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There are millions of different kinds of animals. Scientists have to keep track of them all somehow. So one day a scientist named Carl Linnaeus from the 1700s figured out a way to fix this problem. In order to keep track of all the animals he created something called TAXONOMY. Taxonomy is the sorting of living things by their similarities. For example, dogs and cats are both called mammals because they are both very similar. But a humming bird and a shark would not be sorted together because they are very different. There are lots of ways to sort animals. One of the ways is to separate the animals that have a backbone or spine (you can feel your spine in the very center of your back. It is the bumpy bone.) Animals with backbones are called vertebrates. Animals without backbones are called invertebrates. Now you can be a scientist just like Carl Linnaeus. Sort the animals below and fill in the blanks for where they go. VERTEBRATES INVERTEBRATES


Snail Gold Fish


Tree Frog Cockroach

Jellyfish Lizard

Otter Octopus

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