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April 20 – 26, 2011

New tools for abuse victims

McDonnell launches merit initiative

New local insurance office opens 8

PBS gets funding

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Assembly continues funding for PBS
were nixed. Abortion Rights The General Assembly also voted on one of the most controversial amendments – a provision that would block insurance coverage for abortion, except in cases of rape, incest or life-threatening health concerns. The Republican-controlled House easily passed McDonnell’s abortion-restricting measure on a 61-36 vote. But the issue was the subject of heated debate in the Senate, where Democrats hold a slim majority. Two Democratic senators voted with the Republican minority in favor of the restriction. The result was a tie vote that was broken by Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, allowing the restriction to pass. Bolling also cast a tie-breaking vote in favor of McDonnell’s amendment to allocate $380,000 for an abstinence education fund. Environmental Fines Two of the governor’s four vetoes this year dealt with the environment – and the General Assembly upheld both of them. One bill would have allowed the state Department of Environmental Quality to impose civil penalties of up to $30,000. The other bill would have authorized the State Water Control Board to impose a civil penalty of up to $1,000 on people who fail to report certain water withdrawal information. Since the General Assembly sustained the governor’s vetoes, both bills are dead. Autism Insurance Both houses approved four of the five amendments that Mc-

Photo by CDBerrios on flickr.
By Fletcher Babb Capital News Service RICHMOND – The state Senate has ensured that Virginians will still ask that age-old question: “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?” The Senate on Wednesday night overturned Gov. Bob McDonnell’s proposal to eliminate state funding for public broadcasting over the next two years. The Senate’s 7-13 vote doesn’t alter the 10 percent cut in funding for public broadcasting approved by the General Assembly during its regular session in February. However, senators rebuffed McDonnell’s call to eliminate fully half of the money that public radio and television stations would receive during the coming fiscal year – and the remaining half the following year. The governor’s office said his plan would save taxpayers $4. million. The House of Delegates upheld McDonnell’s budget amendment to phase out state funding for public broadcasting. However, the amendment dies if one chamber rejects it – as the Senate did. The votes came during the General Assembly’s “reconvened session,” a one-day meeting to consider vetoes, changes to legislation and budget amendments made by the governor. In all, the House and Senate upheld 66 of the governor’s 86 amendments to the budget. The other 0

Donnell made to a bill requiring governments and large employers to include autism services in their employee health insurance plans. Legislators upheld McDonnell’s proposals to create a licensing board for autism therapists and to require prior authorization for services. Lawmakers rejected McDonnell’s amendment that would have gutted the entire law if part is “invalidated by state or federal law or a court of competent jurisdiction” For more than a decade, parents of autistic children in Virginia pushed for a state law requiring insurers to cover autism services. The legislation will require health insurers to pay for a set of therapies, known as applied behavior analysis, for children age  to 6 with autism. The new law will apply to businesses with more than 50 employees; it also will cover public employees. The statute won’t apply to individual or small group insurance policies. Under the law, annual benefits will be limited at $35,000. Physical Education The Senate upheld McDonnell’s veto of a bill that would have required 150 minutes of physical education in elementary and middle schools.

The measure was widely criticized as an unfunded burden on local school systems. In a letter to the governor, several educators and school board associations wrote that “Many elementary schools throughout the Commonwealth do not have gymnasiums or other facilities sufficient to meet the requirements of this bill.” U.Va. Renovations

tunda. The House voted 98-1 in favor of the measure. The Senate voted 40-1. Medical Malpractice Both the chambers of the General Assembly shot down McDonnell’s veto of a bill to raise the amount that can be awarded in medical malpractice lawsuits. The bill will raise the existing $ million cap by $50,000 a year – until it reaches $3 million in the year 031. To overturn the governor’s veto, both houses must achieve a majority of two-thirds.

Both the House and Senate voted to give the University of Virginia almost $.7 million in state bond funds to repair its landmark Ro-

By Samantha Mazzotta


Mulching Is Rite of Spring
It’s mid-April as I write this, and my neighborhood is awash in the aroma of freshly laid bark mulch. Where I live, surrounded by professional landscapers, the tall shrubs are unwrapped well ahead of the first spring blooms and mulch covers the edges of lawns as far as the eye can see. What’s the point of mulch, you ask — other than as decoration? Mulch provides protection for both soil and plants, preventing dirt from washing away in spring rains and exposing plant roots, while simultaneously repelling insects and rodents and discouraging weeds from taking root. So, what’s the best mulch to use? It depends. The term “mulch” is pretty generic; it basically describes any material spread around or over plants to enrich or insulate the soil. Here are some common mulches and their use. Inorganic mulch: Rocks or gravel, recycled rubber tires, landscape fabric and plastic sheeting are typical of inorganic products used to prevent erosion and weeds. Organic mulch: Commercially available mulch tends to be comprised of tree bark or wood chips. But other mulches can be created at home, including compost, grass clippings, dried leaves and pine needles. Dried straw is another type of organic mulch. Bark mulch is excellent for protecting the surface roots of trees and shrubs, but not so good for gardens, as its high carbon-to-nitrogen ratio

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can hinder growth of vegetables and flowers. Gravel or rocks work as decorative landscaping, but don’t place them directly over tree or shrub roots as they can heat up in the sun, damaging the roots beneath. Using compost? Check for a “sour mulch” condition — a strong vinegary or silage odor — before spreading in the garden. If the compost seems sour, turn the pile well to introduce oxygen and make sure it has good drainage, and wait until the sour smell goes away before using. Need to dispose of old organic mulch? Find out if your municipality has a yard waste collection program before dumping the old mulch in the regular garbage. How deep should bark mulch go? Three inches is a good depth, as it protects roots while allowing air and water to penetrate. What shouldn’t mulch touch? Keep it six inches or more away from your home’s foundation and siding, as well as from the base of tree trunks. Send your questions or comments to, or write This Is a Hammer, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475.
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The Annual Newtown Heritage Festival
The Annual Newtown Heritage Festival will be held at the Commons on Main Street in Stephens City, on Saturday May 28th. Opening at 10 AM it will feature Artisans, Craft and Food Vendors, Live Music, Free Tractor Rides to tour Town, Shops, Museums and Newtown Local Market. A Parade on Main Street starting at 2 PM.

Sherando H.S. Band Concert at the Commons Thurs. May 26th at 7 p.m. Battle of the Bands at the Commons Fri. May 27th at 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

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McDonnell announces state tax relief The Sherando granted for victims of severe storms Times
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Daniel P. McDermott (540) 305-3000
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Not much traffic at 6th St. & Virginia Ave. in Front Royal, Va. following flash floods Saturday, April 16, 2011. Photo by Roger Bianchini/The Sherando Times

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RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that those affected by the severe storms that struck Virginia on April 8 and April 16 will be granted a 30-day extension for filing returns and making payments on their state taxes. This extension will apply to taxpayers located in the cities of Charlottesville and Waynesboro, and in the following counties: Albemarle, Bath,

Carroll, Dinwiddie, Gloucester, Halifax, Isle of Wight, James City, Lunenburg, Middlesex, Pulaski, Page, Rockbridge, Shenandoah, Surry, and Warren. Taxpayers outside of these areas who sustained severe damage from the storms may also request an extension. If the Governor declares any additional localities as disaster areas, they will also qualify for this tax relief. Check the Tax Department’s website at www.

The Sherando Times

Paul Speary
Ad Design:

Angie Buterakos Advertising Sales for updates. To qualify for this special filing extension, taxpayers must be unable to meet their filing obligations because the financial books and records they need to file their taxes are located in the affected areas or are otherwise unavailable because of severe storm damage. Individuals and businesses in these areas automatically get 30 additional days to file all returns and make all tax payments that had a due date, or an extended due date, on or after April 16, 011, and on or before May , 011. These include Sales and Use Tax returns, Withholding Tax re-

turns, Income Tax returns, and estimated tax payments. This extension does not apply to federal taxes, the filing deadline for which was yesterday. To receive the special filing extension, taxpayers affected by the severe storm damage should write “Severe Storm Relief ” at the top of their paper returns. The Virginia Department of Taxation will abate interest and any late-filing or late-payment penalties that would otherwise apply. Taxpayers with additional questions should contact Tax at (804) 367-8031 for individual income tax questions or (804) 367-8037 for business tax questions.

