Celebrity Sex Stories - Katrina Kaif Bondage Rape

"You called me?" The massive man swallowed the last bit of a tambaccoo and cleaned his beard with dirty fingers. He then smiled at the other man. "Yeah." "What's so funny? Why are you smiling?" The massive man came around the counter, passed the other man and locked the door. "What?" "C'mon, I have to show you something." "Hey, Kampu, please tell me." Kampu was all smiles and cleaned his dirty fingers at his blue shirt. "I have to show you our new item. We got a new toy to play with." The other man couldn't hold himself together. He felt his cock rising. "A girl or a guy..." "C'mon," Kampu opened a wooden door that would lead them down into his cellar.

The stairs were creaking under the weight of the two men. An odour of old cloth and sweat was in the air when Kampu clicked on the dim light that produced more shadows than it was creating brightness. "I have a real celebrity this time." "Who...?" "You know, I had to make a delivery this afternoon. Some security guys wanted to have some items delivered directly to a sort of stage. They were doing filming for a new movie." They had reached the bottom and Kampu led his friend through the dark cellar, towards their destination. "Some song it was. You know, and guess who the star was..." The other man, dressed in a police-uniform, was making a gesture of total not understanding. "Who?" But again Kampu did not tell him. He waved his hand and pointed at another wooden door. "There she is. Ready to get the full treatment." The policeman was hurrying past his friend. He was already breathing heavily and the big man had to laugh when he saw how his buddy was behaving. "You behave like you never had a fuck before...man..." "Who...who is it man..." "Well, she was the star of this movie, you know..." "You already told me that...." "And she is young..." "Young?" "Well, around twenty five..." "Who...man, I will kill you when you don't tell me." "Wait...," the big man said. He moved past the shivering man in the light blue shirt. He then opened a spy hole and pointed at the lens. "Take a look and go down to your knees to thank me for my idea." Kampu stepped aside and the police man bend forward to look through the little hole. And what he saw made his jaw drop down. There she was, dressed in a bright red suit. He wasn't sure yet whether it was leather, some sort of plastic or even patent leather. But it did not matter anyway. He saw how the 'leather' was smoothing around her curves. He saw it at her hips, saw were the material puckered.

The whole suit was like a second skin. And he could see that the beautiful girl, who was lying on the grey concrete, was in perfect shape. Midsized breasts, framed by the leather... Her long, dark black hair was flowing down her back. And when he looked at her face, he could see all the fear in the world. She was laying on her back, arms and legs stretched out. She seemed to be breathing heavily, her eyes wide open... "Isn't that..." Kampu was barking his laugh of acknowledgment. "No...It can't be...is..." "Yeah man, that is her. Katrina Kaif...the big star in our little playground-cellar." The thin policeman got upright, turned and looked into the face of the big man. "I...I can't believe it....Katrina Kaif. Here...." "You better believe it, man. She is our little toy now. And as far as I know, nobody knows that she is with us. We can have her as long as we want." "And...and we can fuck her...all night long..." "And all day...and all night..." A huge smile moved onto the police-man's features. He raised his hand... And Kampu did the same... Their hands hit each other and they started a loud laugh that made Katrina Kaif shiver in her cold cell. She was alone. All alone. The walls around her were coming closer. Or, so it seemed. And it was cold in there. The light grey floor was worn out and hard. She felt it in every bone. But what made her real shiver, was the uncertainty. She did not know what the man...or the men...would do to her. She had been kidnapped... Never, ever in her life did she waste a thought about being kidnapped. She knew she was permanently at risk. She was rich, was famous. But, no, that wouldn't happen to her. Or...would it? Katrina sat up, wrapped her arms around her body and lifted her head. The door was locked, that she knew. Those men were outside. She had clearly heard two voices. Men...had kidnapped her...and they would... "No..." But yes...she knew what they would do to her. "No, no, no..." But yes... "No," Katrina whispered the word into her armpit and watched her own tears hitting the red leather. "No..." Yes, they would rape her. "Let's go get her..."

"No..," Kampu placed a hand on his friends shoulder and turned him around. "No? What are you talking about? I want to stick my cock into that beautiful bitch. And right now...I mean," the policeman was furious. His cock hurt, and he just couldn't hold himself together... "So, you want her...Mhh?!" He nodded... "And you like that red suit, don't you?!" Again he nodded. "So, in order to stick your cock into her pussy, you will have to undress her. You will have to pull the so...stimulating...suit down. And..., I mean she still would be a great fuck. A naked Katrina..." "Yes, man, of course she is great. I ... I mean I cannot fuck her through the red leather...even if I want it..." "Yes, you can." "What?" The cop looked confused. "How?" The big man was laughing hard. His belly shook and he hit his friend again onto his shoulder. "You remember Mahesh, that guy from the Crime branch?" The cop thought for a moment and then he knew it. "Yes." "You know, he was here, this morning. And he brought a gift. Something from the lab." This time the man in the light blue shirt did not even try to guess what is friend was talking about. "Well, he gave me this." He took a spray bottle from a shelf. It was a tall bottle, dark blue, and it looked just like a normal hair spray bottle. "What's that?" "That is our dream comes true." "Show me..." "Yes, I will." Katrina leaned back against one wall, pulled her knees close and wrapped her arms around her legs. And then the

thick wooden door was unlocked. "No!" She screamed and did not know what to do. "No, please..." The door was opened and she saw the men. One of them was tall, was the man who had pulled her into his van; the man who had kidnapped her. "Oh God..." She stood up and looked around...there had to be a way out... And the other man was thin, and...it was a cop. "Oh God, I am so glad you are here. Please help me. The man has kidnapped me, has brought me here." The cop came closer and started smiling. "Well, well, well....has this man kidnapped you?" Katrina suddenly wasn't sure that this man was a cop. Why did he behave so strangely? He... "God, you really are a beauty, aren't you." He came closer and his face came so close that the man's nose almost touched Katrina's nose. Than he padded her left leg. And the strangest thing was...he seemed to enjoy the sound his hand made when it hit the bright red leather. "My dear Katrina-Superstar....do you know why you've been brought here?" She was so afraid, was shivering... "No..." "Well, my friend here....," he pointed at the bulky man, "...and I am running a business..." Katrina did not comprehend... "Well, and this business is to have as much sexual fun as possible in one man's life." A dark cloud started moving about the horizon... "What...?" "You will be fucked, Katrina. We will stick our huge cocks into this..." And then he grabbed Katrina Kaif between her legs. She was in shock. Her eyes wide open, Katrina forgot to breathe. She looked into the Cop's face, unable to think.

All of her muscles. on the other hand. Lying on the ground. restrained by the skin tight suit. smiled and did not stop stroking the red leather framing her slim body. The cop and the bulky man went down to their knees. the three of us will be having so much fun. my darling. Why would they do this to her? Why? "Why don't you get the table?" . between her thighs. Then the man looked up and down on her. feeling the pressure between her legs. And then his other hand reached around Katrina and a second later she felt his fingers grabbing." the girls face distorted into disgust and fear. You will have our cocks that deep into your beautiful body that you will think they are actually parts of your body. She held her breath. just made him mad. Katrina screamed out in pain when his black shoe hit her and she went down. "No. Pulling the girl towards him.And then he started rubbing over the red leather. looking up at the two men. her left buttock. and kneading her firm ass. He had gone through all of the kidnapping procedure. please«let me go. "Oh Katrina. framing. holding her body with strong fingers. "No«. "My God. unable to say anything. "Who will be first?" The bulky man looked at his cop-friend. he put the actress to the ground. Katrina started shivering." She turned away her face in disgust. that he now had no sense of patience left. over her vagina. Why don't you stick him into this«?" The cop again grabbed Katrina's vagina. He was closer. kicking into the knee pit. Let's fuck Katrina." "Let's fuck the bitch!" The bulky man couldn't wait any longer. this suit is certainly worth all this«." The cop reached out and grabbed Katrina's left wrist. were shaking in total panic. He just wanted to fuck Katrina Kaif." He suddenly let go of her and stepped back. "Right. closer and his whole body pressed itself onto her figure. the pubic hair. She had to get out«. The pure imagination that her sensitive lips. But there was just no chance for her to leave her confinement. the entrance into her young body were separated from his hand only by the red material he liked so much. Raped! She just couldn't believe it. The man. She realized that she was about to get raped. "You brought the bitch.

Her will was already broken. But there was no pity. His cock already was hard like a rock. sweating and breathing heavily grabbed Katrina's right arm and pulled her with one swift move to her feet. shivering slightly and expecting the worse. She screamed in pain. let me go. The man looked at her and laid one hand on her left thigh. "Well. His grip was brutal.." Then he turned to his friend. The cop carried a wooden table into the naked room. "Bring her«" The big man. supporting it with outstretched arms. Even a touch. He looked at her and let his gazes wander up and down her slim body." the bulky man now placed his hands on each hip of hers and looked into frightened eyes. no sympathy for her suffering here. "Please.They smiled at each other. this is so tight. "Al right«. He saw that there would be no resistance. "You wonder what this is. The table was a little higher than the usual one. Katrina. The bulky man kept on smiling while he pushed his fingers between Katrina's legs. and then the cop got up and left the bulky men with Katrina on the ground. He was smiling down on the sexy girl. Katrina looked up. And Katrina figured that it certainly had something to do with the . feeling a little relieve when the bulky man was stopped. He sat her down on the table. She was pushed and pulled over to the table. She looked at the hairy hand." he started stroking her leg. Like a leave in fall. only that she had to say something. don't you!?" She simply nodded. But before the sweating man could inflict any harm to her soul he was stopped by his returning comrade. moving his fingers even further towards her lap. Then he lifted her up from the ground. no attempt to escape. you'll see. And when his hands left her hips. and the red leather twisted somehow and so did her skin. And in only one moments time he finally would fulfil his dreams. "God. even his hand on her leg or between« Even the thought was unbearable. I« please«" She did not know what to say. "You know. so incredibly light." Have heartedly the girl lifted her upper body. pushing. Like a deer she waited for doom to strike. he grabbed her muscular thighs and spread her legs apart. I always wanted to fuck you. She was so light. pressing the middle finger onto the bright red leather of her jumpsuit were underneath her vagina was.

They were communicating nonverbal. The cop returned quickly. This table had been created in order to rape a victim.upcoming rape. "I still can't believe that something like this exists. She had a very good idea that those men would rape her any moment now. His cock had risen and it was« directly opposite of her lap.breathing hard. That one of these men started shaking it. had to see it. by pure incident between the legs of the fat man." pause. Katrina Darling. She had no idea what those monsters did to her. This table would be her doom to come. it ran down her body." Both of them started giggling and Katrina's felt like she had to go crazy. Would they somehow cut the red leather between her legs in order for their cocks to ram down her body. red leather between her legs. What did they do to her? But the two men did not care her attention. "God« no«!" she lifted her upper body. No. The cop had a plain spray bottle in his right Hand and looked at the tight. She could only assume that the 'Cop' would leave the again to bring the spray. over her pussy." She heard the faint sound of a spray bottle being turned. "« him?" No sound." She did as she was told«. She looked down her body and looked. It does. to stick them deep into her vagina? "Get me the spray. shivering and sweating. And she was afraid to death just by the shear thought of those men sticking their cocks into her. between skin and leather. not any victim. "Lie down and wait for me to fuck you. They seemed to be transfixed with what they did to her lower body. But what spray? What would they do with it«? Katrina lay on the light brown table. A fine layer of sweat already covered her young body and since the leather suit could not absorb the sweat." "You think it does anything bad to. She felt it« between her legs. But« He placed one fat hand on her left shoulder and pressed her backwards. she had been right. starring at the ceiling. Praying to a god that wouldn't listen. crying and pleading for help. will ya?" "Yes«" Katrina couldn't see what the men were doing. And then she heard and « felt the spray. But what made her real crazy was the total loss of ideas ." "But it does. So. "That should do it. "Here. But«what would they do now.

He positioned the tip over the part of the red suit where the vagina was underneath and still couldn't believe that this spray would work. And. something so unheard of« a sensation when his cock slid into the leather. "No«please«please don't. Any moment now his best part would touch the cool leather. She had lost her virginity to a rapist. Robed off the one precious gift she had to give. His hands found their way on top of her thighs. the vagina of his girl. being stopped from doing his most driving desire. She was in the process of being raped. this bitch still is a virgin!" His cock separated the thin skin. No wonderful memory that she could tell her grandchildren. "No. She than heard the chiming sound of his belt. Katrina Kaif screamed in pain. since she still was in a more upright position«took an in voluntary look at the dark coloured penis in his left hand. She wasn't a virgin anymore. It was the strangest sensation« He saw his cock sliding deeper.!" All strength left Katrina's arms and she hit the table with her back. feeling the lips of Katrina's vagina closing around it and still« the bright read leather seemed to be undamaged. What? He pressed the girl's legs apart till it hurt Katrina in the joints.. Her chest started moving heavily and she began to shiver in an unknown quality. holding his own cock in the hand. "A virgin?!" . no«.. They smiled.to what those men were doing to her lower body. no. The men straightened up and looked at their frightened victim. I am still«. Being raped. his pants being opened. pushed the lips apart. But that would change." the young singer whispered. down between the red leather and her body. looked down between Katrina's thighs and his forehead wrinkled. She couldn't even think about what was to happen. He would feel it on the tip« now«. when the tip instantly touched the sensitive lips. "Oh my God. No first time with the man she loved. Now«now« But then something happened. Lost« forever. "Time to test the creativity of our foriegn product. positioned himself between her firm legs. No turning back. And then the bulky man went straight to the lower end of the table. A scream went over her lips. his zipper. She still was« -Oh please. A little river of blood ran out of her opening." Katrina shook her head. Unconsciously the bulky man shook his head when« when he realized what was happening.A groaning sound filled the room when the big and fat man stood between Katrina Kaif legs.. Tears shot in her eyes. It was like the leather had melted around his penis. He looked down on her. I. not with those« not the first time«. Something so strange.

"«. The bulky man grabbed her hips. bright red. this was unbelievable« The bulky man had his eyes half closed while his fingers still held their firm grip of the girl's hips. she was a beauty.. her sounds of pain let his arousals grow. the pain was unbearable. no«that came close to the joy he felt while having his rock hard cock in this virgins vagina. noticing that the make shift table shook underneath the weight and intensity. her flat stomach. he knew what the man wanted. she's tight!" "Nooooo«" Katrina's vagina went into a cramp. man. He rammed his cock deep into the tight hole. But there was nothing in the world«no feeling. no room for any lazy fat«her figure was perfect«and he cupped her breasts. again and again« Subconsciously his hands let go of her hips and moved upwards over the cool. Why had he been so dumb to let his pal take the first fuck? If he had known that this Katrina bitch was still a virgin. His lower body had become a machine. His own erection grew. hearing the sound when the leather was squeezed« And a thought came up« The man opened up his eyes and looked at the cop while he kept on fucking Katrina Kaif. self guided and without any control by him. . And her wining. He started pumping« "God. no action. his head in a deep red.!" The cop shook his head. He looked her face. The bulky man. pressing them hard." the bulky man coughed while pushing his cock deeper into the young woman's vagina. hearing the sound the red leather made«enjoying it. He walked over to the side of the table. The cop just couldn't believe what was happening. his forehead in a frown. tears streaming down her soft cheeks. pointed at the actress's breasts« And then his pal smiled." he couldn't find his breath. and their« his friends cock went into the beautiful body without harming the red leather. stretched her vagina. And with each thrust the pain grew in intensity. "No. He shook his head. Faster and faster he went. "You're kidding' me!" Katrina felt the man's cock deep inside her body. "The«. his scream painted in disbelieve. It was so incredibly erotic«skin tight. red leather. Her face distorted into a grimace of endless pain. The massive. He pushed her hard. thrusting deep and hard into her. hard into the skin. he would have found some excuse to be her first. God.the sprays«. long penis filled her out.The cop's voice was shrill. She is«. The cop let his gazes wander down her body. pressing his fingers hard around the bones. watching the uneven pair having sex. It was distorted by all the pain and fear. Her midsized tits.

