The hospital management manages all section of the hospital like reception, lab, diagnose detail and account etc.

Key Features:
• • • • • • • Complete and automatic operating of reception. Laboratory management. Internal hospital Management Operation Theatre Management Patients details. Account and billing management. Instant form option.

Hospital Master
Master Tables: It refers to main page of interior and exterior detail of hospital. The hospital management software provides you all kinds of detail that are in customizing mode so that you can edit your requirement.

• Type of diagnose • Test • Ward availability • Diagnosis detail • Employees .

C. X-ray charge. ambulance charge.Operating management: • Password facility to ensure validity of user. Charge.G. calculating his bill for the different facilities provided like lab test charge. • Printing two copies of bill and send data to report printing department.Reception: A more advance reception for all required operations to be done automatically. E. Security Features. any additional service charge. • Viewing complete details of doctors of your hospital. Internal hospital management: . • Selecting any patient. • User defined date access. • Viewing and modifying details of old patients. • Creating a new patient entry.

Pre requisite billing. . Account and billing details: • • Discharge billing detail. Checking room type. Operation theatre management: • Checking present operation details of patients. • Checking services given to a particular patient. Patient detail: • • • Checking room number. • Preparing discharge bill of any patient. Meeting timings. • Checking treatment given to a particular patient.• Checking whether any vacancy is available or not. • Checking staff details. • Checking deposits of any patient. • Recovery analysis.

• Tax .

Instant form option: • Room details • Patient disease • Charges • Room allotment .

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