foster greater opportunities for people to thrive, celebrate LGBT history and culture, and organize and build a legacy for future generations. ouR solaR poweReD, sTaTe-oF-The-aRT FaCiliTy is open six Days a week. We host dance parties, award ceremonies, fashion shows, wedding ceremonies and receptions, support groups, meetings, movie festivals, play rehearsals, board retreats and many other functions. The David Bohnett CyberCenter provides free computer access. Short-term, sliding-scale rental spaces serve groups ranging from 10 to 400 in size; long-term office leases are available for up to a dozen other nonprofit agencies. all oF ouR DiReCT seRviCes aRe available To you FRee oF ChaRge. Many are designed for community members most in need, including youth, job seekers, children and families, city newcomers, women and the transgender community. Programs include: • eConomiC DevelopmenT. Get expertise and support when you’re searching for work, starting a business, dealing with job discrimination, buying a home or need financial planning for your family. The first LGBT program of its type in the country, we serve over a thousand individuals like you annually. Because transgender people face additional workplace discrimination, the Center provides specialized one-to-one skills building, mentoring and advocacy through our collaborative Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI). • healTh anD wellness. Take good care of yourself at the Center. Our HIV/AIDS program prevents infection through social networking and peer support for city newcomers. Our Information and Referral program can connect you with hundreds of LGBT-friendly services and resources you need to thrive.



• ChilDRen, youTh anD Family. It takes a village to raise a child, and at the Center LGBT families find both the free childcare and peer support they need to raise the next generation. In local schools and in the streets, the Center advocates for and empowers LGBT youth. San Francisco school programs include curriculum development, youth empowerment and advocacy. LGBT youth who travel to San Francisco in search of sanctuary can find at the Center hot meals, HIV testing, social activities, educational workshops, and leadership opportunities. • CommuniTy anD poliCy iniTiaTives. You can make long-term change happen from the ground up by organizing with others at the Center. Gather to plan, organize and respond to important emerging community and policy issues such as marriage equality and employment protection. The Center makes sure LGBT voices are heard through timely calls to action, getting the word and people out. • aRTs anD CulTuRe. You can enjoy the creative Bay Area community at the Center throughout the year with art exhibits and collaborative showcases, often produced in collaboration with other organizations. Our affordable gallery and performance spaces bring artist and audience together to highlight emerging and established queer art, celebrating our culture’s richness of self-expression. please Join us ToDay in being The Change you wish To see in The woRlD. Attend one of our many events, become a community volunteer, or consider making a financial investment in the Center—the life you change may be your own. For more information, visit our website at www.sfcenter.org or call us directly at 415-865-5555.

As the country’s leading solar utility, our commitment to renewable energy is a source of great pride. Here in San Francisco, PG&E is proud to have donated a state-of-the-art solar energy system to the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center, generating millions of kilowatts in renewable green power. PG&E is proud to be working side-by-side with the San Francisco LGBT Community Center to build a brighter future for San Francisco, California and beyond.

Proud to Step Up


for the

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Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (BALIF) is the nation’s oldest and largest association of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered persons in the field of law.

27 years experience | gay-owned | ofrecemos servicio en Español

Imagine if the most severe physical pain and sorrow in your life were inflicted by the people you trusted most. In the spring of 2007, Belo Cipriani was beaten and robbed of his sight at the hands of his childhood friends.

Blind: A Memoir chronicles the two years

immediately following the assault. At the age of 26, Belo found himself learning to walk, cook, and date in the dark. Armed with visual memory and his newly developed senses, Belo shows readers what the blind see. He narrates a recondite world of the blind, where microwaves, computers, and watches talk, and where guide dogs guard as well as lead.

Praise for Belo Cipriani and “Blind: A Memoir”
“...a gripping story, beautifully told, about one man’s bout with unimaginable adversity and his inspirational ascent from the depths” Jane Ganahl, Journalist and Co-Founder of Litquake “...makes an important contribution to queer and disability studies as well as being a rewarding experience for the general reader.” Susan Krieger, Professor, Stanford University

available at www.blindamemoir.com

Center by the Numbers AAA Gives Back
AAA is proud to support the SF LGBT Community Center.