It hurt« More tears filled her eyes and her head sank back. even harder « his cock went deep down her body. It was as if he couldn't decide whether he should touch them. She felt« she felt his massive hands on her breasts. felt the bulky man's cock entering her body each and every time. his pain«sweet pain«sweet« He kept on moving. protected by the durable leather.He went over. so close« Pressing the warm. pushing him self again and again into the hole. soft tits. distant and not connected to her self. she was good. She had closed her eyes again. It was supposed to be a very special occasion in a woman's love. Her suit had become somehow liquid. And. God. The cop moved the bottle from left to right and then pulled the bottle away again. She looked up and felt a difference« . A cry of pain filled the small cellar room. still «harder. still moving in and out of her. And when her sight had been cleared she saw his fingers « on « or more accurately in the red leather. the man of her dreams. This man was supposed to be her first lover. She felt him and was thinking that this was it. breathing hard. She felt each bump. this was how it was« this thing in her. The bulky man looked down on his prey and screamed out his satisfaction. More tears« It hurt so much. A cry of pain escaped her mouth. She lay there. His big hands were hovering over Katrina's breasts. started pressing her firm breasts. She couldn't believe that this ugly and violent creature was her first man. So. How often she had thought about a man. oh God. grabbed the spray bottle and pointed it at the firm hills. on her back. She was in a state of trance. Pure lust. harder. whether it was working« But then he let his hands down on the tits. Love. her legs spread and a fat and smelling man had pushed his fat cock into her vagina. He then pointed at the breasts. holding herself on the table with hurting fingers. Blinking she tried to clear her sight from tears. pure satisfaction. "Your pleasure«" "Thanks man. Katrina's eyes opened up and she saw everything in a blur." The bulky man coughed. And he pressed the button« A fine layer of the liquid hit the leather. she was tight. And she still couldn't accept the fact. All the pain in her body seemed to be unreal. Her first time. It was like he could feel the end coming. so tight« He was close. And now Katrina lay on a makeshift table in a dark cellar. How often the young woman had dreamed about her first time. still only a shadow. Against her better judgement Katrina opened up her eyes and looked at the fat creature between her firm thighs. somehow moving around the man's fingers (and his cock)« And the bulky man started massaging. endless love and the warm physical union. And then the creature began to move faster.

why she was another person now: -There is no joy« no joy any longer«As long as Katrina could remember there had been fun and an incredible sense of an open sky where everything was possible. Katrina Kaif became one shivering. a life that had made sense. had been robed of her innocence. She felt the hot and burning sensation of her breasts. a very strange sensation filled her. deeper into them« And then it happened« He was screaming out loud« His lower body hit her pelvis one last time« Sperm shot out of this creatures cock.faster« And his fingers were digging as deep as possible into Katrina's breasts. who had been raped. when the vagina was in a situation like minutes before. Katrina let her legs come together and felt the joints screaming out loud in pain. all of a sudden the girl figured out why she felt different. Sperm shot deep into her. There was no joy. But those days were over now. She wasn't stronger« She wasn't a tough girl. He let go of her aching breasts and stumbled backwards. . A person detached from the innocent young lady on the table. The young sexy actress felt his weakening cock gliding out of her body. They had been squeezed and mistreated for some time now and the pain subsided only marginally. A woman. Only harder. She had led a life of possibilities. pushing harder« Even harder«faster«. And after all. She only was different. And when it was out. Those days« No she was a bundle of shivering flesh. not moving any longer.He moved faster with each push« He coughed« Breathing faster. slowly down her ass and hitting the makeshift table. And then. And some of it ran back out. she became somehow more aware that she had been raped. shaking bundle when the bulky man pulled himself out of her red and swollen pussy. This time holding them. was valuable. Sperm had entered her. Sperm shot out it and entered Katrina Kaif vagina. Somehow she had become another person.

please don't." He had reached the slim. saw the bright red leather going into small waves. And this friend. He felt his breathing slowing down and involuntarily grabbed his pants to pull them up again. was also leaning against one of the walls where he had the broadest grin on his face. babe«what shall I do?" Suddenly the corners of his mouth lifted." She looked at him and the cop felt immeasurable joy when he detected the fear in her features. this cop. She saw blood. She was shivering and crying and he knew she would do anything to get away from him if only she was able to. "Yeah man. He couldn't « no. honey. she wasn't« "Alright. the muscular buttocks. "So baby. before she had the chance to form a single thought she was grabbed by her shoulders and turned around. When he had closed them without looking at the zipper or the button. No man. her own blood and without thinking her hands grabbed the upper edge of the wood to hold herself. bent over her side till his face was close to Katrina's face. It can't be. Small . you're not really thinking you can stop me from having a little fun with your « body. thinking. framed by skin tight read leather. Please make him stopBut God was on a vacation. A scream escaped her mouth when her face hit the untreated wood of the table. And he felt his cock rising to a state where it hurt. "Mhhh." the thin man.. he« -Oh God.The bulky man had stumbled against one of the cellar walls. He did not listen to Katrina Kaif. Why don't you take your turn?" The cop pushed himself from the wall and moved closer to the slim woman in a read leather suit. "Katrina. But luckily she wasn't able to get away. he looked at his friend. babe. breathing heavily and felt his flesh returning to a normal state. young woman and was standing over her now. "What shall I do with you. starring at him. Katrina. "Good. he already opened up his pants. the cop. aren't you!?" She just lay there. real good. He saw her pressing her legs together." and he padded the firm. hmm?!" A smile. There he stood. babe«you want to have another pussy fuck? Or «. "Now I know«" And before Katrina could react. "Ever had a cock up your«. "Come on. And while he moved. you are about to get the fuck of your life." the cop stopped talking and the smile broadened.

heard the hard breathing of a man who was aroused. a little more pressure. The signal for endless pain« a hissing sound« Katrina Kaif was screaming on the top of her lungs when she felt the spray hitting the read leather that so far had protected her anus. "No. She could hear herself breathing. She had never been fucked« -No. Images. Fingers touched her thighs from the inside and pressed them apart. stopped thinking. what he wanted to do. no«. pressing« -It's his penis«. No word left. Katrina closed her eyes again and pressed her forehead hard onto the table. don't think«. -Don't think.But there was still the pain in her vagina." "I didn't think so. And only a short moment passed when the girl heard the sound the zipper made. a light touch on the red leather. please«please«"But there is a first time for everything«. pictures of what was about to happen. no. no. And there were those images her mind was creating. A sound« Too familiar« The sound of horror." But her remark wasn't supposed to be an answer to his question.. Still there was the pain in her breasts. "No«. Of course she didn't have a cock in her ass before.sounds so typical of hitting a buttock filled the small room." she whispered knowing that there was no way out. "«ever had a cock up your anus. Katrina stopped moving. Katrina baby?!" It was like a bucket of ice cold water had been turned over her head. no. He had told her what she had to know.Tears hitting the light brown wood« . There was no way she could make herself believe that everything was fine. A small." He was laughing out loud when he again hit her ass. There was no word to be spoken. She heard the chiming. could hear a rumbling behind her back. And the thin man in his light blue shirt placed his hands on her back while he was speaking no word. no«God. no. And those pictures made her just crazy. Suddenly no word was said.

this was the ultimate satisfaction. At first it was a slow process since the cop had to push into a part of her body that had never been used this way. She just did not care anymore. But his erection was so strong. The cop only saw the slim and very beautiful girl underneath him. loved it. felt it vibrating in pain and the feeling of intense pleasure grew by the second. oh yes. He somehow was stroking the cute girl. That beautiful little whore. God. underneath one mans boot. all the might he had. a reflection of the pain she felt. hurting her. A loud groan«fingers pressing hard into her flesh. And he gave it to her. He pushed his manhood deeper and deeper. And the best was that thanks to the spray he got from his pal. That rich little bitch. did not comprehend anything« . the bulky man say something. he gave it to that little bitch. It fitted her like a glove. The pain was unbearable. She was suffering. like a second skin. heard the fat man. her front pressed to the makeshift table. heart her crying and the pleasure was building up. that there was no real barrier. he was thankful for being alive« He pushed it again into her. her muscles almost gave way when she laid there. and opened up the small hole. pressed her buttocks apart. He enjoyed it. The room spun around him and distorted in a blur. with all the lust. Katrina felt humiliated. Her face was a distorted grimace. pain soaring up her nerves. And then he was entirely inside her ass. heard her moaning. He pushed his cock deep into the shaking body. And each thrust of his cock brought her closer to fainting out. Tears were starting to stream down her soft cheeks. held the girl by her hips and started fucking her. streams of sweat running down his features. He heard his pal. pushed it hard. Her fingers wrapped around the edge of the wood. Again and again the peace of meat was gliding into her ass. felt power like he always did when he had one of those victims in this cellar. He felt it being tight around him. Sweat was running between the red leather and her skin while the table made noises that told her that it would break down some time soon. He was groaning when he pushed his hurting cock deep into the slim girl's ass. bringing her closer to the end. Yes.and the buttocks gave way. the pain in his manhood. The only thing he regretted was that he wasn't able to see her face. But that pain was completely wrapped in the pain she felt in her anus. She felt the hot and soaring pain in the ass. his face red. pressing his penis as hard as he was able to against Katrina's anus« And all of a sudden the red and swollen cock entered the young woman's ass.And then again there was this most peculiar sensation. the celebrity. felt less than an ant on the ground. the cop did not comprehend it. felt the mans cock were it did not belong. were moving aside. it was the pleasure. he was able to give it to her without removing the suit. The cop. Katrina Kaif anus was screaming out loud in total pain. the lust that grew. It was the heat that came rushing. Each and every time he entered her he heard the sound of pain escaping her. into her pelvic bones« He stepped forward«giving more and more pressure. Only the back of her head« but there was this magnificent body in that leather suit. Katrina« He legs were shaking. She did not care if she was going to be punished or not. his will to perform the rape so high. Chemicals were altering the consistency of the leather«and matter passed through. he knew. felt him filling her ass« And she was yelling out loud. Yet. The tip«wet«filled the small whole« More pressure«. felt used as a piece of meat. but he liked it very much. He pushed hard and without thinking his hands were gliding up the red leather.

his cock hurt so much. It certainly was red and wet and as sure as hell there would be blood between her buttocks. This time neither the cop nor the bulky man cared about it anymore. the road of pleasure thinned out when« The cop was screaming out loud« The girl in red was screaming« The girl in the leather suit was screaming« Katrina Kaif was screaming out loud when she felt him explode insider her body« Sperm shot out of him. man«we'll have her in no time. held her steady when he kept on pushing. . with a shiny golden badge on his front. nothing that told him what just had happened. There was no scratch." Katrina looked up at her captors. And even her fingers gave way« But when the cop felt her body weakening he just grabbed her pelvis again. "I think we keep her. though he kept on pushing till it hurt too much." But the two men did not seem to care about her words. flooding the back of the young woman's body. And he still couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the red leather returning to its original state. heard« heard his own moaning as it grew louder and louder. please«please let me go. observing her pain. felt the pleasure subside. The man in the light blue shirt. he realized that the end of this had come. They were looking down on her." "Yeah man. Though he did not want it." They had closed their pants and both of them looked very much relaxed when they started leaving the small cellar room. "Don't worry." Katrina fell down and hit the floor. and tears covering her face. "What«?" she shook her head in disbelieves. He felt himself growing weaker. her knees suddenly became so weak that she was not able to hold herself any longer. her eyes red and swollen. The cop started laughing out loud. Her buttocks started shaking in pain. But what she had just heard turned everything else in to something not worth thinking about. was breathing hard and felt himself relax. "please don't. right now. They then looked at each other and started grinning. It hurt. this babe is hot." the cop said. He looked down on the woman in red and then suddenly pulled himself out of her anus. no hole. He felt all there was leaving him. the road of pain. had been robed from her dreams and had been treated like a piece of meet. But the man had raped to many people that he did not know how Katrina's ass would looked like. "What do you think?" "Well. it is a shame that we can't go any further right now. The horizon came close. but he was unwilling to stop what he was doing. "Oh man. He heard her mumbling. He did not want this to end. She just had gone through hell. shot out into the depth of Katrina's ass. heard his victim.Again and again he pushed himself deep into the tight hole.

Instead she rolled up in a foetal position and let the pain take over. to persuade the men. "You mean something white?" "Exactly. "Let me go!" Her fingertips touched the cop's right leg and he shook a little. crying constantly. -They will come again« oh God. They shook with laughter and each of them already felt the urge to pay her involuntary guest another visit. please let me go. .. and again. but she started crawling over the light grey floor. but soon he figured that out. pussy hole. and crying. like he had been hit by light electricity.Katrina reached out for them. "I think young Katrina Kaif should get something to drink. her body hurt too much. begging. raped« Her brain was filled by that single word. But over all there was the threat of the future. felt beyond pain." The cop and the bulky man started going up the stairs to the little shop. He then started laughing out loud. Please«.They would come again." The bulky man looked at his friend. "Don't you ever do that again. The young girl was screaming out in pain. More tears were streaming down her face while she was covered by pain. She still felt a throbbing pain in her vagina and in her anus while she involuntarily shifted position in order to ease the pain.. When they were in the other room they looked at each other again. raped. The cop smiled at him and caressed his own chin. stopped trying to get out. First not getting the meaning of his friends words. Raped." Then he kicked Katrina hard into her side. She felt empty and hollow. asking. Katrina lay broken on the floor of her cell. She stopped asking her captors. "What do you reckon we do to her next time?" the bulky man asked. Again. beyond the comprehension of her situation. They had to let her go« She was too weak to stand up. The men left the room and the bulky man shut the door. still holding out one hand.

The dazzling neon lights and glare of vehicle headlights did little to phase the slender. She paused by one of these bookstores and.And nobody knew if ever Katrina Kaif would see the sky again. Yet it was nighttime in the city.An Unforgettable Night Katrina who was raised in Hawaii.. marked only with an ³X´ in faded graffiti. she said "Let . Her Visit to see her old buddies. Continued. Here it was less crowded and noisy. and dark sunglasses to avoid being recognized. ducked into the small alley beside it.Katrina Kaif . as aside from the brown trenchcoat with its collar turned up. they would not have guessed this person was female. The trenchcoated woman rounded the corner of a busy avenue and headed quickly down a side street. The only thing that might have given her away (if anyone had bothered to look down at her feet) was the pair of black pumps that she wore. nightclubs. nothing of general interest was located here save for a few cheap bars and a couple of adult bookstores. was there.. wide-brimmed hat that had most of her hair tucked beneath it. bars." She dug in her coat pocket and pulled out a card. after a moment of looking around. England. A slot opened up and a voice grunted. she knocked three times. United States and later moved to london. too wrapped up in their own affairs and immediately forgetting about the strange attire as quickly as they noticed it. and the woman stepped over to it. "Who is it?" "It's me. For anyone watching. A partially-concealed door. Celebrity Sex Stories. and the like. trenchcoat-clad figure who wove about the crowds of people with ease. It was about 12:30 in the morning and the nightlife of the city was in full swing as people of all sorts headed out to shows. she also wore a large. and the people she passed barely gave her a second glance. Raising a slim hand. Flashing it to the person behind the door.

A burly black man wearing a stained T-shirt and jeans pulled open the door. ³I gotta say. with smears and dollops all over her palm and webbed strings of it between her fingers. The perspiration and grime left a bitter taste on her tongue and she savored it. To top off her looks she was absolutely beautiful. feeling her fingers stroking his testicles gently. hmm?´ ³Fuck yeah. ³Save some more of that for me later. her palm." The slot slid shut. the veins pulsing as he fixed to cum. who responded in kind. I don't like bollywood movies much but how can I miss to watch you sweet heart?´ he responded as he followed her down the hall. Stunning brown eyes turned to the hulking bouncer. Namastey London. shut the door behind her and locked it again. her heels clicking on the linoleum floor. tanned C-cup breasts and trimmed pussy. huh?´ ³I¶ve been busy.´ He made a noise of approval as they stopped in front of a flight of stairs going down and grabbed his crotch obscenely. you were bitchin¶ in it. you know that. Katrina Kaif. ³«and we can have some more fun later?´ Marcus only grunted in agreement. She leaned over and whispered in his ear ³Maybe later I can give you a special screening. ³FUCK!´ Marcus shouted loudly and began cumming all over Katrina¶s hand and the front of his boxers. The verse on her side showed clear against the light. how you been?´ Spreading his thick arms wide. ³Hey girl. Her lithe body pressed into his burly form and she ran a hand down his pants until it was cupped around his balls. Marcus had been working hard all day. and then slowly dragged her hand up the underside of his dick. a wide smile on his face. enjoying the expression of intense pleasure on his face. after circling it with her index finger once. twice. known to millions of people in India and worldwide«and only half of them could only fantasize that she would visit. three times. showing off her gorgeous. ³You¶ve seen my movie De Dana Dan. ³That¶s it«that¶s it«cum for me. ³Mmm. azure eyes and exotic-looking features on a face that was now famous. cleaning it of semen. female star of the blockbuster Race.´ She winked at him as she turned to walk down the stairs. Katrina wrapped her hand around the spurting cock as he jetted hot sperm all over her fingers. She removed her sunglasses and stowed them in her pocket. I¶d forgotten how good your cum tastes. Marcus leaned back against the wall to recuperate as Katrina methodically licked off her hand inch by inch. he wrapped the woman in a big bear hug.me in.´ Katrina continued to stroke his balls. much less frequent. 240-pound bouncer shuddered under the touch of a woman only 5 ½ feet tall. locks clicked undone and the door opened. Her coat hung open and loose around her frame. She reached the head of his prick and.´ Katrina smiled as the 6¶2. a place like this. When she finished she smacked her lips and grinned. it's freezing. and the back of her hand.´ Marcus grunted and closed his eyes. about four or five time. she ran her finger over it before pressing her fingertip gently into his pisshole.´ She laughed delightedly and turned to face him. the bouncer. By now she was undoing the buttons of her long brown coat. and he was sweaty and filthy²just the way she liked her men. okay?´ . She remained like this until Marcus stopped climaxing and then withdrew her hand carefully. Watchin¶ you in that fuckin¶ thin top and fine-ass frocks. ³Like that«just like that«´ ³Hmm. Katrina could feel his big cock straining against her wrist. Well. right?´ ³Hell yeah. plunked the hat on the head of her friend (and sometimes fuck-buddy) and kissed him on the cheek. ³It¶s been a while«how come you don¶t come down to see us no more. Marcus. Finally removing her hat and shaking out her long mane of dark hair. teasing them. ³Gave me a fuckin¶ hardon all through the movie. Marcus. ³Why don¶t I give a preview now«´ She stuck out her pink tongue and gave his neck a long slow lick. It was shiny and streaked white with fresh cum.´ She walked into a narrow brick corridor lit with only a few bare light bulbs.