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Page 4 • The Sherando Times • April 0 – 6, 011

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Stephens City

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New Allstate Insurance agency opens near Stephens City A few more good hands are here to help at Avebury Insurance
important features of a business is its location. However, it takes more than just a good location to make a business successful, especially in insurance. It is important for a company to have a good reputation. Jobson believes Allstate is such a company. According to Jobson, Allstate agencies are independently owned. “Each agency is its own business.” Agents are encouraged to see themselves as being responsible for the success of the company. Jobson, who is originally from Britain, chose the name “Avebury Insurance, LLC” for his business because of Avebury, England, which is the site of a smaller version of Stonehenge, the well-known stone monument in Britain. Jobson, who says he wants to retire from Allstate, likes the name because to him it means “rock solid,” a name he believes is equivalent to Allstate. Jobson, a businessman who was formerly in information technology, says he chose to get into insurance because he wanted to be part of a community. After growing up near London, spending four years in Tokyo, and traveling, Jobson needed a break from the big city life. He was looking for “something local.” He was also “looking for a company that has a reputation for quality.” He wanted to be community-involved. He says, “It’s all about relationships and building trust.” Jobson’s Allstate agency offers pretty much every type of insurance except health. From auto insurance to boat insurance to renter’s insurance to commercial insurance – you name it and Allstate has probably got it. Because auto insurance is mandatory, it makes up a sizable portion of the insurance business. When it comes to commercial insurance, Avebury Insurance, LLC specializes in insurance for small to medium-sized businesses. Chris Biby is the person to talk to about commercial coverage through Allstate at Avebury Insurance, LLC. Unlike many insurance agents today, most Allstate agents work exclusively for Allstate. That is, you don’t go to an Allstate agency to buy insurance from other companies. What you see is what you get. An exception to this would be Hagerty, which is an insurance provider that specializes in coverage for classic cars. Jobson says Hagerty is more competitive with regard to pricing and quality coverage. Allstate is about getting its customers the “right protection” which may not necessarily be the cheapest insurance. If the worst should happen, it’s better to have quality coverage than cheap insurance, according to Jobson. Many of the insurance companies boast of cheaper rates, but what they are actually talking about is typically the state minimum. Jobson says he can offer the state minimum amount of coverage if that’s what the customer wants. However, insurance customers need to be aware that the state minimum may not cover all of their expenses should they be involved in a serious accident. With regard to liability insurance, what many people don’t realize is that once the coverage runs out, “any assets are fair game.” In this day and age, when some people are looking for an opportunity to sue, it is advisable to have quality coverage. Ian Jobson believes Allstate is an insurance company that offers quality coverage. Jobson says the only large insurance company rated higher than

From left to right are Chris Biby, Ian Jobson and Ashley Barton pictured here under the Allstate logo in the new conference room at Avebury Insurance Agency, LLC.
By Rachel Hamman The Sherando Times A new Allstate agency opened its doors for business on Monday, March 30, 011. The new office is located right beside Martin’s Food Store near Stephens City. Owner Ian Jobson is hopeful that this location will be good for business. After all, as everyone knows, one of the most

Allstate is State Farm. Jobson is concerned that drivingrelated accidents are the number one killer of teenagers. He is concerned enough that he wants to do his part to help reduce the number of accidents related to teen driving. On Monday, April 18, 011, Jobson went to Skyline High School near Front Royal and spoke to teenagers about safe driving. He says that the main reason teenagers are involved in accidents is because they are not paying enough attention to their surroundings. Jobson is committed to helping teens become more aware of their surroundings and teaching them to become better drivers. A good resource which Jobson recommends for parents is the website called, “Under Your Influence,” which can be accessed at www. Allstate has been the leader in the insurance business when it comes to offering discounts. Allstate offers several incentives for teenagers to help reduce the cost of their auto insurance. Some of these discounts are: the good student discount, the “smart teen” discount and the defen-

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April 0 – 6, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 5

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sive driver discount. Jobson is quick to clarify that the defensive driver discount only applies to those individuals who take the defensive driving class voluntarily. At Avebury Insurance, LLC, there is currently one owner, Ian Jobson, and his three employees Angie Ferguson, Chris Biby and Ashley Barton. Jobson says, “Three of us can write insurance.” Ferguson assisted Jobson at his presentations at Skyline on Monday. Barton, who is fairly new to the insurance business, chose this line of work because she likes “new challenges” and enjoys interacting with people. Chris Biby, who says he got into the insurance business to “help others,” has five years of experience in commercial insurance. He asks potential customers, “Are you sure you are covered?” and educates them in proper insurance coverage. At Allstate, customers enjoy 4hour customer service. In emergency situations, Jobson says that if for some reason he cannot be reached at night via telephone, that customers will automatically be transferred to an 800 number where there is always “someone live to talk to”.

Stephens city
On May 6, 011, from -5:00 P.M. the Allstate office of Avebury Insurance, LLC will be having its grand opening. At least one representative from the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber is expected to attend, as well as the Mayor of Stephens City. To contact the Allstate office of Avebury Insurance, LLC, you may call (540) 736-501. Ian Jobson is ready and willing to do presentations about safe driving for teens. He and his staff are friendly and available to assist customers. You may also contact Ian Jobson at www.allstateagencies. com/ian.jobson.

Planting and Mulching Experts
If you’re tired of the old lifeless looking shrubbery in front of your house or if your landscape just seems to be a hodgepodge of unassociated plants that do not compliment one another or your home, you need to call Prosperity Landscaping. Prosperity has all the equipment necessary to pull out even the largest old shrubs, bring in the necessary soil amendments and replace the old with fresh new color and textures to give your home the ultimate curb appeal!


Need a tree planting to “screen” an unsightly view or want a row of trees to mark your property line? Actually, trees in the right place can save the homeowner money. A row of evergreens planted on the north side or the wind predominant side of the house can save up to 30% on fuel bills according to many experts. Prosperity Landscaping can provide any type of evergreen tree from small up to 12-14 ft. tall. If you’re looking for a beautiful accent tree (s) let Prosperity provide your dogwoods, redbuds, flowering magnolias, crape myrtles, and Japanese Maples. Prosperity Landscaping buys trees directly from the growers, which gives you, our customer, the best prices possible. Prosperity provides edging, staking and mulching with every tree they plant. All trees and shrubs come with a full 1 year replacement warranty. Mulch is probably the one thing that can make your home look great with the least outlay of money. Prosperity primarily uses dark brown, dyed mulch that is completely safe to the environment and holds it’s color for over one year. Prosperity Landscaping’s mulching procedure includes carefully edging the beds either by spade or machine depending on size of the job. Weeds and debris are always removed from the beds before mulching begins. Prosperity applies 3 inches of mulch in previously unmulched areas. Less is sometimes needed on sites that have adequate mulch but just needs “freshening up”. Mulch is spread neatly for a great finished appearance!
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spectacular 127Th edition!


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Page 6 • The Sherando Times • April 0 – 6, 011

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Governor McDonnell launches teacher performance-pay initiative Awards of up to $5,000 for exemplary teachers in hard-to-staff schools
ment of Education (VDOE). “The evaluation guidelines and performance standards awaiting final approval by the Board of Education on April 8 will ensure that performance-pay decisions are fair for all teachers and based on objective criteria,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Patricia I. Wright said. “Administrators in the participating divisions will be trained in the implementation of the board’s performance standards and evaluation criteria.” In applying for funding, school divisions may designate all teachers within a hard-to-staff school as eligible for performance pay or limit eligibility to specific groups of teachers, such as teachers in reading and mathematics. The maximum amount a teacher may receive is $5,000. In addition, federal support for performance-pay programs is available through the $59.8 million School Improvement Grant the commonwealth received in April 010 to fund “turnaround” plans and other reforms in low-achieving schools. Schools receiving funds through the federal grant must implement teacher-evaluation systems that include student growth as a significant factor and have the option of applying for funding to support performancepay plans. “All told, the funding available for performance pay represents an opportunity to provide meaningful incentives and rewards for exemplary teachers in a significant number of Virginia schools, and, in the long term, the results of these pilot programs will tell us a lot about the potential for performance pay to improve teacher quality and raise student achievement,” McDonnell said. To participate in the statefunded Virginia Performance-Pay Incentives initiative, a school must meet at least four of eight criteria associated with schools that have difficulty recruiting and retaining effective teachers. The criteria are related to these factors: accreditation, average attendance, percentage of students in special education, percentage of limited-English proficient students, percentage of teachers with provisional licensure, percentage of special education teachers with provisional licensure, percentage of first-year teachers, and the number of first-year teachers in a critical-shortage area. The 169 eligible schools, by divi-

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell has invited 57 school divisions that may have difficulty attracting, retaining and rewarding experienced, fully licensed teachers to participate in his Virginia Performance-Pay Incentives initiative for hard-to-staff schools. The initiative — which was approved by the 011 General Assembly — is a centerpiece of McDonnell’s “Opportunity to Learn” education-reform agenda. It provides $3 million in state funding to reward teachers in hard-to-staff schools that earn exemplary ratings during the 011-01 school year. “Teachers who make a commitment to students in hard-to-staff urban and rural schools, despite circumstances that often prompt colleagues to seek assignments elsewhere, deserve our admiration, and when they succeed in raising the achievement of students in these schools, their performance should be rewarded,” McDonnell said. Schools receiving funding through the competitive-grant

program must implement a comprehensive teacher-evaluation system aligned with performance standards and model evaluation systems approved by the Board of Education. At least 40 percent of teacher evaluations must be based on student academic growth, including, when available and appropriate, student-growth data provided by the Virginia Depart-

