SAP Principal Tables

2007. 09. 28

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....……………………………...……………………………...............………....................Contents Material Master Tables SD-MM Tables PS Tables PP Tables QM Tables CO T bl Tables ... 3 ..... 11 FI Tables ................……………………….. 2 ...............………………………….……………………………....…… 15 Dictionary Tables ..... 16 1 ..... 7 ....... 6 ..... 10 …………..........…………………………….......….......…………………………………....……………………....

Material Master Tables Material Master View Material Planning Data MPGD Material Data by Warehouse Number MPGD Material Valuation Data MBEW Material Data by Plant MARC Material Data by Storage Location MARD Material Data by Storage Type MLGT Material Sales Data MVKE Production Version Production Version of Material MKAL Bill of Material (BOM) BOM Link to Material MAST BOM Header STKO BOM Item STPO Routing Routing Assignment to Material MAPL Routing Header PLKO Routing Item PLPO Material Unit of Measure MARM Material Tax Classification MLAN Material Forecast Parameter MPOP Material Ledger Material Ledger Header CKMLHD Material Ledger Total Values CKMLCR General Material Master MARA Material Description MAKT Material Ledger Total Quantity CKMLPP Material Ledger Prices CKMLPR Material Attribute M i l A ib Material Type T134 Material Group p T023 Material Production Hierarchy T179 Material Control Record MARV 물류자재 이동 통제 2 .

Item MSEG Billing Header VBRK 매출실적 Billing Item VBRP Accounting Header BKPF Accounting Segment BSEG S G Invoice Header RBKP Invoice Item RSEG 매입실적 3 . Header MKPF 출하실적 Material Doc. History EKBE Purchase Order Header EKKO S/O Schedule Line Purchase Requisition EBKN S/O Schedule Line Purchase Order EKKN P/O Schedule Line EKET Purchase Requisition Purchase Order EBAN Purchase Order Item EKPO Material Doc.SD-MM Tables Sales Doc. Item MSEG Goods Issue (G/I) G d I Goods Receipt (G/R) Material Doc. Header MKPF Material Doc. Flow VBFA Sales Order Header VBAK Sales Order Item VBAP Sales Header Status VBUK Sales Item Status VBUP S/O Business Data VBKD S/O Schedule Line VBEP Delivery Header LIKP Delivery Item LIPS Shipping Header VEKP Shipping Item VEPO SD MM Purchase Doc.

SD-MM Tables ■ Organization Tables SD Category Master Table TVKO TVTW TSPA TVBUR TVKGR T171 Link TVKOS TVKOV TVTA TVBVK TVKBZ Customer KNA1 KNB1 KNVV Description Sales Organization Distribution Channel Division Sales Office Sales Group Sales Districts Sales Organization + Division Sales Organization + Channel Sales O S l Organization + Channel + Division i i Ch l Di i i Sales Office + Sales Group Sales Organization + Channel + Division + Sales Office Customer General Data Customer + Company Customer + Sales Organization + Distribution Channel + Division Vendor Link Text TVKOT TVTWT TSPAT TVKBT TVGRT T171T Category Master Table T024E T024 T026 WYT1 T001W T001L T024W T026Z LFA1 LFB1 LFM1 LFM2 Description Purchasing Organization Purchasing Group Purchasing Area Vendor Subrange (Vendor + Vendor Subrange) Plant Storage Location (Plant + Storage Location) Plant + Purchasing Organization Purchasing Organization + Purchasing Group + Purchasing Area Vendor General Data Vendor + Company Vendor + Purchasing Organization Vendor + Purchasing Organization + Vendor Subrange + Plant T026T MM Text 4 .

고객.창고 재고) Sales Order Stock MSKA(MSKAH) Special Stocks with Customer MSKU(MSKUH) Special Stocks with Vendor MSLB(MSLBH) Logistics Summary Tables S??? P/O Schedule Line EKET Storage Location Data for Material MARD(MARDH) 5 .공급처.SD-MM Tables ■ MM Purchasing Info Record Long Text Information SAP Script Text File Header STXH SAP Script Text File Lines STXL Material Info Record Header EINA Material Info Record Item EINE Purchasing Info Record + Material + Vendor Material Info Record by Plant A017 Condition Header KONH Condition Item KONP Purchasing Order Purchasing Doc. Header EKKO Purchasing Doc. Item EKPO S/O Schedule Line Purchase Order EKKN 재고 Table(판매.

Cost Total Internal Posting COSS WBS Element Master PRPS Work Center Work Center Header CRHD Work Center Text CRTX Assignment Work Center to Cost Center CRCO Project Definition PROJ Scheduling Data for Project Item PRTE Production Order Header AFKO Network Project Hierarchy j y for WBS Element PRHI Project Hierarchy for WBS Element PRHIS PS Texts (WBS) PRTX PS Texts (Header) PSTX Operation within Order AFVC Operation PS Texts (Description) PSTT Activity Value in Operation AFVV Network – Relationships AFAB Network내 작업순서 선후관계 6 . Cost Total External Posting COSP CO Obj.PS Tables Object Number (O (OBJNR) ) Summary of Actual & Plan Data CO Obj.

