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1.What is SITPRO? What is its purpose?
2. Explain about Bill of lading, Mates receipt, Cargo Manifest, Stowage Plan, Seaway
3. What are the contents of Bill of Lading?
4. Describe various tasks performed with respect to ship operation?
5. Explain the basic structure of a shipping company and the functions performed by the
various departments?
6. What are the different types of shipping services? Explain each of them.
7. What is ship financing?
8. What do you understand by terms source, trading and arrangers w.r.t to ship financing
explain each of them.
9. What are the different ways a shipping company resort to when it is required to raise
finance for buying ships?
10. What are the five key aspects of commercial bank loans?
11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing ships?
12. What is the need for manpower planning in shipping?
13. Explain the procedures involved in direct employment of personnel by a shipping
14. What are the advantages and disadvantages of employment of crew through a union?
15. Analyze the three era’s of the growth pattern of Indian fleet?
16. Carry out a SWOT analysis of the three segments of Indian shipping industry.
17. Analyze the Indian shipping industry in terms of vessel size, age and ownership
18. Explain briefly about the port organization of India.
19. Explain the problems with respect capacity utilization and cargo handling capabilities
of Indian ports.
20. What are the remedial measures that have been planned towards problems faced by
Indian ports with respect to development?
21. Describe the two important departments which render most of the services to the
users of the port?
22. Explain the various functions performed by a port.
23. What are the requirements for a port to be termed as a “Safe Port”?
24. Define the following terms ‘Port’, ‘Harbour’ and ‘Dock’.
25. When does a ‘Maritime Fraud’ occur?
26. What are the elements that contributes to a Maritime Fraud?
27.What are the different types of maritime fraud? Explain each of them.
28. Explain the precautionary measures that has to be taken to prevent involvement in a
maritime fraud by i) buyers and sellers of cargo ii) ship owners and charterers.
29.What are the main duties of outdoor services and water guard services department of
30. Explain the basic customs procedures involved with respect to importing and
exporting of goods.
31. Draw a flow chart clearly depicting the procedures that has to be carried out by a ship
prior port entry.