Gate opens at 4:00 p.m. for registrations Races starts at 7:00 p.m. sharp. Adults - $10.00; Children 7-12 years - $5.00; Under 6 years - Free List of Classes TBA – Information call Chris at 540-931-4321 Fair Office 540-635-5827

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April 0 – 6, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 7

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sion, are as follows: • Accomack County — Kegotank Elementary and Pungoteague Elementary • Albemarle County — Albemarle County Community Public Charter • Alexandria — Cora Kelly Magnet Elementary, Francis Hammond  Middle, Francis Hammond 3 Middle, George Mason Elementary, James K. Polk Elementary, Mount Vernon Elementary, T.C. Williams High and William Ramsay Elementary • Arlington County — Abingdon Elementary, Arlington Traditional Elementar y, Ashlawn Elementary, Barrett Elementary, Campbell Elementary, Carlin Springs Elementary, Claremont Elementary, Drew Model Elementary, Francis Scott Key Elementary, Gunston Middle, Henry Elementary, HoffmanBoston Elementary, Long Branch Elementary, Oakridge Elementary, Randolph Elementary, Swanson Middle and Washington-Lee High Brunswick County — James S. Russell Middle Buchanan County — Hurley High and Twin Valley High Caroline County — Caroline High and Madison Elementary Charles City County — Charles City County Middle Chesterfield County — A.M. Davis Elementary Colonial Beach — Colonial Beach High Covington — Covington High Cumberland County — Cumberland High and Cumberland Middle Dinwiddie County — Dinwiddie Middle Essex County — Essex Intermediate • Fairfax County — Bailey’s Elementary, Bryant Alternative High, Franconia Elementary, Hayfield Elementary, Key Center, Kilmer Center, Little Run Elementary, North Springfield Elementary and Woodson Adult High Fauquier County — Greenville Elementary and Kettle Run High Franklin — Franklin High Franklin County — Rocky Mo u nt E l e m e nt a r y a n d Windy Gap Elementary Frederick County — Robert E. Aylor Middle Goochland County — Goochland Middle Grayson County — Grayson County High Greensville County — Edward W. Wyatt Middle Hampton — C. Alton Lindsay Middle, Captain John Smith Elementary, Hampton High, Jane H. Bryan Elementary and Merrimack Elementary Henrico County — Academy at Virginia Randolph, Baker Elementary, Fairfield Middle, Highland Springs Elementary, Highland Springs High, L. Douglas Wilder Middle, John Rolfe Middle, Skipwith Elementary and Varina High Henry County — Axton Elementary Hopewell — Carter G. Woodson Middle and Hopewell High King and Queen County — Central High Lee County — Dryden Elementary, Flatwoods Elementary and Thomas Walker High Loudoun County — Creighton’s Corner Elementary, Freedom High, Rolling Ridge Elementary, Stone Hill Middle and Sugarland Elementary Louisa County — Trevilians Elementary Lunenburg County — Central High and Lunenburg Middle Manassas — Osbourn High and Weems Elementary Manassas Park — Cougar Elementary and Manassas Park Elementary Mecklenburg County — Bluestone High Montgomery County — Auburn High New Kent County — New Kent Middle Newport News — Denbigh High Norfolk — Azalea Middle, Lafayette-Winona Middle, Lake Taylor Middle, Lindenwood Elementary, Madison Alternative Center, Norview Middle and Ruffner Middle Northampton County — Kiptopeke Elementary and Northampton High Orange County — Orange County High Page County — Luray Middle Patrick County — Blue Ridge Elementary and Hardin Reynolds Elementary Petersburg — Peabody Middle and Vernon Johns Junior High Portsmouth — Churchland Academy Elementary, Cradock Middle, Victory Elementary and Woodrow Wilson High

• • • • Prince Edward County — Prince Edward County High Prince William County — Antietam Elementary, Coles Elementary, Enterprise Elementary, Fannie W. Fitzgerald Elementary, Fred M. Lynn Middle, Kerrydale Elementary, Loch Lomond Elementary, Mills E. Godwin Middle, Potomac View Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, Victory Elementary and Woodbridge Middle Pulaski County — Fairlawn Cooperative Transition Center and Pulaski County Senior High Richmond — Albert Hill Middle, Armstrong High, Bellevue Elementary, Binford Middle, Chimborazo Elementary, E.S.H. Greene Elementary, Elkhardt Middle, Fairfield Court Elementary, Fred D. Thompson Middle, G.H. Reid Elementary, George Mason Elementary, George W. Carver Elementary, George Wythe High, Henderson Middle, Huguenot High, John Marshall High, Lucille M. Brown Middle, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle, Miles Jones Elementary, Richmond Alternative, Summer Hill/Ruffin Road Elementary, Thomas C. Boushall Middle and Thomas Jefferson High Roanoke — Patrick Henry High and Westside Elementary Rockbridge County — Maury River Middle Russell County — Castlewood High and Lebanon Middle Stafford County — Colonial Forge High and Kate Waller Barrett Elementary Sussex County — Sussex Central Middle Warren County — Skyline High and Warren County High

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King Features Weekly Service

April 18, 2011

Electric Wristwatch

Mark eep

Q: A: Q: A: Q: A:

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My dad gave me his Hamilton Victor II Electric wristwatch, which he received when he graduated from Tulane in 1963. I have been told that it is quite valuable. — Sam, Daytona Beach, Fla. I contacted several vintage watch experts, and they seem to agree that your Hamilton watch is worth in the $300 to $700 range depending, of course, on condition and if it has its original presentation box. *** I love many of the black-andwhite movies from the 1950s and ‘60s and am trying to find a copy of “Viva Zapata” with Marlon Brando. — George, Albuquerque, N.M. I found several dozen copies of the 1952 film in various formats on eBay, most priced at less than $15. *** I have a letter signed by Bill Clinton when he was president. What is the value? — Barbara, Alton, N.Y. Most presidential “signatures” on letters after about 1960 are not authentic. Even though there are always exceptions, most letters sent from the White House in recent decades are signed by autopens. To find out if the one you have is real,

you should consult a certified expert of autographs, and you should expect to pay for this service. I found a signed Clinton political brochure on eBay for $25. *** I have a signed and numbered lithograph by Larry Patterson of the train station in Blue Ridge, Ga. I’m interested in finding out more about the artist and why he chose the station for his artwork. — Cathy, Ormond Beach, Fla. Larry Jay Patterson studied with Earl Mayan at the Arts Students League of New York during the early 1980s. He eventually taught a mural workshop as an artist-in-residence in Newark’s 15th Avenue public school and was an instructor at the Monmouth County Teen Arts Festival in 2004, 2005 and 2007. His work has been exhibited at several libraries in New Jersey. He lives in Tinton Falls, N.J., and you might be able to contact him there to find out more about the lithograph you acquired. Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to questionsforcox@aol. com. Due to the large volume of mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send any materials requiring return mail.

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Q: A:

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al, conuddy. A

Page 8 • The Sherando Times • April 0 – 6, 011

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• Westmoreland County — Washington & Lee High and Washington District Elementary Wythe County — Rural Retreat Middle, Scott Memorial Middle and Wythe County Technical Center • York County — York River Academy A request for proposals from divisions with eligible schools to participate in the state-funded Virginia Performance-Pay Incentives initiative was posted last week on the VDOE website.

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
Completed applications from interested divisions are due on June 15 and award amounts will be announced during the summer before the beginning of the 01101 school year. From a Release

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Thank y encou ou Shelly f or all ragem th Wayn e, Gal ent you hav e help and e and e give proce I. n ss the w and you h It’s been q to uite ay! ave Lovin Thanks to y been with a gly, u ou an d to y s all Mar y our St & Gal aff. e

St e



City ns

United Methodist

Pr e


Over 25 YEARS of Nurturing, caring for children in a safe loving environment Are you looking for a great preschool for your 3 and 4-year old children ? Look no further! With our small classes and experienced staff let us help you prepare your child for the world of Kindergarten. We offer: 2-day or 3-day week program for 3’s 3-day, 4-day or 5-day week program for 4’s


• 24 hr. Nursing staff • CNA’s, Registered Medication Aides, NA’s • Activity Director and Activities Assistant • House Physician • Physical and Occupational Therapist

OUR REGISTRATION is CURRENTLY in effect for the 2011-2012 school year. Enroll while we have available space.
Emma Bridges, Preschool Director 5291 Main Street • Stephens City, Virginia 22655• 540-869-1368
Call, email or stop in for more info

Enjoy the Benefits of Working with a Local Mortgage Company
• 100% financing Available • Government Approved Lender

Shelly Cook, RN, Owner/Administrator
For reservations, brochure and to schedule your personal tour please call

