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Vidya Ravichandran, President

Contents February 2011
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Glow touch
NurturiNg a lastiNg
EmployEE-CustomEr rElatioNship
By Vimali Swamy

Vidya Ravichandran, President

06 [In My Opinion] 24 [CleanTech] 36 [CleanTech]

My Entrepreneurial Journey Vision 2020 Distributed Solar Green IT for a Healthier Envi-
By Kunwer Sachdev, Su-Kam Power The Way Ahead ronment
By Inderpreet Wadhwa, Azure Power By V.C Gopalratnam, Cisco
08 [Infocus]
26 Clean Energy at the Bottom of 38 [CEO Profile]
11 [VC Chakra] the Pyramid Stay Passionate, Stay Paranoid
Stoke Raises $17 Million in By Sam Goldman, DLight design
Series E Funding Vivek Ranadivé, TIBCO
Tapjoy secures $21 Million in
Series B Funding
28 Clean Technology & India 40 [Feature]
By Nelvin Joseph, Artin Dynamics
India The Promising Vista for
12 [CEO Spotlight] 30 [Technology]
Open Source, Cloud and Virtualization Actionable Intelligence The By Eureka Bharali
Imperative for Organizational Efficiency
Next Frontier in Telecom
The Telecom Market is Abuzz!
OSS/BSS 43 [CleanTech]
Cleantech Market The Next
By Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi,
19 [Startup Profile] Subex
Favored Investment Destination
Hara: Taking Technology to By Binu T Paul
Greener Pastures
32 [CleanTech]
By Jaya Smitha Menon CleanTech Past, Present & 44 [Management]
Managing the Most Talented
20 [VC Talk] By Shwetank Jain, P2 Power Solutions
By Anonya Roy
Entrepreneurs The fundemental
Raw Material for VCs
34 [Technology] 45 Boss Says, ‘Go!’ A Leader
Ashu Garg,Foundation Capital
What Can We Learn from Says, ‘Let’s Go!’
WikiLeaks? By Suman Ravikumar
22 [Cover Feature]
By Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu,
2011 WhatisinStoreforCleantech?
Check Point 46 [SI 20 Profile]
By Hari Anil

|3| February 2011
siliconindia FEBRUARY - 2011

Harvi Sachar

Cleantech, the future

Pradeep Shankar


Managing Editor
Christo Jacob
Deputy Editor
Jaya Smitha Menon
alking about Cleantech reminds me of the Black
Editorial Staff Swan theory. People still view it outside the realm
Eureka Bharali of regular expectations, and nothing in the past can
Hari Anil convincingly point to its success quotient. Still, it carries
Vimali Swamy an extreme impact.
A couple of years ago, before things went wrong with
Sr.Visualizer Raghu Koppal the economy, there were a fair number of first-time clean-
Subscription Manager P Magendran tech venture firms out fundraising. But the recession saw
almost flat and down rounds of funding, for the industry in
2008 and 2009. However, 2010 saw a renewed interest and
Mailing Address about $1.9 billion being invested in cleantech ventures.
Thanks to the increasing interest in a broader range of
SiliconIndia Inc cleantech themes, such as smart mobility and resource ef-
44790 S. Grimmer Blvd ficiency, which are now taking over from the historically
Suite 202, dominant renewable energy sector.
Fremont, CA 94538 This time we hope the hype continues and the industry
shelves off its image as an improbable still interesting tag.
But this time around it is not going to be easy either. VCs are
T:510.440.8249, F:510.440.8276
looking out for newer platforms and business models. For
firms and entrepreneurs, it will take double the vigor to make
the point. From the market perspective, only the tier 1 firms
are rethinking about investing and integrating in cleantech to
improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in
siliconindia order to reduce costs, mitigate energy price volatility risk, and
comply with existing and pending regulations around carbon
February 2011, volume 14-02 (ISSN 1091-9503)
Published monthly by siliconindia, Inc.
and climate change risk disclosure. For the rest of the world,
cleantech still has barely managed to be in the comfort cate-
gory in the economic scale of need, comfort and luxury.
However the current economic contraction and the grow-
ing interest of national governments in kick-starting a world-
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World and PC Expo. Managing Editor
By Kunwer Sachdev
The author is CMD, Su-Kam
the pens and wanted to make it into a kept improvising hoping to deliver the proached us with a PE offer and I de-
‘brand’. After sometime I realized I best product. I was very determined to cided to take that. Reliance India Power
couldn’t work with my brother in his make my ideas work. Finally we were Fund- a JV between Reliance (ADAG)
pens business and decided to embark able to make an efficient inverter and & Temasek Holdings Singapore in-
on my own journey by myself. I started the sales started picking up. I wanted to vested Rs. 45 crores in Su-Kam. The
pursuing Law from the Delhi Univer- make a great product and at the same stage was set for a scorching pace of

in my
sity and used to go attend classes in the time assure the best service. A great growth. In 2006, we set up our first off-
evening. I studied seriously for the first product is a good thing to have, but shore office in Dubai. Su-Kam became
opinion MY ENTREPRENEURIAL time and in the meantime I got married.
My wife started working soon after
even great products need marketing. A
fact that companies focused on tech-
the world’s second company to manu-
facture 100 KVA inverter and inaugu-
marriage since it was not easy support- nology often overlook. Su-Kam was no rated India’s first SMF battery plant. We

JOURNEY ing the house with only me working. I

had the pressure that I have to become
exception. We soon launched an ad
campaign and our brand got noticed
also armed ourselves with a trademark
registration in the US, where we are

something in life. What to become with a fairly low spend. We switched to now exporting. Su-Kam has 32 people
used to keep on changing. Sometimes, advertising which was a first for the in- working on R&D- all engineers. Inno-
I used to think of becoming a lawyer. verter category. vation is a mild way to describe it. What
Sometimes, an entrepreneur. Marriage There were two or three employees they do is keep inventing. As an entre-
brought some stability in my life and of mine who were not good at work, so preneur I need to be make sure that both
so I started my cable TV business with- I put them on the job for putting up me and my company are up ahead es-
out having any technical understanding boards reading SU-KAM on it all over pecially with the competition around.
or know-how on how to run the busi- India. It made the Su-Kam brand very We have applied for 50 technology
y father was in the railways ness. I had realized that I have to learn popular. We persuaded dhaba owners to patents and now every month we are ap-
and he always wanted to be an how to do this work be it learning put their name on Su-Kam boards and plying for two technology patents.
entrepreneur. Just to realize things to actually fixing things. I advertise along with their product. We With me innovation is the key to
his dream we shifted to a res- started reading my class ninth and persuaded them by giving them a T- success. I have this problem of dream-
idential colony full of entre- tenth Physics books to gain a greater shirt, a strategy which brands like Voda- ing. I am very clear, that I have to on
preneurs. My father had a lot of different understanding. By 1996-97 my cable fone & Airtel follow. By 2002, we were this. I had made a 100 KW inverter
businesses but he never did well financially. He TV business was flourishing as I had a in a good position. The following year around three years ago. No one even
was a very hardworking man and that trait is factory with 50 employees and was Su-Kam launched very innovative prod- thought it was possible at that time.
seen in all the three sons of the family. I and my making good money. ucts including the Sinewave Inverter My dreams are so big that even if
whole family have been through hard times Whatever I was earning, I was put- and an inverter with a plastic body, both I work for another 50 years and the
where as a kid on my birthday getting a shoe or ting in my business because that was my for the first time in India. We also new generation also works on it, it
a shirt as a gift was a big thing. life and in 1998 I made my move into brought out a UPS range. We opened will not be completed. I still don’t un-
I knew from the start that there is no one be- the inverter business. I realized that our first branch office in Hyderabad and derstand the real term of an entrepre-
hind me, so I had to rely on myself. I took my there was a huge demand for inverters started exporting products as well as neur. I think decisions are never
own decisions, I became very independent. This in north India, but everyone was mak- participating in overseas exhibition. ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It’s the outcome
has helped me a lot in life and also cemented me ing the same kind of inverter. There was Later on we had developed some in- which may be either positive or neg-
as a successful entrepreneur. an inverter at my home which would novative technologies which needed ative. But you can’t sit on the fence,
I had joined Hindu College after schooling constantly get spoilt. So one day when protection. I realized that we have to you have to weigh the pros and cons
which I term as a big leap and a personality the mechanic came to repair it, I just had patent our products to survive in this in- and make decisions in life. That is an
changing experience for myself. Also, at the a peek inside the inverter. I realized they dustry. So in 2004 for the first time I ap- essential quality for every entrepre-
same time I had started helping my brother in his were using a sub-standard PCB. I knew plied for a patent. With superior neur. Mistakes do happen in life. I
pens business. To improve on my English I about PCB’s because of my cable TV products, a well known brand name and have also made mistakes and learnt
started reading English books. I did my BA in experience. Later on I brought a high strong dealer network, Su-Kam has from it. Some people may be with
Mathematical Statistics from Delhi University. I quality branded inverter and asked my achieved remarkable growth. In 2004, you and some may not. You should be
learnt how to talk to people, to take people along, factory workers to work on it. I had our turnover stood at Rs. 100 crores. driven by your passion or your inter-
how to make groups and learnt to organize started reading books and articles on Today, it is touching Rs. 500 crores, of est. You should not be driven only by
things. I kept on taking challenges in life and I this. Knowledge for the sake of knowl- which Rs. 80 crores comes from the ex- the monetary value. It comes and then
set one or two big goals for myself. The main edge is foolish but it is a way forward. port market. goes: if you are successful it keeps in-
one being to ‘make it big in business’. After much experimentation and Around 2007, there were buyout of- creasing. This was my passion and I
In 1984 I graduated from college and joined testing I launched an inverter but it did fers from companies but I didn’t really worked towards it. I have not been
my brothers. I coined the name ‘Su-Kam’ for not rock the market so we constantly pay heed to them. Reliance had ap- driven by other force. si

February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
in in

Wipro rejigs leadership team indian americans attaining New heights in the u.s.
he country’s third largest banking, financial services and insur- up to 7,829 crore from 7,731 crore and ndian Americans are accomplish- diqui will serve as Chief never participated in Ka-
software services exporter ance (BFSI) segment has been the dollar denominated global IT revenues ing great heights these days, more Agricultural Negotiator in sich’s election campaign,
Wipro has sent ripples major reason for its slower growth. rose 5.6 percent to $1.34 billion (QoQ). than ever before. Recently U.S. the Office of the United they both worked in
across the industry with This is one thing that Chairman Azim Despite this growth, the company still President Barack Obama has named States Trade Representative Lehman Brothers for
the recent change in lead- Premji himself admitted. Premji said lagged behind. The numbers were an Indian-American doctor, Vivek (USTR) once more, with the seven years.
ership. What Azim Premji has said that companies like Cognizant which below street expectations with Wipro Murthy, to an Advisory Group on Pre- rank of ambassador. In yet another instance
about the sudden appointment of TK have been growing fast have a 50-55 posting a mere 1.26 percent sequential vention, Health Promotion and Inte- Similarly, in Ohio Jai Vijay Sazawal, the Direc-
Kurien as the new CEO of the Infor- percent revenue contribution from growth in revenues, while net profit grative and Public Health, and Chabria became the Senior Islam A. Siddiqui
tor of government pro-
mation Technology business and Ex- BFSI, while Wipro’s stands at around grew marginally by 2.6 percent. re-nominated an Indian American Adviser the Governor John grams for the U.S.
ecutive Director of Wipro is, with the 27 percent. All said and discussed, we should agricultural scientist, Islam A. Sid- Kasich. His duties include overseeing Enrichment Corporation, got ap-
market exploding now, there is a need Increased attrition not forget the fact that diqui, as Chief Agricultural Nego- gubernatorial appointments and pointed to the Civil Nuclear Trade Ad-
for a simpler and leaner organization. level is another issue that Wipro has had a good his- tiator in trade talks. Murthy, an managing personnel for state visory Committee by the U.S.
Seeing its disappointing performance the company faced dur- tory of leadership changes attending physician at Brigham agencies. He will also work di- Department of Commerce Secretary
and competition from peers who have ing the third quarter this at senior level. From Vivek and Women’s Hospital and an rectly with the Ohio Depart- Gary Locke. The 35-year veteran of
shown faster growth in the IT sector, fiscal. The IT services Paul to Ashok Soota, Sudip instructor at Harvard Medical ment of Development as it both the civilian and defense nuclear
it’s quite clear that the company has business lost 1,092 soft- Nandi, Sudip Banerjee and School, is also the Co-Founder transitions into JobsOhio. industry was among the people who
made the major reshuffle in its leader- ware engineers and the even Subrato Bagchi left and Chairman of Epernicus, LLC, “Whatever duty is assigned to helped in bringing 2008 U.S.-India
ship hoping to regain its lost ground. business process out- Wipro for their good rea- a privately-held company me, I’ll try to fulfill it civilian nuclear power initiative to re-
According to Wipro’s earlier sourcing services lost sons. But the company that builds social net- according to the best ality. These three are among many
model, the company had several de- 226 people during the tided over the changes working platforms for of my ability,” said great feats that the Indian Americans
partments targeting the same cus- quarter under review. Rishad Premji smoothly, thanks to the scientific institutions Vivek Murthy Chabria. Even are achieving in the U.S. now, and this
and clinical trials. Sid- though Chabria seems to be only the beginning.

