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Thuy Tran

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Websites: Note:
• Glossary of disease
WebMD. Ed. Michael W. Smith. N.p., 2009.
• Harm range of the disease
Web. 11 Apr. 2011. is from Hepatitis A to C
< (most typical in US)
• News about the disease

The website provides overview information about hepatitis.
Explain there is different type of the disease due to the virus
attack. From hepatitis A to C was more harmful than the previous
one. Virus of hepatitis was the type that can be cure from
medicine or goes away on its own. There are similar symptoms
between Hepatitis B and C, because it’s harmful to the patience
can be deathly.

Websites: Note:
• Credible data and graphics
CDC (Centers for Disease Control and
• Guideline on prevention and
Prevention). Department of Health and protection
Human Services, 9 June 2009. Web. 10 • Infection
Apr. 2011.



There are charts to show the percent of cases from the 1900s to
2008 of different gender and ages. There are different a person
can be infect, such as Hepatitis A infect from sharing food.
Hepatitis B and C transmitted through contaminated blood.
Thuy Tran
Pd: 3rd

Websites: Note:
• Difference between Hepatitis
Standford School of Medicine. N.p., 2011.
A, B & C.
Web. 13 Apr. 2011. • Vaccination Inform.
< • Focus on Hepatitis B.
• World map of Chronic HBV
tml>. infection

The source provides the most accurate number of infected
ethnicity of pregnant women, due to “early childhood through
direct contact with blood of infected individuals”. There are
number of infected people in the world and US to see how the
disease has spread throughout time. Many HBV case lead the
patient mistake themselves only got some of the influenza,
because the virus doesn’t show its actual symptom until infected
patient get into the chronic stage.

Websites: Note:
• Different definition of
KidsHealth . Nemours, 2011. Web. 13 Apr.
2011. • Contagiousness
< • Prevention
• Incubation period

Hepatitis A is a short-lived disease that can be going away, and
there is only 5% base on 40% of urban American whom have
hepatitis A. Therefore, it doesn’t cause chronic liver disease. In
spite of that, the damage of HBV and HCV are similar lead to
cancer and chronic disease for the liver. Unfortunate, there is only
vaccination for hepatitis A and B, “because the virus doesn't
cause the kind of response that would be needed for a vaccine to
be successful.
Thuy Tran
Pd: 3rd

Websites: Note:
• Define Hepatitis C result
Hepatitis Central. Food and Drug
• Focus on HVC
Administration, 2011. Web. 13 • The percentage of infected patient
Apr. 2011. survive from hepatitis C

Throughout all the type of hepatitis, the HVC is seems to be the
most severe because it doesn’t has vaccine for prevention and
the curing process will not starting until the disease at its chronic
stages. Most type of hepatitis is blood tests, because most type of
disease has similar systems. Also the most severe type seems
start with influenza that lead the patient mistaken their illness.