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Leaving the Kentucky Artisan Heritage Trails, turn left onto KY 595 and merge onto I-75 South. Travel to exit 41, London. Travel east on KY 80 to the Hal Rogers Parkway (formerly Daniel Boone Parkway). Continue on Hal Rogers Parkway to exit 59. Turn right on KY 15/80 West. Merge right to continue on KY 15/80 West. At the stoplight, turn left, then left again onto 451 at the next stop light in front of the gas station. Continue through the next stop light make an immediate right at the bridge onto Baker Lane. Continue up the hill and turn left onto Walnut Street (oneway road). Participant 27, Bobby Davis Museum and Park will be on your right side. This museum and park was established in 1983 as a living memorial for the men from Perry County that died in World War II. You can view exhibits, library and archives, historical documents, tapes, and artifacts. Continue back to Baker Lane and turn right. When you get back to the main road, you will need to turn right because it is a one-way road. Turn onto Lovern Street on your left and left again onto Main Street. At the stop sign, merge back onto KY 15/80 and head South. Turn right at the junction of Hwy 15 and Hwy 7. You will be a sign for Lilley’s Woods on the right side of the road. Follow Hwy 7 to Hwy 1103 and turn left. The entrance to Participant 26, Lilley Cornett Woods, will be on your left side. These trees are part of the largest preserved remnant of old-growth forest in Eastern Kentucky. You must also make an appointment to tour these woods. Lilley’s Woods are a Registered Natural Area of the Society of American Foresters. Lilley Cornett Woods Continue on Highway 1103. KY 1103 will become KY 160. Appalachian Center was named Then turn right onto fter Dr. Edsel T Godbey who ClarkCemetery Road and then was the president of the college right again on Catholic in the 1960’s. As a native from Cemetery Road. When you see Eastern Kentucky, Dr. Godbey the sign for Highway 119, turn understood the importance of a right to head towards school and theater in the region Nolansburg, KY. When you see of Cumberland. Take Hwy 179 the sign for Nolansburg, KY, back to Hwy 119 and continue turn left. Follow the road, on north. Turn left onto Hwy merging to the right until it 2179 and drive into downtown ends. Turn left onto Hwy 5221 Cumberland. This road turns and Participant 25, The Firefly into Main Street. On the right Gallery, will be on your left side will be Participant 24, side. This gallery contains Poor Folk’s Arts and Crafts photographs taken by a Harlan Guild, Inc. The retail store is County reporter. Jennifer’s operated by volunteers and work displays the scenic beauty gives the opportunity for locals of Pine Mountain and it’s to shares techniques and ideas surroundings. You will also find with each other. Everything homemade preserves, candy, sold is 100% handmade by and recipes inside the gallery. locals. Established in 1981 by Travel back to Hwy 119 and local artisans and continue towards Cumberland, craftsmen,this center is a nonKY. When you get inside the profit organization. city limits of Cumberland, turn right onto Hwy 179. Continue until you see Participant 23, Southeast Community College on your left side. The Kentucky Artisan Heritage Trails

Turn around and get back on Hwy 119 and continue north. Your next stop will be located right off of Hwy 119. A few miles out of town on the left side will be Participant 17, the Apple Tree Orchard. This apple orchard specializes in tree-ripened fruit. Some of the kinds available are Honey Crisp, Gold Rush, Sun Crisp, and the Scarlet Gala. The Apple Tree Orchard founded the Scarlet Gala.