540-660-1333 540-635-1457
Royal Plaza Shopping Center

103 Lee Burke Road, Front Royal, VA 22630

(540) 635-7923

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April 0 – 6, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 9

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07


Love’s death brings new tools for abuse victims
By Amanda Iacone Virginia Statehouse News RICHMOND — Virginians will no longer need to be married or have a child in common to seek protective orders, opening up such shelter against threatening boyfriends, neighbors or even co-workers. Gov. Bob McDonnell signed into law a bill that expands the criteria used to obtain protective orders. He signed a number of bills aimed at better protecting victims of sexual and domestic violence victims during a ceremony Friday morning at the Governor’s Mansion. Delegate Rob Bell, R-Albemarle County, said the new protective order law started from an effort to curb dating violence — work that began before the death of Yeardley Love, a senior lacrosse player at the University of Virginia. Several protective order bills were filed during the 010 legislative session and were sent to the state’s crime commission for review and analysis. But Love’s death in May 010 gave the commission’s work more urgency. Her case is also the reason the lawmakers were able to push the bill through this session successfully, Bell said. Love’s death was ruled a homicide, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend George L. Huguely faces murder charges in connection with her death. A preliminary hearing was held earlier this week in Charlottesville. And a grand jury is set to consider the case Monday. “The issue about dating violence and protective orders for dating violence was something we were working on. The tragedy in Charlottesville obviously gave it a real strong impetus for us to get something done. Stop studying it and get something done this year,” Bell said. “It focused a lot of attention on the issue of dating violence.” Under current law, protective orders can only be filed against a family member or member of the household or if the couple has a child in common. Victims also can seek the orders if they file criminal charges, but sometimes victims don’t want to go through that process, Bell said. “We want to make it easier,” Bell said. Defining what a “dating” relationship means was too cumbersome, and policy makers decided to focus on the nature of the threat. The new law would allow the protective orders to be filed by anyone who fears bodily harm, sexual assault, or who actually has been injured regardless of family status, he said. Kristi Van Audenhove, codirector of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, called the bill a historic piece of legislation. She said it will help countless women who may not have received help before and that it will reshape law enforcement’s response to sexual and domestic violence. “Violence happens within relationships whether or not there is a marriage license. It can continue even when one partner chooses to the leave the relationship. While women may be predominantly victims, violence can be directed to people of any gender identity,” Van Audenhove said. “The protective order bill signed today by Governor McDonnell will, for the first time in Virginia history, offer equal protection to all victims of sexual and domestic violence.” Another bill McDonnell signed will allow the use of GPS systems to keep track of anyone who has a protective order filed against them, as well as those on probation. The trackers will help law enforcement prosecute violations as well as to intervene immediately should violations occur. Such a device could have kept Linda Bostwick, of Collinsville, alive. She was killed in the workplace by someone who had repeatedly violated a protection order, McDonnell said. McDonnell also signed a bill that expands statewide a pilot program that allows the victims of domestic abuse or other violence to have their mail forwarded through the Attorney General’s office and then redirected to their actual address. The office works with 17 localities to accept mail, child support payments, even court paperwork to ensure the residence of victims is unknown to their attackers or abusers. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said it will cost about $6,000

to expand the program. “It’s simple, but inexpensive and effective,” Cuccinelli said. The governor also signed a bill that would give the victims of child sexual abuse extra time to file a civil lawsuit against their alleged abusers. Instead of the two year statute of limitations for most civil lawsuits, victims now will have 0 years from the time they turn 18 or from the time they remember the events to file a lawsuit.

Shenandoah Florist
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National Adminstrative Professional week
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Flowers for all occasions New and unique flowers arriving daily Floral Designers
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Under New Management
Hours Monday- Friday 9-5 Saturday 9-1

383 Fairfax Pike Stephens City, Virginia 22655 540-869-2424 • 800-744-9660

Experienced staff Family Owned & Operated Since 1995 Licensed/Insured

Creative Touch

“Quality Work, at a price you can afford!”

“Serving The Valley with High-tech Dentistry and Old-fashioned Service”

Paint & Drywall
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Thomas Family Dentistry, PC
General Dentistry Come See Our New Office Beside Denny’s
Rt. 11 North, Strasburg

Excellent References

• Custom Colors • Wallpaper Removal • Drywall Repair • Stain & Sealant Application • Cabinet painting • Rental Repaints • Water & Fire Damage

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Dr. Stephen J. Thomas DDS Dr. Kenneth J. Thomas DDS NEW PATIENTS WELCOME!

(540) 636 - 6032

33820 Old Valley Pike (Rt. 11) • Strasburg, VA 22657


HOURS: Monday through Thursday 7am - 5pm

Patient Friendly Payment Plans Available
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Page 10 • The Sherando Times • April 0 – 6, 011

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The news
Stephens City meetings April 1 Public Works Committee 5:30 pm Water/ Sewer Committee 6:00pm Middletown meetings Work Session First Monday 7pm. Regular Council Second Monday 7pm. Committees Third Tuesday 7pm. Planning Commission Fourth Monday 7pm. Public Hearings as scheduled and properly advertised. All meetings are and always have been open to the public Bingo Every Tuesday at the Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue. Doors open at 5pm. Bingo starts at 7pm. Located in the social hall rear of building. Concessions sold by Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue auxillary. Meet Ken Cuccinelli Meet Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli on April 0th at 7pm. Lee Jackson best western hotel. The public is invited to hear Ken address state and national issues. Donation $5.00 and reservations required. Contact 540-888-3007 or trf@visuallink. com. Hosted by Frederick County Republican Party. Earth day seedling giveaway Friday, April , 011 In celebration of Earth Day, Frogale Lumber Supply in Winchester is donating seedlings which will be given to every FCPS third grade student. The seedlings will be distributed prior to Earth Day. Teachers have been made aware of the donation so they can include the donation of the seedlings into any Earth Day lesson plans. Blood drive Amerisist Assisted Living of Stephens City will be hosting a blood drive to benefit the American Red Cross on Friday, April nd from pm-7pm. Walk-ins are welcome but early registration is recommended by going online to Every  seconds someone in the US needs blood....won’t you donate? Come in to donate and enjoy great snacks and great company at Amerisist of Stephens City!!! Easter egg hunt Apr 3, 011 1:00 pm at Long Branch Historic house and farm 830 Long Branch Lane, Millwood. For more information please call: 540-837-1856 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting Adoption benefit dinner Apr 4, 011 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm Castiglia’s, 100 S. Pleasant Valley Rd, Winchester, Va. Dakota’s Dream Animal Rescue & Hampshire County Pet Adoption Program’s benefit dinner. Enjoy a delicious Easter Dinner while helping to save homeless pets in our community! Your meal ticket

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
will include buffet, non-alcoholic drinks, tax and tip. Advance ticket sales are $0 for adults and $10 for children 1 and under. Tickets at the event would be $ for adults and $11 for children. Please contact a Dakota’s Dream volunteer, Castiglia’s, or any United Bank in Winchester to purchase tickets. We appreciate your support! Castiglia’s: 540-7-6084; Hampshire County Pet Adoption Program:; Dakota’s Dream Animal Rescue: 540-53-508 Rotary club The Rotary Club of Frederick County will meet Tuesday morning, April 6, 011 at 7:30 a.m. at Shenandoah University in the Clement Board Room - Allen Dining Hall. Club members, invited guests and visiting Rotarians are welcome. The morning program will feature student leaders with the Talented and Gifted program from Frederick County High Schools - Sherando, Millwood and James Wood. Students will be discussing their organization, accomplishments and goals. FCMS band spaghetti dinner and silent auction Strengths and needs of adolescents free seminar Strengths and Needs of Adolescents will be the topic of a free seminar to be held on Wednesday, April 7 at 7:00 PM at Handley Regional Library Auditorium. Susan Holmes, Director of the Mountain Laurel Montessori Farm School will lead a discussion on how to best support teens on the pathway to adulthood. Parents, teachers and coaches will gain valuable insights into this critical stage of human development - a time of optimism and growth, too often met by unhealthy stress and confusion. For more information, contact Susan Holmes at 540-6751011 or visit the school’s blog at:

In the heart of Historic Downtown Front Royal 120A East Main Street • 631-7223 Celebrate Our One Year Anniversary in Business! Enjoy Storewide Savings of 20% Monday April 18 - Saturday April 22.
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Upcoming Special Events Thursday April 21 –– 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Meet Jason Wright, author of The Christmas Jars, The Seventeen Second Miracle and others. Jason will discuss his writing and sign books. A complimentary lunch will be served. Please RSVP for lunch by calling 631-7223 or emailing

• Hardcover and paperback best sellers always 10% off cover price • Book clubs: Members receive 20% off club’s current selection

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Goldizen, Riley & Co. Real Estate

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April 0 – 6, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 11