and it was an exuberant feeling. a pretty blonde named Kayla. For years she had viewed her dad¶s collection. shopping. ³Working took so much damn time I hardly managed to get time to masturbate in my trailer. The sight of the newcomer caught their attention. Her pussy was tingling and wet as she entered. walking over to a barstool and sitting down. and in return for her semi-regular visits they agreed not to give out the secret that Katrina Kaif was down there with them. she had finally been granted a month¶s time for herself. Right now there were only a few people scattered around the room. She was particularly lucky this time. ³Can I get your autograph?´ she asked jokingly. After so many long hours of working. ³There you go. while they loved that she was pretty wild when she fucked them.´ The two women laughed. She took a napkin from the bar. more extreme porn. ³The usual. wiped it against her pussy a few times. fucking was one of the main things that existed in her mind. having to search for other ways to satisfy her fetishes.´ she said. It was essentially the room for breaks between fucks. The leather felt cool on her bare ass. Now at 25 she frequented underground sex clubs on her days off. And even then I wasn¶t satisfied!´ . Katrina had found the address of this place on one of her porn searches and. ³Sure!´ Katrina agreed. It had remained empty for decades until a group of like-minded perverts had found the place and decided to revamp the place into their own private pit of sexual depravity.Katrina laughed to herself as she descended down the steps. and sex! As she reached the bottom of the stairs the familiar sounds and smells of perversity assaulted her and she breathed it in deeply.´ Katrina relaxed as she got her first drink of the evening. as nudity was the common ³attire´ around here. then gave it to Kayla. Katrina Kaif didn¶t just love sex. and talk casually before heading back to one of the various rooms that satisfied their particular kinks. ³Every day. She didn¶t bat an eye at the nude beauty in front of her. then when it had lost its appeal. She had found some pretty sick shit. gave a little wave. every day!´ she responded. a young. to be sure²and while some of it did turn her off. Since she had first been introduced to sex at age 15 while secretly watching one of her dad¶s hardcore porn flicks she had found. taking it a step up. Careful. This left her feeling horny and disappointed. ³Awesome movie Katrina!´ ³Really great!´ ³You were HOT!´ Katrina blushed at the praise and. ³Definitely. Katrina stored them in an empty locker by the door before walking naked and barefoot into the main room. The bartender. after working up the nerve to risk public exposure in coming down for the first time. smiling. welcomed her. ³Thanks guys. most of what she¶d found got her hot and sent her dashing for the shower where she finger-fucked herself into a stupor. asked her. Even when she began acting for a living she still surfed for porn. she could finally take a load off and just be herself. firmly establishing herself in some of the more twisted fetishes that existed. back in her element. she had spent countless hours on the Internet searching for harder. good-looking guy and one of the regulars. It had once been a large storehouse for stashes of alcohol during Prohibition before being legalized again. As one everyone got up and began clapping as the Bollywood star walked in. The juicy handjob she had just given reminded her of a certain interview she had given to act in the movie Boom. special places that could suit her needs in worldwide. baby. the ink¶s still wet. drinking and engaged in conversation. get drinks. after doing De Dana Dan and a slew of interviews. which she greatly appreciated and intended to use to the fullest intent with the three S¶s: sleeping. She had been 17 when she first had sex. then?´ Kayla asked. backed down when some of the things she wanted to do were too much for them. where people could sit at the bar. However some of her previous boyfriends. The fact that she was a well-known celebrity who rubbed elbows with Bollywood was also a huge turn-on for the people down here. Pausing only to shrug off her coat and step out of her heels. she quickly became a semi-regular and a favorite of the staff and other visitors. she LUSTED for it. ³So did you miss us?´ Gary.

They entered the rooms used for regular fucking. As a result she had a wild forest of coarse pubic hair covering her cunt. and the constant stresses of their jobs always led them down here to relieve themselves. It tickled her nose. ³Clean me. He picked up Katrina¶s drink and held it at crotch level. ³Stick that cock in my cunt and drill the piss out of me! Fucking do it!´ Gary drove his cock halfway into Katrina¶s cunt. ³Fuck yeah!´ Katrina cried out. They passed several rooms. Katrina swallowed everything that entered her mouth. who began licking immediately. Laura lay down on the mattress with her legs spread. threw her head back. well- . hearing the sounds of moaning and barking behind the closed door. breathing into her ear.³I can fix that. Katrina stood up and walked down the hall. their specialties posted as silhouetted pictures on the door: a whip. Once inside Laura took charge. and he began fucking her in earnest. Laura was Gary¶s girlfriend and also a regular here. Just as she said that small hands reached around and cupped her tits. throbbing penis inside her after so long. her own sizable breasts against Katrina¶s back. and it seemed to wrap around his thrusting member like a glove. a drop of water. and downed the dick-tainted drink in one gulp. ³Fuck! I¶m fucking gonna cum!´ shouted Laura. once she regularly heard (and took part in with each of her six dogs) at home. you Bollywood whore!´ She thrust Katrina¶s head into her groin. Carefully he dipped his semi-erect penis into the liquor and swished it around for a few moments before withdrawing and handing it back. Gary stood behind her. his large hands firmly gripping her slender. Her thighs squeezed around Katrina¶s head as she orgasmed loudly.´ and so kept her pussy unshaven. Forcing Katrina to her knees and bending her over so her tits brushed the sticky floor. Katrina took it. skank!´ Grabbing a handful of Katrina¶s silky dark locks Laura dragged her over to a mattress on the floor. apparently Laura had just gotten out of a gangbang. a dog. The lights were turned low for a sexual atmosphere. leaving smears of cum behind. Behind her Gary was pumping her cunt furiously. Thick gobs and streaks of semen were caught within it. The air was heavy with the smell of sweat and musk. Laura and Gary were high-powered attorneys at a law firm. In response Katrina leaned back and kissed Laura passionately. He knelt down and leaned forward so that the purple head of his cock rubbed against Katrina¶s moist slit. squirting cunt juice into her mouth and down her chin. the two following. They also managed the paperwork needed to get the club its various supplies and equipment. ³Mmm. The walls of her pussy were hot and wet. The sultry redhead was behind her. Katrina pricked her ears when she passed this room. The bush of pubic hair felt rough against the smooth corners of her mouth. ³Over here.´ Gary said with a lecherous grin. a length of rope. Laura gripped Katrina¶s head in her hands and pulled her towards her well-fucked crotch. They were familiar sounds. and there were already several couples and a few small groups engaged in sex. It felt so good to have a real. Katrina began sawing back to meet his thrusts. The sensations were driving her wild and she was grunting and moaning like a bitch in heat. and the floor was sticky with sperm and cunt juice. ³You want another taste?´ Laura whispered. and strands of it were coming off on her tongue as she licked Laura¶s cunt fervently. including the pubic hair. her voice muffled by cunt hair. Laura was a firm believer in being ³au natural. moaning joyously at the copious amount of sperm leaking out. keeping it hidden from public scrutiny. so she didn¶t stop to partake in what it offered. Still swabbing Laura¶s pussy with her tongue. I taste Laura¶s cunt on your cock!´ Katrina licked her lips. jerking his cock at the sight of the movie star being treated like a dirty bitch. their tongues sliding slickly against each other.

and was engaged in a hot threesome.´ Gary said. They grabbed her and flipped her over so that she was lying on her back on the sticky floor. replaced by the overwhelming desire to get well and truly fucked before the night ended.toned ass.´ One of the men moved to do so. Enough time had passed since she¶d last been down. refusing to believe her eyes. milking it for all it was worth as she threw her head back and let out a near-animalistic scream. she¶s begging for it!´ ³Is that so?´ Laura reached down and pinched Katrina¶s left nipple. By now word was spreading throughout the club that Katrina Kaif had come down to the club. There was a mini stampede as men and women came into the room to view the spectacle for their own eyes. looking fucking hot ass!´ ³Well. Sasha´ Laura panted. ³This is definitely her. who gasped and made noises of awe. grinning wickedly at the mixed expression of surprise and apprehension on the star¶s face²apparently she hadn¶t considered getting into a orgy tonight.´ She grabbed Katrina by her hair again. so naturally we have first dibs. ³I want to get a piece of that celebrity ass!´ There was a chorus of agreements. ³Holy shit. Gary shot the last few squirts into her pussy and had barely withdrawn before being pushed aside by two of the burlier guys who had watched them. ³I want his cum! I want him to shoot a huge fucking load of thick sperm into my whoring twat! Fucking give it to me. . ³You¶ll all get your turn with this cunt. making her grunt and bite her lip sexily. incredibly aroused by all the people watching her copulating shamelessly in front of them. and the new meat shoved inside her made her cum again.´ Laura said. had come to join their debauchery. She¶s already made me cum. ³It¶s some hooker they got off the street that just looks like Katrina Kaif. awed as she stared at the famous actress' beautiful body lying nude before them. it IS her!´ One man gaped. See for yourself. All uncertainty of getting into a full-blown orgy vanished. This set off Katrina¶s climax. coming down from her orgasmic high. His face was red and shiny with sweat as he jackhammered into Katrina¶s twat. and she came loud and long. give it to me. ³Tell them your name. tough titties for her! ³But Gary and I found her first. pulled her head up and made her turn to look at the crowd. and they couldn¶t believe that an actual celebrity. Well. Her mouth and chin were shiny with cunt juice and there were a few red pubic hairs sticking to them.´ ³I¶m Katrina Kaif. don¶t you? Tell them how much you want it!´ ³Fuck yes!´ Katrina was on the verge of screaming now.´ ³That¶s not gonna take long. Her pussy clamped down on Gary¶s cock. panting with exertion.´ Katrina Kaif said to them. ³Not you!´ She pushed him away. ³look. The man at her legs spread them wide and thrust himself inside her in an instant. ³Gladly.´ ³Trust me. GIVE IT TO ME!!´ ³Ahhh SHIT!!´ Boiling hot semen bolted through his cock and erupted deep into Katrina¶s snatch. It has to be. ³No way!´ a slender woman with what looked like blonde hair standing next to him said. Her ass stood out starkly against the light. She was still coming down from her climax. I¶ll be fucked!´ Sasha said. ³Her pussy¶s so fucking wet. so now she has to make Gary cum before we pass her around. ³You want his hot cum in your fuckhole. there were many newcomers to the club since then.

cheeks. Two men took her arms and made her grab their dicks. Katrina held her mouth open for a moment so they could see the white semen in her mouth before she swallowed noisily. making her gag. paying extra attention to her large tits and stiff nipples. ³This is a grade-A piece of ass. ³Let¶s see how good you are with a dick. Katrina was in heaven. you ARE good. There were cocks rubbing against her neck. She closed her mouth and began sucking in earnest. ³Damn.´ Katrina made a noise of agreement. with a single shot hitting her directly on the nose. Katrina had deep-throated cock before. Hands were all over.´ Another guy stepped forward and got her to turn over so that she was on all fours. before being smeared all around by the cocks still rubbing her face. his dick slapping wetly against her cheek as he did so. Some of it dribbled off her chin and landed wetly on her tits.´ He slapped his dick on her spermy labia a couple of times to emphasize his point. Her cheeks and throat were bulging with cockmeat and she was turning red from the effort. The man in front of her started to push himself forward. with her fantastic ass facing him. she attempted to swallow the prick in her mouth. every so often gently flicking her nipples with their tongues or nipping them with their teeth. ³You ever been assfucked. Meanwhile a thick prick was sliding in and out of her cunt while she sucked on another like a lollypop.´ she said.´ He pushed his manmeat inside her mouth. Some of them leaned in and tried rubbing their cocks against her face and hair. but she didn¶t make a habit of it. swirling her tongue around the shaft. Not wanting her to pass out. ³Let¶s see what we can do with it. Opening her throat as much as she could. The men stood around. letting herself get adjusted as the veins in his dick pulsed on her tongue. ³Again.´ said the man kneeling beside her head. the man pounding her cunt lunged forward and began cumming also. The guy in her mouth moved slowly so that he was gently fucking her mouth. he pushed into her mouth again. He spit on his fingers and rubbed it against her tiny asshole. where it was licked off greedily by a couple of the women. thick ropes of sperm shooting down her gullet. and jism rained down on her face. It splattered on her forehead and cheeks. He could hardly believe it if he wasn¶t . I figured she was a whore. ³Fuuuucck!´ The guy in her mouth couldn¶t hold it for too much longer. ³Fuck. his sperm firing deep inside her. letting Katrina gasp for air. pawing and groping every inch of her tattooed body.´ He positioned himself at the entrance to her butt and pushed himself in slowly. covering her movie-star features. In half disbelief. The rest of the group began swarming around the celebrity whore. ³Jeez. jacking themselves at the sight. ³Good. muffling her cries of pleasure.´ he said while pulling out. Strings of spit drooled out of her mouth as she coughed. She could feel warm mouths suckling at her fleshy tits. µcause I¶m not gonna take it easy on you. her mouth stuffed with cock again. letting it slide easier into her throat. tasting its salty goodness on her tongue. Tears came to her eyes as the man pushed into her throat. Other women tried shouldering for a chance. A few women dropped down and began licking her body all over. and she began jerking them off. inch by inch until all of his cock was buried inside her ass. Letting out a shout of pleasure. The two dicks in her hand were next to shoot. she can deep-throat!´ someone shouted. She leaned forward more and managed to get the first inch into her throat before she reached her limit.´ he said. He pulled out. and forehead and she even felt one or two men take handfuls of her dark hair and wrap them around their dicks while jerking off. and there was cheers of excitement. She swallowed hard and opened her mouth. the guy pulled himself out. He grabbed her head as he began cumming.³You¶re a good rug-muncher. but I didn¶t know how much of one. while wet tongues were sliding over her flat stomach and long legs. his dick sliding deeper into her mouth until the bulbous head prodded the back of her throat. ³Mmm-hmm. Katrina?´ He asked. She pulled back and let him shoot the rest of his load in her mouth. massaging and rubbing her smooth skin. This time she leaned forward as much as she could and worked the head of his cock into her throat. She slobbered and drooled all over it.

³Turn around. dripping heavily off her full lips and down her chin. but he had apparently decided to wait for the other guys to have their fill of her. YOU NASTY MOTHERFUCKING SONS-OF-BITCHES!!!´ Letting out a roar. even go so far as to move her ass on his dick. you a fucking whore´ He groped her breasts roughly. while squirting out his last and pushing her away. pasting it to her forehead and scalp. squeezing handfuls of them and enjoying the muffled sounds of delight as he continued. Cum leaked out of her stretched orifices in continuous streams. but quickly changing to pleasure as lust took her senses once again. squirting out juice almost endlessly as she came again and again. The rank smell of his sweaty. During a pause in the animalistic copulations. fierce strokes. and making it become tangled and knotted. dirty ass hit her nose. chin. and she would have gagged if she wasn¶t already used to it. The rest of the men closed in on her. He pumped her mouth a few times. She screamed out to all the people watching her. Sperm flew all over her. the man fucking her ass jetted hot bolts of cum deep in her ass before pulling out and popping her mouth on his ass-flavored cock. Heavy drops of goo hung off of her nipples. Marcus nodded. There was a new stir of commotion as people watched the disgusting spectacle of this beautiful actress rimming a . spit flying out of her mouth. She sat up and grabbed each asscheek and spread them. He needed no encouragement. He ran his hands up her sultry body. you¶re as tight as a virgin! You sure you¶ve had a dick up here?´ Katrina was too busy sucking to answer. not saying a word. and she had to wipe her eyes repeatedly before it caked them shut. Katrina was screaming. her voice still slightly slurred. and came forward as she swallowed hard to clear her throat ³You wanna play?´ asked Katrina. hands pinching her stiff nipples. times where she felt so tightly full of cock that she couldn¶t stop cumming. and he said directly into her ear ³«until a boy fucked her ASS!!´ With a heavy grunt he pulled back and began reaming her ass with hard. His voice to a rough whisper. ³Let¶s hear you scream for it. Soon her pussy and ass were gaping open as cocks of all sizes and shapes were shoved inside with ease. It was a tight. There were many triple penetrations. Her throat and mouth were thickened from all the sperm she had swallowed. Katrina spotted Marcus the bouncer. Katrina.´ He turned so that his ass was facing her and bent forward slightly on his knees. He was nude. People all around them were jeering. ³God. ³Let¶s hear how much you love it!´ ³I FUCKING LOVE IT!´ Katrina shrieked. pooling on the floor. relishing the fact that he was finally going to fulfill his fantasy. whore!´ He grabbed her mane of hair and pulled her off the cock she blowing. and nose. and made to call him over. already knowing what was to come. thrusting himself deep into her shit-chute before pulling out almost all the way and pushing back in again. calling her disgusting names and urging the man to fuck her even harder. snug fit. hanging back against the wall. She worked her mouth and spit a large wad of saliva and cum on his asshole before unflinchingly diving in with her tongue. and soon she was plastered in thick cum. showering her lovely body.feeling it flex around his cock. Marcus took the hint. He held her in place though. For over an hour Katrina Kaif was fucked in all three holes. he leaned forward until his mouth was against her ear. at first in pain at the hot cock stroked deeply into her bowels. He was in control here. and she couldn¶t get out anything but a gurgle and semen bubbled from her lips. ³FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY MOUTH AND MY PUSSY! I WANT YOUR CUM ALL OVER ME! MAKE MY FUCKING WHORE HOLES GAPE! BATHE ME IN YOUR SEED! FUCKING NAIL ME. making her taste her own filthy ass on his prick. trying to accommodate its width. She thought that was sweet of him. Her ass felt full and itched to begin taking a pounding. eyes wide and glazed with pure lust. in as many positions as she could manage. Mentally she begged him to start going at her. to really rip the shit out of her asshole. Her gorgeous tanned form looked like it had a gallon of silvery-white dick juice. his long black prick jutting out like a tree branch. ³You know. Cupping her big tits. Her cunt was sopping. Long white streaks of spunk showed brightly against her dark hair.