Header MKPF Material D M t i l Doc.PP Tables Production Version Production Version of Material MKAL Bill of Material (BOM) BOM Link to Material MAST BOM Header STKO BOM Item Selection STAS BOM Item STPO Routing Routing Assignment to Material MAPL Routing Header PLKO Routing Item PLPO Routing Selection of Operation/Activates PLAS Work Center Work Center Header CRHD Work Center Text CRTX Assignment Work Center to Cost Center CRCO Planned Order PLAF 생산계획 Production Order Master Data AUFK Production Order Header AFKO Production Order P d ti O d Item AFPO BOM에 의한 투입원자재 예약 Reservation Header RKPF Reservation Item RESB CAUFV View Order Operation Data for Work Center S022 Confirmation Goods Movements Errors from Confirmations AFFW 생산실적 Production Order P d ti O d Confirmation AFRU 생산품 입고 (G/R) Subseque t y Subsequently posted Goods Movements for Confirmations AFWI Goods Movement for Production Order AUFM Material Doc. Item MSEG 원자재 투입(G/I) 7 .

CORUPROC CORUAFFW(T-Code :COGI) Material Doc. Table of Planned Changes for Confirmation f C fi ti PDC AFRP0 Automatic Goods Receipt AFRP1 Backflushing AFRP2 Calc. Actual Costs AFRP3 Data Transfer to HR AFRP4 만약 Confirmation 도중 Error가 발생했거나 Backlog가 남아있을 경우 다음의 Program을 실행한다. Header MKPF Material Doc.PP Tables ■ Confirmation Operation within Order AFVC Activity Value in Operation AFVV 생산실적 Production Order Confirmation AFRU 생산품 입고 (G/R) Subsequently posted Goods Movements for Confirmations AFWI Errors Goods Movements Errors from Confirmations AFFW Incorrect Cost Calculation from Confirmations AFRC Order 내 공정작업 : Order 생성시 Routing 정보가 복사된다. Program : CORUPROC. Item MSEG 8 .


Specifications/ p p Valuation QAMVRMS Inspection Method p Master Record QMTB Inspection Method Texts QMTT Inspection Characteristic Master QPMK Inspection Characteristic p Master Texts QPMT Confirmation Data for Multiple Spec. M th d / I Methods/ Insp. Characteristic QPMZ Material Doc.QM Tables Inspection Lot Record QALS Inspection Catalog Code QPCD Code Texts QPCT Quality Message – Maintenance Data Excerpt QMIH Quality Notification Items QMFE Quality Notification QMEL 설비고장시간 Inspection Processing: Usage Decision QAVE Characteristic Specifications for Inspection Processing QAMV Generated Table For View QMFEL QMFEL Characteristic Results in Inspection Processing QAMR Sample Specifications p p for Inspection Processing QASV Insp. Item MSEG Insp. Sample QASRMS Results Table for the Sample Unit QASE Logistics Summary Tables S??? Link Inspection Lot and Material Document QAMB Material Doc. Header MKPF 10 .

Cost Total External Posting COSP CO Obj.CO Tables ■ Basic Table Master Data Cost Center Master CSKS Object Number Index for Cost Center ONRKS Cost Element Master CSKA Profit Center Master CEPC EC-PCA: Totals Table GLPCT CO-PCA Table EC-PCA: Actual Line Items GLPCA EC-PCA: Object Table for Account Assignment Elements GLPCO EC-PCA: Transaction Attributes GLPCP Object Number(OBJNR) : ‘KS’ + KS Controlling Area(KOKRS) + Cost Center(KOSTL) Summary of Actual & Plan Data CO Object Document Line (by Fiscal Year) COEJ CO Object Document Line COEP CO Obj. Cost Total Internal Posting COSS CO-PA Table Actual Line Item CE1???? Plan Line Item CE2???? Summary Record Profitability Segment CE3???? Profitability Segment Definition CE4???? ???? : Controlling Area Code ll d CO Object Document Header COBK 11 .

