. .' . ?O minutes plus 15 minutes for decoration

PrepannonD_mc .. U'

2752 (100z) soft brown sligar 25g (10%) cpcoa pOllld~r 150m/ (V.pt) Ivater

225g (80,,) p/ojnjlollr

2lellel tsp bakillg powaer J41sp b 1~,arboJlate of soda !-7t.psa/!

100g (4oz) bliller :1 egg;, bell/en

ttsp vanilla essence

tx 150mi (5fI. oz] carton soured cream


50g (2oz) plain chocolnte 21sp lI/~ml iuate«

50g (2oz) softened butler 100g (4Qz) jch~gsljgar

I·Grease a 20crn (8in.) cake tin and line the base with greased greaseproof paper.

Set the oven to 180·C/350°F/Gas Mark 4.

2'Put75g (30z) of the brown sLIgar into a pan wirh rhe.eoeoa and water. Stir over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved and simmer gently for 2 minutes. Cool. 1·5m together the flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and salt,

4· Cream the nmaining sugar with the butter until light and flltffy. Gradually beat in rhe eggs an d vanilla essen ce,

S' Fold in half the cocoa mixture, then half the dry ingredients and then half the soured cream. Repeat.

6'Turn into the prepared tin and bake for 1 hour or until a skewer emerges dry when stuck into the middle. Turn Out, and cool all a wire tack.

7'Tomake the topping: put the chocolate and water into a small pan and melt over .a Jaw heat. Cool Bear the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, and men beat in the cooled chocolate.

8-Spread the mixture over the ro,p of the cake, marking a pattesn with a knife.



P • rinlelOmillulesplLls5nlinutcsrordccor.tion


lOOg (40.z) soft /lib IIInrglln'tie IOOg (4ltz) {I!S/crsugar

2 ~ggj, blUJlell

One 150ml (5jI. 02") cor/ml natural


75 S. (304) se/fraisillgjlollr lleuel Up bakillg powlier l5i (1 oz} (OCOO pOll/der


2-3fbsp chocolale and haeelnut spread lrbsp icillg mgar

1- Grease t\VO 1 em (7in.) sandwich tins and line the base of both with greased greaseproof paper. Set ~he oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5.

2· Place [he margarine. caster sugar, eggs and natural yoghurt rogerher in a large mixing bowl.

3, Sifr In we flour, baking powder and cocoa powder and beat thoroughly until smooth lind Auffy .

.( - Divide evenly between the prepared tins and bake for 20-25 minutes or until the cakes feel.finnoorhefingertips. Leave the cakes to cool in the tins, then tum on to a wire rack and peel off the lining paper.

S' Sandwich rhe cakes rcgether with the chocolate and hazelnut spread and dust the top with icing sugar.



.preparaticn rime 15 minutes

100.11 (4oz) buller

75g (30z) caster sugar

25g (loz) soft broum sugar 1 egg, bell tell

1 tsp I'ani//a essence

125g (50z) self-roisingjlour, sifted 175g (60z) plain ihocolate, coarsely


I.Grease an !Scm (7in.) ring mould and line the base with a cil:c1l;: of greased greasepr00f paper. Set the oven to. 180°C1350°F1Gas Mark 4.

Z.G:ream together [he butter and sugars until light and UufFy.

3. Bear in the egg and vanilla essence. Gently fold in the flour, adding a little water if


4· Stir in [he chopped chocolate. Turn the mixture into the prepared tin and bake fOI 4{) minutes, or until the cake feels fum when pressed with the fingertips. Cool briefly, then turn the cake out of the mould on to a wire rack.


Prcp;ar:.tion tllllc20minu(e"S

100g (4Qz) blliler

225g (8oz) (lister SlIgar Crateil ,i"d oj 1 oraoge Vo1up rllJll ilia CS.;Cflce

2 c/JJ1s I heo lell

2-25g (8oz)plailljlour 21cllel tsp baking pouJder 150ml (!I4pl) milk

2 r:lj)C bananas, mashed

l(f)Og (402)p/ail1 chocolate, choPP'ed

1. Grease a 500g (1Ib) loaf tin and line the base with greased greaseproof paper. Set me oven to ]SO"C/S50"F/Gas Mark 4.

2·]3c3[ tC5g"et.her the butter. sugar and orange rind unnl Iighr and fluffy. Ada the vanilla essence.

3· Gradually beat in the eggs, a little at a time.

4'Si[c together the flQUf and baking powder. Mix the milk with the mashed banana.

5' Add half the dry ingredients to the mixture, followed by half the mashed banana and milk. Repeat. Lastly, stir in [he chopped chocolate.

6'Tum the mixrure into rhc prepared tin and bake for 4Q-58 minutes, or until the cake is golden brown and feels firm when pressed with the finger-tips. Cool en a wire rack.



pr<p_3rlLioll time 1 S minutes

100g (404) bllll~r

200g (7oz) sc/fraisillgj10tll' 2,5g (10;:) focoa powder

1 DOg (4(Jz) soft bra WI! sligar

l00g (40z)gloCl!.herries, was/lcd'IWd


100g (40z) assorted nuts, coarsely tilopped

1 egg, beam I

llbspgoldellSymp ,

150ml (: 0pt) milk and water, IIllxed half

mlti ftalf


100g (4o,z)glopi chen!¢s, baillcd

Afew wholelwts

I-Grease an 18cm (7in.) cake tin and line the base with gl'ieased greaseproof paper.

Set (he oven to 180"C/350°F/Gas Mark 4.

2. Rub the butter into the flour, using the fingertips, until the. mixture resembles

fine bresdcrurnbs.

J. Sifl in [he cocoa powder and add the sugar, 100g (4oz) cherries ali.d mixed nuts.

4· Bind the mixture with the beaten egg, golden syru RaNd ell\"iug1l, of the milk and water to form a ccnsistency that will fall easily when lifted with a. spoon.

S'Turn the mixture into the prepared tin. sed arrange tbe halved cherries and nuts on the top. Bake for 1-1 V2 heurs, or until 3 skewer will emerge dry when stuck into the middle, Cool 011 a wire rack.



• . 25 "inures plus 10 minutes fm decoraeion

i'rep3f-ltJOn nme I

l00g (40;;) plail/flollr Y.!levellsp bakillg powder 2 eggs, separated

175g (6oz) cos(crstlgar 150ml (14pl) milk

50g (2az) IHJsalled blltter, meUeiI bill cool

Vanilla essence

25g (10;:;;) coeoo powder


50g (20z) plain choc.olate 21sp water

t-Grease an 18cm (7in.) ring mould and line the base with a circle of greased

greascpreof paper. Set the oven to 180°C/350~F/Gas Mark 4. 2'Sifr the flour and baking powder together.

