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© Haro exercise Translate this sentence ie La publication UC Gargouille Duolingo The UC Gargovle Duolingo issue Toike Oike St. Mikes frog Rosetta Stone Varsity a Vic edition Ghoul newspaper her Woodsworth grease it New = an USE KEYBOARD CHECK Masthead managing editor-in-chief sui keller ‘content editorin-chief Toeashantsman merkuir sam sarap produetion manager ‘maya lesschman copy editor solva billingsey polities ova chi. & nama jag Joshua benstock opinions ash man & carl sarki, arts & culture Iney stark & tamara milion avant-garg una pessad & maya eischmann Tocashantsman merkur staff emeritus fn litsang, contributors lyse yon cllaatena Jaret sorger Jatliana santos ‘The Gargosleis University College's greases student newspaper and publishes every two wees. ‘Weare a paper that believes that sometimes you should be angry, and that sometimes you should bbeloud anf you have nt hada voice before, you deserve avoie. We do wot give pi bigots and we donot feign entrality on isis of social justice. A this monet everything in out office managing 2 weeklong streak Production bi-weekly on discord Goin our serve for instant clout). ‘uegargosle@gmailcom sibmissions@uegargoyleca volume sixty-seven, issue 3 october 19, 2021 Editor’s Address Bonjouret benvene, “This wook the Gargoyle is exploring the bird app. Not Twittor, ‘the other one with the mutiingual owl: Duolingot Our staf, contributors and readership peak far more than just English, and its high time thatthe Garg represents that in print Read ahead through explorations of language learning, lsensions of what makes “foreign” i in the age of ‘multinational proution, and reflections on how fst fod ‘menus change aero borders. “This issue i for those among us who ha to learn two languages, thse that know one, wito can speak three bat cant read or write in any, shes languages arent ral, who's Tanguage peopl forget is language, an forall the ways that ‘we make ene of ad communicate our ealties here at UT, ‘Were so happy tobe in conversation with you Leas Huntsman Merkur & Annika Keller ditors-in-Chief 2021/2022 About us space (0 "wiewsegargoseca Oillies if you can read this, youra genius Teminiscing ona Tumblr- era communication tool Otivia Chug ‘This week the pmorpt for our plot sctin was "oo" you bie tat plpcee wtih bad garmar, sis deere pinot ofpwoer?" What do you alle Teoh ny my hevsrar made me he ‘ety eves era now Ino ence bt moe tan ell enerepncd and shared hy cena sioal mieda users beeewtn the srmupce Tule jae. If you" culod wtendenand the. wars ‘enaaaee, you wre told you were agai TI betve that (anki to aw me fa ike a lunes) So cat ap finns Ricne. White Popes ienevind Fgnish gaamemr syns, and ‘weal on how sigy the Engst lagu con be (kon too may of Sou srggtve wih the ccuwrrt we of ther’ "ier an thyere, My problme is taht happen to bie in gamma, nid of hvae to. But abt deson® mean you shalod too! Do what _maeks ‘you Apps? Dreiaged ehrmyettat The wold is buirnng, do not fear to shanednallyou know! Fehycant stop allows >) ey hey! How much could you guess? Are you in facta genius? Do youhave what it takes? Turn the page upeide down to find out! = (¢

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