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CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project report entitled “LABOUR WELFARE & SOCIAL SECURITY IN “MADHAV METAL COMPANY” is a bonafide research of Shubham Gupta conducted by his at D.A.V College, Jalandhar under my guidance and supervision to fulfill the requirements of “Degree of Bachelor in B.COM (PROFESSIONAL) 3rd Year.

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Guide: Prof. Manish Khanna (Lecturer) P.G. Department of Commerce and Business Management D.A.V College, Jalandhar

As per the direction of our course structure, we the students of B.Com (Prof.)-III have to undergo Summer Training for the period of 6 weeks with the different commercial enterprises of the country. I have undergone training in MADHAV METAL COMPANY works I have project on labour welfare in MADHAV METAL COMPANY.. This report is a record of the training. The objective of the project is to know about the welfare activities prevailed in the firm which reflects the social responsibility of firm, a desire for upholding democratic values and concern for employees. It is being realized that modern business cannot be run successfully and efficiently unless it is managed professionally and understand the basic principles of retaining the efficient and skilled labour in order to meet the development activities of the firm.

It is with great pleasure to express my gratitude and to thank all those who were the source of inspiration and helped me in designing and developing the said project. I feel extremely pleased to avail the opportunity of expressing my heartiest and since thanks to the mgt. of MADHAV METAL COMPANY.. I also wish to express my, sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Naresh Gupta (Chair Person) who allowed me to have an opportunity to get training in the organization and for his valuation help. But I deeply indebted to Mr. Poornima Gupta (Vice Chair Person), Mr. B.N Gupta (Director) who provided the necessary data and information about functioning of the organization. Above all I am greatly thankfully to Prof. Manish Khanna (Lecturer in D.A.V College) for her guidance about preparing the report and providing the moral support. Shubham Gupta.

STUDENT DECLARATION This is to certify that I. Jalandhar and has prepared the Project Report entitled "Labour Welfare & Social Security".)-III of D.Com. Jalandhar has undergone Summer Training at MADHAV METAL COMPANY . This is an Date: Shubham Gupta B. (Prof.V College. (Prof.)-III Roll No 7218 . original & purely authentic work. Shubham Gupta of B.com.A.

CONTENTS Chapter I - Company Profile: -MADHAV METAL COMPANY. Chapter – V Analysis of the study Chapter – VI Findings & Suggestion Questionnaire Bibliography . Chapter – II Research Methodology Chapter –III An Introduction to Labour Welfare & Social Security Chapter – IV - Labour welfare in MADHAV METAL COMPANY.

1. To study employee’s satisfaction level about the existing welfare measures. 3. To know the various steps undertaken by the organization in this regards. To study the impact of welfare and the safety measures on the overall efficiency (physical. The following are the other objectives of study. . mental. 5. 4. To study employers viewpoint about providing welfare & social security to the employees of the organization. moral and psychological health) of the employees.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Objectives of the study The main objective of the study is to analyze and critically examine welfare facilities and social securities provided by MADHAV METAL COMPANY. 2. To study the awareness of the workers towards welfare measures and social security.

journal and magazine etc. Sources of data The data collected for study is primary as well as secondary in nature.METHODOLOGY It includes the source of data and technique of sampling used for collection of facts under the study: ~ Selection of company MADHAV METAL COMPANY. The method of sampling is random sampling. official records. The facts have been collected through questionnaire and also from the record books. Sampling technique I have used convenience technique of sampling for my study work. Interview with welfare . is selected for the purpose of study. Sample includes personnel manager and two supervisors of production department. Sample size I have taken sample of 50 employees.

every possible aspect of the topic was kept in mid. For the completion of this report when I conducted the interview with the workers. 2. despite of this act constraints were at play during the formulation of this project. housing. Nevertheless. Due to limitation of time only a few workers were selected for study. Parity of time could not allow an exhaustive & detailed study & vast knowledge could not be included in the project report. LIMITATION OF STUDY In an attempt to make this project authentic & reliable. education and other schemes such as pension. The workers of biased response can be eliminated through all necessary steps were taka to avoid the same. The main limitations as under: 1. .Officer At last I met with welfare officer who told me about all the facilities like medical. gratuity and provident fund etc. I notice that some workers are enabling to understand the technical question & arise because a difficulty some of in understanding language them belong to different state. 3. clothing. 4.