her tongue probing deeper and deeper into the unwashed shithole. The dark. They intended to be especially rough with her.´ She grabbed two handfuls of Katrina Kaif¶s fleshy tits. eating everything that came out.´ The women cheered as Laura got off Katrina. At this point the women took over. ³I¶ve had enough of this bitch. nearly tackling her in their frenzy. forcing her tongue into Katrina¶s mouth. and she lost track of how many women she had tasted. For yet another hour Katrina was made to eat out the cunts of dozens of women. rolling them between her sticky fingers. I can barely hold them. they wanted to get back at her by teaching the cockteasing bitch a hard lesson. ³Look at you. wearing a look of mock-disgust. you¶re disgusting. Meanwhile. made this desire even stronger. and knew he was going to cum soon. bitter taste of his ass mixed with the salty aftertaste of cum and she moaned as she dug her tongue in. Seeing Katrina Kaif debase herself for the last hour. She tasted Marcus¶ ass and pulled away. you fucking twat!´ She slapped Katrina across the face. but she loved being nasty and kinky and doing this always got her hot. the slap making a wet sound as it hit the mask of semen. ladies. and so on. straddled her. Four women held her arms and legs down while the rest of them crowded around. and pulled her up by her tits to kiss Katrina lustily. I¶m a filthy fucking cum rag!´ Katrina panted out. pounding her as hard as they could while screaming that Katrina was a twat-sucking bitch. covered in cum and the taste of ass in your mouth. only to be replaced by a short-haired woman who nearly sat of Katrina¶s face and demanded Katrina to eat her cunt. The women let out jeers of derision. normally. after seeing her on the big screen becoming the sexual fantasy of their husbands and boyfriends. half-pleasure. screaming in half-pain. She heard him grunting and cursing loudly. I didn¶t know this bitch could be so nasty!´ someone said. ³Your jugs are fucking covered in jizz. her juices spraying over his thrusting pelvis. ³She¶s all yours. which were slippery and slimy with seed. pulling her legs up and wide so that her cum-dripping ass gaped at him. aren¶t you?´ She gripped Katrina¶s tits in her hands and pulled them. ³Damn. ³God. Marcus thrust his hot cock deep in her well-fucked shithole and they rutted like beasts. Katrina pulled away and turned him around before quickly lying back. . Laura.large black man twice her age. ³Look at her. pushed them between Marcus¶ legs. and more debasing names came her way as Katrina took her hands away from her cunt. yes. and wrapped them around his throbbing genitals. At one point they made her get on her hands and knees.´ Laura announced. Katrina came hard at the feeling. and she was sure they were turning a harsh red under the covering of sperm. ³You taste like shit. relishing the filthy flavor in her mouth. ³Aren¶t you?!´ ³Yes. Degrading epithets were tossed at her as she buried her pretty face into his asscrack. ³How can anyone want to make out with an ass-eating cum slut like you? Take the nasty taste of ass back!´ And with that she hawked and spit a large wad into Katrina¶s face. You¶re nothing but a cum rag. Her hands dropped to her spemy cunt and she began fingering herself. which ran down the side of her nose. acting like the lowest gutter whore in front of them and reveling in it. Her mouth and tongue were really getting a workout as she sucked hard on their clits and licked deep into their creaming fuckholes. she was mercilessly being plowed in the ass and cunt by huge sex toys.´ said Laura. Her breasts felt like they were swollen and throbbing under Laura¶s rough hold. causing Katrina to thrash wildly. Her tongue swirled and fucked into his ass in an awesome attempt to reach his prostate. a good-for-nothing cockwhore. and she did her best to bring them to climax. a few others had broken out dildos and strap-ons from the toy closets and were choosing which girl would get to fuck her first. she¶s getting herself off while eating out his ass!´ ³Give him a rusty trombone!´ There were jeers to this statement. the sultry redhead who had made Katrina eat her out and had hung back watching while her friend was used as a cock-socket. She began jerking him off roughly while cupping his sweating balls.´ she said by way of greeting. Katrina didn¶t like scat. ³Much better. At the same time. both shouting obscenities at each other before Marcus exploded a hot load deep into her bowels.

´ ³Yes please. and Katrina sucked and relished her juices as they flowed into her mouth. in all the lesbian porn she had watched. ³Good enough. skank!´ Sasha¶s ass flexed. It seemed to stop.´ Sasha hissed. hard climax. Sensing her fatigue. skank. perky breasts and. was squatting over Katrina¶s face. as they felt it was an appropriate look for a whore like her. slapping and squeezing Katrina's bouncing jugs. then gasped as a particularly hard thrust penetrated her ass for the umpteenth time. somewhat skinny but with noticeable curves. Katrina noticed for the first time.The women didn¶t bother too much with licking the sperm off Katrina¶s body. Katrina was cumming furiously at the treatment. ³I just got fucked in the ass by four guys while they were watching you get put in your place. It looked like it was on the verge of leaking semen. helped Katrina to her feet. Here it comes. ³What. digging out the last few pockets of sperm still buried within. showing off her flexing brown hole. They slapped her ass as hard as they could with each thrust. her asshole opening and closing a few times before several more drops. making Katrina's ass turn red and become sore. running it over and over again on her labia before tongue-fucking her. fell into Katrina¶s waiting mouth. her legs bowlegged and her arms worn out. and had been to the tanning salon regularly as she was almost as dark as Katrina. tongue out to catch the falling drops. The sight of beautiful. and cursed as she climaxed. tanned from being inside Sasha. and laughed. The women Sasha. Sasha didn¶t take too long to cum again. ³I can give you another taste. Many of them fucking her from behind also grabbed her cumknotted hair and pulled it back hard while the women in front spat in her face as Laura did. Her hands were spreading her asscheeks apart. and she licked at the shaved twat. Despite all the fucking she had done. Her most distinctive feature was her hair: it hung straight and shiny down her back and looked to be a natural chestnut brown. She also had small. who had initially disbelieved that Katrina Kaif could be so depraved. Sasha looked young and was of medium height.´ said Sasha.´ she said as she got off and looked down at Katrina. Sasha lowered herself so that she was practically sitting on Katrina¶s face and said. as well as pulling hard on her nipples as they fucked her stupid. glamorous women being treated like pieces of meat by others of their kind got her juices flowing. Sasha made the other women release the fucked-out star and then. her moans vibrating into the pussies she was made to eat. Katrina shuddered and groaned as she came. She was wobbly. Katrina felt hands pushing her down on her back and was then presented with a full. Sasha lowered herself down on Katrina. and then lay back exhausted. letting their envy show through. Sasha moaned loudly at the feel of the celebrity¶s expert tongue swabbing her ass. Soon Katrina¶s face was soaking with spit over the drying mask of seed. surprisingly. didn¶t get enough of my pussy already?´ she asked. giving the star a good look at her. a shaved twat. this sharp sensation was enough to trigger a last long. She wondered dimly how swollen and gaping her genitals would be after she left. rounded ass in her face. Sasha noticed Katrina looking. Semen fell onto her tongue and she swallowed it as it leaked out from the ass above her. and without warning she reached over and slapped Katrina directly on the clit. ³Shit. and the fact that she was now taking part in it sent her quim spasming again and again. yet had so many golden streaks running through it that it looked blonde at some angles. whore. but still managed a smile and half-wave at . if you want. and long strings of cum dribbled out of her shithole. the rough stuff had really set her off. Katrina held her mouth open. but Sasha grunted and strained. ³Make damn sure you got it all!´ Katrina drove her tongue into Sasha¶s ass.´ Katrina replied eagerly. Rather than be turned off. sending juices over Katrina¶s neck and chest. Apparently she had been one of the many women who had made Katrina eat her out. ³They want to see you eat the cum out of my ass. that was pretty good. They also molested her large tits fiercely.

she proclaimed. Sasha helped Katrina back to the bar in the main room. The four of them watched her go and looked at each other for a moment before quickly rising and following. not too far from the college. Katrina could barely sit still. she wanted to satisfy one last kink before she called it a night. splashing against the inside of the thighs and splattering all over the floor beneath her.´ The bathrooms were near the bar behind her. legs spread wide and hands on her knees. She had come down to the club almost six months ago with a few of her sorority sisters on a dare and immediately became hooked by all they had to offer. Laura.the standing ovation she received from all her ³fans´. and the floor was dirty and marked with large puddles of piss everywhere. She got to talking about some of the kinkier things she had done and Katrina. Cupping her hands against her crotch to catch the rest of her piss. She looked at her audience and smiled brightly before closing her eyes and letting a torrent of steaming hot piss flow from her cunt onto the floor. Since then she came down at least once a month. and the pressure on her bladder brought an idea to her drunken mind. Sasha.M. They ordered another pitcher of beer as the five of them talked and laughed like old friends. she quickly raised it to her lips and slurped up her piss. as her ass and pussy felt raw from all the cocks she had taken and streams of cum were still dribbling out from the stretched holes. A row of toilets lined up against one wall while a row of urinals took up the opposite wall. The heavy smell of urine hit Katrina¶s nose as she stopped outside the door labeled with a drop of water sign and pushed it open. Sasha and Katrina got to talking as they drained the pitcher of beer and got another. was a college student at the university just outside the city. Katrina looked at the clock and saw it was around 2:30 A. dingy bathroom: the lights above were a harsh yellow. agreed and got them the pitcher while Sasha and Katrina sat down at a booth. he was still somewhat thrown by her beauty and couldn¶t help staring at her cum-dried body. The room was made to look like a wide. She wiped her cuntlips with her fingers and licked them off before sighing pleasurably and sitting down with a splash in the pool of her own warm piss. going down the hall of doors instead. the sperm drying into a layer all over her body. urinating on each other¶s bodies when the celebrity walked in. though her pussy was still sore. Nobody said a word as Katrina Kaif stepped into the room. She pissed for nearly a full minute before the heavy flow lessened to a small stream. It gushed sloppily from between her legs. and always willing to try and do anything. ³Kayla. who introduced himself as Tom. Only a few people were in their at this point. where they have more than just dogs«´ Before she could continue they were joined by Gary. and she didn¶t bother aiming it in any direction. and the guy who had first fucked her ass that evening. ³I¶m going to go take a piss. the walls were cracked ceramic tiles with profane graffiti on them. ³So you liked being gangbanged . Sasha was a born slut. could feel herself getting turned on as Sasha described in perverse detail what she had done last month in the Dog Room. Tom worked in the adult bookstore above and could get in the club for a discounted price. She felt buzzed by all the beer she had drank. It felt good after all the cocks she had taken in. She reeked of sex. fucking her brains out between exams and papers. followed by her friends. not that it would have mattered because her pussy was still stretched out. holding it in her mouth before gulping it down. legs splayed out lewdly. She rose from the booth and cracked several stiff muscles before announcing to the group. some of it getting on her feet. get us a pitcher of ice-cold beer on me. surprisingly. However. who had already taken advantage of Katrina¶s oral skills. she turned and walked straight past them. as she owned six dogs that usually satisfied her when she couldn¶t get away from Hollywood. Sasha grinned as Katrina said that was no stranger to bestiality.´ she called to the bartender. There was silence. and her hair was still knotted from all the sperm within it. Though she was tired and needed to shower and go home. Kayla. Sasha leaned forward and said in low tones ³If you¶re interested there¶s a little farm outside the city. her bare feet splashing as she deliberately walked through several puddles of urine before choosing a dry spot on the floor and squatting down. Tom couldn¶t believe how filthy this gorgeous girl really was. Even though he had already reamed the movie star hard in her butt. she definitely earned it.

though«too messy for my tastes.´ she said to everyone. She scrubbed away the dried cum on her body and rubbed the liquid waste into her skin. as yellow juices rained down on her. A man knelt down in front of her and pushed his half-stiff prick inside her pussy. "Your piss tastes so good!" she said with a sexy smile. ³Open wide. yet she clenched it shut. "Almost as good as my own!" By now Laura and Sasha had gathered more people and they stood in a circle. were whispering to each other. and the hot sensations on the sensitive areas made her squirm with excitement. Pretty soon most of the cum was gone and Katrina Kaif lay on the dirty ³bathroom´ floor. Don¶t like shit. ³I love doing a lot of things. piss-drinking skank. and started giving Katrina a piss enema. rocking back and forth slightly so she could feel the urine moving in her. Some of it got into her nose. While she had done watersports before. ³How does it feel. Katrina leaned back and rubbed her cunt with one hand. shaking her head as Sasha whispered. Katrina. ³Do it again!´ she begged as he finished. her body shining with a coat of piss and her hair slick and soaking. Urine splashed over her fat tits. calling her a toilet whore and a cum-sucking. Katrina writhed under the hot shower of piss. Laura seemed to disagree about something. Katrina was moaning as she tasted the bitter fluid on her tongue and swallowed it noisily.´ She looked at her enraptured audience. Another man dropped down before her. She looked like her gorgeous self²just after taking a swim in a urinal. aiming for her heaving tits first before splattering her face. inserted himself. With only a moment¶s hesitation. letting it overflow onto her chin and down her chest before swallowing mouthful after mouthful wantonly as more people came up to relieve themselves on her. She kept her mouth open as an easy target. feeling braver. pointing their cocks and cunts at Katrina and pissing thick golden streams on her gorgeous body. ³Yes! More. apparently giving up. ³It feels fucking fantastic!´ Katrina breathed. trickling urine down her face and soaking her hair. Katrina. Katrina took his softening prick inside and looked at Tom to relieve himself inside her mouth. pointed his penis towards Katrina¶s mouth. even going so far as to massage her scalp with it while untangling her cum-knotted hair. and it felt incredible. ³Give me a load of your hot piss! I need to clean off my filthy body anyway. and Katrina coughed hard. this was something else altogether. her hands moving all over her body as though she was taking a bath. Katrina?´ asked Sasha. Two other men came forward and added their own waste fluids within Katrina¶s bowels. She expected him to start fucking her. ³Make sure you hold it in for us.AND piss?´ ³Hell yeah!´ Katrina responded. Tom. Katrina was gasping and moaning at the sensation. more!´ she cried out. but watersports are one of my favorites. drenching it and giving her pretty looks a shade of near-yellow. Finally Sasha shrugged. but instead of pissing inside her twat. Tom let go. yet they deliberately made sure they were hosing her all over. Piss on me!´ Several people came forward and let loose streams of amber fluid spraying over the depraved beauty.´ Sasha said as the two women stepped up. ³C¶mon people. A lot of piss was aimed at her face. Laura and I have to piss now. Laura and Sasha went to get more people as Tom and Gary came forward to let loose their full bladders all over Katrina. Laura and Sasha. They were as sloppy as Katrina had been with her own piss. don¶t just stand there gaping. Piss was aimed at her sore anus and vagina. and have a drink on us!´ The two women sprayed Katrina down with their own gushing torrents of urine. who were watching the whole thing but had not pissed yet. Her ass felt full and she could tell some of it was leaking out already. and was doubly surprised when he instead began pissing into her cunt. soaking them and dripping from her nipples. wanting to keep in the dirty liquid as long as possible. laughing as Katrina strained to keep her butthole shut. raised her legs up so that her ass winked at him. his piss streaming into the Hollywood star¶s throat. the other softly squeezing her tits. and urine filled it repeatedly. Gary let his stream flow over Katrina¶s head. her coughs turning into . The feeling of heat was too much for Katrina and she came around his pissing cock.