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
So easy to preserve May 4, 011 9:30 am - :00 pm, May 11, 011 9:30 am - :00 pm, May 5, 011 9:30 am - :00 pm, Location varies by date. May 4th: Winchester; May 11th: Warren County; May 5th: Page County. Learn How To Preserve Foods By Water Bath, Pressure Canning, Freezing and Drying. Preregistration is REQUIRED! Cost:$10/person. Class size is limited. For Information/ Preregistration: Contact: Karen Ridings, FCS Agent Winchester VCE 540/665-5699 OR Brittany Wilkins, FCS Agent Warren VCE 540/635-4549 F.C.M.S. band silent auction and dinner May 7, 011 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm Frederick County Middle School, 441 Linden Drive. Fundraiser for the FCMS Band silent auction includes numerous items from local businesses and usually sell for less than retail costs, the dinner consists of spaghetti, bread, salad, dessert, and drink, $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for children ages 4-10; ages 3 and under are free. Kathy Reed 540-888-4151 kannreed@ 16th annual “of ale & history” beer festival May 7, 011 See website for details Belle Grove Plantation One of Belle Grove’s most popular events just got better! Expanded hours have made this event a must for every regular and visitor looking to enjoy good music, views, and beer. Come and celebrate Belle Grove’s German and English heritage by sampling a great array of beers from the New and Old World. Delicious food by local restaurants, unique shopping experiences are available on the grounds! The historic Manor House and landscape are open for touring throughout the festival and the Potomac Rugby Union hosts a multi-club tournament on the front meadow. Come early and enjoy! Don’t miss it! TICKET PRICES: •$0 Tasting Ticket ( in advance);•$5 Designated Driver/ Child; •$5 Tasting Ticket (at the gate on May 7th) Cora A. Gnegy Spring fling 2011: experience outdoor living May 14, 011 10:00 am - :00 pm. Frederick Block, Brick & Stone, 1040 Martinsburg Pike, Winchester. Kick-off Spring & Experience Outdoor Living by joining us for Spring Fling 011. The day will include 3 Do-It-Yourself Clinics, Brick Oven Pizza, Grilled Hot Dogs, Prizes, and a Moon Bounce for the children. Frederick Block, Brick & Stone 540-667-161 Walkin’ for life May 1, 011 9:30 am - 1:00 pm Old Courthouse Museum, Winchester. Fundraising Walkin’ for Life to support AbbaCare, Winchester’s pregnancy resource center. Join us for face painting, balloons, food & a folk music concert by Revival! Lauren 540.7.4844 More information at Food Pantry Loaves & fishes and food pantry. Located at 08 John Rice raod, Front Royal, Va (540)6-479 (please call ahead) Donations welElectric Guitar, Bass Setup and Repair

The news
come!! Open Tuesday 10am-pm, Wednesday 5pm-7pm, Friday 10am-pm, Saturday 10am-pm. First shopping of each month, USDA food available to all registered recipients once at the beginning of each month, including other canned and non-perishable items, produce and bread. Two weeks later, all clients can have a second shopping for canned and non-perishable packaged foods that have been donated or brought by Loaves & Fishes. Any day the pantry is open, when available, fresh produce milk, eggs, bread and bakery items. Network for aging support Meets the 3rd Monday of every month at Westminster Canterbury in “The Abbey” on the nd floor. Social time 11:30am-noon. Share ideas & topics on senior issues 1-1 pm . All business associated with seniors are invited. Contact: Lisa Carper 540-7-7458. Spay today Spay Today is this area’s low cost, non-profit program for spaying and neutering cats and dogs. At the time of surgery, initial tests and shots can be obtained at lower rates. To find a participating vet near you: www. or 304-78-8330. Walk in faith nonprofit ongoing event “To Walk In Faith, a grass root nonprofit formed to provide homeless aid, support and relief in Winchester and Frederick Co area is currently conducting an ongoing donation drive of recyclable items including: inkjet and/ or laser printer cartridges, cell phones, aluminum cans, copper wire (stripped or unstripped) and other recyclable metals. Pickup is available in immediate Winchester and Frederick Co. areas. Please contact us at: or (540)550-9146 leave voicemail please Caring families needed N.W.S. PEACE Program, a non-profit and CSIET approved program, is seeking CARING families in the area to host high school students from S. America, Europe, and Asian countries for the 011 school year. The students are 15-18 years of age and will begin arriving in August to spend the upcoming 5-10 months with a caring family while attending your local high school. There is no such thing as a typical host family. Whether you are a single parent, retired, have small children, teens, or no children, you can have a great experience hosting an international teen. All that these students require is a bed, meals and a caring family to share their 5-10 month stay. Since early placement is crucial to the success of the program, our goal is to have the students matched with host families by July 1. The timing is important in developing the bonds of the “new family.” Can’t host, but want to be involved? Call us and we will tell you how. T.O.P. S.weight loss meetings Take off Pounds S ensibly Wednesday’s at 5:30 PM. 333 W Cork Street Conference Room  Winchester, VA. Let’s start the New Year out right! T.O.P.S. is an economical weight loss club with a small annual registration fee and a monthly fee of only $6.00. For more information call Michelle at 869-9144 or visit Weigh in weekly with us and get the support you need in 011 and lose that unwanted weight.

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On the Road Driving School, LLC
5336 Water Street, Stephens City, VA 22655 Ph: (540) 869-6105 Cell: (540) 247-3197

Garland T. Williams, Owner

Driver Improvement Clinic
Saturday April 23, 2011 Sunday May 5, 2011 8am to 4:45pm

Driver Education Class
April 26 - May 31, 2011 Class days Tues. and Thurs. 5pm to 6:45 pm Sat. 8am to 11:45 am Classes at 153 Narrow Ln. Mt. View Christian Academy Stephens City, VA

Guitar lessons, Band and Equipment Consultation

Classes at Holiday Inn Express 142 Foxridge Ln. Winchester, VA 22601


“Don’t get fed up, Get Setup!”

Sandy Larrick

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Guns, ammunition, accessories and shooting supplies for sport shooting and hunting. Full ser vice gunsmith and custom shop on premises. Our friendly staff welcomes beginners as well as expert shooters. 922 John Marshall Highway Front Royal, VA (540)635-1113

Page 1 • The Sherando Times • April 0 – 6, 011

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The news
Prayer shawl group meeting Beauty for Ashes Prayer shawl group of The Camp of Faith Church meets the second Saturday of each month at the Martins coffee shop at 9 am. Any and all knitters or crocheters are welcome to join us. Questions can be directed to secretary@faithbap. org or by calling 540.869.0497. Easter holy week services service 10am Sunday, School 11am service, April 1, Maundy Thursday 7pm service, April , Good Friday 7pm service, Easter Sunday service 6:30am sunrise, Service @ Middletown Park, no Sunday school, 7:30 to 9:45 am, Brunch at church 10am Bake sale Saturday, April 3, at Trinty Luthern church in Stephens City, beginning at 9:00 AM Funds raised will be

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
used to send Sunday school students to Caroline Furnace Youth Camp this summer. And an Easter egg hunt for children of the Stephens City Community that will start at 10:00AM. Activities and movies are included. Easter service at S.C.M.C. Stephens City Mennonite Church will hold a Maundy Thursday service on April 1 at 6:30pm. It will include an agape meal, worship, prayer, communion and foot washing. On Easter Sunday a sunrise service will take place in the church pavilion at 7:30am followed by an Easter breakfast at 8:30, Sunday school at 9:30 including an egg hunt for the children followed by a worship service at 10:30am. A welco me is extended to all people. The church is located 1/ mile south of the traffic light on Route 11.

Huntington House Blinds & Shades


McCoy’s Cookie Jars From the driveway to the roof and everything in between.