tomers for different kinds of business. The impact of such a charisma of Premji. But
But from now on, there will be only high attrition quarter-on-quarter was, there is a bit more curiosity in the lead-
one axis. The new structure will have however, neutralized by the IT prod- ership change this time. If you look at taj Employee Behavior During 26/11 is a harvard Case study Now
“mini CEOs” with increased risk-tak- ucts business, which added 731 people Infosys, there is a clear cut Leadership
ing and decision-making powers, head- in the third quarter. In the world of dif- model practiced. The stake holders see he 26/11 terror at- The multimedia ees “knew all the back exits” of the
ing different vertical businesses. All ferent challenges, how the new CEO a lack of clarity on this front today. As tack, which took case study ‘Terror at the hotel and could have easily escaped,
functions of sales, consulting, BPO and will address the problem the attrition is per the Wipro policy, a Chairman has the life of 164, in Taj Bombay: Cus- many of them stayed back and helped
technical services such as software another significant thing to be noticed. to step down at 67. That leaves perhaps Mumbai was among the tomer-Centric Leader- the guests. “The natural human in-
testing will have to align themselves According to some of the employees, only a couple of years for Premji, aged worst terror attacks India ship’ by HBS professor stinct would be to flee. These are peo-
more closely with these mini CEOs. both Paranjpe and Vaswani have been 65. Is Premji laying the foundation for has faced. The Taj Hotel Rohit Deshpande docu- ple who instinctively did the right
Now the question is, how effective this the face of Wipro and if the leadership his son to take over? The mini CEO in Mumbai was hit very ments “the bravery and thing. And in the process, some of
fresh structure would be and how it changes then other things will change structure and other structural changes badly during the incident resourcefulness shown them, unfortunately, gave their lives to
will justify the decision of dumping its too. So, chances are there that if those point to definitely a simpler path for and several guests and by rank-and-file em- save guests.”
joint CEOs, Girish Paranjpe and new changes are not favourable for the Rishad Premji to lead when he takes more than a dozen em- ployees” during the at- The case studies include video in-
Suresh Vaswani? employees, it will lead to more attrition over. Rishad’s role also has widened ployees lost their life. The tack. “Not even the terviews with hotel staff and footage
While all the top tier IT companies in the company. with much less public attention. Last heroic response by em- senior managers could of the attack; it is like a documentary
in India have shown strong recovery Wipro’s net profit for the third September, he was made Chief Strate- ployees of Taj during the explain the behaviour style account of events. It also focuses
from the recession in recent quarters, quarter of fiscal year 2011 grew 3.4 gic Officer. Now he will additionally attacks is now a case study at Harvard of these employees,” Deshpande is on the hotels history, its recruitment
Wipro has been a relative underper- percent on quarter-on-quarter basis. look at Wipro’s M&A’s. Will TK Business School that focuses on the quoted as saying in HBS Working and training methodology. “Nothing in
former, both in revenue and in operat- The number stood at 1,319 crore as Kurien also follow the same fate of the staff’s selfless service for its cus- Knowledge, a forum on the faculty’s the employees’ training could have
ing margins in past one year. Analysts against 1,276 crore reported last quar- CEO duos? This is something to wait tomers and how they went beyond research and ideas. According to prepared them for such an unprece-
said that Wipro’s low exposure to the ter. Its consolidated revenues too went and watch. si their call of duty to save lives. Deshpande even though the employ- dented situation,” Deshpande said. si

February 2011 siliconindia
|9| February 2011
$$$ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

CEos of Big global Companies show interest in indian market stoke raises $17 million

EOs of global big companies Applied Materials Head Michael agenda of the global corporates, said a in series E Funding
like Wal-Mart, Rio Tinto, Splinter. senior Indian industry leader.
Vikash Varma
Tesco, Sistema, and Applied A senior official, who was present “We have been advised to scale up
Materials are showing great interest in at the meeting, said the world business investment in upstream activities,” toke, a Santa Clara based mobile ABI Research, about 16 percent of mo- and preparing for or deploying LTE,”
the fast growing Indian economy. leaders expressed their interest in Tesco CE Terry Leahy told. Sistema, broadband gateway provider, has bile data is diverted from mobile net- said Vikash Varma, President and CEO
They met with Commerce and Indus- India, in terms of strengthening their which has collaboration with Shyam raised $17 million in Series E works today, and that is expected to at Stoke.
try Minister Anand Sharma and shared presence in the world's second fastest Group in India, is increasing its in- funding led by Focus Ventures. With this, increase to 48 percent by 2015. The data Its existing investors, including DAG
their enthusiasm about opportunities growing economy. He also added that, vestment in the Indian telecom sector the total funds raised to date by Stoke traffic itself will have grown by a factor Ventures, Integral Capital Partners, Pilot
presented by the Indian Economy. Sharma told them that barring a few with a subscriber base of 750 million. have reached $92 million. The company of 30, meaning that offloaded data will House Ventures, Net One Systems, Do-
Those who met Sharma include Wal- sectors, India has opened the gates for Though FDI into India declined in plans to use the funding to support its expand 100-fold. “Stoke, together with CoMo Capital, Mobile Internet Capital,
Mart CEO Mike Duke, Tesco Chief foreign direct investment in all the 2010-11 due to global slowdown in the rapidly increasing installed base, and solution partners, is delivering advanced Sequoia Capital, and Kleiner Perkins
Executive Terry Leahy, Sistema Chair- areas. Davos annual WEF meeting is previous years, the country still seems new LTE and 3G network optimization and unique solutions for the immediate also participated in the round. “Achiev-
man Vladimir Evtushenkov, Rio Tinto all about networking and cementing to remain as a priority area for the for- projects with mobile networks in Europe, requirements of accelerating content de- ing this level of growth during the global
Chief Executive Tom Albanese, and ties with India remains on top of the eign investors. Asia and the U.S. livery, traffic optimization service de- economic crisis is proof of the strength
The company has delivered over 200 livery cost reduction and secure LTE of the company, the relevance of their
units of its Stoke Session Exchange deployments. Our outlook for growth in technology to top tier carriers, and the
(SSX-3000) mobile broadband gateway 2011 is promising, given our central role high potential of the mobile broadband
since initiating commercial production in in the strong operator investment focus market,” said James Boettcher, General
late 2008.According to a new study from on optimizing current network assets Partner, Focus Ventures.

“I T
india presents Fantastic opportunity for the u.s.
tapjoy secures $21 million in series B Funding
ndia presents fantastic op- ous year, Blake apjoy, an app development technology capabilities, as well as on the web in-
portunities for U.S. compa- added. company based out of San specifically on the iOS, cluding virtual world
nies to provide the goods With a mar- Francisco, CA, have roped in Android and across sites, MMOs and other
and services needed to build its rail- ket of 1.2 bil- their second round of funding of $21 emerging application types of gaming sites,”
roads, airports, power plants, and lion of the million. “We sit in the middle of three ecosystems. They also said Shah about the mar-
fibre optic cables to facilitate India’s world’s con- very popular and quickly growing want to continue expand- ket opportunity.
rise,” Assistant Secretary of State for sumers, and trends: social gaming, virtual currency ing internationally, includ- The round brought
South Asia Robert Blake said. The per capita in- and mobile applications. We are the ing opening new the company’s total fund-
U.S. is making it a priority to help India reached $16.1 billion in 2008, a comes forecast leader in helping social and mobile ap- international offices and ing to over $40 million.
private sector help meet India’s 10.8 percent increase from 2007.” to grow at a rate of 8 percent over the plications grow their apps through hiring in their existing Mihir Shah Shah seems to be very
growing needs he added. He said this During President Barack Obama’s next several years, India’s market of- monetization and distribution,” said Tokyo and London of- happy about his com-
while he was speaking on the topic visit to India in November, trade fers tremendous opportunity to U.S. Mihir Shah, CEO & President, Tapjoy, fices, as well as in the U.S. headquar- pany’s present position and doesn’t
“India: The Rise of an Economic deals were announced that exceeded exporters of goods and services, he as the reason for VC interest in his ters. The funds will also be used for seem to worry much about the compe-
Power” at Syracuse University, Syra- $14.9 billion in total value with $9.5 said. “Our governments need to company. The round was led by Rho further investment in application tition, “There is no one who provides
cuse, New York. billion in U.S. export content, sup- match the ambition of our busi- Ventures, with participation from all media licensing and incubation oppor- all of the services we do across all of
“Over the last decade, India be- porting over 50,000 U.S. jobs. India nesses,” he said. “Washington and existing investors including InterWest tunities. “Our services are used by the platforms that we operate on. There
came our 14th largest goods trading is also a notable source of foreign di- Delhi must serve as catalysts for Partners, North Bridge Venture Part- most of the top game and application are some companies that provide alter-
partner and we exchanged $37.6 bil- rect investment into the U.S., with growth and innovation, not stifle en- ners and D. E. Shaw Ventures. developers on all of the leading social native payments like we do, but not the
lion in goods in 2009,” Blake noted. $4.5 billion FDI into the U.S. in trepreneurial spirit with overbearing The company plans to use these and mobile platforms, including Face- depth and breadth of alt pay solutions,”
“U.S. foreign direct investment in 2008, up 60 percent from the previ- bureaucracies,” suggested Blake. si funds to expand their product lines and book, Myspace, hi5, iOS and Android, he said. si

|10| February 2011 siliconindia
|11| February 2011

open Source, cloud and the telecom Market

Virtualization Imperative for
organizational Efficiency is Abuzz!
Sudeesh Yezhuvath, Chief Operating Officer
Pramod Sharma, President & CEO, Criterion Systems & Wholetime Director, Subex

it budgets are constrained and enterprise Cios must “do more with less” e see bandwidth hungry access devices becoming more prevalent
while managing a larger, more complex mix of business and technology – be it tablets or smartphones. this is forcing telcos to think of how
challenges. as a result, we will continue to see innovative technology solu- they manage the bandwidth in the mobile world and so hence we
tions – cloud, virtualization, open source and dense computing – that increased investments in mobile backhaul, policy management etc.
allow organizations to become more efficient and green while reducing it however, monetizing this traffic remains a significant challenge and
there will be increased need for solutions in the space of Customer Experience
management, margin Driven management , and more.

We’ve heard a lot of buzz around

Telcos are headed towards a two- about providing on-demand, person- going through a lot of change on the
cloud in the last few years, but I think
sided business model if they do not alized services to subscribers. Some business model and the services it
this year we will begin to see more
want to be commoditized. There will telcos will be able to do both while provides. The ubiquitous nature of In-
adoption as organizations start mov-
be a part of the telecom business some will remain focused on one or ternet and the availability of several
ing more mission-critical applica-
which will be about providing infra- the other. In either case, significant platforms – be it the application de-
tions to the cloud. Additionally, more
structure at the lowest cost and there improvement in efficiency will be velopment platforms or PaaS – have
and more organizations will virtual-
will be another part which will be called for and that means a sea really lowered the entry barriers.
ize in order to reduce their IT foot-
change in the management style of Challenges that entrepreneurs will
print, achieve real, tangible cost
telcos. We see an increased drive to- face will be the other side of the coin
savings and operational improve-
wards actionable intelligence as that here – to be able to think globally and
is what telcos need to really scale up be also prepared for competition from
I believe the open source move-
efficiency. unexpected quarters or unexpected
ment will continue, especially since
This is a time of great opportunity moves of competition. Business
Federal CIO Vivek Kundra and lead-
for entrepreneurs. The market is agility will be a critical need. si
ing government agencies have em-
braced open source. Pramod Sharma
Finally, dense computing will
find its way into more enterprises as tors. Additionally, we will see an in- government budget cuts – the De-
the needs to carry processing power crease in the number federal con- partment of Defense is cutting $100
into the field, reduce the total cost tracts awarded to small businesses billion per year. Additionally, the QuickFacts
per processing unit, CapEx and since a lot of federal agencies have government in-sourcing initiative
O&M and adopt green solutions be- not been meeting their small business continues to eliminate IT solutions Cleantech venture investment was up by 28 percent compared
come more important. quotas. and functions that the private sector to 2009 ($6.1 billion) making 2010 the second highest year for
I believe we will see a significant While there are significant op- has historically offered in support of investment after 2008 ($8.8 billion). the number of deals was
increase in M&A activity in the gov- portunities for entrepreneurs in the agencies. Finally, large businesses 715, a new annual record, ahead of the previous high (624
ernment services sector as the econ- federal IT services market, our in- are starting to pursue and bid on deals) recorded in 2009. North america accounted for 68 per-
omy continues to pick up and dustry is undergoing changes that smaller deals that were traditionally cent of the total invested, while Europe and israel accounted
mid-tier companies struggle to com- pose a challenge for emerging com- only competed on amongst small Sudeesh Yezhuvath for 21 percent and asia for 10 percent.
pete with the large systems integra- panies. First, there are widespread businesses. si

|12| February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
Glow touch

NurturiNg a lastiNg
EmployEE-CustomEr rElatioNship
By Vimali Swamy

he multi billion dollar

ITeS industry is a compet- Glowtouch technologies at a Glance
itive one and with big
wigs like IBM and HP
Founded: 2004

taking more interest in the

headquarters: louisville, Kentucky
other offices: mangalore, india
services industry, the future looks rosy headcount: 800

too. But in an industry where every

Customers: over 100

one in a rat race to gain the larger

Verticals: healthcare, mobile, internet

share of the pie and rake in big ‘moola’

