Assignment-4 CSE302 : Analysis and design of Information System Architecture..

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Ans 1: Menu-Driven- A menu is an exhaustive list of available system functions that are displayed on the terminal or workstation so user can choose them among. Dialogues that use this method of interaction are said to be menu driven.

Keyword Dailogue. a potentially difficult task. The particular design influences the detail one must specify and the way in which it is articulated. Poor dialogue can undetermined the best interface devices. and the methods and patterns followed in display of information. and the natural language form. Question/Answer Dailogue. scanner.rely on the presentation of a question to the user. as well as the particular methods of highlighting and signaling can enhance the red ability of display information. Common interface devices in online system are keyboard . but the right dialogue can make the boundary between user and system seem nonexistent. The answers guides the resulting processing. users invoke processing activities by entering a command the system understands. The three forms of keyword dialogue include the single command. the mnemonic. touch screen or voice.As their name suggests .mouse . The dialogue guides the interaction between system and user. The way the physical area of a display is structured. Ans 2: Characterstics of interface in online system: It includes the devices used to enter and receive data. The format may involve yes/no answers or narrative responses . the dialogue which prompts and guides users.light pen.The question/answers strategy allows the presentation of more elaborate questions and alternatives’ than do other strategies. It requires the analyst to anticipate every possible answer a user might provide. It also the wordiest dialogue strategy. . User also react to the manner in which information is organized for display in an online system. The daiogues determine the amount of information that must pass between user and system.With keyword dialogues.

Types of documentation include: 1. therefore./configure && make && make install. Includes relations to an environment and construction principles to be used in design of software components. 2. This is the foundation for what shall be or has been implemented. 5. Involvement of people in software life Documentation is an important part of software engineering. In general the following aspects of a program or project should be documented: 1.Overview of softwares. of course. 4. because not all programs work with . Installation of the program. 2. Imagine. capabilities. More documentation means better add-on modules. especially if it is not a common point-andclick one. Source code.Ans 3: More documentation means easier usage. Basic usage is mostly covered in a man page. . Examples of usage to supply a working basic configuration file and document it heavily. characteristics. 3. User interface. As soon as a user gets stuck trying to get a program feature to work. More advanced usage can be achieved by listing ALL configuration options in the documentation and giving examples on how to use them (take the very good Apache documentation for example). he or she starts to read that program's documentation. because somebody may want to add features to the program. creating wellstructured and well-written documentation that will make it easy for the user to get that feature to work. Architecture/Design . More documentation means happier users.Statements that identify attributes. 6. or qualities of a system. Requirements .

Manuals for the end-user. The bulk of information is stored in auxiliary memory this is also called backing storage when the power is switched off the data can't be removed. in order to store the entered data permanently for future reference. The main memory is used ti store only the data and instruction which are to be used immediately. portable storage. 5. External Hard Disk Drive . Magnetic disk and Magnetic tape have auxiliary memory. End User .3. RAM is a Volatile memory which means that all the contents of RAM are erased when the power is switched-off. interfaces. Internal Hard Disk Drive • Internal hard disk drive is the main auxiliary storage device that stores all of your data magnetically. Ans 4:Need of Auxiliary storage devices: When user enters the data/program using input device. music and video. documents. algorithms. including operating system files and folders. system administrators and support staff. and APIs. However a computer has to storage in auxiliary memory. You can think of the hard disc drive as a stack of disks mounted one on top of the other and placed in a sturdy case. those are stored in RAM. Therefore. 4.How to market the product and analysis of the market demand. Auxiliary storage devices are used to provide additional. Marketing . Technical . They spin at high speeds to provide easy and fast access to stored data anywhere on a disk. Auxiliary storage devices like Floppy disk. as opposed to hard drives which are fixed inside the computer and serve as primary storage devices. auxiliary memory is required.Documentation of code.

One byte stored one character . which shows the breakdown of the configuration system to the lowest manageable levels. • Use of auxiliary devices: 1.Magnateic Tape:. Ans 5: A Structure Chart (SC) in software engineering and organizational theory is a chart. 3. This chart is used in structured programming to arrange the program modules in a tree structure. In addition.Data are stored along the length of the tape at a specified density. depending on the disk drive used. Back up and Recovery of Flies: Information systems are not to immune to problems that can lead to accidental loss of data .Disk rotation ranges from approximately 200 to several thousand revolutions per minute. 2. The tree structure visualizes the relationships between the modules.Data are written to or read from magnetic disks only when they are being rotated by disk derive . To make better use of storage space. which contains the module's name.Data are read from the tapes in blocks. it is recommended that you always back up all of your data and the external hard drives become very useful as they can safely store large amounts of information. systems analysts usually reduce the number of inter block gaps required through blocking. Each module is represented by a box.External hard disk drives are used when the internal drive does not have any free space and you need to store more data.analysts are concerned with the preservation of both transaction and master file data during the design phase and throughout the life of the system. . measured in bytes per inch. They can be connected by either USB or Firewire connection to a computer and can even be connected with each other in case you need several additional hard drives at the same time.Magnetic Disk:.

editing and deleting tasks. With the help of this application any of your drives or directories can be represented as a pie chart. Speaker Workshop Speaker Workshop 1. You can simply navigate through those visualized folders by clicking on the chart elements or by using keyboard shortcuts. The regional data for each month is displayed in rows and monthly data for each region is displayed in columns FosiX FosiX is a tool designed to the storage consumption of the folders including their subfolders in a browsable chart or size tree view structure.Table Insights The Table Insights application displays a table of sales performance data for each month over one-year period for various regions. The program will then calculate the output that this system will produce. Its installation is . The application has a very intuitive interface. Gantt Project Gantt Project is a project management planning tool to schedule and track projects. If your system has a plain sound card. Its GUI is easy and friendly to use.06 is a program to design loudspeakers in your PC. you will also be able to test the designed speaker. Disk Pie Disk Pie has been developed to provide you with better understanding of the type and structure of data that is stored on your hard drives. This management tool is a Gantt chart that allows creating. It uses the UI control Scroll View at the bottom to navigate left and right to view the data table. You will be able to construct a loudspeaker circuit by including its different components (with values) into a chart.

QA cannot absolutely guarantee the production of quality products. production and inspection processes.mistakes should be eliminated. Two principles included in QA are: "Fit for purpose" . and management. etc). which is ideal for clients who do not want to store them within the default Practice Partner folder structure. management structures or any hierarchical structure charts. Support is also given to include photographic images within each node of the chart. QA includes regulation of the qualityof raw materials. It is not the same as 'expensive' or 'high . services related to production. Quality is determined by the product users.the product should be suitable for the intended purpose. Linux. Gantt Project is an open source program that runs in any platform (Windows. is the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project. This lets you choose where you store your images. clients or customers. products and components.easy to perform and some components must be selected during the process. It is specifically designed to support the rapid creation of staff organization diagrams. not by society in general. or QA for short. Ans 6: Quality assurance. service or facility to maximize the probability that minimum standards of quality are being attained by the production process. and "Right first time" . E Draw Organizational Chart E draw Organizational Chart provides a graphical package that allows the user to easily create different types of organizational charts. Mac OSX. Scan Assistant Scan Assistant is a visual basic application that helps automate the process of naming and moving a scanned image to the server for linking to the patient chart. assemblies.

A typical process may include:       test of previous articles plan to improve design to include improvements and requirements manufacture with improvements review new item and improvements test of the new item . Low priced products can be considered as having high quality if the product users determine them as such. of varying scope and depth. Steps for a typical quality assurance process There are many forms of QA processes.quality'. The application of a particular process is often customized to the production process.