There was laughter as Katrina sputtered and struggled to keep her ass from letting the enema of urine out too soon. Katrina swiped some off the floor with her finger and sucked on it in her mouth. give me a ring and we¶ll go out to the farm together. to the stunned looks of her audience. still a little awed by what she¶d seen. It was past 3:00 in the morning. though. and Katrina eventually came to the end of her climax. Katrina decided to one up her. Sasha and Laura got Katrina to the real showers. She wrote something down on it and gave it to Katrina. in case you want to check it out for yourself.´ Sasha said. and the two laughed at that. ³This is the number of the sorority house I¶m in. The flow tapered off. gasping heavily and shuddering in the afterglow. Katrina slowly fisted her own ass for a few minutes before withdrawing her hand and licking it clean of her filth. ³You can let go of the piss in your ass now. Now cleaned and dry. her body thrashing and her juices squirting out all over their feet. Finally the deluge of urine stopped. ³Just ask for Sasha. Katrina took her things and got a ride from Sasha back to the hotel where Katrina was staying.´ ³Apparently Ms. and a rush of rank dark-yellow urine rushed out of her shithole and onto the floor Katrina groaned in relief. Sasha reached into the pocket of her denims and pulled out a card. Looking at all of them.´ Katrina turned the card over.´ who let out her loudest. and Katrina leaned up against the wall. and moved so that she was squatting again. As she bid her new friend goodnight. She then worked each finger of her right hand into her ass until half of her hand was inside her butt. where they gently helped clean her off. It was white and had a small list of directions on it.´ Katrina moaned. Katrina´ Sasha finally said. ³Drench me. after giving Laura a final look and seeing the redhead shaker her head. The downpour of filthy enema water ended fairly quickly. I wanted you to get butt-fucked with the piss in your ass. There was a final round of applause for the famous movie star. her knees to her chest and her back shining wet against the light. I¶m usually available all night!´ She winked. This. and for a few moments looked like it was jammed deep inside her butt before popping loose. The men who had been watching this spectacle grunted as they whacked off. grinning at them. her eyes fixated on the pitcher. go on and do it. who had proved to them in a single night just how filthy she could be when the cameras were turned off. Next to it was the silhouetted picture of a horse.´ ³Uh-huh. ³How about next week?´ The End«? . longest scream of the night as she came wildly as Her hand blurred over her cunt as she continued to cum hard. but Laura said you¶d be too exhausted from everything to do it. Kaif wants one more shower before she calls it a night. if you¶re still ³interested´ in animals. and Katrina Kaif sat there looking like a piss-drowned rat. She slumped against the wall. Katrina. Her asshole clenched on her fisting hand tight. Directions to get there are on the front.squeals as Laura managed to get a spray into her eye. Katrina relaxed her colon. She gesturing to one of the toilets. ³Wow. ³I didn¶t think you¶d actually do something like that! I mean. their loads landing on the walls and floor next to Katrina. Katrina grinned wickedly at her friend and raised her eyebrows. ³That was nasty and incredible all at once.´ she said. though«´ She shook her head. ³Also.

"You know what? I think my girlfriend would like this hand bag a lot." Karan opened the hand bag. Ajay and Karan. It was bizarre and I said no straight away but after a month of watching her and feeling like a stalker. "There's no mistaking those tits!" He said grabbing one." Karan said. One day I noticed Priyanka Chopra walking along the beach with her shoes in her hands and remembered from MTV news that she own a beach house. with black masks on. still going through her handbag. when I use to jerk off to her. not the best of plans. "Let's see how much money we have here!" "Please! Just give me my hand bag back. but I could never build up the courage to talk to her. moved into Juhu. "Wait a second!" Ajay said. but I was desperate to meet her. Priyanka had gone to the local grocery shops.000! Fucking sweet!" He said pocketing the money. You can take whatever money I have. which finally allows me to meet her. she held a paper grocery bag in one hand and her hand bag in the other. Main reason for this was so we could drool over all the hot chicks in wet tops. Karan snatched her hand bag out of her hand.I stood my distance as I watched Priyanka Chopra making her way home from the grocery shops. The plan was for them to rob her and then when they see who she is. Two guys approached her from behind. "Aren't you Priyanka Chopra?" "Yeah she is. She had flip flops on and her hair in her usual style. so naturally I followed her to see that she didn't live too far away from me. not looking up. It was late and unusually dark for this time of night. She wore a white shirt that was buttoned up and a short black skirt." She protested. Ajay came up with a plan for me to meet her. But before they can do anything. they decide to rape her. the kind that bank robbers wear. Since then I've been drooling over her and remembering back to the days. Like I said. I decided to go with Ajay's plan. Priyanka Chopra slapped his hand away and he went back to looking in her hand bag." "No! It was a gift from my mom. "12. which was a couple of minutes away from her house. Me and my friends. which is pretty much what I was doing. It was Ajay and Karan. Ajay and Karan kept telling me to talk to her. I come in as the knight in shining armour and save her. . they were dressed in black. near the beach. Priyanka Chopra walked along the sidewalk that lead up towards the beach.

if you have nothing else to do." I extended my hand. putting her stuff into the paper bag. If it was daytime or if there was any light. Thanks to you!" She said hugging me. "Now pull up your skirt!" He said to her." "You can make it up to us alright. I squatted down and helped her. "I'm sorry." I started to approach them and Priyanka Chopra tried to run away from them but Ajay grabbed her hair and she let out a scream." She said uncomfortably. "You know what she should get for lying to us? A spanking!" Ajay said. I pulled Ajay off her hair and kicked him on the back of his legs which made him buckle and fall to his knees. I walked her up to her door. so I decided to do some grocery shopping. I hugged her back." She pointed at her house near the beach as we approached it. "I didn't mean to. I picked it up." I said handing it to her and she put her arm through and had the straps resting on her shoulder. changing his tone from joking to serious. squatted down and started to pick her groceries up off the floor. I'd probably be able to see up her skirt. get it out the way with so I can spend all day tomorrow working." "You sure you're fine?" I asked again." I turned around and looked at her." She smiled as she shook my hand. "So what are you doing out this late?" I asked. "Why does your driver licence say 'Priyanka Chopra?' You lying to us?" Priyanka Chopra looked down. "Can pick on an innocent woman. Gimme that. "Fucking cowards!" I yelled at them. feeling her huge tits pressed against my chest. You know. Which was the cue for our rehearsed ass kicking. "Really!" Ajay said. "Here. "I felt bored and cooped up at home. "A vegetarian?" I asked." Karan said pulling something out of her handbag. they're wimps. "Yeah. We both stood up and I noticed her hand bag on the floor. You think you could hang around for a bit. "Priyanka. "I don't feel very safe." Priyanka Chopra replied getting scared. "I think this is yours. dropping her groceries. keep anyone else who tries to rob you away. that's my house over there. "I'm Krish by the way. She looked at me and smiled." Karan nodded his head. Karan must've dropped it." She said. "I'll walk you to your place. "You must get your pick of the hunkiest guys. holding me by my arm. "You ok?" "Yes." ." "Thanks! I really appreciate that. She broke the hug. "not really" She replied." I said taking the grocery bag off her. "By giving us some pussy!." "If that's true. Those guys could come back."I get it all the time. It was mainly fruit and veg. I looked down and noticed her legs were spread apart. Karan pushed me back as they both ran off. but when it comes to going up against a man. Let me make it up to you.

She led me to the living room area and sat on the sofa. "I take it your a fan?" She said taking the groceries out of the bag." This right now. "Because I have good performances or because I wear less clothes?" "A bit of the first." She answered my question. but you were a big deal at my college. Not up there with proper made porn but definitely better than Lara Dutta's. alone time with Priyanka. I took a seat beside her." I replied." "You jerk off to it when you finally saw it?" "Not really." "Yeah. I think everyone jerked off to you. hers was shit. a lot of the second. every guy fantasized about you including the teachers. Or maybe not. "My servents left early today."Sure!" I replied as we entered her house. She sat there. "Honesty! I like that!" She smiled. "Who else" She replied as we entered the kitchen. "Ahhh! I'm so glad I could help. "How old are you?" "23. Back then the internet wasn't as big as it is now and we didn't have a computer amongst us. it looked like she was thinking about something. but I was hoping it would. "What about the video?" "I didn't see that until a couple of years ago. It was kind of disappointing. "Yup!" "A fan of my acting or a fan of me?" "I have everything you've done that's available on DVD. "So where's other people in your home" I asked." She said leaning forward giving me a quick kiss on the lips. You're living alone" I set the bag down on the counter. sitting on one leg. I got a little embarrassed. It had shaky camera work but it was home made and as far as home made goes." "Did you?" She asked looking into my eyes." I replied. "You helped me into manhood." I replied." There was a moment of silence. I wasn't sure if she was making a move or if she was overly friendly." Priyanka commented. "What do you think about when you jerk off to me?" . "You're Priyanka Chopra. as she stepped out of her flip flops and left them near the door way. but then thought that talk of sex could lead to sex. Usually I get obnoxious guys tell me I'm hot and that they loved my sex videos and when I'm doing the next and if they can be in it. Me and my friends tried our best to find it when we were in college. "too young" "Maybe the first time you were on the Miss India Contest." I replied honestly. "Shoes!" She said pointing at my shoes. "I've never really talked to a fan like this before. it was pretty descent. is some quality.

. sexy. My boner was growing and I was starting to get nervous that it was gonna show.. but at the end of the day we always come home to one another. as if she was a guy jerking off. "Too. Having the woman you grew up jerking off to jerk you off. Are you imagining my feet losing their virginity to your cock?" "You're just turning me on. "Didn't you have a boy friend?" "Oh come on" She said. while I carried on massaging her right foot . "So you don't just think. I like to imagine my cock jammed all the way up your ass.'" She mimicked with her hand. especially you. A win win situation for everyone." "You think my feet are sexy?" "Yeah!" I replied. "Sometimes. I am very hot." She said. blowjob." I replied." "That's hot. "Yeah! More than anything else." "Anal sex?" She wrinkled her nose. foot job." She said rubbing my cock through my pants with her feet. "A thick one!" Priyanka said rubbing the sole of her left foot along my shaft. So it's all good. 'Oh yeah! Priyanka Chopra's tits." I confessed. just below her toes. anal sex." She said...." I didn't say anything else. I don't think that she knew. You have an incredible ass. She wriggled her toes around on top of my cock. "Let me give you a little relief.."What do I. "All this talk about you fucking my tits and ass is getting me horny too. I just like feet that look nice and.. er. "Like having my dick in between your tits and just fucking them. "Foot job? Do you have like a foot fetish?" "Not really a hardcore foot fetish. "What else?" "Doggy style sex. that she was wriggling her toes around on my cock and turning me on. "That's quite a massive hard on you got there.. "Here!" She spun around to face me. "Most guys are always really into my tits.. "Too?" I said realising what she just said. "Massage my feet. My thick cock sprang to life. Take your dick out! I was shocked at what she had just asked me to do. "Take my dick out?" I repeated." She commented. "I've never given a foot job before. still rubbing my cock with her foot. "And I like that!" I picked up one foot and started to press my thumb onto the balls of her foot. already near it's full hardness. hand job." I worked my thumbs up and down the soles of her foot and rubbing the heel. You're the first guy who's said very little about them and is into everything else!" She said." Priyanka stated.... "You think he's not cheating on me right now? I know he does it all the time and he knows I do it too whenever I get horny and need a dick. I started to quickly undo by belt and zipper. placing her feet on my lap. I can understand that.? I. sex?" I felt like I was asking her a question instead of giving an answer. "Well." I added more detail in then I needed to.

I was getting very turned on. She did the same thing on the next two loads and swallowed the fifth as my cock stopped shooting the loads out with force and just pushed it out. moving her hair to one side to give me a better view of her face. but I think it's because I'm with Priyanka Chopra.that rested on my knees. A little soft but nothing that a little sucking can't fix. I felt like I was gonna cum soon from having the women that I jerked off to more than any other woman jerking me off. that's why my cock's not shrinking.. Priyanka closed her mouth catching it and savouring the taste and then quickly opened her mouth letting it flow out on to the sole of her foot as the second load shot into her mouth. Priyanka took my cock out of her mouth and started to jerk me off with her hand. "You like that Krish? You like the way my foot fucks your dick? Losing it's virginity with every stroke. pushing a thick glob of cum up and on to her big toe." She moaned out loud as she carried on rubbing the sole up and down my cock. but she just pushed me back onto the seat by my chest. placing her warm mouth over my cock head as she continued to stroke my shaft with her foot. "Only one way to get more of that. "Mmm.. leaning forward and kissing my cock head. She moved her foot away from my cock with her hand." Priyanka said and leaned forward. letting my cum flow out of her mouth and on to her foot. "Mmm. I tried to carry on massaging her foot to take the focus of the fact that I had Priyanka Chopra sucking my cock. The soft soles of her foot touched my fore skin as she used her hand to rub the sole of her foot up and down one side of my cock. working her lips up and down the head." She said before wrapping her lips around my cock head. Mmm. taking my cock back into her mouth and rubbing her foot up and down the side of my shaft with her hand. taking in as much into her mouth as she could. taking in my pre-cum. "That's better!" Priyanka said. "Oh my God!" She said stroking my cock. something that never really happen. showing me the traces of my cum on her lips. more!" She said leaning forward." Priyanka said putting her mouth over my large cock head. letting it flow down the side of my cock.. pushing my cock up and down her wet tongue. She than licked her lips. sucking my cum off it. She worked her lips up and down my shaft. . It's your turn first. "Is it gonna cum for me?" She said in a very sexy voice. Priyanka put her mouth over her big toe. "My penis karma is still as good as ever!" She said. But your cock just tastes too good!" She said licking her lips as she used her hand to rub her foot up and down the side of my cock again. "Shiiiiit!" I yelled as my first load shot up into her mouth. She pouted her lips like she was kissing. instantly causing pre-cum to ooze out. She started to lick around her toes. We'll get to me once you cum. Priyanka leaned forward and licked my cock. leaving her mouth wide open. "Look at the way your huge dick is throbbing!" Priyanka said taking her mouth off my cock." Priyanka moaned as she worked her lips and foot up and down my shaft. Priyanka grabbed her foot that was on my knees with her free hand and bought it up to my cock. her hot breath hitting the tip of my cock. only going half way down. Priyanka could feel it coming and stroked my cock even faster with her foot." My cock was almost at full length even though I had already cum. "She pulled her mouth off and lay her foot that she was jerking me off with flat and spat on it. "Your dick is still huge! It hasn't shrunk or anything. "Let me see if I can reach.. This was way too much and I felt my cum start to get pushed up. Again she closed her mouth and then opened it. The double assault that she was laying on my cock was getting to be way too much and I knew it was a matter of seconds before I came. but keeping her lips just inches above my pole.. licking up the sole of her foot. She licked up the sole of her foot again. Priyanka quickly grabbed my cock with her free hand and held her foot in place at the base of my cock with the other. licking up the mass amount of pre-cum that had leaked out. looking at me and looking like she was chewing my cum before swallowing. "Mmm." Priyanka moaned as she closed her mouth. getting my pre-cum all over her lips.. "Relax. "Sorry Krish. She held my cock with her other hand and rubbed her saliva around the sole of her foot with my member. getting any cum that she had around there and once she was done she sat back up.. then leaned forward and started to suck the end again..

She was getting really wet."Your turn now" I said. I started to push my tongue in and out of her pussy. I started to push my tongue into her moist hole. She jumped . showing off her tight little ass hole." Priyanka said. Priyanka started to grind her hips back and fourth. I quickly yanked my pants and boxers down and I started to stroke my cock as I watched Priyanka strip off. I leaned forward pulling her ass towards my mouth. So I picked her up and quickly slammed her down onto the couch on her front. I still had my sweat shirt on and she grabbed it at the bottom and pulled it up. She pulled her top off over her head to show she had no bra on. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist. I started to feel my cock growing harder as I started to stroke myself faster. put her thumbs under the waist band of her thong. I followed her in. She started to bob her head back and fourth." She moaned out loud. Her legs were together so her pussy lips were clamped together." Priyanka stood up and pulled her skirt down. revealing a tiny pink thong. but I didn?t care. I slowed down my thrusts as her hips shaked and bucked underneath me. I quickly pulled back and thrust into her. working her mouth more than half way down my shaft. getting faster every time I pushed my tongue into her woman hood. I sucked her bottom lip. "Arrrgghhhh! God!" She screamed as I thrust my full length into her tight pussy in one hard and fast thrust and I could feel her pussy start to twitch around my cock again instantly. I wrapped my arms around her tiny little waist and reached down to her the top of her pussy and started to rub her clit. her juices flowing into my mouth. "Let me taste my pussy. "Mmm. I pulled her away from my nipple and kissed her. I got of her and stood beside her head. slowly bending over as she pulled them down to the back off her knees. I was pushing into her slower with every thrust until I stopped. I sucked at her tongue hungrily until she broke the kiss.. from behind. She opened her mouth and looked up at me as she moved her head forward taking my cum covered cock into her mouth. going into a fast pace instantly. Priyanka turned around and walked into her bedroom. hard. Her round ass stuck out. I started to lick her pussy lips. Priyanka was starting to get louder and louder. but not a skinny guy or someone with ripped muscles. I slid my tongue down her ass crack. Priyanka started to slowly part her legs. I walked over to her and started to kiss her. Priyanka let out a little giggle as she got caught by surprise. I noticed a purple dildo on the side of her bed and she caught me looking at it. I landed on top of her and quickly reached down and pushed my cock into her wet cunt. She turned her back to me. looked back at me with a cheeky smile and started to slowly pull her thong down.. I felt her pussy contract around my shaft fast and then her pussy just tightened around my shaft hard as she came to a screaming climax. her pussy started to twitch around my tongue faster and faster. I pushed my tongue out. licking her ass hole. "Ooh! man!" Priyanka said. She let her thong fall to the floor and stepped out of them. even though I didn't really have a great body. "That's no where near as good as the real thing!" She said. I had a big build. "Fuck!" Priyanka moaned and then laughed. not fat. closing her eyes as she tasted her own cum on my cock. over my head. not using her hands. "Look at this gorgeous body of yours!" She complimented me. She turned around to face me as I looked around. My head was at the side of hers. By now I was back to full hardness and decided I needed to feel her pussy around my shaft. She was soon coming close to her orgasm. pressing my body down onto hers. "That was so good!" she said. pushing her ass back forcing my tongue deeper into her cunt. "First take off your clothes. down towards her pussy. The site of her gorgeous. her legs trembling as the signs of her orgasm were coming. She started to kiss my chest circling around my nipple with her tongue. causing her to moan as I forced more of my tongue into her. tanned butt was starting to make my mouth water. Priyanka took her mouth off my cock and stood up. I spread round ass cheeks apart as I pushed my tongue into her tight hole. "Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Priyanka was screaming at the top of her lungs now as I rammed into her. she pushed her tongue into my mouth and it tasted like a mixture of her cum and a little salty from my cum. turning her head to face me and then kissed my top lip.