3· Bear the egg yolks with half the sugar until pale, mousse-like and. thick.

4· Beat the egg whites until stiff and gradually beat in. the remaining sugar, a spoonful at J rime.

S·Carefully mix half the milk, then half the flour, then half the mel~ed butter into the egg yolk mixture. Repeat. Gently fold in the beaten egg whites, taking care not to ovcrmix,

6· Divide the cake mixture in balf. Add a few drops of vanilla essence to one half.

Sift the cocoa powder and then fold it into the other half.

7 Put assorted spoonfuls of chocolate and vanilla mixture into the rin.g mould and bake 11'1 [h.c preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until the top feels firm when pressed with the fingertips. Tum out and coolon a wire rack.

8 To decorate. put die chocolate and water together in a small ~an and melt over a 10\\ heat Place the melted chocolate into a piping bag fitted with a medium flllng nozzle and pipe In zig-zags over the top of the cake ..



Preparation time J 5 lIlinutes

100g (4oz) soft bro IVII sligar 75g (30~) bulle,.

100g (40z) golile/l.lymp 2/bspogillgu marmalade 220g (7oi!) selj-raisi"gflollr V4I.!]1 ilirarbonate ojsoda

!hlsp ground ginger lhtsp lIIixedspice

25g (1 oiZJcowa powder 150ml ('Apt) mifk

1 egg, bea ten

1.Grease a 500g (l lb) loaftil1llnd line the base with greased greaseproof'paper. Set the oven to 180'C/35DoP/Gas Mark 4.

2. Put the brown sugar, butter, syrup and marmalade together in a small heavybased pan. Set over a low heat and melt slowly, without boiling, until the sugar has dissolved. Cool a little.

3, Sift the flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger, mixed spice and cocoa powder iR~0 a large mixing bowl. Make a well in the centre.

4· Mix: half the milk and ~1I the beaten egg into the melted sy.rup mixture. Slowly beac this into the £lour, .alittle at a time, drawing the dry ingredients from the sides and mixing to a smooth thick batter, Add the remaining milk, if necessary . 5 'Tum into the prepared lcaftin and bake for 1 hour, The cake' should feel slightly tacky but firm, Cool in the [ill for 10 minutes before turning 011 to a wire rack.



• -' J s IS minutes (or decoraeion

I'rep,or,t;ol! nmc 2~ minutes p u

75S (3o;!) plain dlOcoll/le 350g (12oz) soft brOUIII sugar 300ml (!bpI) milk

100g (4oz) butter

Gr~ted rind oflm/fall ol'l//1ge 2ffggS

Vatll'lla essence

100g (4oz) plailljlour

1 leuel ISp blearbonat« ofsodo


300ml (lhpt) double cream, whipped Grated rind ojhallaN orange

Coster sligO! 10 tast«


2 6iJoc%fo-covered Nougat and ea ram ei bars 4tbsp milk

1 orange

!·Grease three 18clJl (7in.) sandwich tins and line the bases with greased grease-

proof paper. SC~ the oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas. M~rk 5. .

2· Put the chocolate halfthe sugar and half the milk Into a pan and stir over a low heat until the chocolate has melted and the rnixeure is smooth. Leave to cool. ]. Beat together the butter with the rest of the sugar and the orange rind unoillight and fluffy. Beat in the eggs and add the vanilla essence .

.... Add the chocolate mixture and beat again. Sift in the flour and bicarbonate 0f soda, and mix well to get rid of all the lumps. Pour in the remaining milk and 56r. 5· Divide the mixture between the three tins and bake fOI 30 rrunutes. 'File cakes should have shrunk away from the sides of the tins .. Cool before turning 011 to a Wire rack, Peel off the paper.

6·To ma~e the filling: mix the orange rind with the whipped cream and sweeten to taste WIth the caster sugar. Use this to sandwich togeeher the three layers.

7· To make the decoration: remove the rind from the orange, tabng care not, to remove allY. psrh. ~ut th~ rind into the finest shreds. Plunge them into boiling w~ter, rhenlmmccildtely into cold water. Drain and pat dry 011 absorbent paper. g'Shce the ch~col3tc bars and melt them OVer a low heat with the milk stirring tln~J the mixtcrc is smooth. Spread over the top . of the cake and leave to set. Sprinkle the onngc rind round the edge before servjng.



. " ?O . utes plus ~O minutes for dec .. ragdn

PrC(.,.ntlOllllnle _ nun


75g (JoZ)&lISter,SIIgar

50g ~oz) plai"Jlo'l~ 25g (10,0) (ocoa,p owder


50g (2o~) 14IIslliled bllll:, 50j (20l') icing .!lfgar, ~ifted 21b,!, colldt'mcd milk


1000g (4oz) pMfHl!Q,colate 2i~sp waJer ,

2.5g (1oy;) butter

t.Grease.a 18cm (7in.) round Gaketin,linc the base witn ~teasedgteasepr(!)0f,pa.per and dust with flour and caster sugar. Set the oven to 180°C:/35@~FJGas Mark 4. 2·Whisk the eggs and sugar rogethec in a large'miXing bowl set 0V6F a pan of simmering water. Whisk th-e mixture until light, thi~k. ahd fluffy. RemQve the bowl from me heat and continue to w~sk until the mi~t).1Fe is c00l

3 Sift tbe flour and GO~Q;! powder together. With a large -Q'!,etal spoon 0,1' sparula,

carefully fold into the mixture,

4" Tum imo the prepared tin and bake for 30 minutes. llhe ca:.k~ Willl€lqk arinl41y .at _ the edges and feel spongy to the fingertips. Cool en a wire _xa.de.

::I·To make_rhe filling: soften the butter. then beat in tnei:clag sugar and I.lOIMiensed ~ until the .Olixture is light and fluffy.

6"Spur the cake III half and sandwich together with the filling.

7·To make the roppin "1 d bl . \.I

_L • ed g- P ace a ou e piece of greasepf00fpaper t;ignlfly ar0un ...

