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Press Release

BrandTailors creates Kand’or, a new chocolate bar brand

Bucharest, 19th April 2011
BrandTailors – strategic brand consulting and
design firm – developed the visual identity and
package design for Kand’or chocolate bars, a new
Kandia Dulce product brand.

Melania Nemeș
Senior Brand Designer

BrandTailors created the visual identity and package design for the new hazelnut chocolate bars named
Kand’or, a brand that aims entering a new chocolate market subsegment, by introducing two new SKUs: a milk
chocolate countiline and a dark chocolate countline, both containing a generous amount of hazelnut inclusion.

The new Kandia Dulce brand, Kand’or is positioned as the ”chocolate-covered hazelnuts bar”, the most
important advantage that differentiates the product from the main competitors playing in the ”ingredient”
chocolate subsegment.

The new brand’s package design was created around the main ingredient - the impressive amount of hazelnuts
– and translates the chocolate’s quality and the exquisite taste by means of a distinctive chromatic that brings
together different shades of brown and the golden colour of the logotype.

“ The organic shapes illustrating the brand’s visual language were

designed to support the brand’s premium price positioning. In this
respect, the decision was to stick to a as simple as possible. Thus,
the graphic solution conveys a single-minded and differentiating
idea - the high content of hazelnuts in Kand’or chocolate
Melania Nemeș
countline.   Senior Brand Designer

BrandTailors team members contributing to this project development were: Melania Nemeş – creative concept
and graphic development, Cristina Ionescu – project management, Mihai Părpălea – desktop publishing.
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There are some words that mean everything to us, BrandTailors professionals: strategy, vision, methodology and
effectiveness. These words have guided our steps over the last seven years, whilst we have completed over 90 projects
and changed the paradigm for over 40 product and service categories. This is what sets us apart, BrandTailors, the first
brand strategy consulting and design firm in Romania that applies and promotes a strategic approach as basis for the
branding process.

Our professional approach has enabled us to gain an outstanding client portfolio. The list has grown year after year and
looking back we are proud to have partnered with reputable companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, GlaxoSmithKline,
Intersnak, Pepsico, Lactalis, Tetra Pak, Albalact, Caroli Foods, Kandia, Azuga Waters, Titan, Ţiriac Holdings, Intact Media
Group, Smartree or Petrom, to have revitalized famous brands such as Kandia, Măgura, ROM, Silvana, Zuzu, Fulga, Rarăul,
Lăptic LaDorna, Perla Covasnei, Eurovita, Antena 1, UTV, Europa FM, Radio 21, BCR Open România or Class Living and
created ground breaking brands, namely Azuga Apa de Izvor, HapiHap, Grania, Generis, Kand’Or, Vibe FM or Naturlich.

As true explorers, we have always believed that our role within Romanian branding industry is to redefine its boundaries
by stepping off the beaten track and charting out new territories. Looking back now, we pride ourselves with being the
pioneers that separated product and services branding operation in order to set unparallel effectiveness standards. To
this respect, in 2009 we took a step ahead the pack and established Community BrandTailors, the first Romanian digital
branding consultancy. Early this year, we re-launched our website following a novel on-line communication strategy based
exclusively on social networks.

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