taking her toes in my mouth one by one. "Oh GOD!" She was moaning like having my cock sandwiched in between her feet was causing her pleasure. Priyanka carried on screaming with every thrust. probably from when she spat my cum out onto her foot. I sucked on her big toe as I thrust my hips back and fourth. Now I had to prove myself while I was deep inside her. probably from my cum drying and leaving that dry skin feeling. realising just how tight she was considering all the big dicks that she's had. "Yeah!" I said picking up the foot that I didn't cum on and bought it up to my mouth. The foot that I had cum on earlier on. "Yeah! Your dick feels so good against me toes! Throbbing so hard. "We need to keep that cock of yours hard!" She said leaning forward and taking my cock into her mouth. and managed to reposition her legs and get the soles of her feet resting on my shoulders. felt a little dry. "Do my feet look sexy?" Priyanka asked." She said placing her foot on my lap as I was still on my knees. it was all foreplay. from being rolled up.up and wrapped her legs around my body. I started to circle around her toes. I placed her down onto the bed. The longer we continued. She teased my cock. gently biting her toe. I had seen her sex videos and I felt like I had a lot to compete with. "You like that tight pussy?" Priyanka asked. I positioned myself onto my knees and then sat up. the more we started to perspire and I could feel her foot getting wet. hitting her on the chin. She worked her lips up and down my shaft. placing her legs. gently working her feet along my shaft. locking our lips together. "You want me to fuck your dick with my feet faster?" She asked getting faster with every stroke without me even giving her an answer. kneeling in between her legs. playing with my nipples with her toes. She just stopped and lay back down. the sweat of my shoulders was staring to get the sole of her foot moist. so I didn't need to worry about cumming too quickly." She was moaning in a very sexy tone. I wrapped my arms around her. She pushed herself about a foot up the bed and sat up. Priyanka was wriggling around underneath me. dropping my weight on top off her. "You like it when I caress your cock with my feet?" Priyanka asked and I just moaned. She sandwiched my cock in between her feet and started to gently stroke up and down my shaft with the balls just under her toes. one on each shoulder and then leaned forward again. If she wanted to give herself head. reached down and guided my dick into her cunt. "A little more feet action. circling my tongue around the heads of her toe as I sucked hard on them. Her . She was going so fast my dick ached to cum. knowing full well that it was gonna take me a long time to cum again. Her tits were huge and I could feel her big erect nipples poking into my chest. I pulled myself back. and one of them felt wet. As I continued to thrust in and out of her tight hole. I moved her feet off my shoulder realising that our sweat was starting to give my cum that had dried on her foot moisture. I carried on thrusting into her and I was surprised at how long it took for her to break the kiss and try and get some air. She moaned into my mouth loud and was breathing hard. Priyanka placed the soles of her feet on my chest and wriggled her toes around. I carried on thrusting into her. she put her arm around her chest holding them into place. I was surprised at how flexible she was. getting faster with every stroke. "Yeah!" I moaned as I carried on thrusting into her. She already knew what turned me on and was using it to keep me rock hard. Priyanka pulled her foot away from my mouth. she'd definitely be able to do it. watching her huge tits bouncing up and down. not leaving her cunt. I could feel her heels on my butt cheeks. placed one on each thigh and used her feet to push herself up and off my cock. I started to thrust into her as fast as I could. I had a big dick. She giggled at first and then after her tits hit her on the chin a few more times. pulsing in between my feet. so that was one point to my advantage and although we had been at it longer than her any of her sex video.

I pulled her ass cheek to reveal her tight puckered ass hole. sucking hard. arching her back. "Wrong hole. "Mmm. "I've dreamt about this moment since I was old enough to get an erection." I said. I pulled out of her and stood beside the bed and I stood there watching her moan and writhe around in ecstasy." I replied stunned at what she was offering to let me do to her. I thrust into her really hard. making her jump forward. Priyanka got up onto all fours and shaked her big round rump. "You sure?" "It's not like I haven't had anal sex before. I could feel her pussy starting to twitch around my cock and knew from before that she was on the verge of cumming and I didn't slow down. "You want to fuck that ass some more?" She asked as she got on to all fours. thrusting in and out of her unbelievably tight ass hole slowly. "It's your fantasy. looking back at me. worried that I might be hurting her. I pulled back and thrust forward hard." Priyanka said twisting her upper body." I pushed the head in and Priyanka closed her eyes and bit her lip to stop herself from screaming. "Get back onto all fours." I said as I realised that I was pressing the tip of my dick against her ass hole. I slowly pushed forward. My ass tastes so good!" Priyanka said licking the underside of my cock. turning around. and took my position behind her. "Here!" I said pulling my cock out of her ass. I tried to go even faster if that was possible and it was a matter of minutes before I felt Priyanka's pussy grip my cock like a vice and I thrust into her hard as she came to another screaming orgasm. only leaving the tip in and then thrust forward again even harder. I did this repeatedly until I had over half my dick into her warm orifice. I just pushed my cock head into her tiny ass hole and thrust forward. "Ahhh!" Priyanka screamed every time I slammed into her. . straight away going into a fast pace. her hips bucking up and down wildly like she was trying to shake me off her. letting her orgasm subside. What happens next?" Priyanka smiled. getting most of my cock into her ass. Once it did I bent over and kissed her. getting an inch in and then pulling back slowly and thrusting forward. I got back onto the bed. resting my cock head in between her upper lip and nose. covering her cheek in saliva. Priyanka pushed her ass back.. I pushed her butt cheeks apart and pressed my cock head in between her crack. I felt her tight ring loosen around my shaft and I started to thrust into her faster and faster. I placed my hands on her butt cheeks as I rammed my rod in and out of her tight shit hole. She moved her head so my cock dragged along the side of her mouth. "I thought that was the hole you were going for. "Didn't you say you jerked off to fucking me up the ass more than anything?" "Yeah. causing her to let out a ear piercing scream.moaning was getting me even harder and I pulled her legs apart and thrust my cock into her tight cunt and started to thrust into her as fast as I could. easing another extra inch into her butt. "Yes!" Priyanka moaned. leaning on her forearms. I pulled my cock away from her mouth." She replied. opening her mouth and taking my cock head in. pushing down looking for her pussy. I didn't say anything. casing her screams to be joint together instead of being spread apart. looking back at me. The next thrust came faster but just as hard as the last thrust. my groin slapping on to her butt cheek hard. making her scream as her body jumped forward. "I love getting ass fucked! Please! Fuck me harder!" She begged. "You okay?" I asked. "You want me to taste my ass?" She moaned seductively. I pulled back. "You like that? You like having a big dick up your ass?" I asked. I spat on her ass hole and pressed the tip of my wet cock against her ass hole. pushing my tongue into her mouth.

hitting her on the chin. I couldn't see my dick except for when it poked up and hit . Her tits were so big. I pushed her leg up. I lifted her top leg up and pushed the dildo into her moist vagina. trying my best to get my breath back. I decided to up the tempo. resting the top of her head on one of her forearms and used her other hand to hold her tits. to get a better view of her ass. Her ass hole had gripped my cock so hard. Soon she was starting to go faster than me and I found myself struggling to keep up. looking back at me. There was one thing left that I hadn't done with her and it involved her most famous asset. cupping her tits. I drilled into her ass deeper and deeper with every thrust. visible drops of sweat flew up into the air from the impact of my groin slapping onto her butt cheeks. I looked over and saw the purple dildo still at the side of the bed. gently groping them. with her back turned to me and half on my body. deep thrusts and pulled out of her. Her butt hole was a red colour from the assault it was enduring from my thick cock. I spread her butt cheeks apart. one in each hand."Oooohhhhhhhh!" Priyanka moaned. I started to gently work it in and out and I felt Priyanka's hand on mine. "OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUCCCCCCCKKK!" She screamed as she pulled the dildo out of her snatch and rubbed it on her clit. Priyanka kept up with my strokes. I pulled out of her and lay down on the bed beside her. I thrust my hips forward. I pulled her sweaty body on to mine. Every time she pushed the dildo in. using the sweat in between her large mounds as lubrication. I held her hip as I thrust in and out of her ass. rolling her on to her back. while I was still behind her. the faster I went. pushed my cock back into her sweaty bowel. I don't know how long I brutally fucked her ass. I kissed the side of her mouth while she breathed hard trying to get her breath back too. As she was screaming with every thrust. I built up momentum very quickly. My body was aching from trying to satisfy Priyanka's insatiable appetite for sex. getting faster with every stroke. Priyanka knew exactly what I was going for and tossed the dildo aside and pushed her tits together as I started to quickly thrust up and down her chest. Priyanka was still moaning as loud as ever and I was now breathing hard. Priyanka's gentle moans started to get louder and turned into screams as I felt my orgasm nearing with every thrust. the faster she dildo'd herself. to stop them from flopping around. Her pussy started to stretch out wide as she came. Priyanka's moans turned into really loud screams as another orgasm was approaching her. but it was a miracle that I hadn't pumped her bowels full with gallons of cum. forcing my cock into her butt and caused her to let out a cute little yelp. I felt like I could stay in this moment forever. I tightened my grip around her and started to pump my cock in and out of her ass as fast as I could. I just stayed in this position as her orgasm subsided. I couldn't pull my cock back. getting a good view of my dick going in and out of her rectum. Priyanka held her leg up with her hand and I pushed her butt cheek up with one hand and with the other. in and out of her tight ass hole. After a while of this slow paced ass fucking. I put my arms under her arms and wrapped them around her. I wrapped my arms around her waist. I started to slow down. Her tits were bouncing around. She leaned forward. I could feel the inside of her ass get pushed out against my cock. I straddled her stomach and placed my cock in between her massive tits. forcing her ass hole to clench tight around my cock. I positioned her on her side. I gave her a couple of last hard. Priyanka looked at me with a dirty look in her eyes and bought the dildo up to her mouth and started to suck her cum off it. I held her close to me as I grinded my hips back and fourth. As soon as I felt her sphincter loosen it's grip I started to thrust in and out of her rectum and I could already feel my cum starting to build up. I let go of the dildo and let her work it in and out of herself. the feeling was unbelievable. Both me and Priyanka were starting to sweat so much that every time I thrust forward. I reached over her and got it. She bought her wet hands up to my mouth and I started to lick the juices off her hand and suck her cum off her fingers. the one that wasn't on the bed. I started to concentrate on getting maximum pleasure from her ass. that when they were pushed together.

I need someone to rub some lotion on to my back tomorrow. I looked at her face and notice that one of her cheeks had dry skin. my hot." She smiled." Priyanka started the dirty talk. As I continued to fuck her tits. feeling her soft flesh rubbing along the sides of my shaft. "You like fucking Priyanka Chopra's big fucking tits? That's it! Fuck my big tits with that huge fuck stick! Yeah!" Priyanka yelled. I felt my balls start to tighten and with one last thrust up her chest. stroking my cock up and down as small loads started to dribble out onto her tits. as she started to rub my cum into her tits. "Come on! Cum for Priyanka! Come on her big tits. my pr-cum must've gone on her cheek and dried. I can remember that night like it was last night in Banglore. . "Oooh!" Priyanka cooed. As I pulled my cock out my second load shot out in between her tits. thick cum spurted up hitting her right on the chin. "Nothing. I aimed the third load on her left boob. and the fourth one on her right boob." Priyanka smiled. when she rubbed my cock on her cheek. I had no idea it was the same time bollywood sensation Deepika Padukone was in town for IPLs. "That's good. urging me to cum and as I slid up and down those huge tits. She wiped the cum off her chin and started to lick it off her chin. "Just needed another taste. smelling heavily of my cum. I was on my vacation. which was from when she was sucking me earlier. She was wearing a red Banglore team jersey that allowed you to see her white sports bra underneath it and a pair of baggy silky dark blue pants.her on the chin. I didn't know until in the motel lounge there was a tall with medium nice hair hanging down in front of the most beautiful pair of black eyes I had ever seen. "So what are your plans for tomorrow?" She asked." I replied. laying down beside her.

no. She had one thin line of brown pubic hair going down to her pussy. She kept sucking it. hearing her swallow her saliva and continue sucking made me horny. I slid my finger across her pussy and the put the finger.I sat in the lounge and watched until the crowd dispersed and she sat alone across the room. I looked at her chest. She asked me to sit down in the chair in front of her so I did so. "What is?" I interrupted. that is until we reached a bench in front of the window in the motel hallway. I'm sure you can let me have another chance at it?" I sighed out of pleasure and told her she could have as many tries as she wanted. She walked to me and pressed her lips against mine before slipping her tongue into my mouth." She laughed and looked right into my eyes as I did the same for her. Her pussy was well trimmed. Her breasts were not large. "Great! I mean. "Don't make me embarrassed babe" she giggled. The elevator ride was silent. "I'm just telling you the truth though." I stepped up myself and cupped my hand in hers as we walked to the elevator. I took note of that immedietly. She then pulled my pants down around my ankles and I stepped out of them. let's go upstairs. I returned the favor and felt real emotion and our tongues slid against each other. "I know I just met you. I like it. "C'mon babe. not at all. I stared in awe at the beautiful site in front of me. And her tits were really perky. There was no conversation at all. "Oh my god. She went for it again this time slowly and eased the entire cock into her throat and looked up at me like she had accomplished something great and I smiled at her. We sat down still holding each others hands. Deepika ran in front of me to the room and then stuck her head out the doorway. "That felt pretty good. "Don't you taste nice babe?" I asked her. let's go to my room and have some real fun!" she giggled. but could you do it again? Much harder though?" I did so and smacked her ass with authority and she jumped a bit. Nor were they small. She let out a slight wimper before telling me how amazing it felt. "Aww. "I feel the same way about you" I added. And watching her ass sway from side to side as she bent over sucking me was great! I smacked her sexy ass and told her it was her turn to get some pleasure. Your just amazing" she confided in me. "Sorry. with juice. "Yep. "Actually. I reached out and gave her ass a light slap and she giggled and said. I walked in just as the sportsbra she wore fell to the ground. Then she pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the side. close the door silly!" I did exactly that. "Hey." I answered honestly. your a sweetie! And you know. "Awww. I think you have a great voice and your very talented actress. She had already thrown off her jersey and it laid at her feet. you are a beautiful girl. "That is so sweet. "I see your excited about this" and we both laughed. your the sweetest guy I've ever met" she told me. The thong was soaked with her love juices." She laughed and bent over and licked the sensitive underside of my cock. I took my time getting there thinking about what was awaiting. I was interrupted by her voice. you look pretty damn good yourself" she said. "Well. I moved over to her and introduced myself as Abhay. I looked at the ground shyly. "Hurry up slow poke!" She shouted with a laugh. this is making me so horny" before she she stuffed my entire cock in her little mouth. I turned the corner and met her inside. I've never felt the way I feel about you before. "Hey Abhay! You a fan?" she questioned. She then pulled my already rock hard almost 8 inch dick out of the boxers and remarked." she giggled before saying. "I guess you like what you see. I was already on my feet and ready. I bent her over in front of me and slid her thong down and watched her entire smooth sexy ass come into view. Her nipples were already hard. I like that. into my mouth and did so again and pushed the finger in her mouth. She quickly pulled away and laughed before saying "Wow. She then slid her wet tongue in circles around the head of my dick and moaned to me. you know it's wierd" Deepika said. a kind of vibe. it's just not my type of. I just have never met a girl as beautiful as you" I replied. "Well I can see why they do. I slid my finger down across the hair and then inside of her. they were perfect. I'm yummy" she replied and giggled. didn't quite work out how we wanted huh? Your a big boy. "The skies are very pretty tonight." I replied by saying "Then I'll have to make it very pleasurable for you. but I've got this feeling. She noticed the bulge in my boxers and commented." I told her. She wrapped her arms around me and it felt unbelievable to feel her perky tits and hard nipples pressing against my chest. I love my fans but I get tired of people obsessing over me" she said. "Great!" she exclaimed and laughed. She looked into my eyes again and a smile crossed her beautiful face. She turned away from me and swayed her sexy ass from side to side as she slid down the baggy blue pants to reveal a sky blue thong. I took that as my chance to introduce myself. You know this is my first time? I've never been a very sexual person. "That feels good!" ." Deepika said. "Nothing compared to the beauty I see in your eyes" I told her. I liked it. And as I pulled it off a bit of it dripped from her pussy to the ground. "That's nice. I agreed and and slid my hand across her fine ass before turning her around. She then turned to face me and bent over. I was shocked at the possibilities. She then jumped up to her feet and looked down at me.

