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Indian Food and Grocery
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Tampere € Grocery (rice, dal, pickles, spices, tea, tinned food, savories€etc) Shaan foods (Tammelantori) Sherry´s oriental (Hervanta) Tarmo lähikauppias (Hervanta water tower) Fresh vegetables also available € Fresh vegetables, chillies, oriental sauces, noodles Van-tien (satakunnankatu, opposite Anttila) Mint, coriander, ladiesfinger, brinjal etc € Indian foods available in local supermarkets (and finnish names) Dal- masur,€mung€(linssi- punainen, keltainen)€ Rice (riisi jasmine/basmati) Wheat€rawa (mannasuurimo) Rice flour (riisijauho) Makke ka atta (maiisijauho) Barley flour (Ohrajauho) Maida (vehnäjauho/hiivaleipävehnäjauho/puolikarkea vehnäjauho/erikoisvehnäjauho) Cornflour (maissitärkellys) Custard (vaniljakastike - available as powder or ready to eat) Chapatti atta (100% täysvehnäjauho-sunnuntai) Full cream dahi (greek/bulgarian/turkish jogurtti/ kermaviili) Full cream milk (täysmaito- red pack for making paneer/desserts) Kabuli channa (kikherne) Soaked rajma in€tins (kidney papu liemessä)€ Puff pastry sheets (frozen, for veg puffs etc) (sunnuntai voitaikina/lehtitaikina levyt) Tomato puree (paseerattu tomatti) Paneer substitutes (Kotijuusto/mozarella juusto/halloumi juusto€- do not heat these too much as they will turn rubbery) Chutneys (pesto-red and green, sambal oelek- spicy chilli paste) Almonds (manteli)- you can also get them without the skin Raisins/kishmish (rusinat) Saffron (sahrami) Cardamom (Kardemumma- available in powdered form in tubes/bottles) Ready made chappatis/naan (wheat tortillas /naan leipä) Pure butter (Voi - boil to make fresh ghee) Voimakas suolainen (with extra salt, like amul butter),€vähäsuolainen (low salt), suolaton (saltless) Powdered sugar € € € Fresh vegetables available in local supermarkets (specific to finnish supermarkets but can be used in Indian cooking) Kesäkurpitsa (type of lauki/gourd) Retiisi (radish) Lanttu (type of sooran) Parsakaali (broccoli - use like cauliflower) Persilja/sitrunamellissa (substitute for coriander) Salaatti - ruukku, jäävuori, tammenlehva etc€(salads- are good eaten raw) Watermelon/muskmelon (vesimeloni, hunajameloni) Kurkku (cucumber) Sitruuna (lemon- exactly like small indian lemons) Purjo (like spring onion, but bigger in size- use white part in place of onions) Viiniryypäleitä (grapes)- siemenetön (seedless) Ruusukaali (little round green cabbages -tastes like cabbage) Mandariini/klementiini/satsuma (oranges that can be peeled by hand)

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