Fun fact The world speed record for eating a slice of white bread is 34 seconds. Most people can’t manage it in a minute. Can you?

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Spot the difference
Yogi and Boo Boo are having fun in the woods. But something’s changed. Can you spot the six differences between these two pictures?

Word ladder
can you get from the word at the top of the ladder to the word at the bottom by changing one letter to make a new word at each step?

I have a cat called Milky. Sometimes, she won’t eat all of her food, only a bit and then she will start meowing for more. I just tell her that she is a silly cat, but I love Milky so much! Name Milky. Appearance Furry – she is covering the whole house in a blanket of white hair. Likes Lying in the garden and sleeping. Danger signs: Milky is quite gentle, but she will bite if you do something she doesn’t like. To avoid this, look at her tail – if it moves side to side, she is not comfortable and might bite you. Isgard Hague, 11

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The Big Pit, Blaenavon, Wales Ever wondered what it would be like working deep down in a coal mine? We found out on a visit to the Big Pit. We had to wear a helmet with a light hooked onto it. Our guide used to work at the pit and took us on a tour deep underground. It was dark, cold and damp. He showed us where they kept the pit ponies – they rarely saw daylight after they started work underground. Children used to work in the mine – when their candles wore out they had to work in pitch black. Sometimes they fell asleep and got crushed by the wagons! This is a good visit for children strong enough to carry their own lamps (and for all adults – it’s free!) Ellie Parker, 10 A brilliant Moshi Monster goodie bag is on its way to you, Ellie
Yesterday’s answers What am I? A dog, a crocodile, a penguin, a zebra
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Those clever boffins at the Science Museum have come up with this fab experiment that you can eat. Making ice cream has never been easier – or quicker!

• Fill the large bag with ice and add the salt.

• Shake hard for five minutes. Tip: The longer you shake the bag, the better the ice cream will be. Feel through the outer bag to check if it is solid after five minutes.

Warm pair of gloves (optional)



• Mix half a cup of milk with the sugar in the small zip-seal bag.

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½ cup of flavoured milk Ice cubes. 6 tablespoons of salt. 1 tablespoon of caster sugar. Small zip-seal bag. Large zip-seal bag. Tablespoon.

• Add the small bag of ice cream mixture to the large bag of salt and ice. Tip: make sure the ice cream mixture is securely sealed, otherwise the mixture will taste very salty.

The science bit: Not only have you made scrummy ice cream, but this recipe shows how a liquid can be frozen to make a solid, how salt lowers the freezing point of water and how cooling can alter a material’s properties. Ooh, your teachers will be so impressed!
Head to the Science Museum in London this holiday. There’s tons of stuff for kids to do, just take a peek at their website: sciencemuseum.org. uk/easter

• Grab a spoon and enjoy your ice cream!


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