INHABITED AREAS OF ASSAM, MANIPUR, MIZORAM, MEGHALAYA AND TRIPURASTATES OF NORTH-EAST INDIA IN THE INTEREST OF THE TRIBAL DEVELOPMENT AND ADMINISTRATION UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF THE SIXTH SCHEDULE OF THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION BY HMAR NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTHEAST, INDIA To. The Hon’ ble Prime Minister, Government of India. New Delhi We, the undersigned representatives of Hmar National Assembly (HNA) different states of North-East India, would like to submit to you our memorandum embodying own Hmar Tribal Political problems and solution within the provision of the constitution of India in the interest of the Hmar Tribal Peoples who scattered in the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura. 1. The Hmar Tribesmen are descendent of Sinlung which was a Hebrew word for China and grouped under Kuki-Chin linguistic group by the colonial monographers and writers. The British administrators and anthropologists clubbed the Hmar tribesmen as Old Kukis. The Hmar leaders spearheaded Mizo political movement under the banner of Mizo Union since 1946 resulting political arrangement in the then Lushai Hills of Assam under the provisions of the Sixth Schedule of Indian Constitution ‘Mizo District Council’ that could not cover the Hmar in Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura States in 1950s. The Hmar Tribal Peoples in Manipur formed Hmar National Union (HNU) demanding Hmar District Council in 1960s and 1970s. Nothing has been done to the Hmar Tribal Peoples by the Central and State Government. The Hmar Peoples’ Convention (HPC) from Mizoram State demanded Hmar District Council in Mizoram in the 1987s and the HPC-Mizoram Govt. Accord was signed on 27th July, 1994, thereby the Sinlung Hills Development Council (SHDC) was created but the two years Interim Period still expended till today i.e. the SHDC could not deliver goods to





the Hmar Tribal Peoples of Mizoram. The Hmar Tribal Peoples in Assam under the banner of Cachar Hill Peoples Federation moved the Government and the Barak Valley Hill Tribes Development Council was created on 28th March, 1996, and two years Interim Period still extended today. The Biate / Hmar Peoples in Meghalaya and Hmar clans like BaroHalam in Tripura could not move their respective State Governments.

The above mentioned Hmar tribal political problems may be settled with the creation of the following political administration under the provision of the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution:1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Separation administration of the tribals of Manipur from Manipur State. To up-grade the Sinlung Hills Development Council to Autonomous District Council in Mizoram. To up-grade the Barak Valley Hill Tribes Development Council to Autonomous District Council in Assam. To create Autonomous District Council for Non-Dimasa Peoples in North Cachar Hills of Assam. To create Baro-Halam / Hmar Autonomous District Council in Tripura. To create Regional Council for Biate / Hmar Tribes in Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya.

The above Six Points Demands will give political solution to Hmar Tribal Peoples of North-eastern India as and when the Government of India enacted legislation in the Indian Parliament. We beseeched you, Sir, to move the Government of India and enact Legislation in the Indian Parliament so that the small minority like the Hmar Tribal Peoples political problems may be solved once and for all in the interest of democracy and development. Yours faithfully, ( VANLALPEK ) ) General Secretary, President, ( L. S. LUNGTAU General



President, Manipur Region ( HMANGAISANG ) DARLONG ) President, Barak Region, ( L. K. THANGA ) President, Mizoram Region Enclosed:Copies of: 1. Sinlung Hills Development Council Accord. 2. Barak Valley Hill Tribes Development Council Accord.

President, N. C. Hills Region (S. K. President, Tripura Region ( B. S. NAMPUI ) President, Meghalaya Region

( L. S. LUNGTAU ) General President (C)Sawrtui Monthly& Hmar Resources Online