Grace United Methodist Church, Middletown Receive $25Psalm Sun- first service call when you mention this ad. VA. April 17, OFF your day service 8:15 Early, Contemporary  Electrical Services

Free In Home “Whatever you need, Whenever you need it!” Estimates Ask about our Senior Citizen discounts!
* * * * *

ALAMO Winchester 181 Kernstown Commons Blvd. General Info: (540) 313-4060 Showtime Info: (540) 313-4060

Wednesday April 20 SCREAM 4 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 6:50 pm, 9:20 pm RIO in 3D 3:10 pm, 8:40 pm RIO in 2D 12:20 pm, 6:00 pm YOUR HIGHNESS 1:10 pm, 4:10 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:30 pm ARTHUR 11:40 am, 2:20 pm, 5:10 pm, 10:20 pm SOUL SURFER 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:20 pm, 9:00 pm HANNA 12:10 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:30 pm, 9:10 pm HOP 12:30 pm, 3:20 pm, 6:10 pm, 8:00 pm PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY PLAYOFFS 7:30 pm WE WILL ROCK YOU: THE QUEEN SING-ALONG 8:30 pm SOURCE CODE 12:50 pm, 3:50 pm Thursday, April 21 SCREAM 4 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 6:50 pm, 9:40 pm RIO in 3D 3:10 pm, 6:00 pm, 8:40 pm RIO in 2D 12:20 pm YOUR HIGHNESS 1:10 pm, 4:10 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:50 pm ARTHUR 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:20 pm, 9:00 pm SOUL SURFER 12:00 pm, 2:50 pm, 6:10 pm, 8:30 pm HANNA 12:10 pm, 3:40 pm, 6:40 pm, 9:30 pm HOP 12:40 pm, 3:20 pm, 5:50 pm, 8:50 pm SOURCE CODE 12:50 pm, 3:50 pm, 9:20 pm SGT. PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND 6:30 pm

Friday, April 22 WATER FOR ELEPHANTS 12:10 pm, 3:10 pm, 6:40 pm, 9:50 pm THE CONSPIRATOR 11:40 am, 2:40 pm, 6:00 pm, 9:20 pm MADEA’S BIG HAPPY FAMILY 12:40 pm, 3:40 pm, 6:50 pm, 9:40 pm SCREAM 4 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:55 pm RIO in 3D 12:20 pm, 3:20 pm, 6:10 pm, 8:50 pm SOUL SURFER 11:50 am, 3:00 pm, 6:30 pm, 9:10 pm HOP 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:20 pm, 8:55 pm SOURCE CODE 12:00 pm, 2:50 pm, 8:20 pm, 10:45 pm SGT. PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND 5:30 pm, Saturday, April 25 WATER FOR ELEPHANTS 12:00 pm, 3:20 pm, 6:50 pm, 9:50 pm THE CONSPIRATOR 11:40 am, 2:50 pm, 6:00 pm, 9:30 pm MADEA’S BIG HAPPY FAMILY 12:20 pm, 3:10 pm, 6:30 pm, 9:40 pm SCREAM 4 11:20 am, 2:10 pm, 7:55 pm, 10:40 pm RIO in 3D 12:10 pm, 6:10 pm, 8:55 pm RIO in 2D 10:00 am, 3:00 pm SOUL SURFER 12:30 pm, 3:40 pm, 6:40 pm, 9:10 pm HOP 10:10 am, 12:40 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:20 pm, 8:40 pm SOURCE CODE 11:30 am, 2:20 pm, 7:50 pm, 10:30 pm SGT. PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND 5:00 pm The MUPPET MOVIE ALONG 5:00 pm, SING-

* * * * * *

Mowing Over Seeding Leaf Removal Bobcat Service Walkways Patios

Emergency Service (540) 636-1463 MENTION THISHillidge St, P.O. Box 452, Front TIMES AD FOR DISCOUNT! MENTION 132 WARREN COUNTY REPORT AD FOR DISCOUNT! THIS SHERANDO Royal, VA 22630

Member: Chamber of Commerce * 24 Hour *

 Heating/ Heat Pumps/Burner Service  HVAC  Plumbing  Roofing  Drywall  Carpentry  Excavating and Hauling  Painting We want to do our part to help the local  Energy Conservation Specialist economy. If you live in the town of Front  Leading Edge LED Lighting Technology ROYAL,VA FRONT Royal please inquire about job opportunities!  Heating & Cooling Energy Upgrades A1AHOMEIMPROVEMENT@COMCAST.NET  OVER 25 YEARS OF SERVICE! LICENSED & INSURED

Snow Removal Mulching Light Bush Hogging Spring & Fall Clean-Ups LAWNCARE SERVICES Annual Contracts Available
Commercial & Residential 540-636-9002

Springtime Garden Center

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We have been in the same location for over 30 years. We encourage our customers to shop and compare quality and prices, including The Big Home centers. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Spring Hours Mon-Fri 8am to 7pm Sat 8am to 5pm New Sunday Hours 12:30 to 5pm

815 Warren Avenue Front Royal, VA • 540-635-8765

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April 0 – 6, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 13

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
For Sale? Wanted? List them here for FREE! Send your ad to: controls, mic, headphones, & cables. Control panel enclosed in hard case. Great system to get started in your own DJ business. In excellent condition. All you need are your own music cds and you can immediately start your own business. Pictures available. $3000.00.(540) 535-7315. Pet Hair Sheep lambs, they do not have wool so there is no need to ever shear! This breed has hair like a dog ,they shed out to a smooth coat in summer, just like dogs do. Females $200.00 Wethers $150.00 & Rams $300.00. Raised naturally with their mother’s,around human contact daily, in Shenandoah County VA. We have even sold to children’s petting zoo. Please email for more information,photos or to be put on our wait list. unicorn1@ Mens plus size clothing for sale. Sizes 4, 5 and 6X. Good Condition. Urban wear. Many jackets also. Please call 540-631-4552 Handyman/repair/remodeling business assets for sale. 2002 14 foot freightliner/sprinter van fully loaded with tools. Ready to run business now. To much information to list so if you are interested please email me $22,000 for all or willing to split tools and van. $18,000 for van and $4,000 for tools. Call 703-930-3438 / Wedding Gown, size 10, never worn, white form fitting lace & pearls at waist and thruout dress, sleeveless, chiffon full skirt, long chiffon train, 6” satin trim at bottom, scoop neckline, matching short chiffon veil with pearl headband, preserved for storage -$350 or $400 - 540-539-4872. 27” Sony TV with original remote (not flat screen) in excellent condition $50. (540) 622-2172 Piano- Wurlitzer, VGC Ivory/cream with gold trim. Has gold cushion seat with storage. $550.00. . Slipcovers for high back dining room chairs. Country look, blue and white. Only 5, $75.00 for all. Lots of kitchen items, dishes, bowls, corning ware, silverware, take all $75.00. Kitchen table, round glass w four cushion high back chairs. very nice $75.00. Leave message 868-9030 Apple iPod Touch 8 GB - Brand new in box-never used. $185/ obo. Wii Game System and Sport Pack rarely used. $200. Call 540-533-1472 1998 Suzuki Motorcycle ( street bike ), LS650 Savage, orange in color, garage kept and no miles: $ 1,395.00 call 540 974 6460 Trolling motor, brand new with new heavy duty battery never used. (Marine battery)/10 Folding chairs and 4 heavy folding tables 5 x 6 ft. long/Carpet steam cleaning unit with attachments, slightly used./Large picnic cooler, operates on 12 volt vehicle system. Call after 5:00 p.m. 540-8692899 For sale NIB fuel pump for 1987-1990 Mazda B2000 truck with 2.0 liter engine.$25.00 call 540-869-6425 captains seats/ rear bench. Auto, V6. Nice Chrome wheels. Green in color. 109,000 miles, very sharp & well maintained in good condition. New inspection. In the Stephens City area. $3350 OBO. 540-3270811 4 black metal swival bar stools 24” high, like new. $100 for the set or $30 each. Call 540-465-389 2007 Ford Focus SES Black, 50K, PW/PL/PM, Sunroof, Leather interior, 30 MPG. $12,000 OBO. Call 540-877-1217 White, 8600 miles, sunroof, spoiler, traction control, great gas mileage. 32 mpg!! Small scrape on driver side bumper. 869-1076 $16,800.00 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. Call 540-550-5380

“To Walk In Faith”, is conducting a donation drive of aluminum cans, copper wire and recyclable metals. Pickup is available in immediate Winchester and Frederick Co. areas.Call 540-550-9146 Looking for female roommate to share 3 bedroom trailer in Stephens City. $350 per month, includes utilities. Smoking ok. Must like cats. Call Tonya at 540-868-0307 Need a good tenant for huge basement apartment in my home. Walkout/Private entrance/appliances. On 3 country acres, near both Stephens City and Winchester. $ 795.00/month. Call Randy at 540 974 6460 or email randyperry.