to Hwy 160 and continue towards Lynch, KY. When you reach the town, there will be a long row of houses on the right side. The seventh house on the right (blue paint) is Participant 30, the Black Mountain Guest House. The house was built in Drive back to the main street on 1918 by US Steel and was Benham on Highway 160 and called an eight room double you will see Participant 19, the camp house. Now it has been Kentucky Coal Mining repaired and decorated with a Take Highway 119 again, but Museum. This four-story mix of contemporary and head back towards museum exhibits the history of 1950’s flare. The Guest House Cumberland. Take the ramp to mining and the daily life of a is open all year and is a nonHighway 160 towards Lynch coal miner. Artifacts, antiques, smoking, non-alcoholic facility. and Benham, KY. You will photographs, and machinery You can now drive back come to the city of Benham represent more than thirty towards Cumberland, KY. Take first. Turn right onto McKnight exhibits in the museum. The Highway 160 to Highway 119 Street after entering downtown museum is housed in the old Benham. Merge to the right commissary building built by onto Central Avenue Participant International Harvester in the 21, The Benham School 1920’s. Right past the Post House Inn and Participant 22, Office, turn left onto Depot The Apple Room Restaurant, Street and travel to the back of will be on the left side of the the museum. Here you will road. The Apple Room find Participant 20, the Back Restaurant is located within the Porch Gallery. The gallery inn. This participant was showcases handmade quilts and formerly a schoolhouse, but has Appalachian paintings from been transformed into a hotel, Belinda and Larry May. You restaurant, and conference will also discover new and old books, jams and Black Mountain Guest House jellies, and antiques. gifts in the shop including vintage and head north. Continue clothing and hats, north to Hwy 806 on the right The back porch of the side. Turn right and Participant mining museum was 16, Valley of the Winds Art closed from 1961 until it was restored by the May’s in 2003. Drive back to Hwy The Apple Room Restaurant 160 and Drive back Kentucky Artisan Heritage Trails

center. There are thirty rooms available, including a honeymoon suite. The restaurant specializes in fine regional cuisine. You can relax in the intimate dining room or hold a meeting in the “Great Room” banquet hall. The banquet hall was once the schools gymnasium.

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Gallery, will be on your right side after driving approximately 2.3 miles. Jeff and Sharman Chapman-Crane display realistic paintings of Appalachian people and places. Jeff began painting in 1974 and since has won many awards and even published a children’s book. Jeff was recently featured in “Southwest Art” magazine as one of the “artists to watch.” Travel back to Highway 119 and continue north. When you reach the Highway 932 junction, turn right and travel approximately 2.0 miles. When you come to the gravel parking area on your left side you will be at Participant 15, Bad Branch State Nature Preserve. This preserve is a forested gorge on the south face of Pine Mountain. This sanctuary protects many rare and uncommon species in Kentucky. This preserve also protects KY’s only known nesting pair of ravens. Bad Branch Falls has been designated as a Kentucky Wild River. Travel back to Highway 119 and proceed north up and down Pine Mountain. Right before Highway 119 junctions at a stoplight, turn right to Participant 12, Pine Mountain Grill. This restaurant offers a wide variety of breakfast and dinner foods. The Pine Mountain Grill is one of the finest restaurants in the Pine of mountain foothills. Turn right to merge onto Hwy 199 North.

A pproximately 0.25 miles fromMountain Grill will be Participant 13, Pine Mountain and Letcher County Crafts Co-op, Inc. on your left side. This co-op provides training for locals in basket-weaving, quilting, and other crafts. You can also purchase items in the store including a large selection wood items. Twenty craftsmen formed this organization in 1993. Now you will drive towards to city of Whitesburg. Head North on Hwy 119, which will turn into Hwy 15 North. When the road ends, turn right at the stoplight to continue on Hwy 15. Follow this road into downtown Whitesburg. Turn left onto West Main and then right onto Webb Avenue (right before the Courthouse). Turn left onto Broadway Street and on the right side will be Participant 8, the Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church. This church was constructed in the 1930’s during the Great Depression under the leadership of Reverend O.V. Caudill. The stone walls resemble Italian architecture. In 1982, the building was declared a national historic monument. Make an immediate left on the street right across from the church. This will take you back to Main Street where you need to turn right. After your pass a few buildings on the right side, you will be at Participant 9, Harry M. Caudill Memorial Library. This library has all of the basics of every library, but has a special genealogy

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Bad Branch State Nature Preserve

section. It consists of over 3000 volumes. You can find over 400 books of family histories and even cemetery records, obituaries, and church minutes dated decades ago. Continue on Main Street. Turn left onto Madison Avenue and Participant 11, Appalshop, will be on your right and left side. This participant is a community-based humanities center. It houses an art gallery, theater, radio station and recording studio, and media production training facility. Appalshop’s location, longevity, and scope of work make it unique among culture institutions in America. Turn back the way you came and get