• Job seekers attending job fairs at the Center this last year: 615 • Unemployed transgender people who have been placed into jobs in the first three years of the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative: 150 • Leases secured last year by small businesses in the Castro with the assistance of the Center’s Economic Development Program: 6 • New business start-ups assisted last year through loan workshops, loan packaging and business plan development: 39 • People annually accessing our Information and Referral services: over 5,000 • Percentage of mental health services, sexual/and or domestic abuse, HIV/AIDS or general health / health access referrals given through Information and Referral program: 60% • Condoms distributed at the Center last year: over 5,000 • Versions of the Poz Guy Resource Guide published: 2, English and Spanish • Workshops on HIV prevention and other health issues last year: 20 • Art projects created in KidSpace last year: 612 • Hours of free childcare provided through KidSpace last year: 1,248 • Number of times KidSpace providers have wiped noses: 208 • Percentage of adults surprised by how hard children can kick in KidSpace’s Aikido Course for 7- to 10-yearolds: 100% • Juice boxes consumed in KidSpace last year: 624 • Meals served over last year to homeless youth: 953 • Percentage of young people participating in Youth Meal Night, LGBT Studies Class, Prom and other activities who feel the power to seek social change: 90% • Percentage of school board members who, after hearing from Center youth advocates, voted to approve an increase in resources for LGBT youth: 100% • Hot Cookies consumed by 200 youth at the Center’s 4th annual Youth Prom: 500 • Active partnerships with local community-based organizations: over 70 • Meeting rooms for rental to community groups and businesses: 10 • Community calls to action and public policy initiatives launched in past year: 10

• Balloons used in Center’s recent Pride Parade float: 450 • Ratio of visits to the Center from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to youth drag shows: 1:1 • Number of times “her look was flawless” was uttered in connection to either House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or participants in the youth drag show: 4 • Cultural events the Center has hosted through its arts program, SF TEAM, Center Women Present and Latino Forum: 170 • LGBT artists who have shown their work at the Center: over 75 • Temperature controlled gallery space square footage: 620 • Rainbow Room square footage: 2,300 • Ceremonial Room square footage: 1,500 • Computer classroom equipment: 25 computers, 4 scanners, 3 printers and 1 video projection system • Public access David Bohnett CyberCenter equipment: 10 computers, 1 scanner/printer and full Internet access • Average number of unique monthly visitors to the Center’s website last year: 11,224 • Center Facebook fans and Twitter followers: 8,953 • Center Facebook fans whose primary language is Pirate English: 14 • Average number of building visitors to the Center per month: 9,000 • People attending the Center’s Soiree 8 anniversary celebration: 723 • People in gold lamé hotpants at Soiree 8: 3 • Cups of coffee ingested by our Executive Director in a year: 2,816 • Rolls of toilet paper used at the Center last year: 1,520 • Estimated annual amount of energy and cost savings from the Center’s 96 solar panels: 27,000 kilowatts and $5,000. • Cubic feet of land fill diverted through aggressive composting efforts: 4,056 • Dollars we will save by recent building mortgage refinancing: $200,000 • Community members who have volunteered at the Center: 833 • Average monthly value of volunteer involvement: $10,205 • Average monthly volunteer hours: 504

We believe in a healthy San Francisco.
Kaiser Permanente is pleased to support the San Francisco LGBT Community Center’s 9th Anniversary Celebration.


one moRe?