1987 Wedding Dress. Professionally sealed. Long Sleeve. White satin with elaborate beading and lace. V-cut back. Cathedral length train and veil. Includes train carrier. Size 6 to 8. $500. Can email photos. Call 571-405-8350 1902 Price & Teeple Fancy Mahogany Upright Piano. Works, but needs to be restored. $2500. OBO.Day Call 540-868-1138 Golf Cart, battery operated, cherry red, new paint, runs great! $2700.00.Call 540-551-2128 2004 White Yamaha Golf Cart. Battery operated, rear seat, full lights, runs great, excellent condition, garage kept since purchased. Charger and cover included. $2,800 OBO. Call 540-667-2735 Guitar, black, 6-string acoustic, exc. cond., $600. Guitar, Jackson, 6-string electric, loaded, a “screamer”, $800. Keyboard, Yamaha Motif 77, full midi, exc. cond., $3,000. Keyboard, Roland RD 700 (88), exc. cond., $2,800. Roland Fantom Synthesizer, loaded, $2,600. ‘92 Cadillac D’Elegant, 4-door, good engine, new tires, good paint, gray, $3,500. Call 540-869-3333 Vending machine route for sale. Locations throughout Frederick County, VA. Nine established locations are included in the sale. There are a total of 13 machines that are placed throughout the route. Asking $28000. Please contact 540-514-9858. King size Simmons firm pillowtop mattress, low profile box springs, & low profile frame. Excellent, practically new condition.$999/set. 7 Foot Air Hockey Table - New Can E-Mail picture $250.00. Call 540-723-0285

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The Sherando Times
Advertising Representative

The Sherando Times is currently searching for a top-notch sales representative for Frederick County. The ideal candidate would be organized and self-motivated. Great people skills and a professional demeanor are key. If you are poised and ready to take the next step in your sales career, please contact Angie Buterakos:

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A bedroom (8X10) with a closet and hallway bathroom to share in a ranch 3 bedroom home in Middletown next to Interstate 81 with two others and two loveable dogs. Seeking professional, non smoking/drugs professional. $500.00 a month, all utilities included plus $500.00 security our specialty! Weddings are deposit and 6 month term lease required. A credit Sweet sixteen, clubs, bars, and background check will be done any type of private parties! on appliicant. Please contact Scott at 540-877-7083.or Melissa 812Any music for any

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Pitbull Puppies part red nose and blue nose. $50.00 540-336-4435 Peavey DJ system for sale. Loaded with 2600 watt amp, speakers with stands, lights with foot

1303 North Royal Avenue Front Royal, VA 22630-3623 (540) 635-7348 Follow us on Facebook

1999 Dodge 1500 Ram conversion van. 7 passenger 4

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Spring Savings
Spring is a great time to do repairs and preventative maintenance on your vehicle and home, and to save money in other ways, too. Here are some ideas: Car maintenance: If you live in a snow area, run your vehicle through a car wash that includes under-carriage spray to remove road salts and avoid corrosion. Schedule a tune-up and oil change. Make sure fluids are topped off and tires are at the right air pressure. Invest in a small tube of car paint (get this from your dealer for an accurate match) to cover any dings or scrapes. House: Compare heating bills from this recent winter and winters past. While the prices might have changed, you can compare your actual usage. If your heat usage went up this winter, consider why. If you have an older home, you might be in line for more attic insulation before next winter. While up in the attic to check insulation depth, use a flashlight to look at the plywood roofing, and around vents and eaves: Are there any signs of water leaks? If you had window drafts, you might find sales on new windows over the summer. At the very least, put caulk-

ing on your list of things to do. Walk around the house and check for any winter damage to siding and the roof. Don’t forget the foundation. If you need repair work you can’t do yourself, get estimates early, as summer is the busiest construction season. Children: Scout charity and thrift shops for children’s summer play clothes. If you find bargains on items they can wear to school in the fall (and if you’re sure of sizes), select a few outfits to get them started and avoid last-minute shopping panic. Local summer day camps can be an economical way to let your children experience camp without going too far from home. Investigate camps sponsored by the YMCA and local church and youth groups. Inquire about lowincome scholarships, if you qualify, and sign up early before all the slots are filled. If you’re hoping for a family vacation this year, check a new book called “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Best Family Destinations.” In spite of the title, the publication is packed with information on vacation spots in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, including beaches, outdoor adventures, historical sites, amusement parks and much more. David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Write to him in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to
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April 0 – 6, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 15

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
Speedway. to case in “It’s amazing. It’s a great proved we’rebe the as hard as we “Really, working place to race, the loca- theevery week to Mobilebest race can Samsung bring the 500, cars we tion as well as the facility. wherecan to the track,” said Biffle. Martin found his “It’s important that we have the best possible They put a lot of money No. 5equipment right now.we can. Chevy collected “We’re racing as hard as into this place, and I in a crash. He wound up think it represents our 36th. sport well.” In the season’s first six But it’s just another races, Martin finished no track, which, in that rath- better than 10th (twice) er general sense, makes it and no worse than 0th. like ... Martinsville, where That consistency was Martin, 5, finished 10th good enough to rank him on April 3. 10th in the point stand“It’s the same as Mar- ings ... until the Texas tinsville,” he said. “You’re catastrophe dropped him almost a wreck at Mar- to 15th. tinsville, and you’re al- his Martin said the the Chase, differRoush Fenway driver Greg Biffle says first priority is making but that a wreck here. If off from trying to win first and most doesn’t mean he’s going to backence between races. (Photo: Getty Images) you’re not almost a wreck, 0th isn’t as great as it We’re not big risks, but, at the ular season), and we know we’re on then you’re not driving seems. taking racing for the win.” same time, we’re the bubble, so it’s important to have Monte Dutton has covered motorgood finishes rightThe miles an fast enough. now.” “There’s a little bit in Biffle, from Vancouver, hour [aren’t] what Wash., is sports1993. HeGaston (N.C.)writer scare since for The a little Gazette one of only two drivers to have won speed and was namedbit inof championships in loss of conyou. and Camping World Nation- track Association in but the It’s the both the Truck the year by the National Motorsports position, 2008. His Press wide blog NASCAR This Week series. (Johnny Benson is the other.) cars are relatively close trol.” ( Biffle also was rookie of the year in Martin He came up through nowadays,” on racing, features all of his reporting he said. “You roots music both series. knows what it’s NASCAR’s developmental system, squeeze the road. E-mail Monte at like to finish first, second, and life on every ounce of winning track championships early in third, fourth and in West time out of every single his career at Tri-City Raceway fifth Richland, Wash., and Portland (Ore.) © 2009 King at Texas Motor Speed- component Features Synd., Inc. in the whole way ... and at most every sport. You can’t leave other track. He’s taken anything alone. You’ve his lumps, too, which got to squeeze every bit final four races. “We’re just going to have to be better,” said Biffle. “We know that. We’re nervous about getting in (the Chase), and anything can happen. ... There are some races we’re concerned about leading up to the cutoff (end of the reg-

attention you’re seeking. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Your gift for creating order out of chaos will help you deal with a sudden rush of responsibilities that would threaten someone less able to balance his or her priorities. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Congratulations. Your energy levels are coming right back up to normal — just in time to help you tackle some worthwhile challenges and make some important choices. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) The sage Sagittarian should demand a full explanation of inconsistencies that might be cropping up in what had seemed to be a straightforward deal. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A conflict between obligations to family and to the job can create stressful problems. Best advice: Balance your dual priorities so that one doesn’t outweigh the other. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Don’t guess, speculate or gossip about that so-called “mystery” situation at the workplace. Bide your time. An explanation will be forthcoming very soon. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Boredom might be creeping in and causing you to lose interest in a repeat project. Deal with it by flipping over your usual routine and finding a new way to do an old task. BORN THIS WEEK: You can warm the coldest heart with your lyrical voice and bright smile. You find yourself at home, wherever you are.

Posting date August 17, 2009

King Features Weekly Service

This hasn’t been the season Greg Biffle expected, though he certainly has time to pick up the pieces. The 39-year-old Biffle didn’t win during the 2008 regular season, but after making the Chase, proceeded to win its first two races. He wound up third in the Sprint Cup standings. For now, Biffle’s first priority is making the Chase, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to back off. “We’re certainly not racing conservatively,” he said. “We’re racing to win, but we’re not going to do anything stupid. “We know we have to stay in (the top 12 in order to qualify for the Chase). It’s tight ... and we’re doing all we can do.” Roush Fenway Racing put Biffle in what was then still the Winston Cup Series back in 2003. He finished second in the Chase standings two years later. A year ago, three Roush Fenway drivers — Biffle, Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth — made the Chase. They could do it again, but the positions of Biffle and Kenseth are hardly secure as the regular season enters its

Biffle Is Racing Martin’sHe Can Been as Hard as There Before

When the Sprint Cup Series moves from one track to another -- oh, say, Martinsville to Ft. Worth to Talladega - a lot changes and a lot doesn’t. Or said Mark Martin, who has seen them all innumerable times. “Texas has its own personality,” said Martin entering the Samsung Mobile 500. “It’s fast, and it’s flat for as fast as it is. It doesn’t have a lot of banking in relation to the speed that you’re able to make around it.

Mark Martin’s been around the track a few times, and his take on each one comes from a seasoned career of races on the Cup circuit. (Getty Images photo)

of it from pit-road speed to pit stops to restarts to handling and everything.” As such, Martin believes victory, not to mention the finishes better than 10th, will come in its own sweet time.


Monte Dutton covers motorsports for The Gaston (N.C.) Gazette. E-mail Monte at
(c) 011 King Features Synd., Inc.