Wit ge of the cake and s -. h ' . d

) ') (1" ecure Wit a paper dip. The paper should stan up ,at

east zcm 10) aboveth t f h k .

b I . e op 0 t e ca e. Melt the ch0G:olate :with the water Hl!.l

ow set OWt a pan of '. . .. .

over _L. f h simmenng wate, r. Beat inthe-burre», P0U~ dins mixture

tne ,op 0 t e cake A h h I

harden in a 1 I . S tee oco ate cools swirl-it w.ith a knife, Leave to

. ~p~ .

I'Carefully remove the a

p per collar before serving.



. I 20 minut('5 [or deco(.tion

po:ep.ntiorllimc 20 JiUnUlCSp us

175g (6ot) bJll1rr

1 DOg (40z) casl ersllga r 21bsp .e~ldl'll syrup

3 eggs, ben/ell

125g (50z).c/frais.illgjloll1· .?5g (10z) Moa pOllider

fOOg (40.4) plain dmw/lllc,graled 150ml (Vipl) wilk


175g (60z) good quality cream cheese

11bsp milk

Idug SlIgar to t<lsle

FOR THE HOT FUDGE SAUCE 1 DOg (40z) plain chocolate 11bsp go/deli symp

50g (20z) bauer

21sp /mmdy


1· Grease an Jacm (7in.) cake tin and line the base with greased g'Fcaseproof (;laper.

Set the oven (0 190'C/375°PlGas Ma rk 5.

2· Bear the butter, sugar and golden symp together until li"ght and fluffy. J . Gra dually bea t ill. the eggs, a li ttle a t a ti me.

4·S1([ the flour and the cocoa powder togerher and gently fold into the mixture. S'Snt In the grated chocolate and add enough milk to make the mixture fall easily

from a lUted spoon, Tum into the prepared tin and bake for 1 hour, or until the cake leels firm to the fingertips. Coolon a wire rack.

C.·To make the filling: soften the cream cheese with milk: and sweeten to taste with the iong sugar.

7· To make the Hot Fudge Sauce: put all the ingredients together. in a pan and place over .. low heat. Stir until the chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth, 8· Spin the cake in half and sandwich together with the cream cheese mixture. Cut Into large wedges and each one with a heaped tablespocnful of the hot sauce.



• . ..,,, inu",s plus 15 nllrlutes (or decoration

I'rcp.rallon nme OJ rn

100g (tkJz) bH(1tr

tOOg (40:1.) aster SlIgar

Gralcd r.ind ofl omllge alld [Iemon 50g (2oz) drillkill£ Cho6o/a/e

I00J (4oz)grOlwd ~IHlo"ds

2 eggs, beal ell

1 rhIp bl'ondy

50g (2o~) sr.lf-rtlisil1.~j1oJlr


2tbsp tlnmky ormlge marmalade 100g (4oz) plain d1060lare

21sp hot /jI(iJ~r

Knob ofbrllter

1 -Ser the oven to 180·C/350"FJGas Mark 4. Brush an 18cm (7in.) loaf tin lightly with oil and dust with flour.

2. PUt the butter, sugar and fruit rinds together in a large mixing bowl and beat

until rhey are light arid fluffy.

3· Stir in the drinking chocolare and ground almonds .. Mix well. 4·Bcar rile eggs into the mixture, a litrle at a time. Add the brandy. 5'G(!lltlr fold in the flour,

6 Turn the mixture into the prepared tin and bake in the oven for 50 minutes, or until the cake feels firm when pressed with the fingertips. Tum on to a wire rack and leave to cool.

7·To finish the cake: warm the marmalade with a little water. Separate the large chunks of rind and set aside. Brush the rest of the marmalade over the top and sides of the cake. Break the chocolate into small pieces and put it in a small pan together WIth the water. Melt it over II low heat, then stir in the butter. Pour over the cake and allow to set. Decorate the top with the chunks of marmalade rind.



Preparation tinte 2Q minutes plus 30 "' inures fo. decoration

21sp instant 60ffec powder dissolved in 1 Ibs}! boi/illg water

FOR THE FEATHER ICING 175g (GO!!!) icing Slwar, sifted Boiling water

11bsp cocoapowder, siJied . ,

1 tsp Instant coffee powder dissolved rn boiling wafer

175g (6oz) scifi !JIb margarille 175g (6oz) mstersuga«

.3 eggs, beale~t

125g (501:) selfraishtgjlour 25g ('J ox) cocoa powder Woller


50g (20z) unsalted butler 10o.~ (40::) iC1I~1! sugar, sifted

1· Grease two !Scm (7in.) sandwich tins and line the bases with greased greaseproof

paper. Set the oven to 19QoC1375°P/Gas Mark 5, .

2· Bear rhc margarine and sugar until light and fluffy. Gradually, beat In the eggs. J·S.ift the flour and cocoa powder together and foldinto the mixture. Add enough water to form a consistency that wilJ fall easily from ~ lifted spooo.

4 - Divide the mixture between. rbe prepared tins and bake lor ~O-25 minu res, or until the cakes feel firm to the fingertips, Coolon a wirerack.

5· To make the filling: soften the butter, then gradually beat in the icing sugar and coffee until the mixture is light and fluffy. Sandwich the cakes together.

6·To make the feather icing: mix the icing sugar with enough boiling water to form a consistency that will make a trail for a few minutes when dropped from a Spoon but will gradually merge back into the rest of the icing.

7- Take Irbsp of the icing and colour it with a little of the instant coffee. Place it in a pipmg bag fitted with 3 fine writing nozzle. Colour the remaining icing with the cocoa powder and spread it evenly over the top of the cake.

8- While theicingj~ still Wet, quickly pipe lines, about2.5cm (Iin.) apa.r~, across the t-op of the cake. Using a pin, draw lines at right angles to the piped lines, alternately In opposite direaiol)s, dr'llwing them into points. Leave to set.



" II '0 'l1inllt~~ 11 rdccer,,!ion

Pn'p.lr.1I10U tluw2U n1l1HIWS>fl I.).. .

I mild (I ~/II) wilk

75~ ( II:) phlill /1J)((l/~II', (hopped 2i.~~ (11,1:) .~c!l1 /1/1]11'11 .",.~.Ir

/()(~~ (4,1::) '111111'"

:!"l!.l'S, .!1'flI1(.1/,r>d

l:i~1/ (tVI': ) td"ill}/ili/l //.ltlltir.U/!PIlIHt·C!/"ld.,


275,~ (IOoz) e(lSlrl- stlgnr

2 cgc 1II111'IeS


Ploch fI'Itd/li nj/(lrllH'

FOItTHECHOCOh.ATECAI~AQUE JOOg (4o,l) p/o ill c/ww/all'

I ;rt:.N' all III III (7ill.) cake tin and line rhc base with greased grea cproof paper.

er the III ,'II to 160° ./J25··/ ",,1 Mark 3. .