Center Community Profiles
Joshua shRaDeR, Program Participant After relocating to San Francisco, Joshua found being new to the city daunting and stressful. Joining the Center’s San Francisco Newcomers’ Assistance Program (SNAP!) helped him meet new people and develop nourishing relationships. Since 2007, he has helped plan, organize, and run many social and networking events for SNAP! events that build community and prevent isolation among many gay, bisexual and trans men. According to Joshua, “SNAP! has always helped me out when I’ve needed some help, and in turn I’ve been able to provide for and witness what kind of impact a community program like SNAP! can do for others.” pamela penisTon, Community Partner The Center has active partnerships with over 70 community-based groups, including the Queer Cultural Center (Qcc) that hosts many of their annual National Queer Arts Festival events at the Center. Founded by Pam in 1993, Qcc is a multiracial community-building organization that fosters the artistic, economic and cultural development of San Francisco’s LGBT community. She chose to partner with the Center, in part, because our multi-purpose room rentals are available on a slidingscale. Such partnerships leverage Center resources to bring our community together, while insuring existing community services are not duplicated. gaRy yamaDa , Program Intern Gary came to the Center understanding that by helping others to find jobs, he would gain valuable experience to build his own career. Over a series of months, as a member of the Center’s Economic Development department he conducted community and employer outreach for the Transgender Job Fair, helped publicize multiple events, and even pitched in to help the Center’s fundraising as needed. According to Gary, “Perhaps the most memorable experience was when some visitors to the Center approached me to thank me for my work in organizing the job fairs. To them, being able to speak with employers in a safe and inclusive environment was unheard of.” QuinCy TanneR, Event Volunteer A key member of our Soiree 8 anniversary committee, Quincy worked on the silent auction, organized food donations, worked with sponsors and eventually landed himself the role of a lifetime as the event’s registration coordinator. He then returned to take on many tasks associated with the Center’s 5th Annual Pride Party, including creating a dedicated event website. Events such as the Soiree and Pride Party bring our community together and help sustain the Center. Generous volunteers like Quincy make that possible. sTeFanie sChuR, Center Women Present Stefanie was a lesbian mom in search of a healthy queer-friendly community when she moved to the Bay Area in 2003. Her volunteer work for the Center led Stefanie to join Center Women Present (CWP), an all-volunteer Center initiative that brings the Bay Area community of diverse queer women together. Stefanie has organized events and created CWP’s website, and became a Steering Committee member in 2009. She’s proud of what CWP has accomplished, from social events like Match-Up, Big Bunch of Whatever, and Newcomers, to support groups like Need To Talk and Women’s Self-Defense, to performance events like Girls On Film and Speak Up. wes FReas anD peTe elTing, Founding Donors Among the Center’s first investors were Pete Elting and Wes Freas. Pete went on to become an early board member, ensuring a strong foundation for San Francisco’s first permanent LGBT Community Center. Wes continues to be a force today at the Center as the source and inspiration behind our annual June Margaritas on the Deck Pride Party. What originally began as a small gathering of friends to celebrate his birthday has grown into a community-wide Pride celebration and important Center fundraising event, underwriting the Center’s critical safety net of direct services targeting the most vulnerable in our community.
Photos credits: Chloe Christine, Kandi Taylor, Ross Pushinaitis, Charles Anderson, Eric Maxey, Guillaume Paumier, David Rubel and Aline Moura.



Board of Directors Alumni
The San Francisco LGBT Community Center has tremendous gratitude for the individuals who have led the Center by serving on the Board of Directors. Their dedication, diligence and clarity of vision have been the strong foundation on which the Center has grown. We deeply appreciate their generous gifts of ability and time.

Richard L. Allman • Jeffrey C. Anderson • Derek Barnes • Brenda F. Barnette • Lisa Tamara Belenky • Jeff Bell Anne Berkery • Laurie Bertolacci • Linda Blackmore • David Bowik-Asperin • Chris Carnes • Laura Castellanos • Don Cecil • Tonya Chaffee • Julian Chang • Josie Clevenger • Josephine Cole • Christopher Collins • Carole Ann Coplan Maria Cora • Duane Cramer • Billy Curtis • Robert N. Dadurka • Pamela David • Julie R. Davis • Deirdre Dawson Darwin Dayan • Rosalinda del Moral • Anne Derryberry • Mike Discepola • Jeffrey J. Dorsey • Pete Elting • Robert G. Evans • Page Faegre • Will Flowers • Suzanne Frank • Barbara French • Randi Gerson • Mariah Hanson • Hollis Hardin • Erin Hirsch • Nicholas Hodges • James C. Holloway • Peggy Hughes • Stacy N. Jackson • Crystal J. Jang Marla Jurosek • Leslie Katz • John I. Kennedy • Valerie Koehn • Deena Lahn • David Latina • The Hon. Mark Leno B. Scott Levine • Greg Ligotti • Joe Lucero • Victor M. Marquez • Patricia Martel • Ken McNeely • Michael Medema Nanette Lee Miller • Randolph Miller • Fredy Miranda • Deborah Montesinos • Derek Morales • Margaret Morvay Zoon Nguyen • Michelle Ortiz • Juanita L. Owens • Richard Pabich • Jennifer Pariseau • Felicia Park-Rogers • Colin Petheram • Douglas Pinter • Peter Poulos • Sabrina Riddle • Karla E. Rosales • Margo Rosen • Donna Sachet Jean-Paul Samaha • Eric Sandler • Millie Saunders • Jeffrey A. Sead • Scott Shafer • Daniel Signani • Myles Silton Sidney Silver • Michael Simmons • Erica Smith • Shane Snowdon • Frances Stevens • Margaret J. Stone • Betty L. Sullivan • Juan Tam • Erik M. Terreri • Cheri Toney • Dana Van Gorder • Paul W. Vestal • John Vezina • Lesley Weaver Scott Wiener • Frank H. Woo • A. Toni Young • Craig Zodikoff

UCSF AIDS Health Project
AHP is proud to partner with the LGBT Center to provide the SNAP Talk group every week.

founded 1984

For detailed information about all AHP’s programs, support groups, trainings, and research projects, please visit our web site at www.ucsf-ahp.org.