Core Business: it services (tech support,
Business intelligence)
by stepping into every possible area Website:

of IT services, Glowtouch Technolo-

gies thinks otherwise. Founded in “The ITeS segment is known for
2004 by Vidya Ravichandran and her the high rate of attrition and employee
father Dr. Ravichandran, Louisville, and personnel issues. But we at Glow-
Kentucky headquartered Glowtouch touch have been able to overcome this
believes in doing some thing different. since the beginning,” she explains.
Rather than focusing on every possi- Currently with employee strength of
ble service offering available in the 800 in its headquarters at Louisville
market today, it provides specialized and development center at Mangalore,
offerings in niche market segments. India, Glowtouch takes pride in the
But more importantly, rather than fact that its attrition rate has been one
Vidya Ravichandran chasing a list of clientale, the company of the lowest in the industry. In fact,
first and foremost focuses on its em- some of the employees who started
ployees, for Vidya knows that a happy during the founding days of Glow-
organization translates into a happy touch are still continuing with the
business practice and a satisfied cus- company and faring very well in man-
tomer base. agerial positions. Over the past few

|14| February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
derstand the difficulties they face when ever been a circumstance when Glow- both the organization and its clients access better information with high
settling down at a new place. Hence we touch’s client had to face discontinuity can use it derive useful information. speed. The success story of Care
have a have a department in the organ- during a project and on an average This information helps organizations Medic Systems Inc. - electronic Finan-
ization that takes care of the employee most of the projects is on going for 3- increase efficiency and improve the cial Record (eFR) - IBM Cognos solu-
needs and helps them settle down and 4 years. Each of the employee has a process. “What we essentially do is tion, developed by GlowTouch
be of help in whatever way they may very deep and understanding of en- start as consultants in the beginning Technologies was recognized by IBM
need. The company even provides gagement with customer. Some of the and then transcend into processing the as well. Today, years after the initial
housing to about 30-35 percent of its customers today stand way back from entire information and developing a engagement, GlowTouch continues to
employees. Apart from transportation early 2000 and some of the employees management dashboard so that all the provide maintenance and productivity
to all, 24 hour medical facility with in have been engaged with them since the data generated makes sense,” ex- enhancement features with a highly ex-
the campus, health like yoga and med- day one. “The journey helps both the plains Vidya. perienced and functionally strong Proj-
itation classes are additional facilities client and employees to re-invent
that we provide for their well being. On themselves,” he adds. unlike tier 1 cities, where the talent scout
the whole the idea is to establish a
healthy environment with in the organ- A Potpourri of Niche Services is very intensive, leading to high attrition,
ization,” explains Dr. Ravichandran, In its strive to stand apart from the tra- talent in tier 2 cities is more stable and
C.E.O of GlowTouch Technologies. ditional IT services companies, the
The result — an agile and nimble company also has a focused approach prefers in long term relationship with
Execuitve Management of GlowTouch workforce in hand and it is this agility towards its business. Instead of offer-
and nimbleness that the company has ing a myriad of services, Glowtouch
years, the company has received sev- and entrepreneurial environment, with successfully managed to translate into has had and continues to have a fo- For example, one of the Glow- ect Manager and a dedicated
eral awards and accolades for its orga- entrepreneurial culture not only prac- a strong customer relationship. cused approach towards providing spe- touch’s clients is CareMedic Systems. programming team.
nizational culture from STPI and ticed by those at management level but cialized offerings in niche segments. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Similarly, the company has built
FICCI and also be recognized as one also those at senior employee level, by Customers — the King The company’s core business is Appli- Caremedics is a healthcare industry refinery monitoring system for Gen-
of the fastest growing companies by taking a sense of ownership in what With a senior management based in cation Development and Tech Support leader in providing proactive financial scape, a leading global provider of
Inc 500. “The key to achieving a wide they do. “Essentially, one of the things U.S. and its development centre in for Web Hosting companies. management technology, implemented energy information for commodity
recognition has been focused approach is that we are not afraid of is to admit if India (the largest in Mangalore) the in more than 1,500 hospitals and other and financial markets. Utilizing
in the domain we are involved in and we are wrong. From the CEO to the Glowtouch has a set up a flexible busi- Intelligent Application Development institutions across all 50 states and patented technologies and propri-
relying on the strengths that our senior bottom most level, no one is afraid of ness model where in the clients are di- for Business Puerto Rico. CareMedic’s suite of rev- etary algorithms, Genscape provides
management and employees have been making mistakes and or even to learn rectly in touch with R&D team. While Though the company provides a vari- enue cycle management solutions help accurate & timely data on capacities,
able to bring to forefront,” beams from it. We believe in taking risks and all the customer facing activities hap- ety of application development serv- organizations streamline cash flow and flow and utilization for all major en-
Vidya. to initiate this challenging bent of pens from U.S. office, with senior tech- ices but the primary focus is Business speed the reimbursement process, ergy commodities. The product range
mind, the company ensures that the nical managers going onsite, facing Intelligence (BI). Glowtouch is a certi- helping customers manage the com- includes the well known real-time
Employees - The Real Assets employees are not tied down by a strin- customers and managing customer re- fied partner of IBM for Cognos and plexity of the revenue cycle to increase services for power and gas in North
One of the founding principles of the gent corporate structure or policies,” lationships; the development team in also Pentaho, an open source platform their bottom lines. America and Europe. Genscape also
company was to build an organization says Vidya, President, Glowtouch India works simultaneously with the for BI. Its revolutionary product, the elec- delivers fundamentals-based market
that celebrated and took pride in its re- Technologies. clients for project delivery. Of the 800 With the advent of rich interactive tronic Financial Record (eFR), consol- intelligence services which market
sources. Hence it was a conscious de- Over the years, the company has people, 25 are based in the U.S. and the technology, a lot of organizations, es- idates all revenue cycle information participants rely upon to better un-
cision to set up the company in Tier 2 managed to build a strong talent base rest in India. pecially in the healthcare sector, have and activity in one place, eliminating derstand drivers, risks, and dynamics
cities in both U.S. and India, the rea- by scouting people across geographies One of the essential concerns of a begun to generate tremendous amount information silos and uniting data from of regional power and gas markets.
son being the level of commitment that with just the right mix of passion and client is the discontinuity in communi- of data. But unless channelized, it is disparate systems. Not only does this Glowtouch developed a refinery
comes across from the talent there. Un- attitude. Despite being 800 people cation it faces due to frequent change very difficult to make intelligent de- improve workflow and operational ef- monitoring system which provides op-
like Tier 1 cities, where the talent scout large across two continents, Glow- in a team. “A question that arises fre- cisions based on that data. Until a few ficiency, but it also enables CareMedic erational insight covering critical re-
is very intensive, leading to high attri- touch still exudes the aura of a close quently from customers is how they years back, all of this data had never customers to put more time and effort fineries in the U.S. that supply
tion, talent in Tier 2 cities is more sta- knit family and leaves no stone un- can ensure that the amount of training been put into a roadmap and hence or- into what’s most important – their pa- gasoline and today it continues to help
ble and prefers in long term turned to keep the family together. and time they spend on a project with ganizations could not reap its poten- tients. monitor three major oil storage fields
relationship with organizations. One of the unique things that one the company’s employees does not go tial. Due to this, organizations had Glowtouch stepped in by helping which are located across United
The back bone of any organization would come across at Glowtouch is a waste. Fortunately, for us this has never been unable to make key decisions build electronic Financial Record States. The team works round the
is the management and employee cul- separate department that helps new been a problem as this is where our due to lack of information. With our (eFR) Dashboard, an advanced man- clock (24x7) to provide real time and
ture on which the entire business relies employees settle down both with in the strong organizational culture comes BI expertise, we help organizations agement tool that enables effective accurate data about the oil storage
on. Glowtouch, since day one of its organization and outside. “We recruit into play,” says Dr. Ravichandran. In process the constantly generated data management at all levels and decision fields, a process which involves mon-
founding, has encouraged a transparent people from small geographies and un- the last seven years, there has hardly into a management dashboard so that makers. Users at any level are able to itoring the IR images of the storage

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|17| February 2011
Startup Profile By Jaya Smitha Menon
units very closely and sending the re- come more commoditized. What the
ports at regular/agreed time intervals. With the advent of company aims to achieve is climb
Some of the other bigwigs in its ria, organizations higher up in the value chain with serv-
BI clientele include Research in Mo-
tion (RIM) for which it prepared a have begun
ices like back office support and engi-
neering segment. “We want to keep
hara: taking technology
technology planning tool that helps the focus of the segments limited be-
the company make corporate wide
updates on the status of the various
cause of the domain knowledge but
are looking into engaging deeper in
to Greener Pastures
research projects with in each team, case of segment and broader in case of
monitor product development, re- amount of data services. In the long run, what we are now a core business priority as organ- matters most, and CSOs and CFOs
lease time frame for hardware/soft- which unless hoping to achieve is full life cycle sup- izations look to increase their opera- are increasingly seeing the benefits of
ware launch and more via an port instead of just tech support,” says tional efficiency, maximize working with Hara to identify, prior-
interactive dashboard. channelized, can she. shareholder value and mitigate risks. I itize and track their energy and re-
not be used to wanted to create a company that could source reduction initiatives.
Moving Beyond Tech Support The Road Ahead resolve a significant problem and I felt
The other major business for Glow- make intelligent Despite being located in Tier 2 cities that environmental and energy man- Adding Value to Customers
touch is Tech Support for Web Host- and offering niche services, the com- agement innovation was a need that I We are helping organizations to not
decisions. pany is quite active in its marketing could address. only drive innovation but also recog-
activities. The company since found- nize that effective environmental and
ing has acquired over 150 clients Market place/opportunities for en- energy management is now a busi-
across U.S. and Canada and a few in vironmental and energy manage- ness imperative. From Fortune 500s
UK, of which 100 are active at any ment solutions to municipalities and spanning a vari-
given point. The demand for solutions that enable ety of industries (everything from
To continue its successful streak companies to more effectively utilize utilities to financial services), we’re
the company brought in private equity Amit Chatterjee, CEO, Hara
energy and resources and manage their helping our customers increase oper-
partners, about three years ago, who environmental impact is rapidly accel- ational efficiency, maximize share-
have invested in Glowtouch and Hara’s uniqueness in the space
Hara enables strategic, enterprise- erating in both the private and public holder value and mitigate risk. As an
helped it morph into a more credible sectors. More and more, organizations example, Hara is working with the
and professionally run company than wide, environmental and energy man-
agement across an organization and its are turning from spreadsheets and city of Palo Alto to monitor the city’s
just a family run organization which it homegrown systems to enterprise- 160 ongoing projects pertaining to
was in the initial years. value chain. Companies and organi-
GlowTouch Team at India
zations gain transparency and control level software such as Hara EEM, areas of sustainability and resource
In the long run, Vidya bets on a which can help them automate these management. In the first year of using
ing companies where it provides Tier Vidya. For example, IPower, a web promising future in the healthcare sec- of their entire organizational metabo-
lism – beyond just their carbon foot- processes and meet their energy and Hara EEM, Palo Alto saved $600,000
1, 2 and 3 support including back of- hosting company, was not offering tor. “This is one sector which is wit- resource efficiency requirements. As in costs, including an 8 percent re-
fice support and infrastructure serv- add on services such as web design, nessing a continuous expenditure on print – to optimize their use of
resources including energy, water, and more top level executives look to duction in electricity, 25 percent de-
ices. Active clients: 100 at a given SEO, high end custom design serv- technology. There is a big need for achieve cost savings through energy crease in natural gas usage and 12
time. For years now, these were the ices previously. Glowtouch put to- augmentation and need for develop- raw materials, and the corresponding
emissions and water waste and carbon management, we expect to see this percent less greenhouse gas emis-
only services it offered to Web Host- gether a potpourri of add on products ment in this sector and we find our- space continue to grow and feel that sions.
ing companies but now the company and services for it and some of its selves in a sweet spot due to our created. We give customers the ability
to identify, prioritize and track initia- Hara is in a great position to capitalize
is slowly spreading its wings to ven- other clients and has started to offer presence since early part of the on the interest in this area. Customers Hara’s contribution to
ture deeper into this segment. it in partnership with them. The end decade,” says she. The company hopes tives to improve efficiency, track re-
sults in a way that provides an choose Hara because we are 100 per- sustainability
“In BPO sector we see a lot of un- result — an increased revenue life- to expand its clientele geographically, cent focused on their challenges, and Hara is leading the way in enabling
tapped potential. There are several cycle for both the company and its especially Europe. Apart from this it auditable trail, and innovate based on
best practices. a proven partner. companies to make sustainability a
areas where many of our web hosting customers. also plans to double its revenues and competitive and profitable advantage.
clients is unable to provide services. “From customer standpoint, we are resources in the next three years. Changes to expect in the market We understand that identifying, pri-
They have the customers but are un- looking at increasing our engagement With its focused approach towards Entry into the environmental and
energy management solutions/green place in the next 5 years oritizing and tracking the most effec-
able to leverage on it for providing with them and increase the processes its business and a strong organiza- The market will continue to grow at tive natural resource reduction and
add on services. So we have started we are involved with them. They are tional culture, the company is a shin- IT space
I saw a lack of understanding by busi- a rapid pace, primarily due to the fi- emissions mitigation strategies is now
to partner with them to provide these now bringing us into more processes ing example of what a simple nancial benefits, value creation and a critical business operation. Through
add on services, so that our clients than we seeking them,” Vidya says. In “employee care” could do for an or- nesses around their utilization of natu-
ral resources and the resulting risk mitigation that organizations can EEM, we are helping leading compa-
can continue to monetize on their ex- a way tech support has started to per- ganizations business and its growth in gain by implementing solutions like nies and government organizations
isting customer base,” explains form better as the years go by and be- the long run. si environmental impact. “Being green”
is no longer just a CSR objective – it is Hara EEM. The bottom line is what achieve their sustainability goals. si

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February 2011
VC Talk
from the challenges in an enterprise
From day one what the value proposition is and in-

invest in
segment and both these are very dif- novate around that and keep the main
ferent from an advertisement related focus around that then it is much

attracting an
start up. easy to sustain differentiation.
At the broadest level I would say
the number one challenge is that it is Tips to entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs ecosystem of
still very hard to track the right tal- Being successful is more important
ent whether it is in engineering or than getting funded. So you should

advisors and
business. This is true for both U.S. focus on the basics, find a large proj-
and India, as great talent is in short ect, differentiate its value proposition

angel investors
supply. This shortage in talent is way to your customers and should stay
the fundemental raw more than the shortage in capital. laser focused on that. Then invest

who have
Then the major challenge would early on in building a team around
be finding the right product. This is you, at the end of the day an entrepre-
material for VCs
experience with
especially true for technology ori- neur should be remarkable in selling
ented startups. You have this great his vision to the people around him
initiation, this great idea, but most of and getting them on board. The early

the fundraising
the time no one is buying it. Many team you get goes a long way in your
people who watch online entrepreneurs struggle with this in success. And finally, don’t be afraid to