bearing some . CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Introduction to labour welfare & social security Dictionary meaning of welfare is exemption from calamity or enjoyment of health or prosperity.” According to Royal commission of labour. is one which most necessarily is elastic. as they did not understand correctly so they do not respond. happiness or comfort. facilities and amenities which may be established in. Illiterate workers have also created a problem in completion. as applied to the industrial worker. an undertaking to enable the persons employed there to perform their work in healthy congenial surrounding and provides all voluntary acts by employer aimed at improvement and betterment of workers social moral and social economic and intellectual conditions. According to international labour organization “Workers welfare should be understood as meaning such services. “The term welfare. In other words welfare means people’s health. or in vicinity of.5.

by absenteeism. Special provisions for women workers should also be made. In all progressive countries the workers have their trade unions.1948 provides for separate toilet.what different interpretations in the degree of industrialization of workers. He also earns leave with wages at the rate of one day for 15 days work. bonus. is that. Young person who is 14 years old should not be allowed or required to work for more than 5 hours a day. The factories Act. who is responsible for labour welfare? Whose moral obligation is to promote labour welfare? Answer of this question is. He is not allowed to work during night. It should also prevent any exploitation of women workers and any abuse of children. Every employer should provide medical benefits. moral and economic and safeguard and promote the interests of workers. Besides he feels a sense of belongingness to the organization in which he works. duty of employer to look after it. which arises in mind. oiling and repairing job as well as in hazardous occupations. strikes and by slow tactics etc.” Having discussed the meaning of labour welfare we come to know what labour welfare is But now. washing and resting facilities for them. physical. pension. which look after anything done for the intellectual. Protection of children and women is a major issue. Protection of children and safeguard and promote the interests of workers. It prohibits their . incentives etc. Satisfied worker is an asset he makes no loss of man-hours. It is not the responsibility of industrialist to produce labour welfare but also duty of welfare state and government should strictly enforce the benefits provided by law. A young person cannot be employed in cleaning. the question.

Some of the important health. welfare and safety provisions are given under factories act 1948. Every concern has to make arrangement of such facilities so that worker can do the work without problem. restroom and lunch rooms o Washing facilities o Crèches . These facilities are important for every organization for improving health and for providing safety to the worker. There are compulsory facilities. repair-moving machinery.employment during night and hazardous occupation. It makes special safety provision by disallowing them to clean oil. STATUTORY AND NON STATUTORY LABOUR WELFARE FACILITIES Statutory facilities are those. So every company should always make preventive measures for the safety and betterment of all the workers working in the organization. which are provided by law. Some important facilities are: o Cleanliness o Drinking water o Proper lighting o Bath rooms facility o Medical facility o Shelter.

A) o Recreation facilities .T. which are not prescribed by law.A) o Leave travel allowance (L. These facilities are provided by the management to the workers for avoiding labour turnover and absenteeism and for giving maximum satisfaction & job security to them some of the non-Statutory facilities are as follow: o Conveyance facility o Education facility o Housing facility o Loan and advance facility o House rent allowance (H.o Disposal of waste and effluents o Spittoons NON STATUTORY FACILITIES Non-statutory facilities are those facilities.R.

old age and death. which a society has Provided to meet such contingencies. Freedom and security against economic risk is the minimum that must be secured in underdeveloped economies as early as possible. the benefits of social security are admissible to all. invalidity. It is not possible for workmen individually to make adequate provisions against these risks. In the view of International labour organization. It is a collective name for those measures. employment injury. maternity. The earning power of the workers may be affected by sickness.SOCIAL SECURITY Social security is one of the fundamental needs of the day. “Social security is that security which a society furnishes through appropriate organization against certain risk to which its members are exposed”. Some important schemes for the security of the workers are as follows: . Therefore.