Executive Director Information Technology Manager Workforce Development Specialist KidSpace Childcare Provider Youth Program Coordinator Administrative Assistant Transgender Economic Development Coordinator Director of Community Development HIV Services Manager Economic Development Associate KidSpace Childcare Provider Youth Program Coordinator Facilities Director

Board of Directors
Development Coordinator Director of Community Programs Community Programs Manager

Rebecca Rolfe Emilia Alarcon David Bach

Devon Nandagiri

Debra Chaw
Board Co-Chair

Roberto Ordeñana Mila Pavlin

James Williamson
Board Co-Chair

Terry Micheau
Board Treasurer

Leticia Batrez-Herrera Beck

Michael Pembridge
Facilities Assistant Community Programs Coordinator Director of Health and Wellness

Michael S. Albert
Board Secretary

Joseph Peralta Anthony Philip

Loretta Chung Clair Farley

Pamela Stuessy Todd Randall

Finance Manager

Eugénie FitzGerald David Gonzalez Joya Jones

Facilities Assistant Development Director Events Coordinator

Gayle Roberts Cat Stevans

Laura Louie

Development Manager

Ingrid Tischer Mia TuMutch
Youth Intern

Eric Martinez

Mike McLeod

Business Assistance Specialist

Tracey R. Williams

Juan Barajas Frankie Bashan Jacqueline Bennett Diana Berry Beth Burkhart Masen Davis Wade Estey Michael Hickcox Amanda Keton Paula Lykins Kelly Porter Joel Preston David Rak Paul Mario Silvestre Paul B. Tan Shannon Wentworth



Institutional Donors
July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2010
The Center’s contributors of corporate and foundation support are a tremendous source of financial stability for the organization. Their generosity makes them true partners in our efforts to advance our mission of connecting our diverse community to opportunities, resources and each other. We also gratefully acknowledge our in-kind donors.

$100,000+ The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund • Wachovia Foundation • Wells Fargo Foundation $50,000 - $99,999 Bank of America • The Walter and Elise Haas, Sr. Fund • San Francisco Foundation Tides Foundation $25,000 - $49,999 Academy of Art University • AT&T Foundation • California Pacific Medical Center Horizons Foundation • Levi Strauss Foundation • Pacific Gas and Electric Company • U.S. Bank $10,000 - $24,999 Castro Community Benefit District • Comcast • Macy’s Foundation • McKesson Corporation • Morgan Stanley • Safeway, Inc. • San Francisco 49ers • Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund The Small Change Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 Astraea Lesbian Foundation Inc. • California State Automobile Association • Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program • Clorox Company Foundation Employee Giving Campaign • Google Greenleaf Produce • Hanson, Bridgett LLP • Kaiser Permanente • Lennar Communities -- Bay Area Urban Macy’s Passport • San Francisco AIDS Foundation van Löben Sels / RembeRock Foundation The Victorian Alliance • The Women’s Foundation of California $1,000 - $4,999 Academy of Friends • Advent Software • Bank of America Matching Gifts • Barbary Coast Consulting • Bechtel National, Inc. • Brown and Toland Medical Group • Catch Restaurant • Catholic Healthcare West • CMP Community Connection Foundation • Flying Bear Media • Gap Giving Campaign KDLV • Kimpton Group • MJM Management Group On The Avenue Marketing Group • Patelco Credit Union • Price Waterhouse Coopers • Robert Half International/Office Team • San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Marriott • SF LGBT Pride Celebration Shorenstein Company LLC • Silicon View, LLC Skyy Spirits • Smith Group • Spectrum Federal Credit Union • Speramus Foundation • Sunset Scavenger Company • Swanson, McNamara & Haller, LLP • United Way Bay Area • Wald Law Group Walgreens • Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign • Yahoo! Matching Gifts

...and discover what makes Joie de Vivre Hotels special. We are proud to support The Center and to be part of this great city. While other hotels are in the business of selling rooms, our goal is to sell dreams...and no city dreams bigger than San Francisco.

jdvhotels.com/lgbt 800.738.7477



Individual Gifts
July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2010
The Center is grateful for the generosity of the many individual community members whose gifts were received over this two-year period. We deeply appreciate our Sustainers who are denoted with an *.