1. ASTRONOMY: The star called Rigel is part of which constellation? 2. MYTHOLOGY: What did the god Frey represent in Norse mythology? 3. CHEMISTRY: What gas has the chemical symbol of CH4? 4. MOVIES: Who directed “The Magnificent Ambersons” and “Touch of Evil”? 5. HISTORY: Who was the first English king to hold the title “Prince of Wales”? 6. INVENTIONS: What was the name of the first submarine commissioned by the U.S. Navy? 7. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Who drew the famous image of Uncle Sam proclaiming, “I Want You”? 8. GEOGRAPHY: To what island group in the Caribbean does St. Croix belong? 9. LITERATURE: Which writer’s autobiography is called “Black Boy”? 10. POLITICS: Who was Adlai Stevenson’s vice-presidential running mate in 1956? Answers 1. Orion 2. Frey is the Norse god of fertility 3. Methane 4. Orson Welles 5. Edward II 6. U.S.S. Holland 7. James Montgomery Flagg 8. U.S. Virgin Islands 9. Richard Wright 10. Estes Kefauver
© 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

1. Which singer had a debut hit with “I Only Want to Be with You”? 2. Name the group that released the ever-popular “Shout.” 3. Who sang the 1962 hit “Party Lights”? 4. Name the group that wrote and released “Mr. Lee.” What was the song about? 5. Who sang “River Deep — Mountain High,” and when? 6. Which band released “Baby, Come Back”? Answers 1. Dusty Springfield in 1963. Samantha Fox covered the song in 1988. 2. The Isley Brothers in 1959. Amazingly, the song never rose higher than No. 47 on the charts, but became gold through long use. “Shout” continues to be played at athletic events and weddings. 3. Claudine Clark, who also composed the song. 4. The Bobbettes, an all-girl group from Harlem, wrote the 1957 song about a crush on a schoolteacher. The original version was negative about poor Mr. Lee and had to be rewritten. 5. Ike and Tina Turner, in 1966. Except you won’t hear Ike. Legend has it he was paid $20,000 to stay out of the studio while it was recorded. 6. Player. The 1977 song has been used in films and currently is being used in a commercial for Swiffer.
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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Temper your typical Aries urge to charge into a situation and demand answers. Instead, let the Lamb’s gentler self emerge to deal with a problem that requires delicacy. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) You are aware of what’s going on, so continue to stand by your earlier decision, no matter how persuasive the counterarguments might be. Money pressures will soon ease. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) By all means, have fun and enjoy your newly expanded social life. But don’t forget that some people are depending on you to keep promises that are very important to them. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You need to wait patiently for an answer to a workplace problem and not push for a decision. Remember: Time is on your side. A financial matter needs closer attention. LEO (July 23 to August 22) You now have information that can influence that decision you planned to make. But the clever Cat will consult a trusted friend or family member before making a major move. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Good news: You’re finding that more doors are opening for you to show whatthe last baseball you don’t 1. Name you can do, and team even LSU in 2008-10 to win to get before have to knock very hardthree the consecutive SEC tournaments. 2. In 2009, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim set a major-league record for most hitters in one season having at least 50 RBIs. How many were there? 3. Who was the first player in NFL history to earn a Pro Bowl selection By the same season? at two positions inSamantha Weaver 4. In 2011, David Lighty became It was American cartoonist, theIt•third Ohio State novelistbasketwas American men’s and editor humorist ball player and Howe 1,000made obserto journalist Kin Hubbard points, Edgar Watson tally who sage the folwho made the following lowing sage and 300 secret about suc500 reboundsobservation: “Americans deassists for his vation: “There’s no test all lies except liesknow doin public or career. Name the ever two to a successful cess. Did you first spoken it? printed lies.didn’t tell you about it?” man who ” 5. In 2009-10, Tampa Bay’s Steven ••• Stamkos, at time became in Iowa, you • Next 20, you’re the thirdThose who study might want to stopsuchhit rural town youngestEgyptians hadby the the 50- that NHL player to things say ancient bowling alleys. of Riverside, which Who itself as goal mark for a season. touts were the the future birthplace•••Captain James T. of two youngeraplayers? named Rosie Ruiz In 1980 Kirk. Yep, woman the future birthplace. It 6. Who won“Star first gold medal appearedthat have won thecreator Gene seems to the Trek” Boston Marathon in the fastest time that recorded for in Roddenberry asserted ever the characthe Olympic men’s speed skating a ter of Jamesthat race. However, after woman in 2006? team pursuit inTiberius Kirk was born in a Iowa, but he didn’t specify exactly number of the last European golfer 7. Name suspicions surfaced (including 1985, the at a where. In Westwood Riversideto the strange lack of of before Leevoted fatigue in the endtown 2010 City Council to declare their long race), it was found that she hadn’t acbethe future the Officialof thewas stripped No. 1 in birthplace World Golf tually run the entire race and character, Rankings. oflater medal. The tale doesn’t end there, her writing to Roddenberry and receiving his approval. out about her though. OnceAnswers In honor of its word got newfound came forward the city fraud, peopleclaim to fame, with infor1. Alabama, 1995-97. began regardingan annual Trek Fest,of hosting her recent running mation 2. Eleven players.Spockapalooza battle complete with a the New York Marathon. It seems that 3. Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson, of the bands. Ms. Ruiz started the race and then took in 2009. youto a spot  miles from might If the •subway enjoy cooking, you the finhave And of some of and she 4. line.Jackson a further the following ish Jim heard in (1989-92)note, Evandidn’t cookbooks: “Kill It Two years later she Turnerto a good end: and Grill It,” “The come (2007-10). Joy of Pickling,” “Full of Beans,” 5. arrested for embezzling $60,000 “I wasWayne Gretzky and Jimmy Car- from “The Stinking Cookbook” and her employer, and she was later Then son, bothBelieve It’s Not Meat!”arrested Can’t 19 years old. 6. Italy.maybe not. again, 7. • The termin“bric-a-brac,” usually Nick Faldo, 1994.
© 2011 King Features Synd., Inc. used to refer to a collection of tawdry trinkets, comes from the French,

© 2011 King Features Synd.,, Inc.

again for allegedly trying to sell two kilos of cocaine to a Miami police officer. If you’re afraid of lightning, you might want to skip over this next tidbit: At any given time around the world, there are 1,800 thunderstorms taking place.


You may have heard that the air that leaves your body when you sneeze can reach speeds of up to 115 mph, but you may not know that ordinary exhalations travel at about 15 mph. Thought for the Day: “When a man says he approves of something in principle, it means he hasn’t the slightest intention of putting it into practice.” -- Otto von Bismarck
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• On M one of serial k Philade known discove 200 vic • On denbur and the into fla mast in sengers er-than flamma • On M Mrs. E hood ch ing to the wo ell and armed, began t • On U.S. Ai Joseph Lt. Col fornia b on the Fletche walked Pole, p tory to • On Giants 512th c Ott’s N runs. M with 66 the allment. • On five de eral Bu Hoover is abou stage. A FBI ha Richard • On convict She wa guilty Tampe in Exce her hus death a

April 18, 2011

KFWS • MindGym

January 11, 2010

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Page 16 • The Sherando Times • April 0 – 6, 011

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The World’s Largest Circus Under the Big Top!

Kids! Hey
d 14 & Un er

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Skyline Insurance Agency 310 N. Commerce Ave. Front Royal VA • 540-635-1288 Between the hours of M - F 9:00am - 7:00pm Sat. 10:00am - 1:00pm

Name: Address: Telephone:
Contest ends 4/20/11

Apple Blossom Mall
Fri. Apr.

Show Times
Sat. Apr.


Sun. May


4:30 pm 8:00 pm

10:00 am 5:00 pm 8:00 pm

1:30 pm 4:30 pm


1. ASTRONOMY: The star called Rigel is part of which constellation? 2. MYTHOLOGY: What did the god Frey represent in Norse mythology? 3. CHEMISTRY: What gas has the chemical symbol of CH4? 4. MOVIES: Who directed “The Magnificent Ambersons” and “Touch of Evil”? 5. HISTORY: Who was the first English king to hold the title “Prince of Wales”? 6. INVENTIONS: What was the name of the first submarine commissioned by the U.S. Navy? 7. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Who drew the famous image of Uncle Sam proclaiming, “I Want You”? 8. GEOGRAPHY: To what island group in the Caribbean does St. Croix belong? 9. LITERATURE: Which writer’s autobiography is called “Black Boy”? 10. POLITICS: Who was Adlai Stevenson’s vice-presidential running mate in 1956? Answers 1. Orion 2. Frey is the Norse god of fertility 3. Methane 4. Orson Welles 5. Edward II 6. U.S.S. Holland 7. James Montgomery Flagg 8. U.S. Virgin Islands 9. Richard Wright 10. Estes Kefauver
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1. Wh “I Only 2. Nam ever-po 3. Wh Lights” 4. Na released song ab 5. Wh tain Hig 6. W Come B

1. Dus tha Fox 2. The ingly, th No. 47 through to be p weddin 3. Cla posed th 4. The from H about a original poor M 5. Ike Except has it he of the st 6. Pla used in used in