video as a medium of en- the life of their companies. It is fig- fail, fail fast and get up and start again.
tertainment, whether it is uring out who would pay for what This is sort of the macro advice.
premium or non premium, you have and how to get it to them in On a more specific level, as you start
New Trends Driving the Industry is now comparable to the a repeatable manner are always a a company you have to recognize early
We have a very vibrant eco system of number of people who challenge, irrespective of the market on that fund raising is going to be an on-
entrepreneurs in the valley. The fun- watch TV. The quantum of you are in. going priority and focus for the CEO. If
damental raw material for our busi- time for which they watch The final challenge is that how do you are choosing to be a CEO this will
ness is the supply of great it is lower, but that is you go to a market in a way it is re- be part of your job, this will be some-
entrepreneurs who want to do inter- changing every year. So if peatable and cost effective. The cost thing you do all the time. You might be
esting things, and I think this mo- you think about the world of customer acquisition most of the
QuickFacts doing that for over 20 percent of your
mentum will continue uninterrupted. a few years from now time exceeds the near term revenue. the worldwide semiconduc- time over the course of the company’s
The reasons for this being, the pres- where all video content Over time you will be fine but this tor revenue is forecast to life. This should be recognized, this is
ence of great role models, availabil- will be watched online, increases the burden of a startup. total $314 billion in 2011, my first piece of advice.
ity of capital from high quality firms, then across that eco system just up 4.6 percent from My second advice is, from day one
and the cost of building a start up that there are opportunities for Advice to startups 2010's estimated revenue of invest in attracting an ecosystem of ad-
continues to come down. These make innovation. Not just for Primarily you should go after a very $300.3 billion, as per a gart- visors and angel investors who have ex-
it easier to experiment with new content providers but also large addressable market, since, if ner report. the growth in perience with the fundraising
ideas. The new trends in the themes for infrastructure you are in a large market then you the fourth quarter of Fy10 ecosystem. Great products have advi-
we are investing can be considered in providers, for platforms, can zig and zag and find a market po- will likely become negative sors of different kinds. People always
three folds - from Client Server Sys- and for advertisers. sition that is defensible. But in a for the first time in six quar- look for great technologists to give them
tem, Client Server Infrastructure to- Ashu Garg, Venture Partner, One technology trend small market there is very little room ters. the third quarter of advice which is a great thing to have,
wards Cloud Based Infrastructure. Foundation Capital that I would say is driving for maneuvering. To me this is very 2010 was the turning point, but in addition you need to find great
And this trend continues both to the a lot of change today is the obvious and I am stunned by the marketers, and people who have expe-
come into purview.
as semiconductor manufac-
infrastructure layout and the applica- low cost storage solutions. Cloud number of startups that are going rience with fundraising who understand
The third trend is video. The computing is one of the hosts of un-
turing factory utilization
tion layout. after small markets. The art is about that ecosystem.
growth in online video is reasonably derlying technology trends which is
rates peaked midyear and
The second trend is the fact that figuring out what the real address- The third point is, make sure you
well understood, people still under- enabling that.
subsequently started to re-
the traditional IT budget is been sup- able market for what you are doing find the right investor for you. Depend-
estimate how huge it is. Today Ne-
duce chip lead times and av-
plemented by the marketing budget. and not being overly optimistic. Sec- ing on what you are looking to do, your
flix, an online video streaming Challenges in the startup market
erage selling prices. strong
10 -15 years ago startups were more ondarily, before you go into the mar- goals, and your personal style, find an
portal, has as many subscribers as It is hard to generalize, as the chal-
holiday electronic sales will
focused on budgets for CIOs and ket think about what is the source of investor who works with you and for
Comcast. When you sit back and lenges depend on what market you
be important in keeping the
consumers. Now a third allocation of your differentiation and how you can you and not against you. So keep focus
think about the implications of that, it are going after. The challenges in a
modest chip correction in
the funds for marketing via Google continue to innovate around that. If on these and things will be good.
is very fundamental, the number of consumer segment are very different
check as we start 2011.
Adwords, and online marketing has you are really crystal clear about As told to Hari Anil si

February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
Cover Feature: By Hari Anil
Firstly the CleanTech com- the U.S. or the European or the Chinese this is also a large criterion for the VCs
panies are not over evaluated CleanTech markets. To begin with, the to invest says Gubbi. He believes with-
like the DotCom companies market structure is different, the number out the government support the VCs
were, secondly the industry of VCs investing in the space is com- would have been much more cautious to

primarily deals with energy, paratively less, people are less aware of invest in the industry.
water, and waste manage- the power quality and its role in energy The Renewable Energy Certification
ment all these are utmost ne- efficiency, the major investments in en- mechanism introduced in India Novem-
cessity for the society, and ergy sectors goes into the wind sector ber 2010 is expected to provide a large

Sagar Gubbi finally the government and unlike the U.S. where the support to the CleanTech en-
international policies are supporting the major investments are in the ergy industry in the country.
development in this industry,” he adds. solar field, and so on and so This mechanism mandates
What is in store for Cleantech? The global CleanTech product and forth. “In the last one year
service market is above $250 Billion in more VCs came to me that
utility companies to buy a
certain portion of their energy
size and this is expected to grow expo- they did in the three years be- every year from clean energy
nentially in the coming years becoming fore. The Government is also sources. “Such initiatives
leanTech is not a new phe- the segment. Likewise in India in 2010 try in this year? What does its future look four to five times bigger market by spending a lot in the Clean- from the government not only
nomenon; it has been with Private Equity firms invested $7.974 bil- like? These seem to be the right ques- 2017. The market is large, the growth Tech industry. Then new support the growth of the in-
and around us for some lion over 325 deals in the CleanTech tions to ask. rate is high, and still the last two quar- technologies like Micro Hy- Arati Prabhakar dustry but also make them
time now and is now a space. While all these stands, let us not ters of 2010 saw a dip in the VC funding brid inverters, which can be used to cap- more commercially attractive for the in-
quite substantial industry. forget 2010 has passed and we are now U.S. CleanTech Space in the sector, especially Q4 where there ture different sources like wind and solar vestors,” claims Gubbi.
Its growth was a natural and evolution- in a new year, a whole new decade. It is not an easy task to foresee the future was a 17 percent drop from that of Q3. and provide uninterrupted output, are
ary one, and has now attained heights no What is there in store for the CleanTech of the industry. The CleanTech industry But there is nothing to worry about says emerging. All these together are going to Role of Entrepreneurs in this
one would have thought it would a few indus- in itself is a combination of several in- Arati Prabhakar, Partner, USVP. “Clean- change the whole scenario,” says Shwe- Industry
years ago. The global warming, scarcity dustries, like semiconductor, energy, Tech has carved out a world for itself tank Jain, CEO and Founder, P2Power Great initiative, innovative product,
of resources, and the desire to be energy waste management, and so on. This with in the venture capital space. And 15 Solutions. “With automation of more good customer service, to the point
independent has made more and means any disturbance in those in- percent of the whole VC investment last and more equipment, the grid pollution, marketing campaign, all these are nec-
more companies wanting to go dustries, let it be economic, regula- year, was in this industry and this is a quality distortion in power, in the coun- essary factors for a company to be suc-
eco-friendly and unlike its tory, or technology, will have huge number when compared to the one try is on a rise. Companies like ours are cessful, but ultimately it comes down
cousin ‘GreenTech’, Clean- their ripples in the CleanTech percent and two percent a few years trying to put a check to this and so we to the entrepreneur. It is according to
Tech proved to be a practical industry. A prediction by Na- back,” adds Arati. have a huge market and future his vision that the company goes for-
option for them as it helps tional Venture Capitalist As- According to VCs 2011 here,” adds Jain. ward and develops. Arati says, “Entre-
them to reduce their environ- sociation (NVCA) and Dow will provide the CleanTech “It takes 15 – 20 years for preneurs are the reason VCs are
mental foot print without dis- Jones Venture Source also industry with a more finan- us to achieve 100 percent elec- funding in the space. To me the cre-
rupting their business showed that only 28 percent cially stable environment trification. Here both renew- ativity of the entrepreneur is the most
models. Governments, In- of VCs are now interested in and they are expecting to see able energy and fossil fuel optimistic thing in the industry.”
vestors, and Venture Capital- making an investment in this more positive outcomes. based infrastructure develop-
ists around the globe have also space, whereas another report “Something I am looking ment are happening simulta- Conclusion
seen and understood the rele- by Dallas Kachan of Kachan & forward to this year is the neously as there is so much No, the CleanTech industry is not a bub-
vance of the industry and supported Co. refutes this and predicts 2011 to Power Fee Alignment. There Shwetank Jain growth left in the industry. ble like DotCom, it is not slowing down
it in its different stages of growth. The be a great year for the CleanTech in- is huge potential in these companies, but This gives us the great opportunity to be or fading or is going to burst, and it is
Treasury Grant Program, Section 1603 dustry and expecting a sustained world- the national and global impact is not green in the very stage of building the not looking ahead for a bad year. VCs
and the Advanced Energy Manufactur- wide VC investment, there seems to be going to happen with Power Fee Align- infrastructure rather than replacing the and CleanTech companies are expecting
ing Credit, Section 48C are examples for a lot of confusion in the industry regard- ment,” says Arati. She considers that the existing fossil fuel based infrastructure 2011 to be a promising year for the in-
the U.S. Government’s participation in ing its prospects in 2011. There are even support from the government so far have with clean energy solution like in the dustry. The need of the hour is for the
the sector, whereas, with the Renewable people who compare the boom in the in- been substantial, both funding and pol- west,” said Gubbi while talking about Governments to give the right amount of
Energy Certification and Energy Saving dustry to that of the DotCom boom in icy wise, and this need to continue for how different Indian CleanTech indus- support to the industry, VCs to continue
Certification, the Government of India the 90’s and are expecting a similar the sustained and smooth growth of the try is from its western counterparts. their support and participation in the in-
played its part. The $7.8 Billion invest- burst. Could this be true? “No,” says industry. Government support is very crucial in dustry, and the companies to come up
ments by the VC in the U.S. CleanTech Sagar Gubbi, Co-founder and Managing the CleanTech industry. The renewable with more innovative and creative tech-
sector in 2010 has marked the second Partner, Ecoforge Advisors. “There are Indian CleanTech Space energy, particularly solar, wind and nologies and products. If all these fit to-
highest since the $8.8 Billion is 2008, three main things in CleanTech that When we look at the Indian CleanTech hydro are supported by government gether properly the industry might just
shows the value VCs have assigned to makes sure this will never happen. market we can see vast difference from policies both in India and in the U.S. and be in for an all time high in the space. si

February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
CleanTech: By Inderpreet Wadhwa
The author is Founder & CEO, Azure Power
icon production. Even though it is still veloped in India. Therefore, Azure First, NSM comes with an estimated
expensive in contrast to conventional Power developed the Solar as a Service $19 billion cost, and the government
sources of power in tangible costs, there business model where instead of sell- has committed to funding $900 million
is a growing realization that this source ing to individual households; the com- for the first phase. Subsequent phases
is the most promising one when it pany builds large scale solar power will require additional funding com-

Vision 2020
comes to generating power without pol- facilities to service demands of several mitments. Second, streamlined project
luting the environment. Although the households with a single facility. In allocation and development in line
world over installed capacity of solar fact, aggregating electricity demand in with the gestation period of such proj-
photovoltaic (SPV) power is approxi- rural and semi-urban areas in India and ects will be needed to encourage new

Distributed Solar Power

mately 8000MW, in India its installed improving the livelihood of households age developers to enter the market for

The Way Ahead

capacity is just a meager 100 MW. An by offering energy security through rapid capacity build up. The typical
important reason for low capacity in- large scale solar power generation fa- gestation period of conventional power
stallation so far has been the absence of cilities is one of the guiding principles plants could be somewhere between 5
favorable feed-in tariff as incentive to of Azure Power. These facilities also to 6 years whereas that of a solar
entrepreneurs. However, this problem help stabilize the grid at the tail end and power plant is months. Prompt alloca-
has since been addressed. The Central minimize transmission losses which at tion, Power Purchase Agreements and
Electricity Regulatory Commission has present are as high as 23 percent in swift permissions will help meet the
declared an FIT for Rs 17.91 kW/hr India. Solar Power and other distributed NSM goals of 1300 MW generation in
SPV power sale for a period of 25 years sources of energy can thus help in re- it’s initial phase. Setting up decen-
as compared to the earlier 50MW Gen- ducing the impact of grid losses. tralized solar power plants also prove
eration-based Incentive scheme, where The greatest scope for solar power beneficial to the environment and
shortage of a solar photovoltaic (SPV) the maximum allowable tariff was Rs generation today is in the distributed help solve environmental problems
12.61 percent. If project can be created in 15/KWhr for a period of 10 years. The model i.e., in building a large number rapidly, since 1MW of solar power is
something is not any size and at almost National Solar Mission (NSM) prom- of small and medium scale projects, equivalent to the removal of 1200
done to bridge this any location in India. ises rapid growth of utility scale SPV rather than a few large scale projects. tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.
gap and new For instance a small power projects in the country. The cost The distributed model will mean small This emission reduction is equivalent
sources of power 5 kW home lighting sys- of solar power has shown significant power plants that can cater to the needs to 550,000 trees and removing 3,600
are not created, it tem can manage energy requirements reduction year over year and with in- of a collection of villages and ensure cars from roads. Finally, project allo-

has the poten- for a household, a 100 kW system can crease in production, a downward trend power generation at the point of con- cation criteria needs to be succinct
tial to derail the run a small commercial center and a continues. It is expected that solar sumption. There is a need for projects and should be flexible enough so as
entire Indian 1MW facility can produce enough power will become grid competitive in that directly benefit the consumers and to allow foreign investments and
growth story. power for 20 villages. The modular ap- costs around the year 2017. it makes great sense for projects to be project finance. To encourage new
Let us now proach for solar power (PV) expansion Azure Power operationalised set up where grids do not exist. companies, criteria such as multi
look at the targets is very attractive for the Indian market. India’s first private MW scale solar There is also a lot to look for in year operations and turnover in India
for power produc- The government, after carefully power plant on the Solar as a Service terms of commercial projects as well, should not be imposed.
tion for 2020. If the studying the escalating prices of non- model – in Punjab, in December 2009. with large corporations showing inter- In conclusion, for the NSM 2020
f India has to develop at the rate
growth continues at similar renewable sources of energy like coal This is the first MW scale commercial est in the sector; huge roof-top based to succeed, policy makers will have
of above 8 percent in the years to
levels, the power requirement for 2020 and the negative environmental impact sale of solar power to a State Utility projects being an obvious opportunity. to view solar power generation from a
come and achieve its mission of
is expected to be around 4,00,000 MW. that they cause has come up with The (Punjab State Electricity Board) and a The energy security (guaranteed avail- developmental perspective. Energy
being a developed nation by
It is obvious that this growing require- Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mis- landmark deal in itself as it paved the ability of power) offered by Solar security and rural electrification will
2020, the most crucial sector that
ment cannot be met by conventional sion, an ambitious but achievable mis- way for future commercial Power Pur- Power clearly attracts attention from get a huge shot in the arm from solar
we need to focus upon is Power. For a
sources of energy. To achieve this tar- sion that plans to produce 20 GW of chase Agreements for Solar Power in the commercial sector. Also, the ‘high power projects that can quickly come
country that is being heralded as the
get, renewable sources of energy have solar power by 2020. India. The Azure Power 2MW plant in cost’ of solar power is also not a deter- up across the country as part of the
new land of opportunities, the fact that
to play a role. Among various sources When it comes to harnessing solar Awan Village, Amritsar District has rent for the commercial sector, because current policy drive. What is also re-
45 percent of its one billion people live
of renewable energy, Solar looks the power, Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) is the been built over 10 Acres of land and is the alternative in many cases is the high quired are efforts to promote commu-
in a state of electricity deprivation does
most promising source. India, with world’s fastest growing energy tech- a pioneer for MW scale generation of cost of power generated by diesel gen- nity based awareness, especially in
not bode well. India has over 1,67,077
about 300 clear sunny days in a year, is nology and holds tremendous potential solar power in India in many ways. The erator sets. rural areas. My vision 2020 is an
MW (as per the latest figures by the
well endowed by nature to harness this for India. Solar Photovoltaic Systems Azure Power business model is one However, the future of Solar India that will not be held back be-
Ministry of Power) installed capacity of
clean source of energy. The technology (SPV) are experiencing considerable such example. We understand that the Power in India will not be easy. Al- cause of shortages and that can give
power generation and yet there is an en-
involved, i.e. Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) decline in prices year after year due to high cost of owning and operating a though the government has promised all its citizens higher quality of life in
ergy shortage of 9.6 percent when it
is extremely flexible, reliable and mov- intense research, commercialization of solar power generating system is one of support, several steps have to be taken urban areas and better livelihood in
comes to peak power and peak power
ing rapidly towards grid parity. In fact, utility projects and increase in poly sil- the reason why solar power is less de- to meet the aspirations of the NSM. rural areas. si