$40,000+ David Henry Jacobs $10,000 - $39,999 Anonymous • Jayclyde Bacom • Debra Chaw • Kenneth Duchscherer • Robert G. Evans and Terry Micheau • Thomas Given and Bill Williamson • George R. Rolfe and Lois Gamble Duncan • James Williamson and Geoff Kors $5,000-$9,999 James Wesley Cunningham James Di Carlo • Inge Eudy • Brandon Fradd • Ambassador James C. Hormel and Michael Nguyen • Marla Jurosek • Koji Kawano • Greg Ligotti • Thom Lynch • Douglas Pinter • Rebecca Rolfe and Susan Mooney Paul Mario Silvestre and Brian Dittmar $2,500-$4,999 Michael S. Albert and Clarence Franks • Troy Barber and Dan Steward • Laurie Bertolacci • David P. Black • Cedric Brown • Tina Buop • Beth Burkhart* • Tonya Chaffee* • David M. Cover • Pete Elting and Wes Freas • Suzie Gleeson • Yvette Hirth • Bob F. Jeppesen John I. Kennedy and Scott Shafer • Kerry Lobel and Marta Drury • Kevin McNamara and John Wolfe Michael Medema • Doug Melton and Rick Paxson • John Newsome • Colin Petheram and Karteek Patel Ferolyn Powell • Gayle Roberts • Annette Tracy • Barbara Vick • Steve Wereb • Scott Wiener $1,200$2,499 Merle Adams and Jed Davies • Jeffrey C. Anderson and Jeffrey T. Soukup* • Mike Barsul • Ignatius Bau and John Bare • Brian W. Bonds • Janet Boyle and Jennifer Graham • Amity Pierce Buxton* • Don Cecil and Mark Gilbert • Jennifer Chaiken and Sam Hamilton • Gary Demyen • Mike Dillon • Douglas Drummond and John Tuttle • Martha Ehrenfeld and Carla McKay • Cleo G. Evans • Page Faegre • Anice Flesh • Maureen Futtner and Kate White • Jen Gannon • Theresa Garnero • James W. Haas • Hany Haddad • Sean Hutchinson • Amanda Keton and Aubrey Hone • The Hon. Mark Leno • Tony Lillios • Yan Liu • Margaret Lukic • Caroline Medline-Roat


5x4.875 BW

We take pride in our community
You take pride in who you are, we take pride in you. We believe in celebrating what’s important. That’s why we contribute to many LGBT nonprofits, encourage team members to volunteer, and help Pride celebrations happen in many cities. Wells Fargo fosters a culture in which all people and their individual differences are not only accepted, but celebrated!


e San Francisco 49ers Foundation is proud to support the San Francisco LGBT Community Center

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Andrea Murray • Vern Nuanez • Joel Preston and Kevin Harrigan • Jen Rainin and Frances Stephens • James John Salerno and Karen Susan Kubick • Jeffrey R. Sampson • Mario Silvestre • Neil Sims and Tim Lucas Erica Smith • Hillary Smith • Christine Solley • Erik M. Terreri • Bruce C. Traficante • Caroline Weis and Julie Renfroe • Robert T. Weston • Archibald Wilson $500-$1,199 Sherilyn Adams* • Lamott Atkins • Brenda F. Barnette • Eileen Blumenthal and Patricia Dunn • Julian Chang* • Cynthia Chaw • Elinor Chaw • Julie Clark Carole Ann Coplan • Christopher Daley • Renee De Cossio • Pam DeLuca • Kelly M. Dermody • Bruce and Barbara Dittmar • The Hon. Bevan Dufty • Don Eastman • Jeffrey Eugley • John and Sandra Fewer • Vincent A. Fortunato • Mark Foy • Stefani Francis • Jerry Frost • Porter Gale • Cynthia Gomez • Robert Guite Cynthia Guynn • Nathan Hale • Jeff Harlowe • Kris Hermanns • Jody Hoenninger and Liza Sibley • Robert R. Holgate • Charmaine Hope • Don Jerabek and Butler Rodeno, Jr. • Lindsey Jones • Kim Kennedy-Shaw Max Kirkeberg • Wendy Kosanovich and Hillary Ware • Stacy Lamirand and Sunne Souders • Amy Lavezzo Dale Lenci • Benjamin Leong • Jeff Lewy and Ed Eishen • John Mackin • Donald Medley • Tim Moody Timothy Murrill • Robert Noble • Roger Norton • Heide Oberndorf • James M. Oschwald and Dale Murphy John Osthaus and Brad Brewster • Drew Paxton • Stephen Perreault • Michael Phillips • Matt Pipes Kimberly Pope • Chase Powell and Kuan Loon Yong • Diana Rangel • Douglas Rayner and Mark Alan Miller Robert Rice • Sabrina Riddle • Richard Rockwell • William Russel • Jeffrey Schindler and Mark Friedlander Mary Schmidt and Sira Anderson • Donna Seid • Jay R. Shaffer • Bevin Shamel • Yensing Sihapanya • John Simonds and Dan Swilley • Randall Smith • Kenneth Stram and Steaven Campbell • Patrick D. Strieck Hillary Tholen • Julia and Samuel Thoron • Pam Tinswell • Sheryl Traum and Anne Johnson • Ted A. Tucker • Dana Van Gorder • John Vezina • Margaret Walsh • Markus Watson • Lesley Weaver • Shannon Wentworth • Gail Whitaker and Jan Andreasen • Frank H. Woo and Sheldon J. Sloan* • Mark A. Ziering $249-$500 Carmen Allison • Stephen Altbaum • Michael Balistreri • Adam Barea and Patrick Morgan David Barlow • Dr. Frankie and Elizabeth Bashan • John Bell • Tom Boag and Ralph Hamblin • Diane Boyer