Cost Estimate. Program : MLCCS_STARTUP MLCCS_RESET Execute 12 . Production Process의 Link 정보를 담고 있다.Texts TCKH1 Material Costing View Material Valuation Data MBEW Material Valuation Data History MBEWH Cost Component Split (Control Record) CKMLKEV Cost Component Split Header for Prices CKMLPRKEKO Cost Component Split Elements for Prices CKMLPRKEPH 만약 CKMLHD와 CKMLPRKEKO를 대사하여 CKMLPRKEKO에 존재하지 않는 Cost Estimate가 있거나 Price Update(T-Code:CK24)에서 오류 발생시 별도 생성작업을 한다. Cost Components Cost Component Groups TCKH7 Cost Component Groups .CO Tables ■ Material Ledger Cost Estimate 기준 Header Record CKMLHD Material과 Cost Estimate의 Link 정보 Period Totals Records Values d l CKMLCR Period Totals Records Quantity CKMLPP Prices CKMLPR Material Ledger Document 기준 Document Header MLHD Product Costing Header Data d KEKO Product Costing Cost Components KEPH Cost Component Split Header d CKMLKEKO Cost Component Split Elements CKMLKEPH Document Items MLIT Document Currencies and Values C i d l MLCR Document Posting Periods and Quantities i d dQ ii MLPP Document와 Material.Texts TCKH6 Cost Components TCKH3 Cost Components . PP의 원가취합처나 생산작업지시와 연결된다.

※ 기간별 제품원가에서 사전원가(Preliminary Cost)는 표준원가(Standard Cost)와 달리 원가취합처별(생산버전 : BOM + Routing)로 계산하여 사용한다.‘05’ : 실적 Generated View for PP CAUFV ※ Product Cost by Order(오더별 제품원가)에서는 Production Order 단위로 Cost Data가 취합된다. 13 .CO Tables ■ Product Costs Product Cost by Period(기간별 제품원가)에서 사용하는 Product Cost Collector(제품원가취합처)에 취합된 Cost Data Object Number(OBJNR) : ‘OR’ + Order Number (AUFNR:원가취합처 or 생산작업지시) Order Master Data AUFK Order Header Data AFKO Order Item AFPO AUFNR : 원가취합처 번호(Order Type:RM01) Generated View for CO COAS CO Object 기준 Total Variances/ Results Analyses COSB Cost Totals for External Postings COSP Cost Totals for Internal Postings COSS Activity Type Totals COSL OBJNR : 오브젝트 번호 WRTTP (Val e T pe) (Value Type) .‘04’ : 사전원가(Preliminary Cost) .

CO Tables ■ Activity Types Activity Master CSLA. CSLT Cost Center Master CSKS Object Number(OBJNR) : ‘KL’ + Controlling Area(KOKRS) + Cost Center(KOSTL) + Activity Type(LSTAR) Cost Center / Activity Type CSSL Control Data for Activity Type COKL Activity Type Totals COSL Line Item for Activity Types(by Fiscal Year) COEJL Line Item for Activity Types(by Period) COEPL 14 .

FI Tables Vendor G/L Account Customer New G/L Client Level Master Data Company Level Master Data Monthly Summary Data Vendor General Data LFA1 Vendor Master (Company Code) LFB1 Vendor Transaction Data LFC1 Accounting for Vendor BSIK Accounting for Vendor BSAK G/L Account Master SKA1 G/L Account (Company Code) SKB1 General Ledger Total FAGLFLEXT Accounting for G/L Account BSIS Accounting for G/L Account BSAS Customer General Data KNA1 Customer Master (Company Code) KNB1 Customer Transaction Data KNC1 Accounting for Customer BSID Accounting for Customer BSAD General Ledger Total FAGLFLEXT G/L Actual Line Item FAGLFLEXA FI Summary Open Item Secondary Index Documents for Material BSIM Cleared Item Posting Document Accounting Document Header BKPF Accounting Document Segment BSEG Control Data Parked Document Accounting Document Header for Parking VBKPF Parking Document for Customer VBSEGD Parking Document for Vendor VBSEGK Parking Document for G/L Account VBSEGS Clustered by RFBLG Parking Document for Asset VBSEGA Tax Data BSET One-time Accounting Data BSEC Bill of Exchanging BSED (Obsolete) BSES 15 .

VIEW .TRANSP . Foreign Key) Table Secondary Indexes Secondary Index Fields Match Code Objects Search Help Assigned Fields to Search Help Assign classes to Archive Object Classes of Integrated Objects Definition of Archive Object Function Modules Function Parameters ABAP Program Macro Factory Calendar TFTIT DD20T DD30T : Transparent table : Structure : Cluster table .CLUSTER Table Fields Data Elements Domain Fixed Value Dictionary Relationship Definition (Check Table.INTTAB .POOL .Dictionary Tables Table DD01L DD02L Domains SAP Tables .APPEND : Pooled table : General view structure : Append structure Description Text DD01T DD02T DD03L DD04L DD07L DD08L DD12L DD17S DD20L DD30L DD33S ARCH_OCLAS ARCH_CLASS ARCH_DEF ARCH DEF TFDIR FUPARAREF TRMAC TFACS DD03T DD04T DD07T DD08T DD12T 16 .

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