350000/-. all persons employed for wages or in connection with the work of a factory or establishment are entitled to disablement benefit provided their remuneration does not exceeds Rs. The payment of gratuity Act. 3000/. The payment of bonus Act. 1972 Gratuity is a kind of retirement benefits like provident fund or pension. The payment of gratuity is dependent on fulfillment of certain conditions prescribed in the act. It is to be calculated at the rate 15 days salary for every completed year of service. 1948 Under this act. . 1952 The object of this act is to provide for the institution of provident funds and family pension and deposit linked insurance schemes for employees in factories and other establishments. 1965 The object of the act is to provide for the payment of bonus to persons employed in certain establishment and for matters connected there with.per month.Employee’s state insurance Act. The employee’s provident funds and miscellaneous provisions act. subject to maximum of Rs.

(1. The directorate general.The employee’s family pension scheme This scheme was introduced first from 1 march 1971 by diverting a portion of employee’s contribution to the employee’s provident fund with an additional contribution by the central government. health and welfare of industrial workers. WORKERS SAFETY Factories act 1948 contains provisions to ensure safety measures and promote the health and welfare in factories. industry and other interests concerned with matters relating to safety. minimize dangers and mitigate human sufferings to conduct . poisoning or disease. Bombay functions as an integral body to advise government. factory advice service and labour institute. It also provides for the appointment of safety officers in notified factories and in factories engaged in operation involving risk of bodily injury.) National safety council The national safety council was set up in 1966 to promote safety measures to prevent accidents.

programme. (2. National safety awards: To give recognition to good safety performance the award scheme was instituted for factories registered under the factories act1971. National safety day is celebrated every year throughout the. country to mark the foundation day of the national safety council. lecturer and conferences on safety.) EFFECT OF LABOUR WELFARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY Effect of labour welfare and social security may be summarized & illustrate with the help of following diagram. .

Job Satisfaction Efficiency & Capability Reduction of labour turnover and absenteeism Co-operative relationship Labour Welfare & Social Security Prevention from bad habits Increase in Production Increase in Motivation Fulfillment of family needs LABOUR WELFARE FACILITIES PROVIDED BY MADHAV MATAL COMPANY Two important factors have potential to affect the performance of a job: provision of appropriate working conditions and the physical environment of work. So. we will study the work environment prevailing . as my study relates to Labour Welfare in MADHAV MATAL COMPANY.

So. Firm is kept clean and free from effluvia arising from any drain. privy or the nuisance. The act makes detailed provisions in regard to various matters relating to health. MADHAV METAL COMPANY. ceilings. various aspects of cleanliness are considered. It can be categorized this information in following terms: A. sides and tops of passages and staircase are suitably cleaned and repainted periodically. Cleanliness (Section 11): In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. Working Measures Regarding Health: The Act provides detailed instruction on the health of workers as efficient working process requires the sound health of the person engaged therein. It includes the data collected by me from the factory of MADHAV METAL COMPANY. Various measures. discussion will take into account research generalization with going into details of methodology. . All inside walls and partitions. Premises of factory are very clean and are free from any kind of smell. and my own observation regarding the working of Labour Welfare Measures. being provided in the factory are as follows: 1. safety and welfare of workers.there. 1948. Jalandhar is covered under Factories Act. Floor is swept daily and washed with disinfectants once in a week. as required by the act..

proper arrangements have been made for ventilation by the circulation of fresh air. effective measures must be taken to prevent the inhalation of dust or fume.And moreover. Sufficient no. workers are satisfied with cleanliness in the factory premises. of ventilators has been provided in the work shops. Dust and Fume (Section 14): In any factory where dust or fume is given off in any manufacturing process.. pollution control devices have been applied under Pollution Control . An exhaust appliance which may be necessary shall be applied. Ventilation (Section 13): To provide adequate ventilation and fresh air is very essential for any factory. And in MADHAV METAL COMPANY. Turning cast iron is resold and Turning Brass is reused and remolded. 3. 2. 4. And in MADHAV METAL COMPANY. And proper arrangements have also been made for the treatment of wastes. Disposal of Wastes and Effluents (Section 12): Effective arrangements are made in the factory for the maintenance of proper drainage and washing water. And most of the workers are satisfied with ventilation facility of the factory.

5. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. . And water is clean and cool during summer. Lighting (Section 17): Every part of-factory should be provided with sufficient and suitable light. natural or artificial or both.. proper arrangements for both natural as well as artificial lights are made. And in the absence of it. Proper and enough space have been provided to the workers in every department. they have extra space to appoint more workers. there is no problem of overcrowding. So workers are satisfied with the water arrangements. Drinking Water (Section 18): In MADHAV METAL COMPANY.Board. And workers are satisfied with the lighting facility. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY.2 cubic meters of space per worker for factories built after the commencement of Act and 9. As the daylight is best illumination for work.. 7. 6. In fact. It requires a minimum of 14. artificial light is used. Overcrowding (Section 16): It provides that there must not be overcrowding in any room of the factory so as to cause injury to health of the workers.9 Cubic meters for the factories built before the commencement of act. arrangements are made to provide and maintain sufficient supply of water at suitable places.

Latrines & Urinals (Section 19): It requires adequately lighted and ventilated latrines and urinals. provides 20 different sections on obligatory safety measures. instead of spittoons only dustbins have been kept in the factory which are kept clean. well lighted. There are . of Spittoons at convenient places and should be maintained in clean and hygienic condition. Most of workers are satisfied with this provision. 1948. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. when they are at work. So. there are separate toilets for males and females which are clean. Safety is the basic requirement of any firm. workers are prohibited to chew any type of pan or pan masala etc. Spittoons (Section 20): There shall be provided a sufficient no. B.8. ventilated and in sanitary condition. 9. Working of Safety Measures: Factory Act. And it contains not only safety from external or outsiders but also from internal environment. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY.

this provision is followed strictly and only males possessing requisite certificate are allowed to adjust or examine any part of machine in motion. But one . Employment of Young Persons on Dangerous Machines: Under Section 23 of Act. Some of them are as follows: 1. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. only young and skilled person shall be allowed to work at any dangerous machines. proper fencing has been done in case of dangerous machinery and it is maintained properly. 2. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. Work on or near machinery in. motion (Sec. Old and females are prohibited to operate such machines. Fencing of Machinery (Section 21): In every factory. every dangerous part of any machinery shall be securely fenced by safeguards of substantial construction which shall be constantly maintained and kept in position while parts of machinery are in motion or in or use. 3.certain provisions relating to safety of the workers. Name and other information related to worker is recorded in register prescribed in this behalf. 22): It requires that examination. lubrication etc. And it should be carried out only by specially trained adult workers wearing tight fitting clothes which are provided by the firm. of the machinery while it is in motion.

both internally and externally and to provide and maintain. Precaution in case of Fire: Under Section 38.35. all practicable measures shall be taken to prevent outbreak of fire and its spread. 4. then such factories must provide effective screens or suitable goggles to protect employed persons. . (ii) He has received sufficient training in work at machine. only trained persons are appointed on the dangerous machines. 5. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. if any manufacturing process carried on in any factory involves risk of injury to eyes from particles or fragments thrown off in the course of process. Young persons are given proper training before appointing them on these machines. dark eye glasses and face masks are provided to workers where necessary.shouldn't be allowed to work at any dangerous machine unless (i) He has been fully instructed as to dangers arising in the machine and precautions to be observed. They are also provided with hand gloves where needed. Protection of Eyes: According to Sec. in every factory.

In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. . Workers should be familiar with the means of escape and should be adequately trained. a no. proper arrangements have beep made for maintaining buildings. (b) Necessary equipment and facilities for extinguishing fire. of fire extinguishers has been arranged in the office as well as in workshop. Sand has also. been provided for this purpose. Proper maintenance staff is there in the factory. 6. The management of MADHAV METAL COMPANY is highly concerned about the safety of its employees. the event of a fire. of big gates has been provided in the workshop and a1l of them are kept open during the working hours. A siren system' has also been set up to give warning in case of fire.(a) Safe means of escape for all person in. Machines operated by the employees are regularly checked and maintained by maintenance cell. A no. These conscientious efforts towards safety have fetched them State Safety Award for Zero Accidents. Electricians have been appointed and weekly checking is done by them. when required. Maintenance of Buildings-: (Section 40A) In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. Any repair. is done in time.