inDiviDual giFTs ConTinueD: Chris Bransford and Jim Nash • Tansy Brooks • Lisa Brown and Daniel Handler • Frank and Ted Bruce* • Thomas Burns • Raymond Buscemi • Amy Butcher* • Doug Cannon Omar Cecilio • Jeanette Chang • Paul Chartrand • Jonathan Child • Anthony Chiu • Rachel Christenson Peter Cocolla* • Michael Cogliandro, Jr. • David Crestfield and Johnnie Norway • Peggy Critz Brandy Cuevas • Susan Dagnese • Robert B. Daroff, MD • Randy Deboer • Nicole Dessoye • Earl Diskin Steve Disselhorst • Lynna Do • Maggie Dolan • Robert Driggs • Zoe Dunning • Howard Edelstein • Christian Edvardsen • Lauren Elliot • Rev. Richard G. Fabian • Frederick Fechtner • Lisa Finkelstein • Thomas Firpo and Benjamin Fowler • Sylvia Fortenberry • Suzanne Frank • Donald Frisbie • Antonio Garcia-Rivas • Margo George and Catherine Karrass • James J. Gibboney and Paul Blanchard, Jr. • Michael Ginther and James O’Donnell • Mario J. Goes • Gina Denae Gross • Janine Guillot and Shannon Wilson • Ann Hadley • Lynn Hall Stefan Hastrup and Gary Schilling • James Hendriksen and Terisa Chaw • Ruth Herring • Amy Hill Chris Hirano • Bill Hirsh and Thompson Chambers • Lisa B. Hoffman • Larry Horowitz • Stephen Huey • Amy Hurwith • Darren Iverson • Sara Jane • Donna Kayiatos • Jim Kelleher • Janice Kellogg • Erwin Kelly, Jr. Brian Khoury and Lisa Gibello • Lindsey Kremmel • Kyra Kyrias • Brian Lammers • Cindy Larson • Kristin Laymon • Joe Lesnak • Elaine Lissner • Rogelio Lopez • Jeffrey Lyttle • Rafael Mandelman • Eric Mann and Scott Fletcher • Gregory J. Marks • Cassandra Mayall • Robert McDonald and Wayne Sobon • Kevin McHenry • Shireen McSpadden and D.J. Siegman • Nader Meykadeh • Richard Miller • Brandon Miller • Jack Newby • Daniel Nicoletta and Michael Pinateeli, Jr. • Debra Niemann and David Brodwin • Gerald Novelly Karen Nutter and Lynda Pireg • Lester Olmstead-Rose • Theresa Ono • Michelle Ortiz • Scott J. Owens, Jr. Sue Parsell • Al Parso • Gary Pegueros • Greg Pennington • Janet Pipes • Steve Polsky and Mark Oliver Robert Potter • Robert Price and Daniel Syme • Donna Prowse • Tim Ramsey • Larry Rand • Amy Robinson Gerald B. Rosenstein • Travis Rue • Donna Sachet • Mark Saltzberger • Jagan Samudrala • Linda Scaparotti Peter Scott • AJ Shepard • Norma Urcuyo Siani and Albert Alston • Michael Simmons • Michael Skaar and

We’re proud to soar

with such great company.

Alaska Airlines is proud to support the Center.


