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Payam Amerian

27A Nelson Street, Petone, Lower Hutt, 5012

Mobile: 64 220110025

Personal profile

I am an electrical engineer with more than nine years’ experience in different field of
industries, which include Automation and control systems, PLCs, Robots, Electric
Motor speed control, Spot Welding, Fastening and Tightening, Lightning and Surge
protection systems etc.
I worked as an engineer in different production and assembly lines, I worked as a
counsellor and I was sale engineer in two international companies. Also one of my
responsibilities included improving employee or customer performance through

Key skills Top 3

Transferable Skills:
1- Sale and Customer assurance Skills
Experienced in working as a “project engineer” and “sale engineer”.
Professional appearance and manner, Special talent for identifying clients’
needs and presenting effective solutions, Prepare reports and able to meet
deadlines; for satisfying internal or external customers’ needs and wants.
2- Team Work and Human relations Skills
Experienced in collaboration with various projects and motivating technicians
and workers with different cultural backgrounds and recognizing strength and
weakness of them for compliance to applicable codes and standards.
3- Fixing and repairing Skills
Experienced in working in Iran industries. One of the effects of sanction on
Iran industries; Companies try to solve their problem with fixing and repairing
old machines and parts instead of replacing them with new one.

Specialised Skills:
1- High level of skill in PLC programming and ability to work with control
systems. I have experience to work with Siemens PLCs and HMI, PILZ safety
PLC and PLC’s based on IEC 1131-3, Phoenix Contact equipment and
Interbus etc.
2- Proven experience in the lightning and surge protection systems. I was
Project and sale engineer, designer and counsellor of lightning and surge
protection systems.
3- Proven experience in working with spot welding equipment. I have experience
to work with different Timer Controller (TC) and Guns. For instance ARO-
Nimak- BOSCH- Novin Sazan- Miyachi etc. Most of the Guns in my previous
workplace are robotic so I am familiar with KUKA robots too.
Personal achievements

I am registered in “The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand”

Registration Number: 1019436
I am a member of the Iranian Construction Engineering Organization on Iran’s
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, membership number: 10-5-0-58606
I am a member of Iran Maintenance Association
I wrote an article about “Electromotor Speed Control”. It was published in “amvaj-e-
bartar” Magazine.
I wrote an article about “Lightning Protection”. It was published in TAM internal
I published my first book (with Mozhgan Memari) on Intelligent Agents in Electronic
Commerce in 2009, The ISBN is: 978-600-5513-20-2

Work experience

Self Employed
September 2010 - February 2011
Electrical Engineer
1- Designing and supervision of building works based on IEC 364 (Certified
engineer only have legal permission to do it in Iran)
2- Advising companies for designing their lines, Programming PLCs, and
repairing special electrical machines.

Atlas Copco International Company
December 2009 - September 2010
Project and sales Engineer
Responsibilities included helping potential customers understand, compare,
and contrast the solutions that are available for buying, troubleshoot problems
with their implementations and find solutions that work successfully and
managing multi spindle Nutrunners projects based on VDI 2862 for four
projects. (Atlas Copco Nutrunners use PLC’s based on IEC 1131-3)

TAM (The largest company acting in design, engineering, procurement and
execution of industrial projects in Iran)
February 2005 - December 2009
Project Engineer - PLC Programmer (In Peugeot line. The largest car
planet in the Middle East)
1- Project Engineer of “optimization of the resistance spot welding” project;
Project goal was: Improving spot weld quality requested by Q.C.
department and Installing full automation stud welding section in this line
(Tucker TMP1500), this project has 10 tasks and done in 23 weeks.

The largest company acting in design, engineering, procurement and execution of industrial projects in Iran
2- PLC programmer, Responsibilities included: Maintain and Modify existing
PLC (Siemens S7) programs of peugeot206 line, Develop HMI systems
with ProTool and ProAgent software
3- Eplan designer of “under body line” project;
I was a member of a team that worked with Eplan and this software has
been used for drawing schematics, making PLC I/O diagrams, making
cable diagrams and making part lists in Peugeot line. My responsibility
included making as-built plan too.

Sanat Gostar-e Fard (Contractor of TAM)

February 2004 - February 2005
Project supervisor
Supervisor of “installing manual spot welder Guns in peugeot206 new line”
project; installing and programming 68 TCs manual Guns

Plark (Pardis Rayan Toos Agent of EF-international)
March 2003 - February 2004
Project and sales Engineer
Project and sale engineer for protection of electrical power systems. Advising
lightning protection systems based on IEC61024, NFC17-100, NFC17-102
and Iran standards. Responsibilities included: Managing and supervising staff
of four for more than 10 lightning and power protection projects.

Education and training

Darolphonon High school,

September 1991- September 1995:
Mashhad, Iran.
Physics and Mathematics Diploma
High school Diploma

Ferdowsi University
September 1996 - December 2001
Bachelor of Science
Major in Power electrical engineer and minor in control systems.

Azad University
September 2001 - November 2002
Master of Art
M.A in industrial management, Leave it unfinished

3 ;A Switzerland’s company
Interests and hobbies

Scuba Diving, I am PADI Master Scuba Diver


1- Roozbeh Fakharinia
Atlas-Copco Employee
Mobile: 0211240078
2- Mozhgan Memari
Victoria University PhD Student
Mobile: 0220742196
Appendix: Qualifications and Certificates

Business Writing
Community Education Centre,
Wellington, New Zealand
This course included how to write effectively and confidently in a range of situations
and focus on positive outcomes, with good planning and appropriate tone.

Designing high-voltage substation

Tehran, Iran
This course included wire and tube calculation based on IEC 60694, Light arrester
calculation based on IRISI, Surge arrester based on IEEE13132, Safety in AC
Substation Grounding based on IEEE80 and 81.

Advanced Tightening technique

Atlas Copco
Sweden- Stockholm
This course included programming and networking of new Atlas Copco equipment
and theatrical knowledge about tightening technique

Eplan software
NIORDC (National Iranian Oil Refinery Distribution Company)
This course was update training from EPLAN 5 to EPLAN Electric P8.This course
included learning about the new possibilities offered by EPLAN Electric P8.

Wind data assessment software, Visual WIDA

NIORDC (National Iranian Oil Refinery Distribution Company)
This course included theories and standards required for wind energy assessment
which are used in the Visual WIDA software.

KUKA Robot Controller Electrical Servicing type KR C2

TAM Training Centre
This course included fault diagnosis and troubleshooting for the electrical part of
robot type KR C2.
Appendix: Qualifications and Certificates

Management Course,
Industrial Search & Train Center of Iran,
Tehran, Iran
This course included the concepts of management and some methods which helps
to check the errors and to take the corrective action.

Advanced Siemens PLC Programming

TAM Training Centre
This course included the S7 networking and monitoring – PROTOOL software.

PILZ safety PLCs

TAM Training Centre
This course included general concepts of Safety PLCs and manual instruction of
PILZ software.

SEW Motor Driver

TAM Training Centre
This course included the basic concepts of Motor drivers, Inverters and encoders,
SEW software (Shell) and hardware.

Tucker Stud Welding

Emhart Tucker
This course included theoretical knowledge and practical ability according to the
latest state of Tucker stud welding technology and connecting them to Robots.