About West Indian Coatings Ltd.

We are the regional licensee of AlphaGen Material's Cerarmix™, a ceramic-metallic composite material. Our primary owner is Always Spring Ltd. Of Bequia. Cerarmix™ is the result of combining ordinary, abundant materials into a new material that functions in extraordinary ways. Using nanotechnology to change how these materials behave at the molecular level, we have engineered a product that will revolutionize how societies build and maintain the world's infrastructure.

Our Goal
West Indian Coating works to ensure environmental quality, promote stable and healthy communities through technology transfer, and increase longterm profitability for all involved.

One of the most efficient ways for the world to conserve its scarce natural and monetary resources is to make things last longer.

Your job: build and protect the future.

These blocks are coated with 1/8 of an inch of Cerarmix. They now can support a full sized pick up truck without issue

How we can help you

New labor saving technology that will build & maintain your clients infrastructure. – Patented applicator for easy application – Technology transfer from the US – Much faster than traditional plaster trowel work or block construction. Local manufacturing, new skilled jobs – Cerarmix is a raw material not a finished product – Our train the trainer program creates skilled labors Assist your business in becoming “green” – Non-Toxic (uses inert materials) – Proprietary treatment of clays, metals and minerals

Benefits of Cerarmix:
* Environmentally friendly material: non-hazardous. * Simple, fast and easy application process. * Can be tougher than steel. * Ease of coating on any surface, or structure to increase performance characteristics. * Water Proof (100% moisture proof, non-hydroscopic). * Chemical, Heat, Abrasion and Sound resistant. * Ultra-violet ray reflective and stable. * Reflects 98% of the radiant energy. * Does not rot or decay, and provide food for mold growth. * Termite/vermin resistant. * Thermally stable. * Elasticity designed to match substrate.

Coating application
Three-Step Manufacturing Process 1. Proprietary treatment of clays, metals and minerals 2. Blend with polymers 3. Apply via patented applicator

Building Construction

Cerarmix can be easily applied to existing structures, buildings, houses and apartments, or establishments can be made from scratch, by making the panels in a factory. The panels have numerous customizable features, including color, and can be made to resemble stone, brick, concrete, wood, and other surfaces. Cerarmix has the ability to protect a structure from the perils of weather, natural disasters.

Pipes, poles or remediation

Cerarmix is your most effective tool to fight corrosion. Coating existing or building: pipes, tanks, storage vessels, manholes, docks and , water and wastewater treatment plants, wharves, barge docks, commercial docks, sea walls, pile driving of all types, underwater pipelines, water intakes, etc Industries which rely on these types of products include: * Sewer and Water (OEM), In situ, or inserts * Power Generation and Transmission * Oil, Gas and Chemicals * Food and Beverage Manufacturers * Marine

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Value to you and your client
Labor and Quality:
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Easy application means less time – coat up to 500 Sq/Ft per hour. Time to your customer is money allowing you to win more bids. Patented technology in applicator means consistent production.

Quality construction reduces overhead:
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We offer a 25 year guarantee on our product in all climates. The stress skin will protect against seismic or fire damage. Reflectivity reduces electricity consumption and cost of maintaining air conditioning plants. Reduced cost of termite, mold and anti-fungus treatment. No need to repaint, just a pressure wash is adequate to give feel of new surface.

Strengths and Advantages
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Be the first to market. No one else offers this technology. Raw materials do not attract the duty of finished goods. Bring a new product and skill to the island Help preserve the infrastructure of existing buildings and new construction from Fire, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, etc. Preserve & protect your water supply from leakage or harmful ground water contamination. Coat anything associated with the marine areas

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How to do business

Shipped from Iowa currently with a plant in Mississippi to be online in late 2012. 3 week lead time 1 - 20 foot container contains enough materials to cover 32,000 Sq/Ft. Pricing based on volume and formulation

Thank you!
West Indian Coatings Ltd. 130 West Water St. Decorah, Iowa 52101 USA 563.379.3167 Phone 563.382.5761 Fax ross.hadley@gmail.com Thanks to you for coming and to the Barbados Embassy Staff for making this presentation possible.

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