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Cole Tyler • Suzanne Skipper • Aaron Slater • Dr. Bruce M. Smith and Paul L. Castellano • Laurie Smith Niki Solis • Kelly Stiles • Susan Stryker • Harold Sullivan • Rachael Swann and Rachael Gill • Dr. Patrick Swift and Peter Williamson • Sal Tahamrin • James H. Takagi and Glenn E. Davis • Michael Tate • Tom Taylor and Jerome Goldstein • Robert Taylor • Geof Teague • Jennifer Thompson • Minna Toa • Amy Vernetti • Anthony Villescas • Adonica Wade • Ann Wansley and Pat Harber • Greg Weigel • James Whitaker • Sheryll A. White John Williams • Randall Wittorp • Tracey Woodward • Steven Yakle • Andy York • Tara Zorovich $100-$249 Theodore E. Abreu • Emilia S. Alarcon • Ana Allwood • Mitch Altman • Ramon Alustisa • The Hon. Tom Ammiano • David Ammons • Michael Anderson • Brian Armbrust • Beau August • Harley Augustino • Sofia Ayala* • David M. Bach • D. Cameron and Audrey Ivanetic Baker • Greg Baldwin • Brooke Banks • Brian Banuelos • Terry Baransy and Robert Artesani • Adam Baron • James Owen Bartlett and Theodore Z. Hax Roy Bateman • Jeanne Bear • Gerald W. Becerra • Brendan Behan* • Peter Lake Bellinger and Joe Grubb Michael Bergen • Diana Berry • Iris Biblowitz • Myra Bicknell • Sharon Black • Dennis Blanchard and Barry Lynch • Lee Blitch • Gerry A. Blunt • David and Joseph Bowik-Asperin • Peter Bradley, Ph.D. • Noah Breyer Louis Briasco • Lisa Bridges • Raymond Bridges • Roland Burgmann and Betty Suh-Burgmann • Ralph Burr and Andrew Cushing • Frank Capley • Maureen Carew • Kyle Celio • Benjamin Chaloner-Grill • James T. Chappell • David Charette and James Gosnell • Derek Cinpak and John Miller • William Cleaveland • Jennifer Coffy • William B. Coolidge • Kevin and Zoe Crowder • Michael Curless • Henrietta S. Currier • Gregory Dalton and Lucia Choi • Anna B. Damiani • Aaron Danzig • Dinara Davhetshina • Masen Davis • Dawn Deana James Dobkins • Robert D. Dockendorff • J. Doherty • Tamar Dorfman and Joe Kahne • Holly Doudiet Roger Doughty • Nanette Duffy • Paul Duhamel and Esteban Ramirez • Christopher E. Duncan and Reece S. Joyner • Jay Edwards • Wade Estey • John Farham • Braudilio and Leah Feliz • John Ferrara and Charles Zukow • Patrick Fitzgerald • Brian Fitzgibbons • Mortiz Fliedner • Melissa Font • Sherri Franklin • Deborah Franks • Ross Fubini • Charles R. Gallegly • Jose Madeira Garcia • Ruben Garcia • Lance Garcia • Kevin Gardner



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When birds of a feather fly together, it’s nice to have a friendly place to touch down. Fortunately Air New Zealand flies to many gay-welcoming destinations, like London, the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. And we depart from welcoming gateway cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Honolulu. That means your entire journey can be relaxed, and you can devote your attention to the joys of getting away from it all, on your own, in a group, or with your totally significant other. On Air New Zealand, we’ll help you settle in for your journey with genuine kiwi hospitality. We offer renowned food and wine service on board all our flights originating in the US and Canada. Menus are designed by our awardwinning chefs, and feature fresh New Zealand flavors paired with highly rated New Zealand wines. Air New Zealand is an IGLTA member and a proud sponsor of major gay and lesbian community events in several countries.


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Proudly Serving Our Community

We developed one of the first residential care facilities in the nation for patients in the last stages of AIDS.

We continue to serve our community providing quality care throughout the city reaching every neighborhood in San Francisco.

We will provide a new acute care facilities at St. Luke’s and new location at Geary and Van Ness. At the Davies campus we’ll continue to serve the LGBT community with quality health care and a new neuroscience Institute and regional rehabilitation center.

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The Center gratefully acknowledges these in-kind gifts that were valued at $1,000 and up.

In-Kind Donors

Absolut Vodka Access Scaffolding Air New Zealand Alaska Airlines American Apparel Barefoot Wine & Bubbly Albert and Arlene Betti Brian Dittmar Design Inc. California Pacific Medical Center Closet Factory Comcast Curve Magazine Daddy Hunt.com David Bohnett Foundation Pam David and Cheryl Lazar DeLessio’s Market and Bakery DIFFA Jeffrey Frost Frame-O-Rama Golfsmith Grand Hyatt New York Hadley Media Inc. Here Media Horizons Condominiums Estate of Robert Jenkins Joie de Vivre Hospitality Jones Day

