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BOOK OF ZIFFANIAH — teaching the new creation- revelation process which sustains the new- creative

witness of the voice of eternal righteousness found perfected in the tribute offering of a pure heart. Draft_E-20

seeing the face of God through the avenue of new revelation. Ye shall be bold in declaring the will of the Lord and speak
from thy pen and deliver a message of righteousness. [December 11, 1994 (1)]
December 11, 1994(3)
December 11,1994 (3) Ye have been diligent in understanding the writing given unto thee. Ye shall be diligent in writing
that thy name be long upon the earth; for the writing written in the name of the Lord shall bring thee great joy. [December
December 17, 1994(1)
December 17,1994 (1) Ye have been unwilling to respond to leave the cares of the world behind for the things of the better
world. The persecution found in the cares of the world offset the inheritance to receive a greater portion of the word of the
Lord. Haste to thy Father's throne, and become perfected in the words of eternal life, and bring peace to thy countenance.
Why deliberately withhold thy faith from gaining access to the greater sweetness and greater purity of thought? Why
deliberately feast upon the corn cobs of unpurified thought and purpose? Art thou not converted to the plan of redemption
through thy Savior Jesus Christ? Art thou not perfected in the way of eternal life as thou dost submit to the test regarding the
composure required to offset Satan in his attack against thee? Gird up thy faith and thy brow- torn reliance in the world and
cast thine eye to yonder sea of glass where thy perception is illuminated and ye see from all eternity to eternity. Dost thou
not desire to see the face of thy Lord through the medium of revelation and prophetic thought? Canst thou not return to thy
Father's household and find peace of conscience and forgiveness? Release thy dependence upon the things of this world and
forgive; for they know not the purposes of God for thee; and because of thy faith ye shall come to understand their rejection
of thee. Ye need find suitable refuge in the words of eternal life to ease the pain and confound the wicked in their attempts
to sway the righteous in returning to the fount of living waters. Be at peace and find the rest of the Lord awaiting thee in thy
time of distress. [December 17, 1994 (1)]
December 22,1994 (3) [HAIL TO THE NAME OF LIVING RIGHTEOUSNESS AWAKENED. [I heard new words flow
into my mind as I was singing: HAIL TO THE BRIGHTNESS OF ZION'S GLAD MORNING.] Hail to the name of
living righteousness awakened. Hail to the truth and the right proclaimed. Hail to the mansion of promise and glory. Hail to
the song of righteous acclaim. Bring forth the pure and holy offering. Bring forth the pure among the sheep. Bring unto
Christ the lost sheep astraying. Bring forth the righteous dominion asleep. Hail to the brightness of truth in its fullness. Hail
to the promised reunion of men. Hail to the glad heart of truth and of honor. Hail to the proclamation amen. Feast and arise
upon the new found faith in Christ. Feast and awake to glad tidings anew. Feast upon the truth of great love and sacrifice.
Feast and abound unto Christ anew. Proclaim the word with glad amen. Jesus the crucified shall come forth. Raise and
proclaim the message triumphant. Release to Christ the shame through rebirth. Hail all glory to abide with me. The light
shall shine into eternity. Hail all glory to his name; the face of Christ revealed to me. Bring forth the sacrifice worthy of a
mansion of light, a house of God through all eternity. Hail unto the risen Christ. Atonement's pure refined new light] [HAIL
December 24, 1994 (1)
December 24,1994 (1)1 await thee hi the holy of holies of thine own remembrance. I await thy willingness to call upon the
knowledge of thy foreordination and prophetic calling to come forth out of the faultfinding of great personal endeavor to
serve the Lord with all thy heart and mind and constitution, even thy health and physical body elements. Welcome home to
the peace of the Lord. Ye cannot dwell where there is constant conflict. The world portrays a happiness, but it is an illusion
like dew which melts as the sun shines upon it and warmth regenerates the living organism. Ye shall come to understanding
as ye place thy faith in God and receive the inspiration of thine inheritance, the premortal inheritance reserved to come forth
as treasures of light- filled increment of pure knowledge, even the storehouse of thine arena of responsibilities held within
thy premortal remembrance. Ye shall gain faith in thine ability to withstand all persecution and strife as thy faith in Jesus
Christ is marshalled to the forefront of thine experience in the world. Rely not upon the arm of flesh, but rely upon thy God
who doth intercede for thee even ye would be found perfected and sanctified through the love of God, even that pure and
undefiled knowledge which beckoneth thee to understanding of the premortal inheritance and living light- filled conscience
of knowledge gained at the veil of experience. Ye shall be renewed as ye release the toxic representation of the world in thy
remembrance which does not season thee to withstand great injustice, and turn the other cheek in a willingness to receive
the good word of the Lord and find thy place among the noble and great who have divided their inheritance and have found
great joy among the righteous. So be it written and given unto thee that ye might come away from the world and feast upon
the manna of eternal life and find sustenance and pure hope and charity for all men upon the earth because ye see with an
all- seeing eye into the promises of God and declare thine allegiance to the knowledge of godly inhabitation before the
throne of God. [December 24,1994 (1)]
December 24, 1994 (2)

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