_.( .t.ll(h he,u the milk. hocolatc nnd half the sugar in a small pan until the dllaol.lle h,IS melted .lUd the su)!:.lr dissolved. cave to cool.

3 ream t he hurter with the remaining sugar unril lighr and fluffy. Beat in the egg \'ulk~ om' ar ,1 rune.

~ Sllf thr llnur \Vah rhc bicarbonsre of soda. Add hIM to the creamed mixture. tollowrd bv half the chocolate. Repent. Sci r in the: vanilla essence.

S \\ [1I,k the l'~~ wlures until sriff bur 11m dry. Stir one spoon CuI into rhemixtuce

nd 111l'1l carclullv flllt! in the Tl'u1.lining whites.

6 rum 111[0 rhe prepared tin aud bake for I hour, r uuri! the cake i well risen and I lis 111m ttl rhc !il\~l'rt1po;. LeJ\IC' tool 3 little, then turn on to a wire rack. 1.1 IlIlk' rhc fro~lIng: pm JI! rllt' ingredienrs in a large b wI and pia e over a pan f unmr nne \\ uer '\' lnsk uuri] thi k and moringue-like,

f ht IIll' Ik.: Ill! o thrcc QUlC'kly use half the frosting to sandx ich the cakes t gceher: nil ll.llftl'Clll! the top and side', SWIrling the frosting with a knife and

puUII1 ' It up uuo peaks,

9 mak the c. I rquc: melt the chocolate in ~ bowl at over :~ pan ofsimmering

\ ater pr. d 11 tbml\' over :1 sheer of gr~ascproof paper and lea VG: eo set. Using fh Jnd,.it ~.1 sharp ngid ~ni!~ over the surface to shave Qff curls. carter th€ nq 1 n tc p of the ~.lkc.



. J 40 . rures for decoralion

Pr<!jl3fuion tim" 2{J III mutes P us "'''

150ml (V4pl) douh/e cream, wh ipped and

sweetened 21b5P kirscil


1CJOg (4oz) plain chocolate, chopped 3001111 ( v.."PI) dOllble cream. wlupped

IOQ~ (4oz) plnirl rhocolate 4 eggs, separaled

}75g (6oz) ctlSle~.III.qar . 125:~ (51)z) p/~iI1J7t)lj/" sifted


225.11 (8~z)Ji"oz('/i raspberries

j.Grease i 20cm (Sin.) round cake tin and line ehe base with greased grcaseproof

paper. Du r with (Jour. Set [he oven to 180°C/?50°F/~as Mark 4. .

2· Melt the chocolate jn ~ bowl sec over a pan of Slmmerll1g water. Cool a lirde, 3· Place the egg yolks with half the sugar and beat until pale and mousse-like. Beat the egg whites until sriff. Gently fold in the remaining sugar.

4· Using a meral spoon or spatula, fold the egg whites and flour into the mixture.

Then fold in the cooled but liquid chocolate.

s· Pou r in to tb e pn:pa red tin and bake for 45 minutes, Of, un til the cake is well risen and firm when pressed with the fingertips. Coo] on a WHC rack,

6· Defrost the raspberries, keeping any juice. Pat dry witliJ absorbent paper.

Reserve 6 for decoration and mix the rest with the cream. Mix thc kirsch with the


?'Srlit the cake into 3 and lace the bottom layer on a plate. Sprinkle with half the JUICe and kirsrh and spread half the ream on top. Cover with the second layer of sponge and the remaining juice and cream. Set the third layer on top.

S Of 0 make the decoration: make 6 small cones OUt of grcascproof paper. Melt the chocolate over 1I p3n of simmering water. Place a spoonful in each cone and tilt and turn to coat the inside evenly. When set, peel off the paper.

9 Piau: a spoonful of the cream ill a piping bag h(tcd with a fluted nozzle. Coat the op and side of the cake with the remaining Cre~J11. Pipe a whirl into each cone and rr ngc them on the cake with "he raspberries in between.



- , ?O . ures plus 40 minutes ror deaOr3[.ioll

Prep .... !;Jon tunc _ nun

4 eggs

fOOg (4oz) eMIl!: .iugllr 60g (2J.ioz) p/nl/Jj7our 40g (1 V20Z) cnnifZOIIt 40g (1I1oz) cocoa powder

40g (llhoz) billter, /lie/red ~"d cooled


j»'Og (12oz) plai« chosolat»

21sp instant coffee powder di~'SOllIed in,

21bsp boiling wat{jr 4501111 (Y4pt) double cream 4tbsp dark rum


WOg (40il) P larn theeokue, gMleii 1 tbsp icing sJJga~

10 rum tntffle~

I-Grease a 20cm (8in.) round take tin and line the base with greased greaseproof

paper. Set the oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5. .

2· Whisk the eggs and sugar together in a large mixing bowl set o~er a pan ~f simmering water. Continue to whisk until the mixture-has doubled ill bulk ami IS thick, pale and mousee-like, Remove from the heat and whisk until. CQ01.

3, Sift together [he DOll (5 and co GOa powder and gently fold into the I'I'llxture. 4'Carefully fold in the cooled but still liquid butter". Turn the mixture into tine prepared tin and bake fmr 35 minutes. The edges should ha ve shrunk a wa y from the sides of the tin. C0CJ OR a wire rack.

S'To prepare the fiUing: melt the chocolare with the coffee.in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Coo) a linlc, then carefully fold into the lightly whipped cream. Reserve balf for decoration,

6·SI~c.e the sponge into three layers. Set the base on" serving plate: and sprinkle WIth half the rum. Then COver with a layer of c;tmcolate cream. Set the second layer of cake on top and repeat. Cover with the last lay~r of sponge.

7· Place a lutle of the remaining cnbc01ate cream in a pipil1g bag fitted with a large fluted nozzlc.. Cover the top lImd sides of the cake With the rest Sprinkle tile top ofrhe cake with the grated chocolare and dust with icing sugar. p~p(J' 110 whirls or chocolate cream around the edg.c and top each whir! with a rum truffle.