She sounded great! Her moaning and groaning made me so horny.. I started fucking faster and harder soon and had her screaming. and as Deepika lay there exhausted breathing hard in front of me. I then licked up and down her inner thighs and then slid my tongue up her pussy. She moaned in ecstacy. maybe three times and shot three thick streams of cum all over her flat stomach. As I contemplated what to do I heard a loud scream come from her. As I did what I was told she screeched and let out a scream as well as a ton of her juices all over me. "Abhay?" she asked. she just uttered a sound of pain and joy mixed together before a smile crossed her beautiful face. I jerked my dick two.she said. I then started fucking her with my tongue.. She was having the time of her life and was screaming my name and telling me to fuck her harder. I want you to be my first" she begged. Her pussy spasmed and tightened around my cock. She just kept begging for more and more. I forced my dick as far into her as it would go. I fell onto the bed beside her and watched as she slid her fingers across her stomach and got every bit of cum on them and shoved them in her mouth bringing them out clean. I was more than happy to do so as I eased my dick in her tight young pussy. Just then I knew that I was going to cum so I pulled my dick out. She couldn't even moan.. I continued working her with my tongue until a huge burst of her wet love juice burst out on to my tongue and after she finished screaming and moaning in joy in stuck my tongue in her mouth and shared her juices with her. She swallowed hard and looked at me deep in my eyes and I did the same to her and she said something I couldn't forget. and she begged for me to push it all the way in just one more time. "I had the best time in life" she told me before we put our arms around each other and fell asleep together. Bipasha Basu Vs Katrina Kaif | Lesbian Fight . She made some of the most amazing sounds I had ever heard. then another. I pushed it in faster several more times and I was getting harder and harder and felt that I was getting ready to burst inside of her. "Fuck me Abhay. "Yeah babe?".

.Introduction These two sexy bollywood actresses are regarded as being two of the hottest young things on Indian Cenema.

The Kat managed to retain her grip until the dark bitch was able to get a grip on two fingers and bend them back. So instead she took a hand from Miss Kaif's long hair and used it grab her exposed neck. Bipasha Basu pulled a hand out of Katrina Kaif's hair and tried to prise the fingers away from her throat. and although this was her first real fight. As their two young. Had there been any males watching them they would have almost certainly got the wrong idea about what was going to happen. She started to use her bare feet to pummel her white opponent's legs. bodies collided Katrina used her hold to pull the Bips head back sharply. her breasts pressing down on her opponents. but had sufficient wits about her to raise her own hands and take hold of both Bipasha Basu's pig tails. Without further ado the Bips minx leapt forward onto Katrina grabbing her hair on either side of her head and pushing her backwards. Katrina Kaif continued to be pushed back. Bipasha Basu spun round to see Katrina Kaif's smirking face. screeched the Kat actress. At once Bipasha Basu began to choke and gag for air. Although the two young women only very rarely met and couldn't be described as enemies.The fight When Maxim magazine decided to spread featuring the 12 sexiest women in Bollywood Cinema they realised the size of the ego's would be tantamount to lighting a stick of dynamite. Katrina Kaif regarded herself as a serious actress marking her time and Bipasha Basu as stupid dark bitch. The entered the neutrally coloured room which contained a large bed and a leather chair in the corner. Bipasha was attired in a tight pink cropped vest which showed off her beautiful naval (as well as clearly indicating that she wasn't wearing a bra). but Katrina Kaif got the better changing room and the pick of the outfits. shutting the door in the process before being pressed against it by Bips. Katrina Kaif retorted that this was a bit rich coming from a bitch who made Rakhi Savant look like a Nun. Bipasha Basu responded by describing Katrina Kaif as a stroppy slut who only got her role by sleeping with producers. Bipasha Basu regarded Katrina Kaif as an over paid under talented tramp. causing the two young stars to fall to the floor. causing the Kat to wail with pain. Bipasha had no such qualms. This was just to inviting a target and she let fly with a right handed slap that caught the Kat squarely across the cheek. at which point the photographer threw them a key to a room down the corridor which was set aside for resolving some matters. Their solution was to limit the shoot to one or two women a day and keeping actresses from opposing movies apart. Bipasha Basu was chauffeured to the studio. At this point there was a slap. This rivalry was upped several notches when they appeared for the photo-shoot. Katrina Kaif could feel Bipasha Basu's already aroused body pressing and sliding up against her own (was it the fight or Bipasha Basu interested in women as well as men?) and it repelled her. "Let go of me you stupid dark tramp!". high cut denim shorts and her black hair in two pigtails. without apparent success as it simply caused Bipasha Basu to press harder. Miss Kaif yelped with surprise and pain as she staggered back. cream strapless bra which accentuated her cleavage and her light brown shoulder length hair worn naturally. But no sooner was Bipasha Basu gulping down air with relief than Katrina Kaif snaked a foot round her ankle and pushed forward. This went well until Katrina Kaif couldn't appear at her allotted time and an ignorant assistant re-scheduled her for the same day as Bipasha Basu. She started to try and break away from her opponent but Katrina Kaif wouldn't let go. Katrina allowed Bipasha to enter first and aimed a kick at her butt as she passed. and I'm going to finish it!" retorted Bipasha who started to shake Katrina 's head from side to side and pressed her body against her opponents. they had shared some bitchy words. This seemed to stun Katrina who although as much of a bitch as the character she played in Race. hadn't thought Bipasha would actually want to fight. making contact but not causing any pain. she had been coached for her role on Dhoom 2. "I'm not into your filthy lezzie games!" "You started this fight you stupid cow. With only the photographer present this all boiled over into a blazing row with Katrina Kaif accusing Bipasha Basu of spreading her legs wider than the Mersey tunnel. Bipasha Basu landed on her back quickly followed by Katrina Kaif who landed on top of her. but not innocent. They stomped off Katrina in the lead clad in their outfits. It was fortunate for Miss Basu that Katrina Kaif was as waif like as her else she might have . Katrina was wearing black leather hot pants. followed by a slap in response. They wouldn't be disturbed and could sort out their issues as loudly as they liked. Bipasha Basu who was being photographed first insisted on several changes of outfits which kept Miss Kaif waiting.

but she could only momentarily breaks Katrina's hold. before launching a two handed breast grab. the Kaif seemed to Blanche. although neither could gain a decisive advantage it was Katrina who came off the best by landing a couple of open handed slaps on Bipasha's still hidden breasts which caused her to yelp with pain. intent on destroying the Kat's pigtails. unable to quite comprehend that another woman might attack her in such a manner. they did nothing to stop her trying to rip the hair out of her opponents head. This didn't stop Katrina from ripping aside Bipasha's sweaty top as if she were opening packet of crisps to reveal two equally pert breasts topped with a stiff nipple. "Get off me you white slag!" snarled Bipasha Basu as she reached up and grabbed hold of Katrina Kaif's hair. Although these caused the Basu to wince slightly. and instead concentrated on pinning her. So instead she gritted her teeth and reached up and grabbed the Kat¶s strapless bra. Through the thin material she could feel their firmness which only encouraged her to squeeze harder. Bipasha Basu had managed to roll the pair of them over so that she was now on top. "Lets see how you having your tits squeezed slag!" cackled Katrina Kaif as she saw the discomfort writ large on her opponents face. although finger prints in her flesh remained. But before Katrina Kaif could get comfortable in her new position. The thin material stretched taut across Bipasha Basu's breasts emphasising her stiffening nipples. The two young stars continued to pull hair feverishly groaning with pain and effort. At the same time she pressed and ground her body down against Kaif's causing her to groan in a not entirely unpleasurable way. Becoming frustrated Katrina Kaif stopped pulling at Bips hair with her right hand and instead used to land blows on the dark star's back and head. Bipasha Basu had a head start and her pulling on Miss Kaif's bra soon caused both breasts to pop into view. She was able to hook her fingers over the bra cup and pull the article away from Katrina's body. They gritted their teeth and writhed in discomfort rather than cry out and . She managed to quite easily move aside Bip's hand. "Get off me!" wailed Bipasha as she bucked and struggled to be free. "Lezzie slut!" whispered Katrina Kaif. to no effect followed by the first sound of ripping material. in the process the elastic bit into her skin. Katrina Kaif tried to roll them over but Bipasha Basu was able to counter this. At first this had no noticeable reaction. but when her fingers dug into the exposed flesh. Bipasha Basu took her right hand away from Katrina Kaif's long hair and grabbed her right breast. Katrina Kaif had used the hold to roll the pair of them over. "Get off my tits will you!" Katrina began to buck and struggle in an effort to throw the Bips off of her. Frustrated and angry at her inability to stop her opponent. "Rip my bra off slut and I'll rip yours off too!" snarled Katrina as she turned her attention from hurting Bipasha to ripping off her skimpy top. But the Basu was quite happy where she was and returned the hair pulling. she ceased trying to rip away the top and used the hand to defend herself. before Kat reached forward with both hands and grabbed Bipasha's breasts. Indeed it enabled Katrina Kaif to move her body and sit astride her opponents waist (anyway as much as her tight hot pants would allow). She tried to defend herself. Katrina Kaif broke the deadlock by using her free hand to avoid Bipasha Basu's and secure a neck lock. to Miss Basu's relief. The two women traded slaps and grabs. Katrina Kaif's breasts were marginally larger and Bipasha Basu spread her fingers wide to grab as much flesh as she could. encased as it was in the cream bra top. on the other hand. "Leggo my top you stupid cow!" howled the Basu. When these had only limited success. Katrina Kaif took hold of the back of Bipasha Basu's top and started to pull. They paused for a moment to catch their breath. The two young stars continued to struggle for supremacy from the tips of their toes to their scalps. This was a new experience for both women and it took a few squeeze's and tweaks before they determined how to inflict the maximum amount of pain. Now becoming more vocal in her expressions of pain. There was a momentary pause whilst both women eyed each others orbs. In doing so she broke off her neck lock. Before the dark actress could free herself. Bipasha Basu's reaction was to break off her hair pulling and use both hands to try and free her self. Although her top as less substantial. But although she managed to scratch Miss Kaif's bare arm this did nothing to help her.suffered more. Bipasha Basu. had more prominent nipples and it was these that Katrina Kaif concentrated on.

This brought both women into range and they began to lash out and slap. slowly closing the gap between them further. Bipasha Basu howled with pain as her head was pulled up off the mattress and began to struggle to through the younger woman off of her. She fell forward and to her right. but it allowed Bipasha to twist her body so that she could get up onto her knees. Bipasha let go of Katrina as she recoiled at this assault which allowed the older her opponent scramble forward and away from her opponent. The Kats reply was muffled but defiant and supported by a defiant hair tug that pulled Bipasha's head back. admit that I much better than you!" demanded Bipasha Basu despite the pair in her scalp and to emphasise her point used her spare hand to pull the hair on the top of Katrina's head. They eyed each other evilly and began to circle hands outstretched. Pleased at the reaction to this assault. as she had been concentrating on hurting her opponent. Bipasha rose to her feet and discarded the sorry remnant of her pink top. but manage to hand onto a pig tail with her left hand. so she rolled over onto her back ready to receive the next attack. This took Katrina by surprise. The resultant thwack caused Bipasha to smile and Katrina to yelp. Having gotten the Kats attention she then used her spare hand to launch an open handed slap across her hot pants clad bum. resulting in the loudest shriek of pain in the fight so far. But instead the Bips who had leapt forward landed on the mattress where she had been. Both women screeched with pain and frustration. hurling insults that would not be allowed on Bollywood. Katrina Kaif raises herself for a repeat attack. "Dirty cow!" wailed Katrina. Miss Basu was able to secure a hair pull first and used it to pull Katrina closer to her. Bipasha Basu stepped back to avoid being kicked and looked down at her now less than perfect thighs. Katrina Kaif needed no second invitation and rolled back so that she was on Bip's back before straddling her blonde opponent and taking a two handed grip of her hair. but Bipasha Basu bit her lip rather than cry out. As they did so Bipasha unconsciously stepped forward because the bed got in the way. Katrina Kaif raised her butt and brought it down on Bipasha Basu's spine. Although Katrina Kaif kept her hold on Bipasha Basu's dark hair she concentrated on trying to trap the Dhoom 2 actress between her legs by pushing her left leg under her opponent. "Stop trying to get your leg over me you filthy cow!" hissed Bipasha Basu whose fear of losing was causing her imagination to run riot. Although her nails were quite short they caused damage to the soft flesh. but just out of reach. In an effort to subdue the struggling woman beneath her. As they struggled Bipasha Basu moved round so that she was facing the bed. This takes the Katrina by surprise and instead of hurting her sexy opponent she slides off to her right landing on her side still on the bed. Katrina Kaif liked the idea of . In fact Bipasha was more worried about Katrina Kaif trying to grab her crotch (she had heard rumours that the White actress was partial to women). Having recovered from the slap. Katrina now reached down with her right hand and took hold of Bipasha 's left breast in an effort to distract her enough so that she could trap her in a scissors. Katrina struggled to break free. Katrina had also gotten to her feet and undone her bra top which fell to the carpeted floor. The squeal of shock and outrage alerted Katrina Kaif that her opponent was out for blood. Before Bipasha could repeat this satisfying attack. "Filthy slut!" retorted Bipasha as she put her body weight into freeing herself. no appearing in mini-skirts for the next couple of weeks. Miss Kaif landed face down on the mattress. Secretly though. In the process both women broke their hold on the others breasts. Bipasha reached out with her right hand and took hold of Miss Kaif's long hair. This allowed Bipasha Basu to twist her body so that she could face her now rapidly hated opponent and she was able to grab hold of Miss Kaif's hair to remind her that the fight was not yet over. "So come on then you country skank. Whilst Miss Kaif was able to grab hold of bitchy hair.show weakness. and Katrina struggled to fight back. with little success as the bips kept shuffling around. landing next to her opponent. At which point Katrina moved her spare hand from trying to free herself from the neck lock she was in to clawing at Bipasha's thighs. but is taken by surprise when Bipasha pushes up on her knees raising her own lower body up into the air. so flung her opponent forward onto the bed. Whilst she did so. Katrina managed to twist her own body round and slapped the dark beauty across the cheek with her own right hand. her legs dangling back over the edge thrashing about. she couldn't stop Bipasha Basu putting an arm round her neck and pull her down.

As their two sweaty bodies writhed. at also allowed Katrina Kaif to pull down the zip on the denim shorts. She pulled hard on Miss Kaif's hot pants which peeled open like a banana to reveal the top of a cream thong before plunging the hand down into the unknown. Bipasha used her free hand to reach and pull on Katrina's hair. unwilling to show any sign of weakness. Bipasha Basu rolled in the other direction towards the far edge of the bed in an equally shocked and pained state. her fingers covered in short. with a haste borne of desperation and pulled the buttons holding together the front of the Katrina's hot pants. Katrina Kaif slowly pulled herself up. using the grip to start shaking her head. Neither woman had ever been hurt this badly before and however much they now wanted to give up. Bipasha Basu reacted by letting go of Katrina Kaif's hair and moved the hand to defend herself. . so in a fit of screamed rage Bipasha pushed her hand further down the hot actresses crotch. but not before inflicting one last tug that elicited a scream of pain. neither woman took theirs eyes of the other.and as their long legs battled she thought she hand an opening. But these thoughts were dismissed when Bipasha matched Katrina¶s breast attack.pants to slip down. this time concentrating on her nipple. letting go of Bip's breast and pulling the hand out from the Bip's shorts. "You filthy cow. damp. This only convinced Katrina Kaif to take the plunge and she pulled aside Bips's damp thong and took a firm hold of the unseen short curly hair. often of a crudely sexual nature while tears welled up in their eyes. Miss Kaif had just beaten her to it. Bipasha Basu responded with a mouthful of expletives and vitriol about what she'd like to do to Katrina Kaif with a farm implement! This only caused Katrina to try hard to scissors her opponent. that Katrina Kaif fell off the bed. Both women thrashed and struggled as if being electrocuted as they inflicted untold pain on one another in a way that viewers of their movies could not have imagined possible.shocking and hurting her opponent and was not prepared to do anything to win this fight. which caused her hot. "Leggo my cunt your dirty slut!" wailed the Bips. She had been perched on the edge for some time and the desire to make it as difficult for Bipasha to hurt her that she ran out of room. Bipasha tried not to scream at the burning sensation that was wracking her body and instead concentrated on doing the same to Katrina. curly hair. as much as she could given the pain she was under and whispered. This was followed by cries of anguish mixed with harsh insults. As Katrina Kaif began to tentatively push a hand inside the newly opened gap Bipasha Basu reached down. She was surprised by what she found. so she removed them and her thong to reveal her ravaged but still subtly pink pussy. Miss Basu just screamed with pain and brought both hands to bear to pull the offending hand away from her breast. It was just was they both contemplated attacking the most intimate part of the others womanhood. "So are you cheap slut!" wailed Katrina as she made a similar discovery. as she had been pondering the same move. There was no meaningful response from Kat. you're enjoying this!" shrieked Bipasha who now wanted to get her opponent as far away from her as possible. Bipasha had swung herself off the bed and dropped her shorts. her body wracked with pain and she lay there catching her breath and praying that the pain would subside. Frustrated that this attack had failed and more determined than ever to win. "Showing what a true lezzie slut you are!" snarled Bipasha Basu through teeth clenched with pain and effort. Although this brought an end to the attack. With almost painful slowness she slide off the bed. "Give you a nipple twister deary!" and with that turned Bipasha's nipple like a radio dial. Katrina jumped with shock at the first tug. Katrina Kaif let go of Bipasha Basu's hair and instead used the hand to grab the zip on the front of her denim shorts. as they checked themselves for damage both wanted nothing more than revenge. Katrina Kaif smirked. Suffering as she was Bipasha pushed aside all doubts about this form of attack and pushed aside Katrina Kaif's damp thong and started to pull at her pussy. Miss Basu was forced to release Katrina Kaif's hair and let go of her minge as well. but realised it was a bit late to have doubts and used her free hand to re-grab Bipasha's breast. still facing her but closer to the edge than she had been. This only prompted Katrina to push her own hand further into Bipasha's snatch. a hand clamped on the others breast. But Bipasha Basu was alert to this and as Katrina Kaif was able to twist her body so that all that happened was that Katrina Kaif was now on the right of her opponent. Indeed she was already considering asking the producers of her show if she could have a catfight scene in a forthcoming movie. "You dirty fucking cow!" howled Katrina who in response dug her finger's harder into Bipasha's breast and tugged on the sorry remnant of a pony tail. Katrina Kaif hit the floor.

