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Internship report On Bata shoe company Bangladesh ltd Prepared for Arifur rahman Assistant professor Department of marketing

University of Dhaka

Prepared by Aktar hosan Rool-044, sec-b Department of marketing University of Dhaka Date of submission -28/11/2010

I am really optimistic that my report will clarify the ways to enhance the performance in market which will eventually boost up the company s profit.Transmittal letter November 28.Department of Marketing . Sincerely yours Aktar hosan Roll-044. 2010 Arifur rahman Assistant professor Department of marketing University of Dhaka Subject: Submission of Internship Report Dear Sir: This is my pleasure to inform you that I have successfully completed my internship report entitled a study to measure the market performance of Bata Shoe Company Bangladesh Ltd .sec-b.

M Habibur Rahman . y To Mr. Store Manager . y To Mr. For the development and finalization of the report I feel a deep sense of gratitude: y To Mr. sir has permitted me to work on the stated topic and appreciated me from the beginning. Bata Shoe Company Bandgladesh ltd. Harunuzzaman. y To Mr. for giving me the opportunity to conduct this report under such a congenial environment of the marketing department. Assistant Professor . Department of Marketing. Noor Nabi . Md. Rana Kaiser Ahmed. for providing me the information necessary at various stages of the report. Md. Im grateful to Mr. Bata Shoe Company BD Ltd. M. Bata Shoe Company BD Ltd. Bata Shoe Company BD Ltd. University of Dhaka. Bata Shoe Company BD Ltd. Bata Shoe Company Bangladesh ltd.A. Bata Shoe Company BD Ltd. . Enamaul Haque . for sharing his experiences. My special thanks to Mr. Department of marketing university of dhaka who taught me many things about research and I have applied that learning at every part of the report. for providing the idea about the organizational structure .HR Services Manager. Arifur Rahman.A. Shah. Quader. I frequently bothered sir on various issues and always got the positive responses. Employee Relations Manager . Business Information Superintendent . Being my instructor . Bibhash Chandra Mitra. and reporting relationship. professor . I am also thankful to Dr. for sharing his knowledge and experiences regarding the factory Store. for considering me as an intern and continuing on me for this report. Without the help and appreciation of sir this report would never be possible. y To Mr.Head of Human Resources.Acknowledgement I would like to show my gratitude to Mr. Senior Brand Officer . for his consistent help and support . K. Fajlul H.

1 Plant Manager 02.4 Clearance Outlets 02.4 Target Market 02.3 Bata Shoe Company Today 01.5 Merchandising Manager Marketing 02.2 Business Types 02.5 Corporate Social Responsibility of Bata 02.1 Mission and Vision 01.6 Human Resource Manager Product Category and Brands 02.Table of contents Executive Summary Phase 01 01 Bata at a Glance 01.1.9 Non Retail Sales Manager Financial Manager CFO 02.1.3 Bata Bazar 02.2 Family Stores 02.4 Purchasing Manager 02.3 Retail Manager 02.8 Central Distribution Center CDC Manager Business Units of Bata Shoe Company Phase 02 02 Bata Shoe Company Bangladesh Ltd 02.1. 02.1 Functional Departments 02.1.1 City Stores 02.1.6 SWOT Analysis on Bata Shoe Company Bangladesh Ltd.2 Brief History of Bata 01.7 porters five forces model of Bata Shoe 01 02 02 05 06 07 08 09 09 09 09 09 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 13 14 x .2.7 Lab and Quality Assurance Manager 02.

3.3.4 Scope of the study 03.3 Summary of Findings Phase 05 Recommendations and Suggestions Conclusions 15 15 15 15 15 16 16 16 16 16 17 17 17 17 17 18 18-47 48-71 72 73 75 y Bibliography y Appendix 76 .2.3.2 objectives of the study 03.3 methodology 03.1 population 03.1 Primary Data Collection 03.1 Rationale of the study 03.4 Data Collection Procedure and Instrument 03.2 passers by 04.5 Limitations of the Study Phase 04 04 Data Analysis and Interpretation 04.4.2 Secondary Data Collection 03.3 Sampling Element 03.2.2 Sample 03.4 Sampling Unit 03.2 specific objectives 03.3.1 Exit Customers 04.Phase 03 03 backgrounds 03.1 broad objective 03.4.

36 page 08 13 14 18-47 48-71 . .1 .59 Figure 4.List of Figures Figure Title Figure 01: Organizational Structure of Bata shoe Company BD Ltd Figure 02: SWOT Analysis of Bata Shoe Company Bd Ltd Figure 03: Porters model of Bata shoe Company BD Ltd Figure 4.2.Figure 4.Figure 4.

2010 under the Marketing and Promotion department . customers pay an average price of 545 BDT for every single pair of footwear. it is crucial to know the customers attitude and perception regarding Bata Shoe Company and its products before any decision is made.Executive summary I have been formally appointed as an intern in Bata Shoe Company BD Ltd on October 15. data input . my job is to come up with a result of the over all performance of Bata Shoe Company in market and also with a set of possible recommendations and suggestions that can uplift the performance of the Factory Store. the store number is 51402. Quader . Along with two different sets of questionnaires . While assessing the customers through the Customer Assessment Package . family store . M. To evaluate the customers attitude and perception Bata Shoe Company has its own sets of questionnaires designed by a professional consulting firm. The store has 16 sales people under the direct command of a vastly experienced Store manager. methodology . analyses and presentation format are also given. to be more specific it is a full service . stand alone . honorable Marketing Manager . The weekly turnover of the store is approximately 1177358 BDT . therefore my job is to conduct the Customer Assessment Package for the factory Store as well as to get along with the service people involved in the store to know their opinion regarding better performance. The Factory Store falls under the category of Family Store . The whole thing is done with a pre-designed framework where the overall time management for the preparation of the report has been stated. the findings from both set of questionnaires are compiled and analyzed to have a clear vision of the customers mind. The sample size 100 Exit Customers and 35 Passers by is determined by my honorable instructor . careful observations are also made that can enhance the turnover and . However.A. thus my instructor is Mr. The entire thing is known as the Customer Assessment Package . Bata Shoe Company Bangladesh Ltd. and the weekly sales in pairs are 2160 .

Area Manager. After the accumulation of all primary data from the Customer Assessment Package . The opinions of the Area Manager and the Store Manager regarding the improvement of performance are also taken simultaneously.performance of the store. persona interview with the customers . . Nevertheless the customers are interviewed on some other issues regarding the store that are not mentioned in the questionnaire. Store Manager . and the sales personnel several factors have been identified that mighty have a positive impact on the turnover and performance of the store.

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