• . 20 minutes plu -10 minut'cs for d<:cocarion

Prcp.r.1tJon nme

25g (10;;:) cocoa pOll/der 300.111 (I/_?]JI) milk

50g (20~) plain chocolate 100g (40;;::) caster sligar

4 eggs f75g (60z) cast" sligar

J IStJ !1111!iJla essCIiCC • .

[OOg (402) selj.raisillgjlo'4r, .lifted

40g (1 ~z:) broil/lied, ground /raze/nuts FOR D.:ECORA nON

{seep. DO) 125g (50z) granulated sugar


1 db 2tbsp browned ground hazelnuts

100g (4<Jz) lima te utter .'

r (1 .! rJlo ~ 6 whole. fwzelnlJts

~R~.' .'

I-Ser the oven to 200"C/400"F/Gas Mark 6. Line three baking sheets with greased

gTeaseproof paper. Mark five 18cm (7in,) circles on the p~peL .

:2 -Pur me eggs and sugar together in a bowl set over a pan of SImmering water and belt unci! pale, fluffy and thick. Fold in the vanilla essence, flour and ~round hazelnuts. Spread the mixture on the five circles and bake for 10-12 minutes, until firm and pale brown. Coolon a wire rack and peel off the paper.

3· To make the filling: cream (he butter nntil lighr <I11d fluffy. Mix the cornflour and cocoa with enough milk to make ;t smooth paste. P utrhc choccla te and remaining rru1k In a pan. bring to the boil. Pour on to the eornflour and cocoa mixture. Return to the pan and simmer fOF2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the sugar. Cool, then gradually beat the custard into me butter. Use to sandwich together four oftbe cake

vers, finishing with a layer of filling. Reserve enough for the sides.

5· ~ 0 decorate: PUt the-top layer on a wire rack standing over an oiled baking sheet, t'lac.e the sugar and water in a heavy-based pan and melt over a low heat to a golden caramel. Oil a sharp knife, Pour the caramel evenly over the cake and quicl ly mar It mto 6 portions with (he knife before it sets.

7 PUt rhe caramel laver on tOp of [he others. Put a little of the chocolate cream into a plpmg bag fitted with a fluted nozzle. Spread tile rest around the sides a f the cake and press on the ground hazelnuts. Pipe a whirl of cream on each marked portion and place a whole hazelnut on each whirl.



. 25 minult -s plus 15 minutes for d~or:ujon

l'r~JU,..no" ume

175g (6";z:) pili;" the(olOIe 175g (60::) bullcr, $OjllJlle£l 175J! (602) clIslerrug(lr

5 ~~s, Sl'parlJlrd

5ml (ItsI') tumjllll esww: /00g (402) plailljlOllr, rifled

FQI1THECHOCOLJ\TEGLAZE 31bsp dOilble cream

175}1 (602) plain chocolate, grated 15.e (V2ClZ) bllller; softened

J. rC,lSC 3 20cm (Sin.) cake tin and hnc the ba e with greased grcaseproof paper.

DUSI lightly with flour. Set the oven to 180o~/350o:/Gas Mark 4.

2'Mclnhr: chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of'simmering water. Allow to cool a lItrie.

3· Bear the butler and sugar together until light and Duffy. Beat in the egg yolks one .31 3 nmc, rir In the cooled but still melted chocolate and the vanilla essence. Llghdy fold III the flour,

-t. Whl~l ihe l"gg whitt's until stiff. Using a larg~ metal spoon or spatula, fold l spoonful ofthc egg whites into the chocolate mixture. Then fold in the remainmg wbnes.

5 Turn the mixtureinto die prepared tin and bake for 50 minutes, or until the cake i(:~ls firm to the fingertips. 001 on ;I wire rack,

6· To make the chocolate glaze: bring the cream to just boiling point. Put the chocol.!u: Into a mlxlIlg bowl. POur over rhe hot cream and stir constantly until !.he chocolate has melted Heat in [he butter.

7 Place the lake on a wrre rack over a sheet of greaseproof paper. Before the chocolarc glaze hJS rune to ser, usc It to coar the top and sides of the cake. (Do not be tempted 10 hft allY of the glaze that has dripped on to the grcascproof paper bad 0/1 to the cake 3S It will be full of crumbs.)


Prcp.flIdoll time 20 minutes plus 45 for decoration

SQg (2o.z) gramtillted sugar .

150",1 (!4p/) double cream, IV/lipped

FOR 'Ff4E([:HOCOLATEGAN~CHE 300ml (V:zpl) double ,reom

125g (5az) plaill alloro/ate, chopped

FOR THE ~lEIUNGU.E J egg ui/tites

100g (40z) caster sligar

50g (20z) drillkil1g chocolale

FOR THE PRALINE FII:.LlNG 50g (2oz) IwbJolic/Jed II/monds

I: Line three baking trays with silicone paper and draw an 18CRl (7in.) circle on each one. Sec the oven to 180°C/250°F/Gas Mark 1.

2. Whisk the egg whites until they form stiff peaks. Add half the caster sugar and

continue to beat until she egg whites are stiff and shiny,

3. Fold in the remaining sugar and ehe drinking chocolate. Spread the mixture on to

the three circles marked on the paper.

4· Bake for 3 hours until the meringues are quite dry. Cool and remove the paper. S'To make the filling: place' the almonds and sugar jl!i a heavy-based pan and set it over alow hear until the sugar has browned and caramelized. Turn on to an oiled baking sheet. Before the caramel has set, use a wooden spoon to separate a few whole coated almonds and reserve them for decoration.

6 When the praline is cold and brittle, grind it in a liquidiser or food processor. Stir into the whipped cream.

'·To make the chocolate ganache: bring the double cream slowly to tl-le boil, r~move uem the hear and stir i~ the chopped chocolate until it has completely dissolved Cool fer about 15 rrunures, whisking occasionally, and then whisk unn1 thick and creamy.

8·To assemble th~ cake: sandwich the meringue layers togethee wich the praline ~~cadm. Ph bet II little of the ganach« in 11 piping bag fitted with a fluted nozzle.

,)0. t ere~[overthetop.ands·d S f h '. .

d die 10 t e mermgue, Pipe whirls of ganache ou

op an ccorate each one with a whole caramel almond.



. . 15 minutes plus 15 (or de.contion

P re paranon nme

2258 (80z) plain chocolate 2258 (80z) buner

2 eggs

Z5g (10;;:;) caste: sligar . .

il5g (80;;:) drgestille biscuhs, lightly


7ig (30z) mixed 1m IS, ,ollrse/y chopped

75g (3oz) mixe.dglar€ cherries and

slIilarlOs,jiueiy chopped 4tbsp bral1dy


1501111 (0pt) double cream, whipped 121V1l11llIIs

1· line a 15cm (6in) souffie dish with tin foil.