February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
CleanTech: By Sam Goldman
The author is CEO, DLight design
mobile charging options; it actually While clean technology is often discussed in the
opens up a path out of poverty.
For years, the assumed solution
context of highly polluting developed nations like the
was to wait for governments to extend U.S. and UK, it is in fact a key solution—and perhaps
the electricity infrastructure to remote the only sustainable one—to meeting energy needs in
areas. Many governments have ambi- emerging markets as well.
tious plans to do just that, including in
India. The reality is that, even under
the best of circumstances, it will likely the pockets of these poor rural fami- broken down into smaller units, the

take decades to reach full electrifica- lies. And the environment benefits too: technology becomes more affordable
Clean Energy at the tion; in high-population-growth coun-
tries, even the most ambitious of
Our products sold thus far will reduce
carbon emissions by at least 82,000
for populations with extremely limited
incomes. Just as mobile phones made
electrification plans will be far out- tons. phone lines obsolete throughout rural
Bottom of the Pyramid stripped by burgeoning populations. d.light is only one actor among a Asia and Africa, so small-scale energy
And what if the governments of growing field of enterprises, NGOs solutions like d.light’s solar lanterns
developing countries do succeed in and development agencies that are ad- can and will render the electric grid
very evening when the sun sets, over 1.6 billion building out the electricity grid to the dressing energy needs in the develop- unnecessary.
people around the world, 350 million of whom most remote villages? It may create an ing world. We all recognize that it The market is particularly ripe for
are in India, are plunged into utter darkness. entirely new set of problems, due to benefits no one—from an economic, solar-powered solutions. Solar is a
They light kerosene lanterns and candles in order the skyrocketing demand for energy environmental or even social justice natural choice for regions that receive
to continue with their activities, but everything— that will require more fossil fuels than perspective—to wait for the electric- abundant sunshine nearly year-round,
studying, housework, work in the fields, even socializing— our planet can provide or sustain. ity grid. According to the Lawrence and the falling cost of solar cells is
is challenging with a light source that is over 100 times In the twenty-first century, is this Berkeley National Laboratories, burn- bringing this technology to a price
dimmer than an incandescent bulb. really the best we can do? With our ing fuels like kerosene oil are the pri- point that more and more can afford.
In addition to being ineffectual, fuel-based lighting wealth of technology and innovative mary source of greenhouse gas The great opportunity is that poor
sources such as kerosene can be surprisingly expensive. thinking, there has to be another op- emissions in the developing world. rural households may in fact be even
Households in Africa may pay up to 30 percent of their tion. Moving hundreds of millions of more ready to adopt clean energy so-
monthly income for kerosene oil. And kerosene is d.light design, the social enterprise households from kerosene to coal can- lutions than their more affluent coun-
also dangerous: Indoor air pollution from burning that I co-founded with my business not in good conscious be celebrated as terparts. For them, the alternatives to
kerosene and wood for cooking claims the lives of 1.5 partner Ned Tozun, aims to bring elec- sustainable progress. relying on solar-powered products are
million people annually and leads to severe respira- tricity to households in developing So a new vision is emerging in decidedly dreadful, with affordability
tory infections. Fires caused by open flames also lead countries now. Our company develops which entire populations leapfrog over being the main barrier to adoption.
to hundreds of thousands of burns and fatalities. In addition, and sells highly durable and affordable the electricity grid altogether to envi- There is still quite a bit more
every kerosene lantern emits at least 1 ton of CO2 over five solar-powered consumer products de- ronmentally sustainable energy solu- work to be done, of course, in devel-
years. signed especially for rural families. tions. While clean technology is often oping new technologies and innova-
Lighting is only one of the many challenges that off-grid We began selling a product line of discussed in the context of highly pol- tive distribution models, as well as
families face. While the deep penetration of mobile phones solar-powered LED lanterns in June luting developed nations like the reducing costs such that even the
into rural markets in Asia and Africa has accelerated con- 2008, and have since expanded the United States and the United King- poorest of rural families can experi-
nectivity to unprecedented levels, the lack of electricity to line to include d.light S10, one of the dom, it is in fact a key solution—and ence the higher standard of living
charge these mobile phones hampers the true potential of mo- most affordable solar lanterns, and perhaps the only sustainable one—to that energy access brings. But d.light
bile technology in rural areas. In Africa, individuals may need d.light S250, a premium solar lantern meeting energy needs in emerging is committed, just as many of our
to walk several kilometers to reach a charging station, the with a mobile phone charging feature. markets as well. colleagues in this space are, to en-
services of which are not only costly but may actually lead to In less than three years, with our In developing nations, where suring that renewable energy be-
the theft of phone batteries and precious pre-purchased min- solar lanterns we have been able to large-scale solutions like solar or comes an option that everyone can
utes. change the lives of over two million windmill farms are too costly and de- afford.
Therefore, for poor rural families, lack of electricity people in 40 countries. As a result of pendent on incomplete infrastructure At d.light, we like to imagine a
equals lack of access to technology that will improve their having bright, reliable lighting, and for dissemination, this turns energy world in which the poorest families
quality of life. In fact, the United Nations’ Human Devel- being free from reliance on kerosene into a decentralized business. The ad- in the world are using the cleanest
opment Report 2010 uses lack of electricity as one of the top oil, our customers will cumulatively vantages are clear: Without the need energy solutions in existence. I be-
ten indicators of poverty. In other words, providing energy save about $60 over the lifetime of the for expansive infrastructure, the lieve this is entirely possible. Best of
for off-grid families gives them much more than lighting or products. Resulting increased produc- spread of the technology can take all, it is a world in which life will be
tivity will put another $65 million into place much more efficiently; when better for all of us. si

February 2011 siliconindia
|27|February 2011
CleanTech: By Nelvin Joseph
The author is CEO, Artin Dynamics
national level policy for clean tech- If you look at the power usage in provement changes. The smart grid is
nology. The state governments India or in the world, the requirement another space where these advanced
should setup a technology cell within never comes down nor does the gen- technologies have made a big differ-
the Industries department or Infor- eration catch up to the demand. This ence. The smart grid like the name
mation Technology department to results in the demand supply gap in- suggests are able to manipulate and
provide information and other sup- creasing at the same time the urgency manage the power generators and
port on clean technologies. to go for more polluting forms of power consumers into a adaptive bal-
Undoubtedly we can say that clean power generation which contributes anced state by using various systems
technology is one of the emerging more to the global warming. The re- and algorithms. The niche point in
sectors in India. The overall level of cent concept of BMS (building man- this system is the fact that the gap or
awareness for doing more with re- agement System), the Smart Grid etc differentiation between a generator
sources as well as creating alternative try to hit the nail on the head by try- and consumer is reduced. Anyone
sources of energy is high. There is a ing to conserve and manage the with a solar panel, regardless of being
considerable push from the central power which is originally produced to a consumer automatically becomes a
government in terms of incentives, re- match the demand. Recent advances power generator too. This concept
sources and subsidies to the sector in engineering has vastly increased could be thought of as the ancient
which makes more capital efficient. the efficiency of various devices and barter system which was present in
Clean technology The Centre should study the future of equipments and the entry of advanced most villages in the country.
the industry and take some steps automated management system Coming to an economic outlook,


which can motivate the sector and the which includes Artificial Intelligence clean technology is a good catalyst
entrepreneurs. India has a very large based systems and SWARM based for the economic growth of a nation,
and growing market, many experi- systems have helped predict and bal- provided the central government is
enced executives who are returning ance the supply demand variance pro active in executing the latest tech-
from the U.S. or any other foreign curve. These systems have become so nology. Many MNCs have shown in-
countries to India for any reasons are advanced that they are even able to terest in investing in India and some
now either joining or starting clean monitor and advice the managers of of them are already started working
tech companies. As a result these un- the installation on efficiency im- on it which is actually a good sign.
Recent advances in very disaster is 2008 Gallup Polls had conducted a
explored innovations are actually in- The International Finance Corpora-
engineering has vastly a Change” we
are quite famil-
survey in 127 countries about global
warming. Over a third of the world’s
teresting to many investors and tion (IFC), the private sector lending
increased the efficiency of iar with this population was unaware of global
venture capitalists. Especially the arm of the World Bank has guaran-
young generation has realized the pos- teed $300 million for renewable en-
various devices and poster wording warming, with people in developing
sibility of the sector and the end prod- ergy project developments in India.
equipments and the entry it is actually true in all perspective. countries less aware than those in de-
ucts are undoubtedly groundbreaking.
QuickFacts Also the banking major HSBC to
Global warming or the concept of in- veloped. But now the scenario has
of advanced automated crease in global temperature due to been changed. Though India is a de-
Talking to a layman, clean tech- fund energy efficiency projects in
management system
nology would be to him the setting up While traditional pCs will re- India. The clean Technology sector
the increasing presence of green- veloping country it has attracted huge
of solar panels, wind turbines, build- is predicted to have intense invest-
which includes Artificial
main the workhorse com-
house. When Wallace Broecker of investments in clean technology sec-
ing more dams and other forms of har- puting platform for most of ments in the coming years. Accord-
Columbia University coined the term tor and shows promise that she will
Intelligence based systems “Global Warming”, he might not be an emerging power in the clean
nessing renewable sources of energy. the globe this year, Deloitte ing to reports in 2009, Indian clean
and SWARM based Or he may speak about recycling, tech industry had attracted $2.3 bil-
predicts that more than 50
have anticipated the birth of a boom- technology sector soon.
waste management, biogas, and more. lion in private investment, placing
systems that have helped
percent of computing de-
ing industry where the attempt to re- The clean tech future is vivid and
But in today’s world there is one seg- India tenth in the G-20’s investment
predict and balance the
vices sold worldwide in 2011
verse or at least curb this issue, called the scope will be stupendous. Actu-
ment which is proving to be equally will not be pCs - and will ex- ranking. All these developments
the clean technology would be born. ally India needs more initiatives like
supply demand effective; it’s the management side of prove that clean technology is India’s
tend their lead over tradi-
This also included the growing en- clean technology to adapt the cli-
clean technology. This is the space treasure.
variance curve
tional pCs in 2012. users are
ergy crunch. The conventional energy mate change phenomenon. It is re-
where technology steps in to conserve bringing the latest shiny Although it would seem that
resources are poised to many threats ally appreciable that India is
and monitor energy usage and other gadgets to work and expect- technology is unable to catch up to
and security issues due to which now becoming a hub for clean tech.
forms of wastages. Starting from cre- ing it to support them. But the rate at which the situation is de-
it is the time to not think but imple- Many industry bigwigs already an-
ating bio-degradable plastics to green the lack of standardization grading, but if we include the speed
ment alternate energy resources. Two nounced their expansion plans to
cement or concrete to creating ad- on these non-pC devices has at which technology advancements
major countries in the world, India India. The central government has
vanced building management system costly implications for the it are happenings, a time frame of less
and China are in constant R&D for announced some subsidiaries to the
come under this domain of the clean department, according to than ten years can be given as the
balancing clean technology. In 2007– solar industry. However we need a
technology industry. Deloitte. time to achieve break-even. si

