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Name: ____________________________________ Date: ________________

Topic: Bonding Singapore (What are the challenges of a multi-ethnic society?)

Internal threats
Managing perceptions of different racial groups Managing perceptions of different religious
How did the race riot in 1964 started? groups
______________________________________ How did the custody dispute happen?
______________________________________ Mariah Hertogh was under the care of a Malay
lady, Aminah and raised as a Muslim after her
parents were imprisoned by the Japanese during
the second world war. At the age of 13. She was
married to a Malay teacher. Her parents
demanded Maria back and there was a lot of
media coverage and provoked much unhappiness
among the Muslim community.
Main Parties involved  PAP Singapore
government, UMNO Malaysia government. Why was there a lot of unhappiness in the
muslim community?
Effect? ________________________________________

The race riots illustrated how easily the peace

and harmony in Singapore can be broken.
Irresponsible media reporting and a trigger like
the issue of race can cause suspicion, distrust
and hostility.
External threats
What is transnational terrorism?
______________________________________ Effect?
______________________________________ The government placed a 24-hr curfew for 2
______________________________________ weeks. The British, Malayan troops and
What are the impacts of transnational terrorism? Singapore police were called in to maintain peace.
______________________________________ What can we learn?
______________________________________ If religious issues are not handed carefully,
______________________________________ together with irresponsible media reporting,
______________________________________ HOSTILITY and DISTRUST could occur
______________________________________ among the Singaporeans.

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