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Dept. of English
ENG 108 – The Nature of Narrative, I Fall 2007 Dr. Jonathan Rollins Email: jrollins@arts.ryerson.ca Office: JOR 525A Office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday 10:30-11:30am, or by appointment
Attached below is a REVISED reading and assignment schedule.


9: WEEKLY BREAKDOWN updated October 1, 2007 Any further changes to the reading schedule will be announced in class and posted on Blackboard (my.ryerson.ca) LECTURE SCHEDULE W Dates Lecture Assigned eek Topic Reading 5 Oct 1- Novel 5 SEMINAR SCHEDULE Seminar Assigned Seminar SEMINAR & Topic Reading COURSE ASSIGNMENT Shelley, Workshop: Principles of editing; Edit your paper to Frankenstein Editing avoiding common hand in TWO weeks mistakes from NOW Handout/overheads in class Selected Love lyrics (Notice: new due date for your edited essay assignment! 1. Sir Thomas You have one extra week to rewrite!!) “Descriptions of the Monday CANCELLED for THANKSGIVING Contrarious Seminars: Passions in a Tue, Wed, Handouts/ overheads Assigned exercises on Lover” (1557) Thurs in class blackboard 2. Christopher Seminars: Marlowe, “The Editing, Passionate continued Shepherd” (1599), 3. Sir Walter Raleigh “The Nymph’s Reply” (1600) 4. C. Day Lewis “Song” (1938) (course pack)


Oct 8- Poetry 12 Lyric



Oct 15-19

Poetry Lyric

7 Oct contd 15-19


Oct 22-26 Oct 29Nov 2

Poetry Narrative Poetry Narrative


10 11

Nov 5- Drama 9 Nov 12-16

Selected Love lyrics Workshop: Handouts/overheads Assigned exercises on 5. Shakespeare Researching in class Blackboard Sonnets 18, 130 2ndary -Begin researching (1609) sources, MLA your essay II 6. Aphra Behn, “A format Thousand Martyrs I EVERYONE: SUBMIT TYPED, EDITED ESSAY I (10%) Have Made” (1688) TO BLACKBOARD THURSDAY OCTOBER 18, 2007, by 7. Anne Finch, “The 9pm. Submit a photocopy of your graded in-class Unequal Fetters” essay plus comments to your TA at the seminar this (1713) week. (Course pack) More details on Blackboard under Course Documents Anne Carson, Introducing Assigned exercises on Autobiography of Evidence, Blackboard Red (1998) logic and -Continue to develop (bookstore) transitions your essay II Carson, Intertextuality 1. “Intertextuality” Assigned exercises on Autobiography of (course package) Blackboard Red -Continue to develop essay II Shakespeare, Verbal/Visual Illustrated Proofread your essay Hamlet (1603) Graphic novels Shakespeare II (bookstore) examples in class Hamlet Adaptation 1. “Adaptation” Assigned exercises on (course package) Blackboard

EVERYONE: SUBMIT ESSAY II to BLACKBOARD by 9pm Thursday, NOVEMBER 15 (30%). More details on Blackboard under Course Documents. 12 Nov Film Tom Stoppard, Appropriation 1. “Appropriation” Assigned exercises on



13 14

Nov 26-30 Dec 3 (Mon. group only)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (1996) DVD: library or rent or own Hamlet and R&G Workshop: Sight poem Monday Seminars only: tba

(course package) Rosencrantz & Guildenstern and other examples


Handouts/ overheads Assigned exercises in class on Blackboard Handouts/overheads in class



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