2· Put the chocolate and butter in a small saucepan and melt slowly ower a low heat.


3·Eeat the eggs and sugar together until frothy.

4· Mi.'! me chocolate and butter with [he eggs and stir in all the remaining 10- gredieats.

S'Pour into the prepared dish and Fefrigerate until set, preferably overnight. 6Turo the cake on to a serving plate and peel off the tin foil. Put the whipped cream into a piping bag fitted with a flured nozzle and pipe whirls of cream around the base of the cake. Decorare with walnuts.



Prcpar.!fion time 15 minutes plus 15 (0' decoration

225g (8oz) pia ill diocolate 225$ (80::) buller

2 eggs

25g (1oz) CIISler sllgllr , . •

225g (8oz) digestive b,.lCUHS, ilgfrtly


75g (30z) mixed lillIS, coarsely chopped

75~ (30z) mixedgloce cherries lind

;lIllarlas • .finely chopped 4fbsp bmlldy


150111/ ('Apt) double Cl"I!II/11, !Ill! ipped 12 walnuts

1· Line a J5cm. (6in.) souffle dish with tin foil.

2· Put the chocolate and butter in a small saucepan and A1e1t slowly over a low heat.


3'Beat the .:ggs aud sugar together until frothy.

4'Mix the chocolate and butter with the eggs and stu in all the remaining ingredients.

5· Pour into me prepared dish and refrigera te until set, pre fera bl y overnight.

6· Tum [he cake all to a serving plate and peel off the tin [Gil. Pu t the whip ped cream into a piping bag fitted with a flured nozzle and pipe whirls of cream around the base of the cake. Decorate with walnuts.



Prep' ration time 15 minutes plus 15 for decoration

3/bspmilk 21bsp j!lerry

225g (8011) sweetened cbestnut puree


15 plait! .reetarrgular biscuits

150ml (14pf) double 6ream, whipped 100g (40z) plain chocolate

21sp water

25g (1az) butser, softened 5walm" halves

1· Mix the milk lind sherry together. If the chestnut Furee is very hard, turn it in to a bowl and beat co soften it.

2· Soak 3 of [he biscuits in the milk and sherry and place them side by side on a serving dish. Spread half the whipped cream on top.

3· Soak 3 more biscuits and place them on top of the whipped cream. Spread these with half [be chestnut puree. Repeat these two layers! ending with biscuits.

4· Melt the chocolate with the water in a small pan set over a low heat. Beat in the butter.

s· Pour rhe chocolate over ebe biscuits and when near! y set, decorate witrn. the walnut halves.

6· Refrigerate fer at least 2 hours before serving.



. .. 20miflUtCS plus 40 minutes for decoration

Prcp.ntlOn "me

21sp wate«

15g (V20Z) butter


300ml (Vzpt) dlluble cream, whipped

2/hsp nml1y honey

75g (30.z) ha;ulmllS l00g (40z) huller

60g (21hoz) Mslcr SlIgar 125g (50z) plaitrjlcw, sifted


l00.~ (40z) plain rhocolate

1. Toasr (be nuts in a hot oven. When they are dark brown, rub in a dry tea towel to

remove tbe skins. Reserve 6 nuts for decoration and grind the rest. 2'Crcam together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

3'Fold the flour gently into the mixture. Add the ground hazelnuts. 4· Set the oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5.

5' Divide the paste into three. Place each third on a baking sheet and, using the fingertips. press out into thin flat rounds ef approximately 18cm (7in.) diameter. Chill for 30 minutes,

6· Bake the shortcakes for 10-12 minutes. AIl0w to cool a little, them use a Falettc kmfe to 1005en them from the baking sheer, Quickly cur one into 6 portions (they will become crisp as they cool).

7·10 nuke the decoration: melt the chocolate and water toget.herin a pan set avera low heat. Stir In the butter. Set the cut portions of shortcake on wire rack ever a piece of greaseproof paper. Coat each portion with the melted chocolate. Allow to Set.

S To make the filling: mix the whipped cream and honey together, place a little in a plpmg bag fitted with a large fluted nozzle. Usc half the remaining cream- to sandwich r~gethCT the 2 whole shortcakes and spread the other half all top.

9 ~t rhe pornon,s of cho~olatc-coatcd shortcake into the cream, placing each at a shght an~IC'. PIpe a whirl of honey cream on top of each portion and decorate each whirl With a whole hazelnut,



. _ 'I) . utcs plus 20 minutes for decoration Preparation urne _ nun

FOR l'HECHOU-X PASTRY 75g (30<:) bllrler

120m! (7 0.j1. oz} I/Io~cr . lOOg (4oz) ploiujlour, sifted 3 eg;;!, beo tell


300m! (!6pI) whipped crenm lcillg Sligar 10 taste

100g (4oz) raisins soaked ill2tbsp dark



100g (4oz) plajll-choco/Ilre

1tspgoldell syrup

15,H I/..noz) butter

21sp dark nml

I-Set the oven to 200°C1400°F/Gas Mark 6. Wet a baking sheet. .

2' Put the butter and the water together in a pan and bring slowly to the boil, I mmcdiarely [he liquid boils, (,ip all the flour in at once, remove fForn the heat and beat die mixture with a wooden spoon until it becomes truck 'and leaves the sides of the pan. Cool.

3 Beat in the eggs, a little at a rime, until the paste is smooth and shiny. It maynot be necessary to add aU the egg. The mixture should fall easily from a lifted spoon. " PUt the chou x pastry into a piping bag fitted with a large plain nozzle and pipe it on (0 the baking sheet in a circle about l Scm (6in.) in diameter. Bake for about 30 mmures until brown and cnsp.

S WhIle sull warm, split the choux ring in half, scrape out any uncooked paste and d 15C01 rd. Coolon a wire rack.

6 T() make the filllllg: sweeten the whipped cream With the icing sl!Igar and stir in the soaked raisms. Use to sandwich the choux ring together.

7· To make the icmg- put all the ingredients in a small pan and melt slow ly over a 109. hut. tlrrlllg occasionally. POur over the filled choux ring and leave to set.



