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Re: A correction in response to Tim Hudakʼs comments in Parliament on April 13th

as reported by the Toronto Star, CTV and CBC

It has been an interesting week in our world! Who knew that Tim Hudak
would comment, in parliament, that the Ontario Liberal government is paying
Freeing the Human Spirit to teach yoga and meditation to inmates in Ontario
correctional facilities.

Below you will see the clip on CTV, the article in the Toronto Star and on the
CBC News website:

Tim Hudak's comments in parliament April 13 - CTV news clip

Other prison perks in Ontario: Yoga, cooking classes - The Toronto Star

Premium TV in prisons decried by Ont. Tories - CBC News (from The

Canadian Press)

The following response has been sent to:

· Tim Hudak's office
· Office of the Attorney General
· Dalton McGinty's office
· Letters to the Editor of the Toronto Star
· Response to the online article of the Toronto Star
· Response to the news clip on CTV News
· Response to story on CBC News

A correction in response to Tim Hudak’s comments in Parliament on

April 13th as reported by the Toronto Star, CTV and CBC
April 15, 2011, Toronto :

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Freeing the Human Spirit (FTHS), the
many volunteer instructors who deliver our programs, and our generous
donors who support our work, we would like to clarify that FTHS is a
voluntary program delivered in 23 Canadian correctional institutions at no cost
to the federal or provincial governments. In addition, FTHS receives no
funding nor is it granted any financial support from any level of government.
Our yoga and meditation instruction to inmates is made possible entirely by
the contributions of individual donors and private foundations and by the
dedicated effort of more than 100 volunteers who teach over 600 classes
each year.

Freeing the Human Spirit is a not-for-profit Canadian registered charity. Our

founder is Sister Elaine MacInnes, an 87 year old Catholic nun and Zen Roshi
who has devoted much of her life to helping the incarcerated. Sister Elaine
initiated the Canadian prison program in 2004, modelling it after The Prison
Phoenix Trust in England where she served as Executive Director. She was
invested as an Officer of the Order of Canada for her work.

Sister Elaine MacInnes, Founder and Board President

Lynda Myler, Board Chair

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