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Brunei Schools Eco-Video Competition

Rules and Regulations

1. Video must not be longer than 1 minute
2. Maximum of three entries per school
3. The video must feature an environmentally friendly activity that your school has
4. The video should include images of a student/students taking part in the
environmental activity
5. Any number of students can appear in the video, but schools should be aware that
the maximum number of I Shuffles available for the first prize in each category is
limited to 4.
6. Videos can have a title, but should not feature the school’s name.
7. Schools intending to enter a video must inform STEP Centre by 27th April 2011
8. All entries must be submitted by Wednesday 18th May 2011

Information and guidelines

1. Completed videos should be uploaded onto YouTube

 For instructions on how to complete this refer to
o Flow chart (attached)
 Steps 1-6 explain how to publish a video produced using movie
 Steps 8-13 explain how to create a you-tube account
 Steps 14-18 explain how to upload a video onto YouTube

o Mini tutorial will be posted later. All the participating schools will be
given the links either through email or STEP Centre blog:

 If schools have problems with this procedure they can contact yvonne.follows- for advice

2. All entries must be submitted by email to by

Wednesday 18th May 2011.
 The email must contain a weblink to each YouTube video to be entered.
 The entry details should be completed for each video and attached to the

3. You will receive an email confirming your entry has been received.
 If you do not receive email confirmation within twenty four hours, You
may contact STEP Centre either by email: or by
phone: 2330017.
4. Videos should make it clear how your chosen environmental activity
o Involves your school
o Is of value

 Some suggested activities that you could feature include—

o Recycling Waste
o Energy Conservation
o Water Conservation
o Tree Planting
o Composting
o Clean up campaigns
o Eco-designs created by students
o Environmental awareness raising
o Wildlife conservation

 The activities can take place

o In the classroom
o In the school grounds
o In the wider community
o As part of lessons
o As a Cross Curricular Activity (CCA)

5. Examples of what can be done can be seen by looking at the demonstration videos
at then search for the file name: The Earth Saver by
JayHackPro or RECYCLE BATTERIES by mmaayy09.
Or type and click on the link given to watch the videos.

6. Videos can have a title, but should not include the name of the school. (so they
can be judged anonymously)

7. Credit will be given according to the specification for each category. Namely:

Categories 1 and 2 (11 – 14 years old):

 Best Project/Activity
This refers to the environmental activity concerned and its value.
 Most Entertaining Video
This refers to how entertaining the video is to watch.

Categories 3 and 42 (15 - 18 years old):

 Best Project/Activity
This refers to the environmental activity concerned and its value.
 Most Entertaining Video
This refers to how entertaining the video is to watch.
Category 5 (11 – 18 years old)
 Best Picture (directing, editing, music)
This refers to how thoughtfully/creatively the video has been put

Credit will NOT be given to the use of expensive/high tech equipment

(such as upmarket / professional film cameras or editing softwear)

8. Four videos will be shortlisted for each category.

Representatives from the schools involved will be invited to the awards ceremony
to be held at the National Environment Conference on June 8th.

Information to be included on the entry email (to be attached to email when sending link
to YouTube site)
1. Name of School
2. Name/position of contact person (teacher) with phone / email details
3. Title of video
4. Name of students involved and their ages
5. Brief summary of environmental project/activity
a. What was done
b. When
c. By whom
d. Impact of the project/Activity (ie benefits)
6. Type of Camera Used.
7. Name of Computer Software used for editing
8. Final Format before being uploaded to YouTube (eg WMV, AVI, VLC)
and size of file.