The wash basins are kept clean and well maintained. Washing Facilities: Under Sec. In every factory adequate. are also provided to them. 43): In every factory facilities must be provided for the storage of clothing not .C. Working of Measures Regarding Welfare: Management of MADHAV METAL COMPANY has realized the need for adoption of welfare measures as a means to increase the workers productivity and efficiency to keep up their morale and for maintenance of industrial peace. Proper uniforms are provided to the peons. Housing accommodation is also provided to watchmen and security guards. Tea and biscuits are given to workers for refreshment. Rain coats. 2. The act obligates the organizations to provide certain amenities such as: - 1. blankets etc. woolen clothes. On the visit of the factory it was observed that separate bathrooms have been provided for male and female staff. Such facilities shall be easily accessible and shall be kept clean. Facilities for storing Clothing (sec. umbrellas. 42. watchmen and security guards by management. suitable and separate screened facilities for washing shall be provided for the use of male and female workers.

. 44): In every factory where workers are obliged to work in a standing position. Where workers are able to do their work efficiently in a sitting position. workers have been provided with the stools where necessary. 3. Facilities for Sitting (sec. Suitable arrangements for-sitting should be made so that such workers may take advantage of an opportunity for rest which may occur in the course of their work. In winding section the workers can do their work while sitting so they are provided with the stools. But where they are to work in a standing position they have not been provided with the benches or stools etc. sitting arrangements should be made. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. The workers have to hang their clothes on the hooks provided on the walls of the workshop. no separate room has been provided for storing the clothing not worn during the working hours.worn during working hours. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY.

First Aid Appliances: (sec. Canteen (sec. There is a good canteen in MADHAV METAL COMPANY. They can have tea. It shall be kept in the charge of a separate responsible person who holds certificate in first-aid treatment and who shall be readily available daring the working hours of the factory. a first-aid cupboard is maintained in kept in the charge of a person having training in first-aid treatment who is also a worker in the factory. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. coffee.4. 5. The canteen is fully furnished and well maintained. 46): Every factory employing more than 250 workers should maintain a canteen for the use of the workers. The factory has no ambulance but the staff car is used in case of emergency as ambulance. Every factory must have first-aid boxes or cupboards equipped with the prescribed content so as to be readily accessible during all working hours. 45) The Act has made the provision of first-aid appliances obligatory. . The workers are provided with the food stuffs at subsidies rates. snacks or even lunch or dinner on order in the canteen.

Hindi and Punjabi language. 7. But a number of newspapers. magazinesbusiness and political are provided by the management for the workers. . Library: MADHAV METAL COMPANY has no separate room as library. (b) Recreational facilities: According to the Factories Act. Most of the workers are satisfied with this provision. no such shelters or rest rooms have been provided. 47) In every factory where more than 150 workers are employed.6. (c) Educational Facilities: Education is very essential to improve the personality of the workers. Shelters & Rest Rooms: (sec. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. The factory has not provided any recreational room for the workers. adequate and suitable shelter or rest rooms shall be provided and maintained. Extra-Mural Activities: It deals with service facilities provided outside the factory. These newspapers are in English. Extra-mural activities of MADHAV METAL COMPANY are discussed as under: (a) Housing accommodation: The factory has provided housing accommodation to the watchmen and security guards in the factory. every factory has to provide a recreational room to the workers. 1948.

D. It is paid through Regional Provident fund office.76% in case of 10% contribution) or (3. Various changes have been made in the Act from time to time. Employer's contribution is divided into two parts 8. In MADHAV METAL COMPANY. Their rate of contribution is 12% of wages and dearness allowance payable to employees. . The employees have to contribute the same amount.The factory has no arrangement for the education of the workers. There is no programme for adult education. At present employer's contribution to the fund I has been fixed @10% of wage and dearness allowance were number of workers is less than 50 and @12% where number of workers is 50 or more than 50. 100 is contributed by employee and also by the employer per month for this provision. Rs. provident fund scheme is operating. Pension: For this the employee must have worked with MADHAV METAL COMPANY for at least 10 years.67% in case of 12% contribution) goes to provident fund.33% contribution goes to family pension fund and balance (1. Working of Social Security Schemes: The following social security schemes have been provided in the factory. (a) Provident Fund: The Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act were passed in 1952.

