AIEEE 2011
Dear Student, We are pleased to announce the details of the National Sit-Down Full-Syllabus Tests for your course. Please read this Circular carefully and keep it safely till all the Tests are completed. 1. DATES AND TIMINGS (All Centres) DATES Centre For All Centres 1 26.12.10 2 09.01.11 3 23.01.11 4 13.02.11 5 27.02.11 6 17.04.11

TIMINGS (For all centres) 10.00 AM – 1.00 PM

For students outside India:
The Test comprises of one paper of three hours’ duration. Because of the various time zones our students outside India are in the papers will be accessible to you online from 5.00 pm IST on the date of the Test (Sunday) to 9.30 pm IST the next evening (Monday). All students outside India can log on and appear for the Tests during this 28 hour window. Your papers must be submitted before 9.30 P.M. IST on Monday, so you should start your paper by 6.30 P.M. IST on Monday at the latest. Each student will be able to log on only once and take each test only once. 2. CENTRES: See attached list for details. Please note the dates and timings for your centre carefully. You must be seated 15 minutes before the start of each test. No one will be allowed in after the Test has started. 3. RESPONSE LETTER For online students: You need not respond. The login details will be e-mailed to you. For Students taking tests at Centres: Please respond online through our website:

http://www.brilliant-tutorials.com/aieee/onlineconfirmreq.jsp or by post the enclosed business
reply envelopes, whether you will attend or will Not attend the test. After you have returned the letters you will not receive any information from us about the tests unless there is a change in test dates or test centre. The dates are as follows: AIEEE Full-Syllabus Tests 1 and 2 Before December 11, 2010 AIEEE Full-Syllabus Tests 3 and 4 Before January 08, 2011 AIEEE Full-Syllabus Tests 5 and 6 Before February 12, 2011
Brilliant Tutorials Private Limited, 12, Masilamani Street, T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017. Tel: 24342099 (4 lines) Fax: 24343829

Admission to the Tests You will be admitted to the Test only on production of your Original Admit Card with your photograph affixed. Results will be posted on our website: www.com. Please do not pressurize the Centre authorities for change in the timings and avoid demanding for the question papers in the absence of the students – they will be given to you. Yours truly. Parents/guardians should come only to drop off their wards and they are requested not to spend the entire day at the centre. We wish to thank everyone in advance in anticipation of their co-operation in this respect. Cell phones. 5. All students are therefore advised. All rough work should be done in the blank spaces provided in the question paper only. Students should strictly desist from writing on the walls. issued by our office at the time of your enrolment. furniture. Special Note to Parents/Students 1. Answer sheets will be provided. will not therefore be permitted to enter the Hall or take the Test. 7. iPods or any other electronic devices will not be allowed inside the Examination Hall. bathroom fixtures. AIEEE The Management reserves the right to refuse students who have not confirmed their attendance. to fill up and return the Response Letter or confirm online well within the specified time period. scribbling or otherwise causing any damage whatsoever to the desks. 6. for admission to the Tests. Please make every effort to leave the premises in the same clean condition as found at the start of the Test and ensure that litter is thrown only in the containers provided for the purpose. Directions for answering the Tests (i) Details of the pattern of the Examination are attached. 2. (ii) The use of Calculators and Logarithmic tables IS NOT allowed for the Tests. Results Answer Papers of all the Tests will be valued and your percentile score will be e-mailed to you together with the solutions for each Test. etc. You will not receive any further communication about the Tests unless there is a change for your Centre. For BRILLIANT TUTORIALS PRIVATE LIMITED Chief Coordinator (IIT-JEE/Medical Entrance/AIEEE & BITSAT) Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. No extra sheet will be provided for the Tests.2 . Pagers. Students not holding the ADMIT CARD. lifts. AIEEE’11/FST .2 You will not able to sign in after the dates given above. the decision of the Examination Superintendent will be final.brilliant-tutorials. 4. in their own interest. Every student should bring sufficient drinking water to meet the day’s requirement for him/her. Ltd. Wishing you success in all the Tests and assuring you of our best services at all times. They will be confiscated if found. In all matters connected with the conduct of the Tests at the Examination Centre.

the candidate will get the allotted marks. These Objective Questions will have 4 options with Single correct answer. however. More than one answer indicated against the question will be deemed as an incorrect response and will have negative marking. SYLLABUS Full Syllabus for AIEEE 2011 Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. Physics and Chemistry. be made if no response is indicated for a question in the answer sheet.AIEEE 3 PATTERN OF EXAMINATION PATTERN OF EXAMINATION The pattern of Question Papers for the Full-Syllabus Tests of our Courses towards AIEEE 2011 is detailed below: AIEEE There will be a single paper of 3 hours duration of Objective Questions with equal weightage of Mathematics. For each incorrect response. No deduction from the total score will. Ltd.3 . Scoring and Negative Marking: For each correct response for the objective type questions. one fourth of the total marks allotted for that Question will be deducted from the total score. AIEEE’11/FST .