February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
Technology: By Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi
for monitoring business performance. The most valuable intelli- out to these customers using a

gence is not the macro

Yes, they can roll up performance cheaper mode of communication
data at a macro level to produce a (an e-mail, for instance).
quarterly report for stockholders, but intelligence provided by  Giving CSPs granular visibility
as they say, “the devil is in the de-
tails”. The most valuable intelligence
existing DW/BI systems, into their profit margins, such as
margin by customer / customer
here is not the macro intelligence pro- but actionable intelli- segment, by product, by geogra-
vided by existing DW/BI systems, but gence—the ability, for in- phy, etc. This information can be

stance, to look at the

actionable intelligence—the ability, critical in making multiple busi-
for instance, to look at the revenues ness decisions – for example, how
and costs associated with individual revenues and costs asso- to respond to a price cut by a com-
subscribers, business customers, or
products. Without that low level of de-
ciated with individual petitor? Or which customers to
focus on most for retention poli-
tail, business decisions about the subscribers, business cies?
prices, offers, and markets for a niche customers, or products.  Monitoring the performance of
telecom product or service are mostly new products, such as actual ver-
guesswork. Why? Because no granu- sus anticipated uptake goals. This
lar data exists to base an informed de- nism to act on this intelligence— can include analyzing trends in the
cision on. trigger actions on this information, outcome data to predict deviations
Not only is the kind of intelligence and to track such actions to closure before they occur (such as margins
important here, but also the timeliness Once the above is in place, it can be not succeeding in the future, even
of it. Because DW/BI systems typi- used to solve a variety of business though they are on track today).
cally run in an offline mode for analy- problems that CSPs are facing today. Also, by carefully tracking, in
sis and reporting purposes, they are Possible applications include: near-real-time, a number of met-
not meant to provide intelligence in an  Computing the propensity of cus- rics related to service delivery,
operational time frame. CSPs are find- tomers to make inbound calls to CSPs can ensure that rollout prob-
ing that expecting this of their existing the call center. If a CSP can iden- lems can be readily detected and
DW/BI infrastructure is like asking an tify this, and get a view of why repaired preemptively, before they
elephant to dance—they’re just not certain customers are likely to call negatively impact the customer
built for that purpose. the call center, they can potentially experience.
Therefore, having the right soft- save millions of dollars in call cen- One company that identified this im-
ware platform is critical, because it ter costs by proactively reaching pending crisis before others is Subex.
will need to aggregate and correlate And the solution they have been rec-

data from hundreds, if not thousands ommending to address it is the ROC.
of data sources. In addition, it needs The ROC, or Revenue Operations
growing, but the sheer number of serv- an ability to collect, classify and roll Center, is a vision that a CSP can
actionable intelligence ices and the way those services are up data records into a robust hierar-
QuickFacts monitor their business through a vir-
being offered has exploded. Plus, chy in near-real-time. It also needs to tual operations center analogous to
the Next Frontier in telecom oss/Bss many of the services, such as content, be able to: the NOC, or Network Operations
as per the "Cellular handset
are off-net services that the CSP nei-  Apply different types of business Center. While a NOC monitors net-
Chip markets 2010: an in-
ther owns nor controls. In short, it’s logic to this data, depending on the work performance across specific
Depth analysis of Chips
ommunication service ing—have built or bought their own much tougher to understand the bot- specific business problem to be
used in Cellphones" report,
nodes, regions, and layers, a ROC
providers (CSPs) have systems, with little thought as to how tom line impact of decisions on pur- solved
silicon chips that are the
monitors business performance by an-
long talked about achiev- to share data and make it truly useful chasing, third party partnering, prices,  Run automated analytics on this
substance of cellphones con-
alyzing data that resides across a host
ing better “business syn- across the organization. discounts, offers, network build- data, to identify micro trends
stitute almost a $50 billion
of B/OSS systems from billing and
ergy” through greater However, CSPs today are realizing outs—even customer support policies. which are operational in nature
market this year. although
provisioning to customer care. si
cross-departmental coordination and that they cannot continue to operate Now telecom departments cer-  Present the information so gleaned
displays themselves are not
sharing of data. Unfortunately “syn- this way, as it puts them in danger of tainly know that greater coordination in a manner that business users
About Author
chips, per se, display con-
ergy” never seems to get a high falling behind at a time when the tele- and better data exchange would help, can make sense of it and ‘play
trollers for increasingly pop-
enough priority. Historically, different com business is changing so radically. but each is saddled with its legacy data around’ with it (to do what-if
ular touch screens are very Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi is
departments in a CSP—finance, Not only are telecom margins getting and processes. What they lack is an in- analyses, for example)
important chips. Chairman of 2020 Venture
billing, marketing, network engineer- thinner and the list of competitors ternal data currency and mechanism  Provide the CSP with a mecha-
Partners and the Advisor on
Strategic Matters at Subex

|30| February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
CleanTech: By Shwetank Jain
resources and the greenery cover, acute objective of EIC is to facilitate business- try), and several heavyweight compa-
water shortage, and the astronomically to-business linkages in the area of envi- nies, has been working towards achiev-
huge and ever increasing demand pool, ronmental technologies, products and ing increased energy efficiencey and
i.e. the Indian population. services, with a special emphasis on generation of power from renewable
The two main focus areas for appli- clean as well as greenhouse gas mitigat- sources. The governement and industrial
cation and development of clean tech- ing technologies. chambers have organized special initita-
nologies have been reduction of green The result of such initiatives has tives to promote new and innovative
house gas emmissions, and efficient uti- given impetus to various new and inno- technologies and to encourage new start-
lization and conservation of energy. Sev- vative technologies that are being recog- ups working in this domain. Conse-
eral new technologies are being nized and are open handedly welcomed quently, several new startups have
developed and various new laws are by the industrial fraternity who are not sprung up across India which focus on
being passed to achieve the two ob- only ready to experiment but also paying various aspects of CleanTech.
jectives mentioned above. Both the a premium price for such technologies. In two separate initiatives organ-
industrial fraternity and the various CleanTech not only helps the hu- ized by FICCI and DST Lockheed

past, present & Future
governments have also been taking var-
ious measures to encourage the usage of
clean technologies.
As per a recent report by ‘Economic
mankind and is a gift to the rapidly dete-
riorating environment, but also provides
a vital opportunity for the existing and
new companies to commercialize and
Martin, and CII and Agilent Technolo-
gies, an Indian startup “P2 Power So-
lutions” was adjudged as the best
innovator for its flagship active filter
Times’ India has undertaken an unoffi- generate huge profits from a limitless and (iCon) product. The company,
cial discussion mechanism that would fa- relatively untapped market. As a conse- founded in 2006 by a bunch of IIT
cilitate adoption of climate technology quence, global players like GE, Goldman Kharagpur graduates, works in the
by industrialised and developing Sachs, Toyota, and several other compa- clean and green technology space in

economies in a cost effective manner. nies are making investments to the tune India and claims to address the two big
India has set June 2011 as the date for op- of billions in clean technology. The new concerns – high distribution losses and
erationalising this mechanism. India has startups which provide new and innova- lack of power generation infrastructure
also been taking several steps for in- tive clean technologies are also support- – for the overall development of the
creased adoption of cleaner and greener ing to the otherwise chugging train of Indian economy and upliftment of the
technologies in the villages, Indian in- CleanTech adoption. vast Indian population. The company
dustries, and by the common masses. One of the major domains (more ap- is focused to change the power gener-
lean technology, better richer and effluent mass or advocates day-to- Clean Technology Initiative (CTI), is plicable in the Indian context) of Clean- ation and distribution landscape in
known as CleanTech of back-to-the-land lifestyle, and a day lives of the peo- another such program of the United Tech is increased utilization and India through its avant-garde solutions
today, can be defined as province of the environmentalists or sci- ple. Denmark which States Agency for International Devel- efficiency of the energy transmission and on energy efficiency, power quality
any technology, product, entists with huge research funds. The generate most of their opment (USAID) emphasizing on pri- consumption. As per a recent study by enhancement and renewable energy
service or process which continued exponential growth of the power from wind energy, and vate voluntary initiatives to promote the Indian Planning Commission, the sources.
includes a limited usage of non-renew- world economy over the last few some regions of the USA and main- cleaner, climate friendly technologies bane of power sector in India seems to be Such recognitions to these young
able resources and delivers significantly decades, the depletion and fear of ex- stream Europe are classic examples and and improve environmental management the high transmission and distribution and talented upcoming companies and
lesser waste than the conventional offer- haustion of the natural resources, volatile role models for countries globally on practices. Implementation and promotion (T&D) losses which account for almost an encouraging market response indi-
ings in the market. CleanTech not only energy and petroleum prices, environ- how to effectively employ at least few of of the concept of carbon accounting 40 per cent of the electricity produced. It cate readiness of the market for not
entails the usage of non-renewable mental concerns, and huge losses and in- these technologies. among Indian industries is one of the ini- would be close to impossible for any so- only accepting these new technologies
power sources, but also involves efficient efficiency in the distribution system have Clean technologies have become tiatives of the overall Clean Technology ciety or commercial entity to sustain such but also giving the startups a chance to
usage of existing natural resources and forced a major rethink on the usage of even more relevant for rapidly develop- Initiative program.The results of the car- high scale losses. Further, the huge prove themselves.
increase in the efficiency of existing dis- clean technologies. These technologies ing economies like India and China. bon accounting road test will help the amount of power theft and the already Cleantech has become the new
tribution systems, e.g. energy and water. are not only more efficient and reduce the These countries have a continued and GHG Protocol Initiative develop a com- bleeding power generation infrastructure buzz word in the global market today.
Some of the major clean technology sec- strain on the limited natural resources, ever-rising demand for cleaner and mon standard for measuring and report- in India would derail all efforts for em- Times are not far when it would
tors are – hydro power, solar power, wind but also contribute to a cleaner and greener power. The mass adoption of ing business greenhouse gas emissions powerment and development of the In- become a revolution making a great
power, power distribution systems, bio- greener earth. these technologies at a very rapid pace from the developing country perspective. dian population and initiatives to make contribution to conserving the deplet-
fuels, water filtration, green buildings, Consequently, the governments becomes even more necessary for India CTI has established a dedicated En- the nation a global economic force. ing resources of the planet. si
Smart Grid, public transportation. throughout the world have put an in- due to its huge power demand which is vironmental Information Center at FICCI The Indian government too, with the
Clean technology, in the 1970s and creased focus on the rapid development not being met by the existing power gen- that compile and distribute information help of industrial chambers and associa-
About Author
1980s, was considered to be an expen- of these clean technologies and their ef- eration infrastructure, large amounts of on energy efficiency and clean technolo- tions like FICCI (Federation of Indian Shwetank Jain is Founder
and CEO at
sive alternative to the technologies preva- ficient deployment in all types of indus- transmission losses, ever increasing en- gies, environmental policies, regulations Chambers of Commerce and Industry) P2 Power Solutions
lent during those times, a pleasure for the tries, distribution system and even in the ergy theft, continued depletion of natural and company success stories. The main and CII (Confederation of Indian Indus-

|32| February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
Technology: By Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu
While they take all
The author is Regional Director – India & SAARC,
Check Point Software Technologies organizations still lack clear data se- view or use the confidential in-

the necessary
curity policies and fail to deploy the formation. Businesses need to de-
right security arsenal to prevent them. ploy data encryption solutions to
While they take all the necessary measures to protect protect both “data-at-rest” and
measures to protect their physical in-
frastructure and facilities – controlling
their physical “data-in-transit” on all com-
pany’s endpoints, for example not
and restricting access to their physical infrastructure and only employees’ corporate lap-
sites – they fail to protect their infor- facilities – controlling tops, but also the USB sticks,

and restricting access

mational and digital assets. Yet, this is smartphones and other portable
where a company’s innermost secrets, devices that can store sensitive
intellectual property and value resides to their physical information. Should the devices
– confidential files, financial docu-
mentation, acquisition plans, customer
sites – they fail to be lost or stolen, the data remains
encrypted and inaccessible to an
information, sensitive emails, exclu- protect their outsider.
sive product releases and other corpo- informational and
digital assets.
rate records – are all ultra-capital  Document security: Document
assets that need to be shielded from the security can provide IT adminis-

What Can We outside world.

How to protect sensitive corporate

case an employee inadvertently
sends out a confidential email to
trators (or end-users) with granu-
lar control over who can view,
open, send or even print confi-
information the wrong recipient, or with the dential information. This helps

Learn from In order to protect corporate data,

computers, devices and infrastructure,
organizations need to deploy a holis-
wrong attachment, the DLP solu-
tion can identify the fault, block
the email and proactively prevent
prevent the misuse, modification,
loss or theft of sensitive informa-
tion and adds an additional layer

tic and multi-layered security ap- the data loss before it occurs. of protection throughout the data
proach. The first step is to define and lifecycle.

implement strong data security poli-  Encryption: Encrypting corpo-
cies. Businesses need to establish the rate data and devices will make it  Virtual Private Network
appropriate privacy settings and harder for unauthorized people to (VPN): A VPN solution provides
clearly define who is entitled to access secure connectivity to corporate
specific types of information, as well networks, remote and mobile
as what confidential data is visible and users, branch offices and business
to whom. partners. It turns any corporate
Second, businesses need to imple- QuickFacts network into a private, secure and
he WikiLeak issue has been all over the ment specific data security solutions encrypted communication chan-
news lately, emphasizing organizations’ that secure their sensitive data in mul- nel, and efficiently protects all
need for stronger information security. tiple forms and throughout its lifecy- corporate data in transit.
global spending on retail
With this in mind, how can businesses cle: data-at-rest, data-in-motion, and In an era where more and more in-
banking technology will in-
reinforce their security posture and data-in-use. They must choose an ap- formation is becoming digital, the
crease by 24 percent over
avoid future security breaches? proach that can effectively prevent importance of data security is only
the next five years to hit
It is not uncommon in the corporate world to see data loss before it occurs, rather than growing. Luckily, data security
$132 billion, according to
large data breaches occur because of a lack of secu- just detect it, after it occurs. technology, combined with proper
the new figures by the ana-
rity. The recent WikiLeaks incident, whereby hun- Below are few basic mechanisms use policies and compliance stan-
lytics firm ovum. the in-
dreds of thousands of sensitive government and technologies that an organization dards, can help corporations signif-
crease in investment will be
documents were released to the public, is yet another can deploy to curb the risk sensitive icantly decrease the risks of data
driven by the need to grow
reminder to businesses of the importance of data se- data loss: disclosures.
revenues and improve cus-
curity, and should serve as a good warning for or- Data Loss Prevention (DLP): After all, it’s not too late to pre-
tomers' trust, which in re-

ganizations - data loss can happen to anyone, The purpose of a data loss pre- vent the next Wikileaks. An event of
turn will lead to accelerated
anytime. vention solution is to help prevent such magnitude will hopefully help
investment in online and
Despite repeated examples of data loss the in- sensitive data from being leaked organizations understand the ur-
mobile banking technology
dustry has witnessed over the past few years, and de- out of the organization – regard- gency, and push data security higher
in branches and channel in-
spite their disastrous consequences, many less of intent. For instance, in up on their agendas in 2011. si

February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
CleanTech: By V.C Gopalratnam
Thinking beyond
The author is VP, Information Technology and CIO Globalisation, Cisco
systems, radio frequency identifica- In order to encourage more cor-

simple power
tion, Web services, unified communi- porate to go ‘Green’, the Indian
cations, next-generation broadband, Green Building Council (IGBC) is
consumption and

