SOCIAL TV Workshop at IEEE CCNC 2011

Social TV Business model : an advertisers point of view
How social media networks and connected television transform global TV advertising, pay-TV, EPG’s and broadcasting A lexical analysis of the blogosphere conversation around Social TV and the new value chain of broadcasting Sunday, January 6th 2011

Presented by
• Francois Bedard, CEO & Founder, Plan B Developpement Inc Senior strategic planner, transmedia experience • In collaboration with :
– Tyler DeAngelo, integrated creative director of De Vito / Verdi – Atallah Mourad, president of Sequence Factory – Zachary Devereaux – Chief Analyst of Nexalogy Environics

More possibilities with technologies …

… means more personalized media !!!

CMO is surrounded by a galaxy of choices

Source : BCG : John R. Rossiter and Peter J. Danaher, Advanced media Planning, Kluwer Academics Publishers, 1998, BCG Analysis

and want more effective solutions to reach and engage “ 78% of advertisers feel that traditional television advertising has become less effective in the past two years.”
ANA and Forrester Research, Inc.

“By 2010, we estimate, television advertising could be only 35% as effective as it was in 1990”
The McKinsey Quarterly

TV Advertising has the best perception for persons 18+
Most Persuasive

Source: TVB Media Comparisons Study 2010. Knowledge Networks Inc. Custom Survey.


Marketing is changing very fast What worked today will not work tomorrow.
“Consumers are beginning in a very real sense to own our brands and participate in their creation … we need to learn to begin to let go” PS : “we need a deeper understanding of consumer behavior”

A. G. Lafley, CEO and chairman of P&G, October 2006

A third phase begins for the video industry
Analog TV Usage
All Live Collective On the TV set Terminal = TV Network as technical provider The TV channel is the gatekeeper

Digital TV
Theme channels introduce educated viewers to off-live On multiple TV sets Digital managed networks Multichannels providers as gatekeepers between TV channels and viewers

Internet TV
Any time & Anywhere Personal TV Shared in my network On any terminal Network gatekeepers bypassed by Internet services and challenged by device managers Catch-up & VOD Enriched TV Video social networking Program advertising Program purchase Rightholders Device manufacturers Search engine Social networks


Services Funding Key players

Broadcast television

Multichannel television

TV Channels Public funding TV channels advertising

TV channel subscription TV package subscription

Rightsholders Broadcast TV channels

Rightholders Packagers/Network operators

Understand screen distinct personality

Our research …
A lexical analysis of the blogosphere conversation around Social TV and the new value chain of broadcasting
Search Terms: Social TV Smart TV IPTV Connected TV Interactive TV Total posts / Unique posts
Overall (Future of TV): December 1, 2009 to November 30, 2010
• Total: 11,777 Unique: 10,957

Sub-Analysis 1 (Future of TV): October 1, 2010 to November 30, 2010
• Total: 3670 Unique: 3415

Sub-Analysis 2 (Social TV NOW): December 1, 2009 to November 30, 2010
• Total: 2307 Unique: 2302 • Based on a limited keyword search within the overall dataset collected

Stop words:
• Data was collected without the following terms: “cipro” “cialis” “viagra” “indiatimes” “excitingads” “bollywood” “pinoytambayan” “lavernia”

Key points
• There is a major debate about how much interactivity is the right amount of interactivity for TV • There is also debate about the cost and social differences between Internet Protocol TV and cable or satellite TV provision • The major question is whether or not “appointment” or “linear” TV is coming to an end?
“Both linear and on-demand programming can co-exist but there is absolutely no way we can say that linear programming will last…” Robert Andrews, UK editor at paidContent

Overall discussions on “Future of TV” over a year

Value Chain
development management industry develop open win launch solution increase customer system interactive plan protocol hour telecom subscriber wireless microsoft xbox channel demand offer broadcast viewer cable large program satellite live computer event game group november read local room digital people screen television home entertainment 2010 play feature show quality business announce operator advertise broadband provider company time service iptv free delivery pay technology distribution enable experience world base video network content internet mobile medium create make application key market release youview

audio 2011 air build design integrate information consumer interest website view device stream work product intel access year software share add top music online buy site watch ott movie set tvs search user relate subscription drive real report

Content Application



store yahoo

support deliver



download interface easy partner future widget apple web connect transmedia app google android boxee social videos smart iphone netflix smartphone youtube picture box link 1080p lead revue full hdtv standard logitech control sony samsung canvas marketplace roku hbbtv hdmi project





series window dth news chat guide post update direct review find list blog great call follow twitter late friend

player phone

good facebook ipad price


Social Mobile



User Experience

* November 2010

Lexical Map – “Future of TV” over a year
• Value Chain : Seen as ending viewing appointments in favor of on-demand viewing.
– The discussion does not specifically name providers but covers the relationship of delivery, distribution and provision to customers and advertising. – Broadband and delivery are closely associated, as are digital and cable. This is the discussion that compares / opposes broadband to cable.
• Telecom, subscriber, wireless are at the far left of the map.

– Home entertainment through television is a theme related closely to ‘game’ but also to ‘interactive.’
• There is a lot of blogosphere debate on the topic of whether or not people really want their TV’s to be interactive.

Lexical Map – “Future of TV” over a year
• User Experience: Broadcasting model is changing rapidly.
– Internet and interactive video content is the centre of this conversation. – Entertainment genres are discussed, related to purchase (movie, videos, film, music, buy) – Software applications and mobile platforms are related to: consumer experience, advertising and social functions.
• BBC is a top player and appears in this area.

– YouTube ‘spans’ discussions, while Top Box and DTH (direct to home) are discussed as services.

Lexical Map – “Future of TV” over a year
• Content Application: Social TV includes cross-platform interactivity.
– Content is the most resonant subject. It is closely associated with internet network, mobile, stream, and software.
• Web connectivity and search via paltforms, applications and interface are the issues, and ‘download’ is a significant activity. • BBC’s Youview and Intel are the two resonant brands. Intel is resonant as the applications processor for Smart-TV and as an investment backer in the sector.

Publisher Map - Future of Television over a year
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* Note that the conversation is highly balkanized (IPTV, Smart TV, and Social TV all have dedicated bloggers)

Opportunity : Creating Connected Experiences

Nothing new with the TV Business model …

Our study has shown that ...

This means that TV is no longer bounded by locations or platforms, but the contours of social networks.

Our study has shown that ...

The main genres apt for social TV are affected by this dynamic of “social appointments”

Our study has shown that ...

Over the Top service (OTT) is currently marked by multiple provider competition, but in the future it is likely that the vast majority of televisions will be Social-TV enabled.

Our study has shown that ...

Content is the driver, not the business model

Thank you ;-) Francois Bedard President & founder, Plan B Developpement Inc. 514-996-6030 Blog . Twitter : Linkedin : + The Connected TV Project group

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