75% of wages. But the amount of gratuity payable to an employee shall not exceed Rs. 1 Lakh. at present. the employee's contribution.(b)Employees State Insurance Scheme: The Employee State Insurance Act was passed in 1948. This Act also applies in MADHAV METAL COMPANY They also contribute towards this scheme. The scheme of gratuity is applicable to MADHAV METAL COMPANY. It was amended from time to time as needed. (c)Gratuity Scheme: The Payment of Gratuity Act was passed in 1972. It is payable @ 15 days' wages based on the rate of wages last drawn by the employee for every completed year of service or part there of in excess of six months. Under this Act the gratuity is payable to an employee on the termination of his employment after he has rendered continuous service for not less than five years. .75% of wage and that of employer's contribution is fixed at 4. Under this Act. is fixed at 1. The gratuity is paid to the employees entitled to it.

Full medical care including hospital location is also being progressively. Employee’s state Insurance scheme: First an most important social security scheme provide to the workers in MADHAV METAL COMPANY . In MADHAV METAL COMPANY there are several security schemes provided to the workers for their better future ill health industrial accident. Under this scheme company provide medical care in kind and cash benefits of maternity. . The employees contribute 6. retirement benefits are available to the employees. The schemes provided by the company are: 1. made available to the members of family of insured person. Working conditions and long welfare programs of the company comes under ESI & provident fund act and other employee’s welfares acts. 2. Social security helps to maintain high standard of health and amenity. Employee’s provident funds: Under this scheme according to employee’s provident funds and miscellaneous provision act1952.SOCIAL SECURITY PROVIDED BY MADHAV METAL COMPANY Social security is a planned commitment of society to ensure bright future to newborn generations and active development of present generations and help them to live in peace. The employers make a matching contribution. maternity etc.25 percent of basic pay and dearness allowance. employment injury and pension & for the dependents on the death of the worker because of employment injury.

Family pension is given to the worker after his retirement or in case of his death to the other member of his family.. 4. Gratuity is given to the employee after his retirement. Payment of bonus is given to the workers or employers at the rate of 8.3.Death relief fund is also given to the worker. If any worker died in the factory during his working hour’s company provide financial assistance to the nominees or dependents of deceased worker. Family Pension: Under this family pension long-term financial security is provided to the family member of the worker.33% and maximum limit goes to 20% of wages & salary. Pension rate depends upon the length of service of the worker. leaving the job from the industry. Gratuity scheme: 5. .33%. This scheme is also applicable to the employees in MADHAV METAL COMPANY. engineering work . Minimum limit of bonus is 8. Payment of bonus leads to increase the motivation to employees and workers. Death relief: In MADHAV METAL COMPANY . Payment of bonus: 6.

by the workers. which is given. Remaining 35% workers receive only first aid facility at the time of accident during their employment but company does not provide further expenditure of private hospitals because 35% workers are not permanent workers and 65% are permanent workers. . I observed that MADHAV METAL COMPANY provide many welfare facilities and provide labour security to many workers. Medical facility 35% Benefit Non benefit Slice 3 65% Slice 4 Above chart show that 65% respondents are benefited by the medical facility under employee’s state insurance. 1. That is the way. On the bases of response. they are receiving medical facility.FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS During survey in the response to my questionnaire by the workers. I made clear study and my study is as follows.

Are provided to the workers. Clothing Facility & safety measures m achine m en all w orkers 100 80 60 40 20 0 Above chart shows clothing facility benefits that 100% respondent. hand gloves hammers caps etc. Management provides three pair of dresses to every worker working in the factory once in a year and safety measures are provided to 40% workers who are working at the machines.2. Safety measures like goggles. .

25 % of staff members avail van facility and 55 % workers avail bus facility provided by the company. Conveyance facility is provided to those persons in the organization whose houses are situated too far places. The company free of cost provides this facility.3. . Conveyance facility 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Car facility Van facility bus facility Above chart shows that 20% of managers avail car facility.

. Housing and education facilities 10% 90% Benefitted Not benefitted Slice 3 Slice 4 Only 10% respondents benefited by housing and education facilities. To those workers company provide housing facility at low charges. donation & provide free books for the study for the children of the employees. The efficient and able workers coming from different state may not be able to pay high retail charges for the houses. Company does not provide any school facility for the children of workers but pay fees.4. These charges are deducted from the salary of workers.

