30-60-90 Day Action Plan

Overall Goals: y y y Gain a complete understanding of XXXX solutions/technologies relative to how the effective use of them will enhance the customer's business Provide 'early wins' to establish credibility in this new position Create alliances with stakeholders

Month 1/First 30 days -- Situation Analysis: y Gain insights into XXX products/ technologies, customer pain points, competitors o Identify and take advantage of internal training materials, 3rd party options, industry/analyst reports, etc. o Review all internal analyses of competitors, market size, customer segmentation, etc. o Obtain/review top account/prospect profiles o Leverage/Partner with subject matter experts Meet with key stakeholders and build credibility (field and corporate) o Discuss their challenges and goals and how I can help them be successful o Discuss their expectations of this position o Share value I deliver in this position and benefits to each constituent o Identify target accounts and establish a game plan to exceed goals (if one doesn't already exist) Determine top priorities for quick wins with xxx yyy or new manager (if in place)



Month 2/ 31 - 60 days -- Solution Development: y y Develop a firm understanding of the Efficient Enterprise technologies/product suite Undertake key analyses crucial for understanding the opportunities of the o Prioritize what is required with xxx but examples could be customer segmentation, account analyses, market opportunity, etc. Develop outline for marketing campaigns for the next year (if that's the appropriate timeframe) and required assets, timelines and goals Continue to build relationships and credibility through communication and meetings with key stakeholders

y y

Month 6/ 61 -90 days -- Solution Deployment (Grow the business): y y y y Deliver on key analyses and continue to undertake additional analyses deemed critical Continue building marketing asset and deploy campaign/program as appropriate Maintain communication with key stakeholders Actively interact with customers, where appropriate

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