Jacob Jackson Ms. Maher Global History II 16 December 2009 Genghis Khan’s Life Journey Genghis Khan was a born a leader in 1162, in Mongolia, and is best known as the 13th century Mongolian conqueror. Genghis Khan was the official title that was actually given to a Mongol warrior named Temujin. This title has a meaning of “universal ruler” and was given to Temujin in 1206. (Britannica Concise Encyclopedia) Genghis Khan was also known as a “brutal monster”, many believe he became such a powerful force because of his hard childhood of violence and enslavement. Genghis Khan eventually founded an empire that included Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and parts of China. Genghis Khan greatly affected world history through his military tactics, fast thinking, and his thirst for more land.

Genghis Khan was born in the north-eastern part of the modern Republic of Mongolia, and was the son of a tribal chieftain, Yesugei, who was murdered by poisoning (answers.com). This poisoning occurred when Genghis Khan was a young child. Genghis Khan’s childhood was difficult, but throughout his life he gained followers through his reputation of a highly successful bandit. Genghis Khan grew up with many fears, including dogs, and his older brother constantly bossing him around. At this time, Mongolia was inhabited by a variety of nomadic tribes, which spoke both Mongolian and Turkish. The principal activities were herding, hunting, and raiding each other, including the Chinese to the south. After a lot of knowledgeable maneuvers, Genghis

This code stated that a vast majority of his land was united by a single legal system. The Mongol Empire did not emphasize the importance of race. The Mongol Empire was the largest contiguous land empire in history stretching from Korea to Hungary. and that resulted in his great success. The Mongol Empire was the home of Genghis Khan. and had a population of over 100 million people during Genghis Khan’s rule. Genghis Khan was greatly known for his military tactics. and he never doubted Jochi’s lineage. intelligence. which makes the issue of his parentage a mystery. (New World Encyclopedia writers) Jochi was Genghis Khan’s first son. including his grandfather who was a slightly more civilized ruler. instead adopting an approach of meritocracy. Kublai Khan. One of Genghis Khan’s greatest achievements was the Yassa Code. and a mind of a professor. and he showed everyone these things on the battlefield. she got kidnapped by a group of Merkits. .com) Genghis Khan devoted his life. psychological warfare. Genghis Khan came from a family of conquerors. That was an important role of Genghis and his family. which was a civilian and military code. His first wife and empress was Borte. military autonomy. This made the Mongol Empire greatly feared on the battle field. and time into the Mongol Empire. He also had many advances in military discipline of mobility. He had the blood of a conqueror. and punishment was made if there was a dilemma. (answers. experience. (New World Encyclopedia writers) The Mongol Empire practiced religious tolerance at a very large degree. After Temujin got married to Borte. and when she was rescued she gave birth to Jochi.Jackson Khan was able to unify Mongolia under his rule in 1206. and he made this empire his own. and tactics. and his fast thinking. also known as the Golden Family.

Europe. These military tactics led him to conquering the largest landmass in history. Genghis Khan invaded many areas including Western Xia. which was borrowed from past Chinese methods.Jackson Genghis Khan’s discipline greatly affected the Mongol military by making it highly efficient and more reliable. this is a major reason that led to his success in battles. Success in many of these battles caused the Mongol Empire to expand drastically across the world.(New World Encyclopedia writers) Genghis Khan divided his armies into smaller groups of tens. and for armies to be much more organized. but my life was too short to take the whole world. and most of China into the . Jin Dynasty. but he never accomplished this. That I leave to you. This system allowed information to be traveled faster. (Jonathon Taylor) Genghis Khan’s life goal was to conquer the world. and these attacks spread different war situations around the world. He also allowed the soldiers to take their families on military campaigns with them. (Britannica Concise Encyclopedia) Another important military tactic was his communications and supply route. One of the hugest impacts Genghis Khan had was on military. which affected the world. and even the world. and for each group of ten there was one leader. the Khwarezmid Empire. When he was on his death bed he said “I have conquered for you a large empire. Georgia and Volga Bulgaria. which gave them another advantage on the battlefield. the Middle East. Almost all soldiers grew up on horses. He was successful by including Central Asia.” Throughout Genghis Khan’s life he had many successes and failures that impacted the Mongol Empire. Genghis Khan dedicated special attention on this route in order to increase his intelligence of the specific war.

after defeating the Tanguts. and he wasn’t afraid to admit them. overall it was a positive affect due to the amount of land he had his empire spread out to. Genghis Khan also had another son. Before the unification of Mongol.Jackson Mongol Empire. but he died months before his father did. Genghis Khan was defeated in Asia. and he didn’t end the tradition. One thing Genghis Khan said during a fierce battle was “My army was unprepared.(New World Encyclopedia writers) Genghis Khan affected world history in many unique ways in specific areas. including the conquered areas of China. which made him seek revenge. the earth was soaked with the blood of my warriors”. Sadly. Chagatai. Chagatai was given Central Asia and Northern Iran. Following Mongol custom. his youngest son received the homeland of Mongolia. and outwitted. Ogedei obtained Eastern Asia. He was a remarkable leader which led his men to success around the world. This success allowed future empires and countries to evolve with the Mongols successful tactics and ideas on government. However. after his death the Mongol Empire . Genghis Khan conquered more than twice as much as any other man in history. Jochi. (Ezine Articles) He greatly affected the Mongol Empire from these successes and failures. Genghis Khan died in 1227. Before his death. Another positive affect was that the Mongols had many democratic elements. such as military and government. he was the most successful member of his family. Genghis Khan also had many failures. and was the first democratic experience in China. As the Mongols expanded their rule. Tolui. . Genghis Khan learned from these mistakes and it eventually led him to a lot success. Tolui. His whole heritage of ancestors was conquerors. they created countries such as Korea and India that have survived to modern times. outnumbered. Genghis Khan divided his empire among his sons Ogedei. which included in some reforms in China which localized power and gave political strength to specific farms.

but Genghis Khan’s astonishing effort will never be forgotten (New World Encyclopedia writers). and will become one for future leaders as well. Genghis Khan is an inspiration to present leaders. .Jackson crumbled.

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