Above chart clearly show that for 2 years service the worker can get Rs. . No interest is charge by the company for loan and advance.5. Amount of loan is recovered in installments by deducting a part from their monthly wages. Loan and advance facility (As per workers) 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 2 4 6 8 service period About chart clearly show that amount of loan is depends upon the service period of workers and the minimum service period requirement in MADHAV METAL COMPANY is one year.2000 loan from the company and as the service period increases the amount of loan that he can get also increases.

.6. marriage of his daughter. Loan and advance facility (As per designation) 10% 5% Machine m e n Helper 55% inspector Adm . at time of marriage of his sister and for settlement of his son. Loan and advance facility provided to the worker at the time of sickness of his family member. 30% to helper 10% to inspector & 5% to administration staff benefited by loan & advance facility. & Staff 30% Above chart clearly shows that as per the designation to 55% to machine man.

. 4. For safety & accident prevention personal factors like negligence. However I would like to suggest the following measures: 1. vanity etc and material factor like unguarded machinery. Employer should avoid harsh attitude with the workers so that they can cooperate with them.. I have found that MADHAV METAL COMPANY. overconfidence. 2.SUGGESTIONS Lots of improvement is required in every sphere of life and there is no exception to an industrial organization that I have found during my visit and having close contact with the workers. Is a well organized industry and using effective measures to deal with labour welfare and social security. 3. carelessness. Long overstays should be avoided because long overstays cause bad effect on the health of employees. It is suggested that management should take steps to provides neat & clean working conditions so that it does not cause any bad effect on the health of the employees. explosive defective equipment should be avoided.

Strict attitude of granting leave and holiday’s facility must be avoided and for genuine reason worker should be allowed to go on half pay leave. 6. So. 7.5. . Most of workers do not avail canteen facility. Management must attend the suggestion of the employees. it effective way of dealing. necessary steps should be taken so that canteen facility should be availed of.

Pandey M. Memoria C. Personnel Management Kalyani Publishers Edition 1996 2.L. & Personnel Management Industrial Relations Dhanpati Rai & Co. Industrial Relations Manu Enterprises Edition 1992 6. Taneja P. Singh B. Personnel Management Tata Mc Graw Hill Edition 1998 4.P. Personnel Management Himalaya Publishers Edition 1998 5.N.BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.B. Edition 1999 Personnel Management & .M. & Rastogi H. Chabra T. 7. Verma M.B. Davur Rustoms Personnel Management & Industrial Relations Vikas Publishing Edition 1998 3.K. Flippo E. Ahuja K.

of workers 40 10 Nil Response Yes No Can’t Say Q: 3 Is there any suggestion box in the co.? Ans: No.? Ans: No.ANALYSIS OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE (Based upon the data collected from 50 workers) Q: 1 Are you satisfied with welfare facility at LEADER VALVES LTD. of workers 50 Nil Nil Response Yes No Can’t Say Q: 4 Do you get medical facility? . of workers 30 12 8 Response Yes No Can’t Say Q: 2 Does the extra facility provided by the co. fulfill your requirement? Ans: No.

of workers 23 20 7 Response Yes No Can’t Say Q: 6 Is there any housing facilities provided by the co.? Ans: No.Ans: No. of workers 45 Nil 5 Response Yes No Can’t Say . of workers 10 35 5 Response Yes No Can’t Say Q: 7 Is the food provided by the canteen hygienic? Ans: No. of workers 35 13 2 Response Yes No Can’t Say Q: 5 Is the suggestion given by the workers duly attended by the management? Ans: No.

of workers 15 35 Nil Response Yes No Can’t Say Q: 10 Are your dependents get any facility or security? Ans: No. of workers 30 20 Nil Response Yes No Can’t Say Q: 9 Do you avail the canteen facilities? Ans: No.Q: 8 Are the adequate safety measures adopted by the co? Ans: No. of workers 30 20 Nil Response Yes No Can’t Say Q: 11 Does the company provides any education facility? Ans: No. of workers Response .

of workers 50 Nil Nil Response Yes No Can’t Say .05 45 Nil Yes No Can’t Say Q: 12 Does the company provide any cloth facility. Ans: No.

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