Green IT
wireless, smart urban infrastructures, trying to advance the green building

considering how
and other new integration technologies concept and has received registra-
make it possible for organizations to tions from about 640 projects in
become eco-friendly. effectively and effi- India for its rating program. About

ciently all energy and

ICT is increasingly being viewed 100 of these are already certified and
as a tool by organizations to address functional green building projects.
business challenges and play a signifi- business resources The green theme allows business

are being used, can

cant role in working towards a sustain- leaders to embrace purpose as well as

able ecology. Towards that end, Cisco performance. Organizations are com-
broaden the range of
for a
has utilized collaboration technologies pelled to take the green route in order

benefits of
like Cisco Telepresence, Unified Com- to keep up with society’s rapidly
munications, Webex and Cisco Shared changing expectations, besides tak-
Workspace to decouple revenue and GreenTechnology ing care of a corporation’s reputation,
headcount growth from carbon emis- managing its risks and gaining a
sion growth, and reduced its carbon competitive edge. This is what good
emissions by 10 percent per employee, Advantage green: business leaders ought to do anyway.
over the past two years (emissions of Corporate have logical reasons to go Paying attention to green technolo-
oing green is top priority for most organizations today. 98 Telepresence meetings equals one green. In addition to substantial re- gies can amount to enlightened self-
Having realized that green technology brings with it, im- international flight from North Amer- duction in the overall cost of opera- interest because truly responsible
proved business productivity and a significant reduction ica to Europe). tions and savings on energy and water corporations never lose sight of the
in energy costs, companies are coming up with innovative Energy consumption is an impor- resources, LEED (Leadership in En- commercial imperative.
measures to reduce their carbon footprint. tant consideration for businesses when ergy and Environmental Design) cer- Introducing a degree of accounta-
Growing consensus from the scientific community that global warming is it comes to adopting green technology. tification by the US Green Building bility for carbon emission reductions
largely man-made has increased pressure on governments, corporations and Thinking beyond simple power con- Council (USGBC) helps them acquire makes it easier for corporations to
consumers to go the green way. There has been a shift from implementing ‘green’ sumption and considering how effec- a better corporate image. A green trade carbon credits and generate ad-
technologies primarily for cost reduction, to a more balanced awareness of improv- tively and efficiently all energy and building concept is the demonstration ditional income. The equation is sim-
ing an organization’s environmental standing. business resources are being used, can of the company’s commitment to en- ple: The more a corporation can
broaden the range of benefits. Invest- vironment protection. record, audit, and verify its energy
Adoption challenges: ing in green IT products that offer new Increase in office space utilization savings, the more carbon credits it
Corporations that wish to follow a green business model tend to have delivery approaches such as data center and reduction in building operating can sell. The network in this context
apprehensions regarding the contribution of green policies to their virtualization furthers the advantage. expenses, electrical and network ca- plays a pivotal role as it allows cor-
business profitability. They wish to know the revenue opportu- Adopting a broader network-based bling, construction materials and land porations to measure, track, and
nities and cost savings that can be realized by ‘going green’. approach helps to deliver bigger gains are some of the advantages of green manage the use or savings of green-
The answers often depend on how broadly one is willing to de- in power efficiency and cost reduction. buildings. A case in point is building house gases, down to the very last
fine green practices. New innovations in green IT, leverage number 14 at the Cisco Globalization emission.
Going green presents many challenges. Extensive alterations a corporate network to manage power Centre in Bangalore. Low height cu- At the end of the day, going green
to existing infrastructure such as datacenters, computer systems, consumption of both IT and non-IT bicles with natural light flow are the is about transforming the business
building power systems and air conditioning are capital intensive. systems. Developing products that key features here. Power usage is con- ecosystem for the future, creating a
Government policies that support use of green products, services have a longer life helps to maximize trolled in meeting rooms and the new mindset, and using technology
and processes along with a provision for tax rebates on energy ef- energy-efficiency, enables upgradabil- lights and air conditioning automati- to its fullest. After all, we are on this
ficient buildings, products, and carbon trading can bring about ity and modularity of products and bal- cally switch off when the room is un- journey together and need to exercise
large-scale adoption of green IT. ances the ecological footprint. occupied for more than 15 minutes. and demonstrate best practices in
Initiatives such as recycling help re- Dustbins are located at the centre of running our business operations.
Green strategies: duce levels of both hazardous and non- every floor and are segregated as food True success lies not just in adopting
Leveraging on technologies like telecommuting and telepresence, hazardous waste, resulting in a waste, paper waste, plastic and metal these practices internally, but in
server and storage virtualization, procurement of environmentally healthier environment. From a busi- waste. This ensures better garbage being able to influence our cus-
friendly PCs and servers, PC power management, optimization of en- ness perspective, recycling helps to ef- disposal and recycling. All furniture tomers, suppliers and partners. If we
ergy consumption in data centers and responsible management of e-waste, fectively manage costs and reduce in the building is made of recycled achieve this, we can change the way
businesses have been able to reduce carbon footprint. Global positioning carbon footprint. material. people work, live, play, and learn. si

|36| February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
CEO Profile
eyes’. Look at me and my people, you talent and listening to your customers. A CEO’s challenge
are never going to meet a more com- We start with hiring the brightest For me the greatest challenge is that
mitted, passionate group anywhere on people. We believe in hiring people our business is growing rapidly and
the planet, and we are going to make straight from college who are very we are still having difficult time hir-
this work for you.” So he gave us the smart, I like to give people the op- ing good people globally and in
$20 million contract and that was a portunity to try. When the mind is India. So I spend a lot of time think-
start. That was the defining moment. fresh, the ideas are fresh too. That ing about how I can hire the next
Our first deal. We became the gold doesnot mean success is guaranteed generation of the brightest people.
standard, and that’s what got it all 100 percent. If you don’t succeed For most CEOs globally, I think, the

Stay Passionate,
going. that is ok. Our next strategy is to get biggest challenge is that there con-
customers involved early on which is tinues to be economic uncertainty
Staying ahead, staying focused very different from a venture capital for a lot of people and the reflex re-

Stay Paranoid
It may sound bold, but I have always approach. So what we do is we inno- action to that is to just hold back and
believed and worked based on this be- vate, we come up with something cut cost and kind of apply the peanut

lief that in five years, 80 percent of my new and then get customers to get butter strategy where you just
revenue will come from things I involved very quickly. As a result spread out the cost cuts equally
haven’t yet invented. So, first chal- we have a very high success rate everywhere. In fact you cannot do
lenge is ‘Am I innovating fast when we do innovate, because we that to become a 21 st century busi-
enough?’, but that has been my his- are not doing it in a vacuum we are ness. Balancing out the economic
tory, if I look at my revenues now 70 doing it with the costumers’ partici- uncertainty with making a grab for
Passion the Entrepreneur’s Wings to Success percent of it is coming from things that pation. Then I have a culture where the 21 st century market, requires
or any entrepreneur, the hardest part is to crack the first major I didn’t have five years ago, and so I the people that are the value cre- tradeoffs and judgment calls and in-
deal. In my journey as an entrepreneur the first deal was sell- know in five years 70 – 80 percent of ators, innovators are the stars of the vestment decisions, and that is the
ing the trading floor at Salomon Brothers (now part of Citi- company’s revenues will be coming company, so the people who do that issue that is top most in most CEOs
group), I was competing against IBM and other such big from things that we are starting to in- have superstar status in the com- mind. Where do I invest? How rap-
companies. They threw all their might on winning the deal. I vent now. And so, am I moving fast pany. Such a combination of getting idly do I invest? Which market
had a final meeting with Head of Technology, and he asked me, “You are enough? Am I focusing sufficiently on the right people, creating the right should I go after? How do I hold on
a small company, why should we work with you?” I was expecting this innovation? Am I hiring the kind of environment for them, getting them to my existing customers?
question and I had the answer prepared and I gave him that. I told him the people I need to facilitate that innova- run freely, and getting the costumers
technology was better, double the features, the scalability and he asked tion? It is like the great hockey player involved pretty early. The Indian IT scenario
me the same questions again, “Why should I work with you?” I thought he Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to I often tell my friends in the Indian
didn’t understand, so I repeated the reasons and he looked bored! So I where the puck is going to be, not Thoughts on leadership IT industry that they really should-
stopped and said, “You know you are right. The reasons I gave where it has been,” so I need to do I believe that more than being a man- n’t congratulate themselves too
you are good but not good enough, and there is only one rea- all those things that is going to posi- ager, you have to be a leader. The quickly, because so far what has re-
son for you to work with me. It is that ‘we have fire in our tion me for that. That is probably the usual analogy I make is a comparison ally happened is merely cost arbi-
number one thought that occupies my between two types of enterprises. In trage and all the innovation that is
mind. The next factor is am I moving enterprise 2.0 model, which I believe taking place is still taking place in
Vivek Ranadivé, 53, is the Chairman, CEO and Founder of TIBCO
fast and have I done enough things, typically is the old model is like a silicon valley, it is not happening in
Software, the computer software technology company he
have I been responsive to my cus- ‘Sousa Marching Band’ where every- Bangalore or Mumbai. All that In-
founded in 1997 with the vision of bringing real-time tech-
tomers’ needs not just today but what body robotically marches to the dian companies are doing up to this
nology into the mainstream. The Palo Alto company now
they will be in the future, and am I drummer. My model, the enterprise point is cost arbitrage. They are ba-
employs 2,000 and has annual revenue of more than
moving fast enough. It is important 3.0 model, is more jazz, so basically I sically doing services at a lower
$700 million. Ranadivé’s New York Times business
to stay paranoid to these factors to a am like the jazz conductor and I have cost. And so what the Indian IT in-
bestseller, “The Power of Now: How Winning Com-
great extent. Someone in a garage people in the orchestra who are a lot dustry needs to prove is that they
panies Sense and Respond to Change Using
right now could be inventing a prod- more talented than I am and I have to can indeed innovate, they can create
Real-time Technology” has been widely used
uct that could be threatening to me. create an environment where each of products. The government needs to
in academia. Ranadivé has an MBA from Har-
them can make their own music and make it easier for businesses to
vard Business School, where he was a Baker
Making the best and world class do their own thing and my job as the flourish in India and ease regula-
Scholar. He also received both a Master’s and
products leader is to make that all come to- tions and obviously it is a fact that
Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from
According to me, for building best and gether and make it all sound beauti- Indian IT companies have done out-
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Vivek Ranadivé world class products, two things are ful. So my leadership model is more standingly well.
mandatory. They are, hiring the best ‘Jazz’ than ‘Sousa Marching Band’. (As told to Jaya Smitha Menon) si

|38| February 2011 siliconindia
February 2011
People here are not akin
Feature: By Eureka Bharali to idea sharing. For in-
stance, it took me one
heading back to their own mother-
year to make my team lands, especially to China and India.
enthusiastically partici-
pate in brainstorming Thumbs Up to more Startups

The author of ‘The World is Flat’,
Thomas Friedman, once while rea-
soning out the importance of the high-
tech foreign workers for a more
competitive America said, “Not only
do our companies need them now, be-
thE promisiNg Vista For cause we’re not training enough engi-
neers, but they will, over time, start

many more companies and create
sEmiCoNDuCtor many more good jobs than they would
possibly displace.” Silicon Valley is a
SiliconIndia-Mentor Graphics panel discussion: Semiconductors: Emerging Technologies and New Markets for the next decade.
Why India can't be ignored? Part of the siliconindia-Mentor Graphics Leadership Awards for the Embedded/VLSI industry, held in
Decemeber, 2010 in Bangalore, which saw over 150 leaders of the semicondiuctor industry participating.
living proof of that. But those high-
tech rockstars are steadily returning ley of The country, it- nurtured. “Personally, to highlight
back, enhancing the product talent self, does not entertain product start- their knowledge VLSI designers
pool, who are being readily absorbed ups, considering the IT services tag should go more online and online in
years earlier, by the MNCs, with India being the attached to it. Easy and quick revenue this phrase does not connotate being
Typically semiconductor India found its best place. Rhines pinpoints, “It was models are appreciated more, and socially active in Twitter and Face-
firms have expertise on first software de- always preferable to hire Indian engi- considering product models take time book, rather more on tech websites
designs with silicon but sign center from neers than their Chinese counterparts to prove its revenue generation poten- and forums,” says Cooley. More so-
now the differentiation the multi-national as, if you hire and let 5-6 Chinese en- tial, the funds too do not comes its cial participation, wherein they can
gineers work in a process for six way. The discouragement at times
will be created through player, Texas Instruments, which had Neeraj Paliwal, Vice President
months, they would spin off and start forces many product firms to get a
softwares, device a special eye on simple analog de- and Country Manager,
Technology has reached
sign. The operation started small, cre- NXP Semiconductors India their own company. Now, a similar portfolio change and end up providing
structures, system IT services. a stage, where it is
ating software to automate chip trend is catching up among Indians
architectures too.” This implies a chain of product India has poor infrastructure, low touching more people in
design. Currently, it has become the strong on software and with more
software creeping into the chip de- startups lining up in the near future. literacy levels for many people, and India than earlier and to
company’s largest R&D center out-
side the U.S., designing chips end-to- signs, India’s competency is lever- And why not? After all, as Rajiv labor inflexibilities. So, high-volume an extent that even
end. Over the years many followed aged. Kapur, Managing Director, Broadcom manufacturing has not taken off yet in grandmothers have
suit and today, India is an R&D hub Initially, it was the low cost that India says, “The revenue per em- a big way and adding onto it are cer- started apprising on
for each of the semiconductor play- turned the chip industry on, now, as ployee is the highest in the country tain typical traits of the Indian work- business models.
ers including Intel, Qualcomm, Rhines says, “It is more about finding compared to anywhere in the world.” force, which fails them to showcase
Broadcom and NXP, and electronic the software rockstars for product It’s an encouraging statistic, for any- their innovative streaks even within
design automation firms such as Men- building in the opportune land.” Half one to start-up in India. In fact, for companies as employees, let alone as
tor Graphics, Cadence and Synop- of the masters and 71 percent of the those who are mulling on a product entreprenurs. The key to innovation is
sys. The country has come a long PhDs in electrical engineering from start-up in the semiconductor realm, brainstorming of ideas, however,
way since then and there’s more for U.S. universities are foreign nation- there’s more good news. The industry “People here are not akin to idea shar-
it. “Typically semiconductor firms als. In 2000, the number of foreign is rapidly climbing up, for instance, it ing. For instance, it took me one year
have expertise on designs with silicon nationals who remained in the U.S. grew 15.6 percent in 2009 while the to make my team enthusiastically par-
but now the differentiation will be after they finished their doctorates global market shrunk by 11 percent. ticipate in brainstorming sessions on
created through softwares, device was about 97 percent. However, ‘how to ensure more product innova-
structures, system architectures. In while contributing to the companies The Product Challenge tion in India’,” says Neeraj Paliwal,
fact, to cut the chip design cost there and the U.S. economy, these highly The positive vibes linger all around, Vice President and Country Manager,
would be embedded software au- educated graduates must wait for however, when it is about product- NXP Semiconductors India.
tomation and distributed model based years for their green cards, putting centric strategies, a number of chal-
designs,” says Walden Rhines, CEO their lives in limbo. As a result, there lenges haunt the country. “There are Nurturing the Innovative Streak
and Chairman, Mentor Graphics. In has been a massive transition since, no offbeat product innovation from Innovation is just on the edge. The
Walden Rhines, CEO and
this new paradigm, India stands to and today, a number of foreign na- Indian designers which could be rec- creative streaks of the Indian de- Srini Rajam, Chariman & CEO,
Chairman, Mentor Graphics signers are yet to be recognized and
gain. The country has always been tionals with PhDs are increasingly ognized worldwide,” says John Coo- Ittiam Systems