T. Sec.H. Arera Colony Bhopal 462 016 Mithila Academy Public School Sector IV-E Bokaro Steel City Dt.D.V. B. Area Jamshedpur 831 005 CHENNAI C. Public School C. 3/1. Devasthanam T. Ltd. School Venkatanarayana Road Opp.T. Francis Xavier’s Inter College 111A/243. Pious X Girls High School RamNagar Hyderabad 500 020 Prem Shanti Public School Nu-Lite Colony Tonk Road BOKARO JAIPUR CALICUT Jaipur 302 018 CHANDIGARH JAMSHEDPUR Dakshin Bharat Mahila Samaj English School Road No.Nagar Chennai 600 017 KANPUR St. Rotary Campus (Jr. 7.4 .R.C. Bye Pass PO Near Wassaypur Railway Gate No. Bokaro 827 004 Malabar Christian College Calicut 673 001 Shivalik Public School Sector 41B Chandigarh 160 036 GAYA D.A.R. Indira Nagar Bangalore 560 038 Campion School E/6. Ashoknagar Kanpur 208 001 Brilliant Tutorials Pvt.4 AIEEE CENTRES Centre AGRA Venue Saraswati Vidya Mandir D1 Kamala Nagar Agra 282 002 Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Ahmedabad Kendra Vidya Gauri Nilkanth Road Khanpur Bhawan’s College Campus Ahmedabad 380 001 Centre COIMBATORE Venue The Suburban Higher Secondary School Ramnagar Coimbatore 641 009 AHMEDABAD * DHANBAD Dhanbad City School Bhuli Road. Nayagam Hr. 1 Dhanbad 828 130 * Easier access through Gandhi Bridge area BANGALORE Silicon City Public School Masjid-e-Ummul Hasnain Complex. AIEEE-11/FST . H-Colony. Wing) Near Katari Hills Road Gaya 823 001 BHOPAL HYDERABAD St.

S.B.A. Maddilapalem Visakhapatnam 530 013 NAGPUR Brilliant Tutorials Pvt.T. Subramaniam Road Matunga Central Railway Behind King’s Circle & Police Station In front of Indian Gymkhana Mumbai 400 019 The Poona Sewa Sadan Society Nagpur Branch North Ambazari Road Near Bhagini Mandal Sitabuldi Nagpur 440 010 RANCHI Centre NEW DELHI Venue Suraj Phan D. Ltd. Albert’s College Banerji Road Ernakulam Kochi 682 018 National High School for Girls 164.A. AIEEE-11/FST . Karnal 132 001 Haryana St. John’s High School Purulia Road Ranchi 834 001 KOTA LUCKNOW MATHURA ROURKELA Deepika E.5 . S.V. Sadar Meerut Cantonment Meerut 250 001 SIES High School K. Urban Estate. Head Office Poojapura Thiruvananthapuram 695 012 MUMBAI VISAKHAPATNAM MIST Degree College Near Dr. Sarat Bose Road Kolkata 700 029 Modi Public School Dadabari Extension Kota (Rajasthan) 324 009 Centennial Intermediate College Gola Ganj Lucknow 226 018 Gyan Deep Shiksha Bharati Goverdhan Road Mathura 281 004 Dewan Public School 220. Extn. No. V. Degree College D. 54−11−56 GO’s Colony. School Sector – 5 Rourkela 769 002 MEERUT THIRUVANANTHAPURAM S M S S Hindu Mahila Mandiram Opp. Public School F10/15 Vasanth Vihar New Delhi 110 057 5 KOCHI PATNA Leed’s Asian School “Asian Acres” Nahar Chowk Jeet Narayan Path Bailey Road Patna 800 001 KOLKATA PUNE KPJE Society’s Jawaharlal English School Maharshi Nagar Gultekdi Pune 411 037 St. Krishna Govt. West End Road Near S.D.M.AIEEE Centre KARNAL Venue Guru Harkrishan Public School Sector-13.

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