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Hascombe Business Solutions

(Private) Limited
P&O Plaza, I.I. Chundrigar Road,

Tel: 92-21-5300234
Cell: 92-321-2180011
Fax: 9221-2417157


Hascombe Business Solutions (Private) Limited (HBSPL) adopts the best practices to
be one stop solution in meeting your organizational challenges and requirements.


Providing turnkey Printing, Copying, Document Archiving and Electronic Document

Management solutions to its customers has remained a HBSPL’s core competency area
ever since it started operating in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent since 1940. Our
solutions promise to meet all your challenges in the form of hardware, software,
implementation and maintenance of equipment, “network management” expertise,
countrywide responsiveness to your “service support and problem fixing” needs and
configuring custom made solutions that best suit your organizations individual needs.

HBSPL is aspiring to be your one stop solution for “Document Archiving and Electronic
Document Management System”. We promise to come up with the most scientific
approach and state of the art technology equipment to meet your organizational
challenges. Our methodology is to provide powerful solutions that not only reduce your
procurement, operating, maintenance and development costs, but also provide a
positive impact in improving the bottom line efficiency of your organization.

Your Organizational Needs

Meeting your organizational needs is about identifying individual and organization

requirements for document management such as:

Quotations, Cheques, Invoices, Receipts etc

Agreements, Contracts, Customer Information
Drawings, images, maps, reports
Internal & External correspondence
Legal documents, policies, procedures
Emails & Faxes
HR Data

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The major issues include:
o Software & Hardware compatibility
o Implementation of System
o Human Resource
o Maintenance Costs
Sharing information not when it arrives, but when it is needed.
Being able to retrieve relevant information from a variety of unstructured sources
and thereby adding value to the task at hand.
Re-prints of documents

Current Scenario

Most of the documents are in paper based format especially the one received from
outside the organization, so the physical file has to be accessed for retrieval of
information and processing. For sharing of information between departments the file has
to leave the premises, which is timing consuming and insecure process. If some
information is needed the physical document has to be accessed. Immediate viewing
and re-prints are not available. Moreover, it requires storage space for keeping records.

Our Objectives

Providing a comprehensive solution for your organization to convert paper based

information into digital format and publishing the contents into an Electronic Document
Management System for search, retrieval and print etc..

Our Products & Services

Document Archiving & Search Solutions
Data Extraction, Barcode Processing and Zonal OCR
Digital Copiers/Laser Printers/Fax
Production Document Scanners
Engineering Scanners

The most important factor is our experience in EDMS. We specialize in image &
data capture solutions. Several organizations are using our solution products to
automate manual processes and to put information to work. Since nearly every
organization needs to convert paper documents and forms into digital information and
images, our products cater to some of these needs in tailor made fashion. Some

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examples of these range form incorporating or extracting data from barcodes, field
based data extraction or full text extraction using OCR or simply customized image
capture and meta data extractions to any image server product.

We have valuable knowledge and experience to deploy solutions in various

environments. We offer consulting, needs analysis, project implementation expertise,
and place strong emphasis on appropriate deployment of the product, over out-of-the
box placement. We, provide integrated, scalable and web-enabled deployment solutions
to store and manage all types of information within an enterprise including paper
documents, application files, images, fax, email, engineering drawings, and multimedia.

Functional Scope

Our scope for turn key solution for conversion of paper based documents into
searchable electronic documents, archiving and development of electronic document
management system includes:

1. Study of Work Flow

We will carry out a detailed study to access quantum of material for archiving,
organizational work flow, scope of Electronic Document Management System
(EDMS) and process of integration of EDMS with existing system. Based on this
study we will propose a Turnkey Solution for development and implementation of
Electronic Document Management System for your organization.

2. Setup

We can setup at your premises Hardware, Software and Human Resource to

convert the paper based documents into searchable electronic documents and also
store current electronic documents based of archiving policy.

3. Archiving & Document Search Solution

We specialize in image & data capture solutions. Several organizations are using
our solution products to automate manual processes and to put information to work.
Since nearly every organization needs to convert paper documents and forms into
digital information and images, our products cater to some of these needs in tailor
made fashion. Some examples of these range form incorporating or extracting data
from barcodes, field based data extraction or full text extraction using OCR or simply
customized image capture and meta data extractions to any image server products
of FileNet, Hummingbird, IBM Content Manager etc. It can be linked to any ODBC
source like Oracle, SAP etc. We offer ZyLAB® solution for scanning, archiving,
search and retrieval.