February 2011 siliconindia
|41| February 2011
Personally, to highlight CleanTech: By Binu T Paul
their knowledge, Indian
actively suggest solutions to peers VLSI designers should go India are on trials
worldwide, will benefit them to get a more online on tech to exploit the com-
better know-how of the market. At the websites and forums plexities and
industry level, the leaders of the prod- achieve the remark-
uct firms are also providing a helping able 35 percent annual
hand to encourage the innovation cost reduction – a standard
within their Indian workfrorce. set by the high tech industry itself.
As the Mentor Graphics Chief Currently, in India the next phase
maintains, “The product strategy is in semiconductor market revolves
all about getting them more involved. around one fact – create solutions to
Cleantech market

For instance, creating an analog de- make the Indian consumers’ life easy
sign tool, with bits of the project as the semiconductor consumption
spread all across the globe including will thrive incessantly. Paliwal, pin- the Next Favored investment Destination
a part of it in India. This wouldn’t points at the China situation 10 years
create any interest in the Indian cen- back. “Their consumption of semicon-
ters. They look for more challenging John Cooley, ductors was around five percent of
roles and hence, when we entrust the global production. Today, it is close to
entire tool production process to the houses and also indulged in informal 20 percent,” he says, while eyeing the
Indian centers and the brainstorming peer reviews, as well as innovation statistics that China accounts for a fifth lean technology is an for resource efficiency. Energy effi- cost desalination is undoubtedly going
goes beyond limit.” concept budget and protection via of revenue for all semiconductor play- umbrella term including ciency represented the highest number to be the point of attraction in the fu-
This tactic has shown valuable re- patents and non disclosure agree- ers. Paliwal expects a similar con- both the new energy effi- of deals last year. Solar energy was the ture. Another huge market of the fu-
sults. The best example would be ments. Such feats of innovation have sumption road for India, which will cient technologies and most popular technology area for in- ture will be vertical or protected
NXP’s low-powered integrated circuit been shown time and again. Another explode in the next decade. the related business vestment which is followed by trans- farming. It is expected that low-cost
- NXP MPT612 IC, entirely built by instance of a great feat of innovation To explain further, Srini Rajam, models that offer competitive returns port and energy efficiency. farming using hydroponic and aero-
the India team. The circuit ensures 98 would be when Texas Instruments’ the Founder of Ittiam Systems men- for investors and customers while pro- As the global economy is recover- ponic methods within large urban
percent efficient power extraction in India center delivered the first mobile tions a small instance, which high- viding solutions to global challenges. ing from the recession, 2011 is ex- structures will be a necessity to feed
Solar PV Applications. The team phone ever built entirely in India, TI’s lights the intensity at which It is driven by productivity-based pur- pected to be a record year for the ever-growing world population.
joined hands with independent design AR7 DSL modem. The modem is on a technology is spreading across India. chasing, and therefore, enjoys wider renewable energy generation as more Solar energy and PV systems will
single chip, digital signal processor “My mom wanted to talk to her grand- market economics with greater finan- and more clean power plants open. emerge as another viable, long-term
The revenue per employee (DSP) - based digital media proces- daughter in U.S. As soon as I handed cial upside and sustainability. Many countries like Germany, France prospect for replacing fossil fuels.
over the phone, her face had an an- Cleantech incorporates a wide and Spain will generate more energy Other major trends in cleantech in-
is the highest in the sors and affordable motor control
DSPs. Several of these single chip noyed look. Why? Because she didn’t range of products, services and from zero carbon sources without any vestments for the coming year include
country compared to any-
mobile phone technologies are being want to make a mere phone call rather processes all aimed to provide high deterioration in reliability. a low growth rate for solar standards,
where in the world. standard performance at a lower cost, The revenue generating aspect of a shift from biofuels to biochemicals
designed today in 45 nanometer (nm) a video call through Skype and see the
processes across the world. new activity of the 11 month old kid,” eliminate negative ecological impact cleantech comes from a variety of and increased investment on energy
says Srini. The next retort from her on and to improve the production and re- areas such as energy generation, en- efficiency efforts.
Point of Focus for the Firms in the same scene took away all his pride sponsible use of natural resources. ergy efficiency, energy storage, energy Although cleantech offers a multi-
India as she said, “You consider yourself as According to a report by infrastructure, transportation, air & en- billion dollar opportunity for in-
While innovation plays a great role to a technology innovator, but see, there’s Bloomberg New Energy Finance, vironment, water & wastewater, mate- vestors, it has a number of snags
succeed in the semiconductor realm, the hardly anything you have done to global investment in clean energy rials, agriculture, manufacturing/ which stops investors from step into
targeted market also plays a big role, es- make my life easy and that too which reached $243 billion last year, which industrial, and recycling & waste. it. The venture capital investors are
pecially India – the land of diverse prob- can be availed free.” The very next is a 30 percent growth from $186.5 The investment trends in cleantech mostly deterred by the lengthy time
lems. Firms in the semiconductor space moment, Rajam was out of sight but billion in 2009. The rapid growth was shows a very positive approach be- lag between investment and commer-
were more inclined to reach out to the he did understand – ‘Technology has mainly driven by players such as cause the market has a gigantic poten- cialization. It is a fact that the num-
international market, sorting the prob- reached a stage, where it is touching China, European rooftop solar, Euro- tial to reap huge profits if successfully ber of successful cleantech exits
lems globally. Due to this approach, more people in India than earlier and pean offshore wind, and research and exploited. Development of a viable remains few because either the tech-
they missed out on a potential revenue to an extent that even grandmothers development. China topped in invest- system for carbon capture and seques- nology is not as disruptive as com-
growth. Now, the strategy has changed, have started apprising on business ment with 30 percent growth reaching tration is a prominent market in clean- peting solutions or it is simply taking
as for the firms, the new mantra is solve models’. Hence, the next turn in semi- $51.1 billion in 2010. tech which is not fully explored. It is longer to adopt it. The large-scale
the local problems first, and later, go on conductor has to be – solutions which Investment in this sector will hit a obvious that the development of effi- capital expenditures required to de-
Rajiv Kapur, Managing Director, to address similar international prob- are “Made in India, Made by India and new high in 2011 due to the continued cient, zero-emissions coal plants will velop the technology is also another
Broadcom India
lems. Semiconductor companies in Made for India”. si growth in Asia and the ongoing push revolutionize the energy market. Low- obstacle. si

February 2011 siliconindia
|43|February 2011
Management: By Anonya Roy Management: By Suman Ravikumar

managing the Boss Says, ‘Go!’

A Leader Says, ‘Let’s Go!’

most talented
very organization desires with the other managers to accept signments, the right kind of task to hen you take a look them were very obvious. The first one
to hire very talented and their talent and listen to what they make sure they are contributing to- around you and was nuclear war, second one was a
promising employees. have to say. Talented people have a wards the growth of the company. throughout history, global epidemic of some sort, but the
Now when you say tal- constant need to grow and as a man- However, Shah is cautious when he the world has been third one was destruction of society by
ented, the question comes ager you can encourage this need of says that this is easier said than done. fortunate to have quality of management and leadership.
how do you recognize their talent and theirs to make them feel valued. Egos, complexities, seniority issues been inhabited by a whole host of in- Emphasizing more on this, Prashant
make most out of it? During the hir- They also want to be abreast of the can come into play, says he. fluential leaders. Some of the most ad- Ranade, CEO & President of Syntel,
ing process, everyone who comes on happenings in the field, so increase Another issue with talented peo- mired leaders have been Mahatma says that there are different areas that
board does so because he/she has their attendance to conferences and ple is that their attention span is short- Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., a leader needs to focus on to improve
some merit or talent. However, as summits, and have them write jour- lived and a manager should keep Franklin Delano Roosevelt. What the quality of management and to have
they enter the work environment, it nal papers. varying the type of assignments given made these people such great leaders? a successful company. Every leader
does not take time for a manager to Bipin Shah, Chairman and CEO, to them. As a manager, you cannot Is it a guiding vision, a certain princi- needs to have a clear vision of what he
spot who is truly talented. Kovair Software says that talented take them for granted. They always ple that they adopted or the people is aiming for and what will it bear him
Now that you know the team you people get bored very easily. He adds think of what to do next in life, so you who supported made them great lead- in future. Also he needs to think in
are managing is comprised of both that to keep need to set their expectations. ers? “Leadership is like beauty: it’s parallel to his followers who will sup-
talented and somewhat less talented them from With respect to promotions, tal- hard to define, but you know it when port him to achieve his goals. Emo-
people. The question arises how do getting ented people expect quicker promo- you see it.” tional intelligence is very important
you manage the most talented, and in- bored, tal- tions. The manager has to plan in Prashant Ranade A leader is one who sees more than for a leader. A judgment or decision
spire the somewhat less talented to be ented peo- long terms for this set of people. Spe- others see, who sees farther than oth- that a leader makes will depend on his
as motivated. There are challenges in ple need cial educational programs have to be ers see, and who sees before others Emotional quotient and will play a
managing both the groups but the to be conducted if the need arises. A mutual see. In today’s world of business, what very vital role when it comes to build-
hard work of management goes in given chal- roadmap for the management and tal- defines the strengths and weaknesses ing a team.
managing and retaining the most tal- lenging as- ented people does a world of good to of an organization is a powerful Ambareesh Murty, Country Man-
ented. Why we stress on the most tal- both the parties. leader. He is the most powerful asset ager, eBay India, beautifully describes
ented is because this is where the Having discussed at length about any business can dream of. Barrack a the importance of leaders and leader-
‘Paretos’s Law’ comes into play, the most talented, one should not neg- famous French painter once said that ship in an organization, “Leadership
which says 20 percent of the peo- lect the less talented group. It is es- what matters the most is difficult to comprises of fairly simple stuff. You
ple in your organization do 80 sential for a manager to strike a describe and leadership is like that. need have a great vision, a vision for
percent of the work. So to nur- balance between the two and con- Both art and leadership is so rich in yourself, keep things simple, and the
ture that 20 percent, who form stantly strive to bring up the less tal- knowledge that both elements excel at most important thing is get the right
the most talented group, is ented ones to the level of the most seeing trends, extracting their essence, people on the bus. It is ok to make
crucial for you as a manager. talented. A manager who is able to synthesizing their meaning, and com- mistakes as a leader but it is not ok to
So what is it that you achieve this equality in his team will municating them back to people in a repeat the same mistakes redundantly.
need to do with the so called have his work reduced in many ways way that inspires emotion and action. Every leader should see failure as an
talented bunch? Once you as a team of motivated individuals A scientist at the University of event and not as a person. As long as
have recognized the talent, Bipin Shah will do their jobs without the need of Michigan some years back listed out we can differentiate it then we can be
Ambareesh Murty 10 dangers for the world. Some of great leaders.” si
you need to collaborate intervention from their seniors. si

February 2011 siliconindia
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Index of the top tech public companies in U.S founded
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and managed by Indians 01.28.2011
1 Cognizant Tech. CTSH 72 76 42 -2 61 21740 From high profile columnists to Innovations in busi-
2 Syntel SYNT 54 57 31 13 43 2260
3 Juniper Networks JNPR 36 39 22 32 48
ness siliconindia gives you relevant information that
4 SanDisk Corporation SNDK 47 54 25 -6 63 10970 truly matters to you.
5 Microchip Tech MCHP 37 38 26 9 40 6890
6 Tibco Software TIBX 22 22 9 8 138 3450
7 Aruba Networks ARUN 21 26 10 2 102 2100 It also presents bold, forthright and objective views of
8 Isilon Systems* ISLN 34 34 6 0 240 2240
9 Qlogic Corporation QLGC 18 22 14 4 0
the trends in the Indian industry.
10 Cavium Networks CAVM 40 46 21 6 79 1790
11 Netezza^ NZAF 19 _ _ 0 0 1720
12 iGate IGTE 15 25 9 -26 48 852
13 Ixia XXIA 15 18 7 -10 111 1010 We bring you information, ideas and insights to help you
14 NetScout NTCT 23 26 12 0 57 982 pe.
navigate through today's changing business landscape.
15 Infinera Corporation INFN 10 10 6 0 -28 980
16 Magma Design LAVA 5 6 2 7 126 355
17 Sycamore Networks SCMR 21 34 16 1 7 598
18 OSI Systems OSIS 37 39 23 1 37 706 With its presence in the tech industry for over a
19 EXL Service holdings EXLS 19 22 15 -9 7 558
20 Keynote Systems KEYN 17 20 9 17 78 265
decade, siliconindia is the most powerful medium to
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Index of the top tech public companies in India INR Closing HIGH LOW 4 Weeks 52 Weeks In Rs. Crore

1 Infosys Technologies 3410 3410 2333 11 34 195455

2 Tata Consultancy Services 1157 1177 685 8 56 119851
By subscribing 3 Wipro Ltd 489
now, you'll join the 756 372 17 -28 121311
4 Techwho
elite group of readers Mahindrareceive unbeatable, 695 1158 600 10 -30 8775 The only magazine that covers
top-quality venture capital news every day. 457
HCL Technologies 461 340 16 23 31072 business, technology, career, and entrepreneurship
6 Mahindra Satyam 67 121 59 10 -33 10734
7 Mphasis 672 780 543 14 -7 14172
for Indian professionals in the U.S.
8 Financial Technologies 881 1722 776 7 -35 4153
9 Patni Comp 472 625 411 2 -3 6182
10 GTL Ltd 415 477 378 0 7 4047 $50 for 12 issues
11 Rolta India 153 210 142 -3 -20 2464
12 HCL Infosystems 114 169 83 24 -24 2504
13 Mindtree 547 747 482 9 -19 2156
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15 CMC Ltd 2631 2739 1093 21 100 3989
16 Polaris Software 179 215 131 21 -2 1760 You may call us at 510-440-8249
17 NIIT Ltd 55 79 51 5 -21 905
18 Sasken Communications Technology 177 237 161 5 4 556
19 Sonata Software 49 70 42 1 13 514 Write to us at:
20 Subex Systems 80 100 46 14 -16 520

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