been writing and performing since Mixy, real name Michael Riccardi, has down the line, he is still

going strong he was 12 years old. Now, 10 years genres and cultures. and stunning audiences of all ages, hip most styles of lyricism, starting with During his career Mixy has covered dub step, eventually landing on and base, hop he moved through rock, drum ks and poems covering a vast catalogue of material, rap trac poetry. He has and fictional stories of personal many subjects and emotions, factual - from historic cultures and experiences and educational pieces the unexplored. events to the natural world and person and first ever rapper to gain In 2010 Mixy became the youngest in reate’. In the same year he took part the title of ‘Peterborough Poet Lau g of efeated, earning him the title ‘Kin many rap battles and remained und s poetry slams and claimed the the Mic’. He also took part in numerou title of ‘Speakeasy Slam Champion’. ts night with a group of other local artis In 2007 Mixy star ted a regular club , MCs, beat boxers, DJs, k dancers on the hip hop scene including brea as ‘Locality’, stormed the graffiti artists. The collective, known producers and artists best events ever held in the city. All local scene putting on some of the e Mixy. and can be booked alongsid involved with Locality are still active y of kshops and works regularly in man Mixy is experienced in running wor amazing results working . He has had the UK's schools and youth centres as young offenders secondary school students, as well with primary and and young people with disabilities. er you, he is a friendly upbeat charact Don’t let the hip hop stereotype fool as a gentleman. This ral teacher as well and has been referred to as a natu erial that enables a mixture of styles and range of mat master of rhyme uses ple to express themselves ower peo him to inspire the uninspired and emp ld. in a way they never believed they cou with their words was ough, says "As Poet Laureate, Mixy Cllr Keith Sharp, Mayor of Peterbor attended with me. ut civic events he ready and willing to write poems abo r the occasion, ng appropriate and witty, what eve He always wrote somethi nding civic events. I wish guests atte which was much appreciated by the s in the future." him every succes ivals ilability for workshops, events, fest For further information on Mixy's ava and anything else email Lynsey at

Get your very own Mixy!!

Mixy is available as a workshop host from £50 an hour plus travel expenses. His workshop can be tailored to your requirements. For further information, to book Mixy for workshops, festivals, per formances, as host or anything else contact Lynsey at info@ Prices and availability available on request. A non-refundable 20% deposit is required when making a booking. (We will endeavour to re-arrange any cancellations wherever possible.) Our terms and conditions are available at and will be included with quotes / bookings.  info@b

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