• UAE users include Dubai & Sharjah Municipality, ADMA-OPCO, ADNOC,

Fujairah National Refinery, Dubai International Financial Centre, InvestBank,

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National Finance Company SAOG – Oman, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce &
Industry, National Bank of Sharjah etc.
• Worldwide Users – World Bank, NASA, Scotland Yard, Shell World Wide, BBC -
over 10,000 installations
• PSO, Shell Pakistan, Unilever Pakistan Limited and Pakistan Refinery Limited
are some of the well known customers using our capture solutions in Pakistan.

Our Process

Setup the archiving facility.

Receiving the paper based material from your organization
Sort out the documents, removes staples etc and flag for re-assembly
Scan the documents in batches as laid out on trolleys
Quality check and flag documents that require re-scan
Scanned Documents are organized in repository & indexed for Fast Retrieval.
Scanned Images and Meta Data are appropriately hosted for Import into the
Document Management System
All Scanned Sheets are re-arranged in the original sequence and put back into
the Folders exactly as received
Folders are returned back to appropriate authority.
Processed data is provided to your organization on server for access through
LAN/WAN or Distribution CDs.
Existing electronic files can also be archived through additional XML Wrapper

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ZyIMAGE Product Benefits

Our proposed solution is based on the award

winning ZyLAB Free-Text Retrieval
Technology. The software runs on Windows
NT/2000 Server Architecture and provides
search capabilities through its own ZyFIND
engine or through standard Web Browser,
when in combination with Web-server
License. ZyLAB automatic indexing process
accepts over 250 file formats including TIF,
PDF, DWG, DOC, PPT, XLS etc., and in
over 19 languages including ARABIC.

ZyLAB, unlike all other Document Management Systems, is built around 3-basic

1. Effortless Indexing (English and Arabic)

2. Free-Text Search on the whole Document, (besides ODBC Connectivity)
3. Search & Find the exact location of the TEXT and NOT JUST THE
WHOLE IMAGE as with any Document Management System

Details of each of the basic fundamentals are as follows:

1. Effortless Indexing

The quality of any archive is determined by the quality of the index. More the
information contained in an index, greater would be the accuracy and speed of
search. However, creating a structured database index is both time-consuming
and most of the time cumbersome, due to varying kinds of documents. A
database index normally holds less than 1% of image contained information,
thereby necessitating multiple field creations and structuring. End result, over
70% of cost and time is spent in Indexing through Manual Data Entry.

ZyLAB’s innovative indexing technology releases the strain and stress attached
to Indexing. ZyLAB indexes through automatic OCR (running under Windows
NT/2000 service).

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Needless to add, in an environment where an ODBC data is being generated by
another system, ZyLAB can drag-in the required Fields from the Database
and enable search in combination with FREE-TEXT.

2. Free Text Search

Once the above indexing operation is completed, within seconds the documents
are ready to be searched. Depending on the choice, search can be performed
through Client Server Software (ZyFIND) or a Standard Web Browser (Internet
Explorer/ Netscape Navigator).

Search Word is typed-

in, based on what one is
looking for in the
document and can be
combined with powerful
Boolean Operations and
ODBC look-up table to
find the exact document
anytime, anywhere,
consistently. The
search speed is
achieved at an
incredible speed of 25
seconds per 20 GB

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3. Search & Find the exact location of the TEXT
The power of any
Document Management
Solution is judged by its
ability to locate the
concerned document in
the fastest possible time.
ZyLAB has changed
this parameter, by its
ability to not only
locate the document,
but also indicate where
in the document it
found the match.
ZyLAB is the one and
only software capable of
performing this function
and all this at an
incredible speed.

Keeping in view your traditional paper based documents we can implement a

customized solution which is efficient, reliable and cost effective.

Records Retrieval
Any employee with network access and security, can search, query and
retrieve any document and its associated documents.
Wild Search helps in retrieving documents other than the indexed format.
Your associated departments can retrieve the information through the web.
Once retrieved the document can be e-mailed, faxed or printed to any local
printer subject to the rights defined for each user.

Additional Facilities

Structured archiving of the following:

Emails, Faxes
Scanned documents from various peripherals on the network
Receipts, Bills, Invoices, Purchase etc orders from the PC
Connectivity to Workflow Management System and Databases

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Benefits of One Window Operation

o No issues of Hardware & Software compatibility

o Guaranteed results
o Entire operation professionally discharged:

 High quality imaging

 0% errors in image capture
 Accurate data entry

o No issues of:
 Human resource
 Support & maintenance etc

“Using our experience and structured approach, we provide organizations with

attractive and functional document management choices, while standardizing
operations and capitalizing on economies of scale to make it an affordable option.”

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