JW Marriott San Francisco Kalani Oceanside Retreat Village Kelly Moore Paints Kimpton Hotels Little Gay Book Marriott Hotels Medjool and Medallion Steakhouse National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) Olivia Cruises Open Imagery and Stanford Court Hotel Colin Petheram and Karteek Patel Maben and Robert Rainwater Rancho Las Palmas Robert Noble Interior Design RSVP Vacations, LLC Southwest Airlines Sports Basement Sweet Cruises Swirl Radio The Examiner United Airlines Virgin America Virgin Atlantic Bill Wilkerson and Thomas Green



Statement of Financial Position
June 30, 2010 (With Comparative Totals for June 30, 2009)
2010 2009

Current  Assets Cash Accounts  receivable Grants  receivable Pledges  receivable Prepaid  expenses Total  Current  Assets Property  and  equipment,  net   Deposits Total  Assets

$                                        62,900                                            20,648                                        126,349                                            33,323                                            13,422                                        256,642                            10,412,387                                                  1,262   $                        10,670,291

$                                          89,146                                                  20,176                                                78,130                                                45,867                                                12,178                                          245,497                                  10,772,962                                                    2,651 $                             11,021,110

Liabilities and Net Assets
Current  LiabiliJes Accounts  payable  and  accrued  expenses Rental  deposits Short  term  loans   CondiJonal  grant  -­‐  current  porJon     Long  term  debt  and  obligaJon  under  capital  lease-­‐   current  porJon     Total  Current  LiabiliJes CondiJonal  grant-­‐long  term  porJon   Long  term  debt  and  obligaJon  under  capital  lease   Total  LiabiliJes Commitment  and  ConJngencies Net  Assets Unrestricted Temporarily  restricted   Permanently  restricted   Total  Net  Assets Total  LiabiliJes  and  Net  Assets

$                                     264,118                                            13,524                                            35,000                                            14,000                                            14,132                                        340,774                                            42,000                                   3,160,188                                   3,542,962

$                                      175,328                                                  16,214                                                26,941                                                14,000                                                53,048                                          285,531                                                  42,000                                    3,133,953                                    3,461,484

                                  7,082,125                                            10,204                                            35,000                                   7,127,329 $                        10,670,291

                                   7,544,626                                                15,000                                    7,559,626 $                             11,021,110



Statement of Activities
Year Ended June 30, 2010 (With Comparative Totals for the Year Ended June 30, 2009)
Total Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted 2010 2009

Support and Revenue
Support Government  grants Founda9on  and  corporate  grants Dona9ons In-­‐kind  support Event,  net  of  donor  benefit Total  support Revenue Rental  payments Program  revenue Miscellaneous   Total  revenue Net  assets  released  from  restric9ons   Total  Support  and  Revenue $          763,848              320,335                153,798                    57,393                    15,311          1,310,685              182,315                    27,313                    12,401                222,029                175,059          1,707,773 $                                                169,000                  16,263   $                                                        20,000   $          763,848              489,335                190,061                    57,393                    15,311          1,515,948              182,315                    27,313                    12,401                222,029                                             -­‐        1,737,977 $          777,873              725,365                199,513                    25,263                    53,852          1,781,866              255,866                    25,425                          9,140              290,431                                             -­‐        2,072,297



                                     -­‐            (175,059)                10,204  

                                          -­‐                                           -­‐                  20,000  

Program   General  and  administra9on Fundraising Total  Expenses Change  in  net  assets  before  deprecia9on   Deprecia9on  expense Change  in  net  assets   Net  Assets,  beginning  of  year Net  Assets,  end  of  year        1,423,255                  93,874                292,570          1,809,699            (101,926)              360,575                                        -­‐                  10,204                                        -­‐                                             -­‐                  20,000                                             -­‐        1,423,255                  93,874                292,570          1,809,699                (71,722)                360,575          1,689,519              113,329                275,049          2,077,897                    (5,600)                368,512                (374,112)        7,933,738 $    7,559,626

             (462,501)                    10,204                        20,000                (432,297)        7,544,626 $    7,082,125                                      -­‐   $            10,204                    15,000   $              35,000          7,559,626 $    7,127,329

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Southwest Airlines® proudly partners with those who are helping to shape our communities all across America. One good deed—when coupled with another and another and another—can truly make a positive difference in our daily lives. Proud to be the Official Airline of the San Francisco LGBT Community Center

Taking Pride in Our Community
At U.S. Bank, we are committed to our communities. It’s where we work and where we live. We’re also dedicated to being your financial partner with the strength, support and superior customer service you deserve. You’ll notice the commitment we have to helping you prosper financially and the pride we have in supporting the San Francisco community. Visit your local U.S. Bank branch today.

U.S. Bank is proud to sponsor The Center. Thank you for supporting our community for nine years!

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