. • (, dcooro~ioll plus 2 hours for the syrup

.' . 2S m;"uUIS plus 20 nunutCS or

l'rtlporJtlall tunc to soak into the cake

1258 (50z) soJi I/lIIrgar;1l1' 75g (Jo~) mste: sugar

5 rggs, sepMote~ . .. ,

125Q (Solt) pfaHl rhorolole,gl'llied

125g (50;;:) grol/lld ,1 I!IIOIld.1


50g (2oz) granulated sugar tisp instant coffee peu/der 150m/ (14pt') water

2tbsl1 dark. rum


300111[ (Hut) wlliPlUd €ream 2tsp cinnamon powder

1·Grea e a 20cm (Sill.) round cake tin and line the base with greased greaseproof

paper. ct the oven to 170°C/325"F/Gas M~r~ 3. ..

2'Crcam the margarine and sugar together until light and fluffy. Gradually beat In

the egg yolks.

3· Carefully fold in the grated chocolate and ground almonds. .

... Whisk the egg whites until stiff but not dry and fold into the chocolate mixture. STurn the mixture into the pre 'pared tin and bake for about 1 hour or until the cake

feels firm [0 the fingertips.

6· To make the syrup: put the sugar, coffee and water together in a heavy-based pan and set over a low heat. Allow the sugar to dissolve, then simmer until the syrup feels sticky. Cool :1 Little, then add the rum.

7' Place: the cake in an ovenproof serving dish and prick all over with a fork or skewer. poon the syrup over the cake a little at a rime until it has all been absorbed. Lea ve to stand for at least 2 hours.

S·To Serve the cake: set the oven to 170·C/325°F/Gas Mark 3. Warm the cake for abour 15 nunutes. Meallwhile fold thcGinnamon powder inte the whipped CTC3m. Serve rhe cake Immediately with the wh.ipped cream handed separately.



• ". 'JO minutes plus 30 minutes for decoration

Prepllrallol1 nrne z

225g (80::) plain ,/loco/ale IISp slrong inslIlIII coffee, J/bsp waler

5Cggf, separawd

125g (502) casler stJgar


2 heaped tbsp ginger marmalade

4tbsp advocaal/iquf!u, (optional) 300ml (113]11) double cream, whipped


1 tbsp icing sugar

Christmas decorations

l' Lint: 3 large roa ring tin with greaseproof paper. Brush it lightly with oil and dust with flour and caster sugar. Set the oven to 200°CI400°F/Gas Mark 6.

2· Put the chocolate. coffee and water into a heavy-based pal'l and melt slowly over a low heat.

3· Beat rill' egg yolks and sugar together uneil pale and mousse-like. Whisk the egg whites u I1t il stiff bur not dry.

4· Sur the melted chocolate into the egg yolks. Mix a spoonful of the beaten egg wlutcs into the.' mixture, then carefully fold in the remaining whites.

5· Spread rhe mixture evenly into the prepared tin and bake for 12 minutes until the top is dry and firm to rouch, Cover im mediately with a damp tea towel and leave ro cool, preferably overnight.

6 To make rhe filling: ~ ld rhc ginger marmalade and advocaat into the whipped cr am.

7·10 a semble the lorr Jay;'] sheet of grcascproof paper on the work surface. Turn the chocolate cake on to the paper and peel off the lining. Spread with the ginger tilling and r~JI up IIkc a Swiss roll, using the grcaseproof paper to help YOLI. Just before serving, dw.t with icing sugar ~J1d add the Christmas decorations.

If prdcm:d. the Christmas log I1UI y be filled with plain whipped cream or .... hipped cream flavoured wrth coffee essence.



.- ne 25 minutes plus I hour for decoration Prcp.ralloll ur

Double quamities of the ingredients Jor the Victoria Sandwich (I' .2GJ


FO~ THE ICING 1 x 25cIII (1 Oil1.) oake board

100g (40z) plai/l chocolate 5 jlal5IVeets

225g (8oz) lI~s.alledbll(/er 1 tube sugar-coated chocolate beans

350g (12oz) /!tug mgor 3 small siiuer orgold doyleys

2 egg yolks Ally bought decoration, sud: as candles,

bumble bees, butterflies. or afairy

I· Collect 3 empty food [ins to bake the turrets in, aile 450g (lib) size; one 225g (Boz) size; and one 150g (Soz) size. Wash them and remove the l~bels. Use a 20:m (8in.) round cake tin for the castle base. Grease all the tins.and line the bases WIth

greased gresseproof paper. Set the oven to 190°C/37?oF/Gas Mark 5. .

2· Follow instructions 2-3 for the Victoria Sandwich (p.26). Half fill the food nns with the cake mixture and use the rest to fill the large tin. Bake the small cakes for 20-30 min utes and the large one for approx, ] he ur until well risen aha finn when pressed with the fingertips. Cool all a wire rack.

3· To make the icing: break the chocolate into pieces and melt in a bowl set over a pan ofsimmering water. Allow to cool but not set. Soften the butter, then beat in me icing sugar, egg yolks and cooled chocolate. Beat until light and £luffy. 4·To assemble the cake: split the large cake in half and sandwich together with some of the icing. Set [he cake 01] the board and ice the top and sides.

5 Carefully coat each turret with icing, inserting a fork into the base so that the calcecan beheld with one hand while spreading the icing with tne other. Set each rurrer on [OP of the cake, as shown in the phot0grapF1.

6 Push the SWeets ~[lto the icing for windows and arrange the chocolate: beans around rhe base, like crazy paving. Make II cut in each doyley from the outside to rhe centre, roll them into cones to form roofs for the turrets and secure.



, ' 20 • jutes plus I hour (or decoration

PrcpaT.oOII 0 me Tllll

Same qualltilies 1111e illgredients far the Raspberry Torte (p .30) ,

Pinkfood 601ourmg

FOR THE FILLING . tlel/el tbsp cocoa powder, sifted

Jlbsp raspberry or block cherry rm d 50g (20z ) marzipan

1501111 O.1tP/) double cream, W Ilpye Gravy browning

FOR DECORATION Chocolale strands

1 x30cm (12itl.) squnre cake board Candles

350g (12oz) icing sugar, sifted

Boiling water

1. Follow instructions 1-5 for Raspberry Torte. using a lacm (7in.) .sGJuare cake tin. 2' Split the cake in half and sandwich together with jam and whipped cream. 3·Cut the cake in halfdiagonally. Swop the halves round so that the unc~t earners

are pointing towards each other and the long cut edges are o_n the outside, Cut a small triangle off each of the uncut corners that are ROW 10 the centre of the butterfly. Remove the triangles. New em a small (Scm/2in.) triangle in the middle of each of the long outside edges. Set the cake on a wire rack over a sheet of greaseproof paper.