Kentucky Artisan Heritage Trails

back on Main Street heading the opposite way. There are two more participants to see before you leave town. Turn right on Webb Avenue and you will see Participant 6, The Courthouse Café and Participant 7, Cozy Corner. The Courthouse Café blends Appalachian and Italian cuisine. Entrée’s are created with fresh produce, homemade soups, and delicious desserts. The building dates back to 1911. Handmade quilts, fresh flowers, and candlelit tables adorn the atmosphere. Right next door is the Cozy Corner. Here will find handmade quilts adorning all of the walls along with artwork and wood carvings.. The owner, Josephine, has been selling regional items and crafts since 1969. Head out of downtown Whitesburg by staying on Webb Avenue. It will turn back into Highway 15. Continue on Hwy 15 heading North. When you reach the town of Red Fox, you will need to keep an eye out for a log cabin on the right side of the road. This will be Participant 5, the Pioneer Village and Gift Shop. The gift shop offers local crafts from more than 100 participants. You can also see some of the local women making fabric purses right inside the cabin. The Pioneer Village is housed in the Thomas Francis Log Cabin built around 1816.

Continue on Highway 15 North. Turn right on Highway 160 and head North. Continue on Hwy 160 to Highway 899. When you reach Pippa Passes, KY, look for signs for Alice Lloyd College. Turn left onto Highway 1697 and you will see Participant 4, Alice Lloyd College, on your right side. Alice Lloyd College is widely recognized as a highly respected, private, four-year, liberal arts institution dedicated to providing leadership education to some of the brightest and best students in the Appalachian region. It is named for its founder, Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd, who came to the Eastern Kentucky mountains from her native Boston.

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Alice Lloyd College Hindman Settlement School. This new school is aspiring to become an international model for craft education, as part of community development. The school’s mission is to train people to start and expand crafts and craft-related businesses that create high quality works based on the regional traditions of design and workmanship. Right across the street from the school is Participant 3, the Marie Stewart Craft Shop. The shop is affiliated with the Henderson Settlement School and showcases artwork and crafts from the area. The Henderson Settlement School was founded in 1902.

Continue on Highway 1697. You will be driving towards Hindman, KY. Turn left onto Highway 550 and then right on Hwy 160. Continue straight to downtown Hindman. . Participant 1, the Kentucky Appalachian Artisan Center will be the first building on the right side as your enter downtown. It works in conjunction with the Kentucky School of Crafts, Hazard Community College, and the Community Development Initiative. This center showcases artwork from 49 counties in Kentucky. Turn back towards Highway 160 and merge to the right. You will come to Participant 2, the Kentucky School of Crafts on Kentucky Artisan Heritage Trails the right following the

Head north on Highway 160 to interstate ramp onto I-75 North Lilley’s Woods Narrative head towards the Hal Rogers to exit 77. Turn right onto KY Page 5 Parkway. Turn left on the 595 and then right again at the parkway to travel on Highway Kentucky Artisan Center. 80 East. You will be driving Head north on Highway 160 to head towards the Hal Rogers Parkway. Turn left on the parkway to travel on Highway 80 East. You will be driving through Knott County on the parkway. When you see a sign for Talcum, KY, turn right. The road will be Starfire Haul Road. This road will turn into a gravel road that goes up a steep hill. Addington Enterprises Wildlife Management Area At the top of the hill is a guard house where all visitors must check in. You will be at the last two participants of the Lilley’s Woods Trail. Participant 28, Addington Enterprises Wildlife Management Area and Participant 29, L.K.L.P Elk Tours. The Wildlife Management Area is an Elk restoration project. It covers fourteen counties in the southeast region of Kentucky. Since 1997, over 1550 elk have been released into those counties. The Elk Tours is from a community action council in collaboration with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife to promote tourism. Elk were once native to Kentucky until the 1880’s when the population disappeared from hunting. The adventure of Lilley’s Woods has ended. To end you trip back at the Kentucky Artisan Center, take the Hal Rogers Parkway/Highway 80 West to London, KY. Take the

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