-I·To decorate: mix the icing sugar with boiling water to form a consistency that will make a trail when dropped from a spoon but will gradually merge back into the rest of the icing. Colour 1 tbsp of the icing pink. Put it in a piping bag fitted with a fine writing nozzle. Colour the rest with the cocoa powder.

:;·Coat [he top and sides of the cakes with the chocolate icing. While it is still wet, quickly pipe ~es about2.Scm (Iin.) apart, parallel to the long edge. With a pin. draw lines at nght angles to the piped lines, fanning them out like the pa tterns on a butterfly's wings, Leave to set.

6·Translcr the wings to the cake board, placing them with the short sides together.

Colour tbe marzipan with Ii lb. . . .

. a tt e gravy rowmng, shape 1t mto the head and

body and rolllJ1 the chocolate strands. Arrange the candles as shown in the photograph.



I'rep3{.rion (;01e30 minutes plus 30 minutes for decoration


2 egg Iv/zites .

100g (40z) icing s'"!gar, sifted

125g (50z) Imsalted bldler, softened Orange and red €o./ollnirlg


8 small 6liow/ateflakcs

50g (2 oz) marzipan, coloured brown

1. Grease a J litre (2pt) pudding basin and a bun tin. Set the oven 00 190°C/375°F I

Gas Mark 5. '.

2 ·Cream the margarine and sugar together until light and fhaffy. Gradually beat III

the eggs and fold in the flOUF. .

3· Divide the mixture in half Stir the drinking chocolate mro one hal'n and colour the remainder orange.

4· Spoon alternate colours into the pudding basin and the sun ~iFl. Swirl with a skewer to give a curved marble effect Bake the DUl') for 15-20 minutes and pudding basin for 1-11/2 hours until the cakes feel firm when pressed with the fingerrips. Tum out on to II wire rack and ecol,

5 To make the marshmallow frosting: put the egg whites and icing sugar in a large bowl over a pan of simmering water. Whisk until thick and mousse-like, Remove from the heat and whisk until cool.

6· Beat the butter until Iigh~ and fluffy, then gradually beat in the meringue mixture.

7·Split the large cake in half. Sandwich together with some of the frosting and atta!:~ r~c bun on t-Op with another layer of frosting. Divide thenernaining frosting _ ~ half and colour half red and half oran ge. Cover the cake in altema te blobs ot icing, drawing it inro peaks to represent flames.

g·Cut the nakes ~nto 5cm (2in.) pieces and arrange on the cake, like logs. Usc tlhe coloured rnarzrpan fa make a Guy.

175g (6oz) soft margarine 175g (60;:) caster slIgor

3 eggs balllel!

175g (6oz) sdf-raisillgjlollr 25g (1 az] drinking eiJocolale Ormlgefood ,%uril1g



- ,- 20 mmurcs plus 15 minutes for decoration

P"'par.lIJon ume


100g (4oz) sofi lIJ(lrgarille l()()g (40%) caSler sugnr

2 eggs, !f'parOlcd

501 (20 z] self ra isi rlgflou t 15g (10z) 'OeD11 powder 25g ( I 0%) growuJ almonds


150mi (V4pI) double m!om, wh ipped llb!p kil'sciJ

1 / ill dark niorelto cherries

25g (1oz) plain chowlate,graled

I-Crease 18 bun tins or line them with paper cases. Set the oven to 1. 90°c;./375°FI Cas Mark 5_

2 Beat the margarine and sugar eogerher until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg yolks one at a time.

]-Siftlhe flour and cocoa powder together and gently stir into the mixture with the ground almonds,

4· Whisk the egg whites unrii stiff. Using a large metal spoon, or spatula, stir "me spoonful of the egg whites into the mixture, then carefully fold in the remaining whites.

5· DIVIde the rruxrure evenly between the bun tins and bake for 15-20 minutes or unci I the buns feel firm to the fingertips. Coolon a wire rack.

6·Todccor;uc: mIX the wluppcdcream and kirsch together. Drain the cherries and pa very dry wnh absorbent paper.

7'Pbcc the cream in a piping bag fitted with a large fluted nozzle. Pipe a whirl of cream on top of each hun. Sprinkle a litrle grated chocolate over each whirl and tOp y, irh a black cherry.



Prepar.tio!1 rime 20 minutes plus 5 minlltes for deeeration


WOg (402) soft lIl(/fgarine 10Dg (4oz) easter sugar

2 eggs, beate»

75g (30z) se[f-raisillgjlollr 15g (0loz) cocoa powder

50g (20z) plain chowiate., finely chopped 2tsp peppermint essence


10 chocolat.e minis ci'isp_s

1. Grease 18 bun tins or line them with paper cases. Set tIDe oven to 190°C/375°PI

Gas Mark 5.

2· Beat rhc margarine and sugar together until light and. fluffy. 3· Gradually beat in the eggs, a Little at a time.

4, Sift the flour and cocoa powder together and gentl')( fe.ld into tme mixture. Stil'in

rhe chopped chocolate and pcppermimt essence.

5· Divide the mixture evenly between the bun tins and bake for ~5-20 minutes or until the buns feel firm to the fingertips.

6'Jusr before the buns are ready to come out of the oven, cut the mints ir:l half. As soon as rhe buns are cooked, place halfa mint on top of each one. Leave to coolon a wire rack.


p<cpar.Don till1c20 minutes


4 digestive biscrdts 25g (lo.z) ulIl:rer

11E'vrl rbsp ,nwehy pea/wi buner 1 Jhlevd tbsp COCOll powder

50g (2oz) icing sugar 2tbsp go/den syrup 50g (20:<:) butter

50g (20z) pliffed rice cereal

1- Place 16 paper cases in bun tins to. give suppert. Put the digestive biscuits inside a plasac bag and crush finely with a rolling pin.

2 - Soften the butter, beat in the peanut butter, then stir in the crushed digestives.

Refrigerate the mixture for 30 minutes.

3 -Roll the peanut butter mixture into small balls and place one in each paper case. 4· PUt the cocoa powde[,icing sugar, goiden syrup and butter together in a heavy-based pan. Melt slowly over a low heat without boiling.

5· Stir the cereal into the cocoa mixture until tbey are evenly coated. Place large spoonfuls in each paper. case, making sure the peanut butter is completely covered Leave to set before serving.