But Bipasha Basu was in no mood to let her of lightly and she dragged herself up Miss Kaif's stomach. and despite the fierce hair pulling that she was suffering. When I've finished with you cow there will be more hair under your arms than your overused cunt.When she saw the state of her once immaculate pink minge. her thighs don't touch. When she stands. Theresa's looks are remarkable. In desperation she let go of Bipasha Basu's hair and reached up to clamp both hands over the dark's breasts. Miss Kaif tried to roll and throw Bipasha from this position but could do nothing. but when she opened her eyes she saw Bipasha Basu's foot descend on her mouth and pin her head to the carpet. "So whose the baddest bitch in bollywood now!" The last time I saw Theresa. The two battered. Katrina Kaif had no idea of how long she lay there. She drank in the feelings of triumph. making it harder for Katrina Kaif to maintain her grip. Miss Basu then raised her butt. and moved back towards the space in front of the bed. Katrina Kaif reacted as if she had been connected to the national grid and her sobs turned into a gasped mixture of crying and screams of agony. As their bodies became entwined in a hateful embrace they fell to the floor and started to roll around screaming insults. "You'll fucking pay for this bitch!" snarled Bipasha with a lot more confidence and nastiness than she felt. doing nothing but use up precious energy.seven. dominance and superiority that swept through her body. Five years later. trying to pull or drag one another around. Bipasha Basu leapt forward first and used both hands to pull hard on the Kat's hair. Katrina retaliated by using her right hand to return the hair pulling and used her right to squeeze the left breast of her opponent. She was also suffering from a fierce hair pulling and was finding it harder and harder not to cry. As their bodies parted and then came together again their breasts slapped against one another. and I was twenty. which wasn't difficult. but they didn't care. As fresh waves of tears began to flood down her cheeks she heard Bipasha Basu call out in a weary but mocking tone. but she continued to press down on Miss Kaif's chest until she was absolutely certain that the fight was over. When Bipasha Basu next rolled round to being on top she managed to spread her legs to maintain her dominant position. sweaty and naked actress began to circle wearily. and we'll know who the biggest bitch in bollywood is!" snapped back Katrina Kaif giving Bips the come on with her hands. They both howled with the pain as their already bruised and sensitive breasts received further punishment. Then. . "Don't make me laugh. which caused Katrina Kaif's hands to fall away. As Katrina Kaif lay there crying. she pulled herself up so that she was sat astride Katrina Kaif's waist. brown haired. As her fingers squeezed hard Katrina Kaif's reserves of will power finally deserted her and she began to cry. They rolled back and forth some more. Bipasha Basu very shakily stood up and collected all the tattered pieces of clothing. she materialized back into my life. but couldn't maintain the grip. Seeing Katrina Kaif naked she ripped off her thong. which was anyway getting weaker. she was only seventeen. But Katrina Kaif was having none of this and threw herself at Miss Basu so that their breasts collided and were pushed back into their rib cages. she span round to confront her opponent. Katrina Kaif tried to clamp Bip's left leg between her own to protect her pussy. with her piercing blue-green eyes that seem to glow like gems. with a slim waist and beautifully rounded hips. She is petite. leaving a tempting. Neither was in any condition to do any acting for several days now. Bipasha Basu pushed her crotch down into Katrina Kaif's stomach as she suffered and transferred her own hands from hair to the opponents breasts. touchable area below her vulva. But this didn't stop the two young actresses resuming their two handed hair pulling. and brought herself down on Katrina Kaif's breasts. and I found that I can no longer resist her. Aware that her breast had already taken a mauling Bipasha Basu pushed Katrina Kaif away sufficiently for them to break contact. Her figure is very nice. Slowly these gave way to whimpers and it became clear to Bipasha Basu that she had won.

using only her soapy hands. then looked away." She blushed and shook her head. holding her up. fear. and con. "No. We were good friends. and sapphire blue earrings dangled. rinsing the soap from my leg. her brown hair rippling like a mane. staring with her gorgeous eyes and my chest. fighting against her sensual touch. "What are they teaching you in college? How to give people heart attacks?" She laughed and we kidded while I finished working on Tim's car. "Why not. She seemed intent on washing me so I began to relax. a mature woman. That prompted her visit. At twenty two. I looked and saw an incredible pair of legs walking towards us. She told me honestly that she had a crush on me. and we liked each other.Her father and I are friends. fully grown. and startled. "You might say that. I had just about finished. I'd have to learn to sleep with one eye open. Several seconds went by before I could manage a response. Her breasts were warm against my chest and my hands pulled her hips to mine. She turned her head and looked at my cock. I gave her straight and solid advice. I grabbed her shoulders and kissed her long and hard. "Hi! Long time. your dirty ol' man!" She laughed. full breasts. he drove off. When she started in on my thigh. telling her facts and not judging her actions. but everything was perfectly proportioned. She leaned into me. dropped her hands and began to wash my cock and balls. down to her lovely hips. keeping her tight against me. I shook the water out of my eyes. naked and more beautiful that I had ever dreamed. smiling. We went into the house where it was cooler. She told me she was on her summer vacation. She soaped my arms and shoulders." I said. her hands sliding over my cock. and I whistled appreciatively. and I wrapped my arms around her. a barely knee length skirt covering the best parts." Tightening the filter. no see. fondling my balls. Even when she was younger. We kissed for long minutes. the look of her body. We talked while I used that mechanic's goop to clean my hands and arms of the oil and grease. Her hands urged me to turn around. "C'mon. Something she was keeping back. Only five foot three inches. Too much for me. Thirty minutes later. "Do those legs go all the way up Tim?" I heard a giggle. Her arrival at my place happened when she came home from college for summer vacation. pulling herself into me. "Nothing really. her magnificent blue eyes sparkling. I was shampooing my hair for the second time when I heard the shower door slide open. it's not even that simple!" "Hoo-boy!" I said." "Homesick? Boyfriend at college? Mom & Dad?" I asked. making me harder every second. The look on her face was a mixture of desire. "What the hell". visiting her folks. the more I could see something was bothering her. the smile on her face. "You really mean that?" "Sure. I lay under the Turbo-Z. gimme a hint. soaping and rinsing me clean. her body was splendid. neither of us wanting to stop. and if he knew about us. Theresa stood in the shower with me. It is serious? Pregnant?" She laughed. and she scrubbed my back with a washcloth. taking it all in again. then Tim's laugh. "Ohhh my!" I exclaimed from under the car. Theresa moved her hands around and up my back." I smirked. "Spill it. "Ok. I thought. Firm and shapely. our tounges meeting quickly. My heart stopped. but her hand touched my lips. and a black sleeveless top. how about you tell me over dinner?" She looked up sharply. wearing a black skirt. using the brush to scrub away the traces of oil and grease from my arms. I slid the creeper from under the car." I handed her the remote control for the TV and stereo and disappeared into the bedroom. I opened my mouth to speak. and drank iced tea. She is on her own. and saw a picture of us at a campout in the family album. My cock was pressing against her stomach. She picked up the soap and began to run it over my chest. and her legs were lean and perfect. and stood smiling at me. watching her shake her head at each one. complementing those eyes which riveted me to the ground. She knelt and lifted one leg to the ledge. talking about her life on campus and how many guys she had chasing her around. hearing it slide closed again. not long before she started junior college and more boyfriends. I figured it was his latest girlfriend. framing her face well. the best that I could. and I replied that she should use that to compare her feelings for her boyfriends feel? We parted good friends when I moved across the valley. her waist making a graceful recurve from her firm. my balls were nestled . losing as my eyes roved her beautiful body. A brown triangle nestled between her legs. I felt a familiar feeling deep inside as my desires began to stir. tight around her hips and legs. "She's old enough to know what she wants". she found me easier to talk to about her "boy problems" than her mom or dad. wiping my grimy hands on a shop towel. working her way up my thigh. leaving me with Theresa. Her hair was long. Let me take a shower first. making my voice still. She lathered the soap in her hands. my friend Tim watching as his car was his pride and joy. I began to rise again. and looked up. I fought a mental battle with my rising loins. What's bugging you? Talk to your big brother. Theresa stood there. Since the legs stopped next to Tim. well. spinning the new oil filter on when I heard sharp footsteps come up the driveway. The more we talked. She moved towards me. "Tell you what. "Whew! Look at YOU!" I said. not yet understanding. but she is always her father's "little girl". soaping and cleaning the calf. changing the oil. The lack of words was driving me crazy and my cock was beginning to stand up full and hard.fusion.

and excited me at the same time. and I took great pleasure in kissing away some droplets from her breasts.God! YES!" She yelled. Cum in my pussy!" she demanded. and looked at each other's eyes for several seconds. and gently rinsed us both off. I took her hand and led her to the bed. flooding and filling her with my hot cream. I pulled her ass up. I kissed her again. like a good girl.Please fuck me!" She was smiling and crying at the same time. flicking at mine. trying to meet mine... slowly. grinding myself tightly with her.. forcing my cock to swell in response. "Yesss. squeezing and milking any remaining come from me.. running my hands all over her.Pump me hard!" She groaned. making me swell inside her tight cunt. and she rolled on top. "Ohhh. Then she laid her head against me again.. I raised up and asked the question as delicatly as possible. haven't you?" I joked." I started. getting a moan each time. wet and warm. tiny kisses. cupping her cheeks in my hands and drove into her hard and fast. her tounge dancing around. her hands pulling me back to her lips. one strayed and pulled my mouth to hers. I rolled her over onto her back. After we rolled over to the center of the bed. I felt something warm and wet drip onto my balls." I slid between the lips of her pussy. just as I had entered. her legs wrapping around me. I kissed her fully. "Yes. then resting it on my shoulder. "Hmmmm. She was tight. "I want you to cum in me! CUM! CUM! Cum in my cunt now!" I did. tears coming to her eyes. passion flairing in us both. feeling my own rising urgency.. I lifted her ass. "Don't. "And besides.. Her pussy was tight. After several minutes. "I'm going to. "I want you so much. We dried each other off.. my cock firmly inside her. "I want to. "Is this what you want?" I asked. "Ohh God! Fuck me. slamming my hips against hers. caressing her tounge with mine." She breathed the words while she kissed my nipples. I thrust again. sliding into her carefully. her arms wrapping around my chest. touching her cervix. and gasped as I slid down deeper into her.. filling her with cock. shoving as deep as I could into her. "Hard and fast. my sweet. "Fuck me hard and deep!" She cried..for a long time. making a game of it.. Her hands rubbed my chest." Her legs wrapped and locked around my back..in your mouth..you KNOW me better than THAT!" I fell on my back. "For years..from behind. stopping when she gasped. Down I plunged. "I want you now!" She panted... my cock laying under her bush. pulling her down and kissing her passionately. laughing briefly.. Fast." She cried.I've wanted.in my mouth." She laughed.. faster this time... and felt my cock twitch and swell.. feeling her tight pussy grab for me. "Oooooo..hard and fast. squeezing every drop from me." Her verbalizations were urging me on.. CUM. "Fuck me." She moaned to me. " I pulled her up to me. and feeling her pussy contract around me once again.. feeling another stream of jism soak the inside of her pussy.. seeing a fantasy literally come true. Yes! Yes!" She cried. "Yes.. As we kissed again. cum inside me.. "I'm going to. I moved faster. sucking hard against me.. her hips stroking me. "God! I can't tell you how much I've wanted you.. squeezing me tight.to cum. feeling our sweat drenched bodies slick against each other. I picked up speed. slowly. I'm on the pill and I see my doctor three times a year. all over me. She moved and slipped my cock into her mouth. feeling them part as I moved inside her. lifting her head to watch.Hard. still joined and warm. and we kissed. tickling her. Suprised by her words.Ohhhh.. We lay kissing and holding each other for a long time. running a finger up and down my still slick cock. this is all I wanted.. yes! I want you to come everywhere. pleading for mercy. making it last for us both. I started to plunge harder and faster into her. she slipped into bed beside me. stirring me on to greater passion as I licked the underside of her tounge." "Oh Theresa. my cock touching her cervix. I finally touched bottom.Fuck you. We pulled apart. "Rest.." She cooed.. I pinched her nipples and careesed her lovely ass. impaling her on my cock. slick with her juice.. CUM inside me. biting them softly." She sighed. sliding easily down her wet tunnel.suck you. resting her head on my chest. growing even larger." Then she reached down and tickled me. preparing for the explosion yet to arrive. I stopped with only the head inside her and moved down again. I flexed my cock against her squeeze." I whispered in her ear.make you fuck me.." I gasped.. her tounge entered my mouth first.. "Ohhhh Godd!" She breathed.against her bush.Don't move!" I felt her pussy contract. "Ohhhh Jeeez!" She cried. making me jump.." I pulled back.. "have you followed my advice at school?" She smiled and stroked my face tenderly. her pussy stretched tight around my cock. watching her nod her head lightly.. "And cum. Feeling my balls bounce against her ass. I smothered her neck and breasts with quick. and went to the bathroom.. "I want to feel you inside me. and kissed her on the mouth. I lifted my head to breath. "then I'll let you come in my mouth.have you. "Theresa." I sighed. A gusher erupted as I plunged furiously hard into her. Her cunt milked my cock. "You've learned a lot in college. several times bumping against her deeply. We looked at each other. getting her to laugh." She suprised me. "Yes.. not wanting to hurt her and wanting to fill her at the same time.suck you off. eyes meeting and locking. down into her warm depths.. She rolled us onto our sides and slid back. When she came back. straddling my legs. then falling and kissing my chest. Come flowed into her like from a fire-hose.. "How much I hoped you'd take me. feeling like a glove around me. Her hips rocked. sucking hard on her nipples.hard again. hard and deep.. "you ..cum. hard and nasty.

how and when to press her lips down hard. She went along for a while then I stopped her.ed. I showed her how to lick and caress the balls. The guys went wild. following the line down between the sacks. with people getting naked in every room. and Lisa accepting it. An argument followed and she an Paula changed roomies. About half way into her orgasm. fucking with wild abandon. Paula climbed into bed with Theresa and the two of them. She watched as Lisa fucked the "straight" gal with her strap-on. I showed her the target points. She found men didn't really interest her that much any more. and found that she was eager to please me. and she found herself wanting Lisa very badly." She smiled up at me. The girl they'd brought was straight. We filled ourselves with pizza and laid naked by the fireplace. I had dressed after phoning the pizza place. while Paula and another girl convinced her it was a guy. until the party. but her exuberance almost made up for it. "No. nipples pressing hard against the fabric. screwing each girl in turn. and had her watch as I stroked myself. bisexual. my cock fully hard. The doorbell rang and woke her. feeling both happy and content. We dozed off and slept. and she and Paula shared secrets and discussed their boyfriends' merits and defects. the story coming out in a rush. frustrated and horny. When Lisa introduced a strap-on dildo they shared pleasing each other for many nights. so I instructed. forcing the head to pass her lips. some stud pounding her pussy. alone. I woke to find her sucking on me. Her passions were crushed. I heard her start down the hall. From our talks it was clear that she didn't end up giving much head to her boyfriends and she was shy about asking them what she should do. she and Paula ranted to each other about college "studs" being concerned only with themselves. a blonde replaced her then current (and very proper) roommate. Of how sensitive the scar area is on men who are . "Well?" I asked. I quickly closed the door. and her breasts peeking above the sheets. One night after some particularly rushed sex. She found herself making the first move. to see if she had really lost interest. the "straight" gal grabbed Paula and slid most of her and in her pussy and fucked her hard. making them both happy. but older men didn't sit well with dad. made love for three hours. when she skipped a night class." "Gentle?" I smiled. Several months later. she had slept only with women. The parents were gone and the party got wild. he'll think we screwed around before she went away to school. arriving to find Paula in bed with another girl. Theresa found that her interest in men was waning. "After that pounding you took? You're pussy should be plenty sore. For four months. Too. Her roomie this year was an attractive brunette named Paula. and was frightened by how turned on she was by other women. Half an hour after lights out. As long as they're as gentle as you are. her knees drawn up. Two other girls came in and joined them making them all crazy and lusty. She agonized over whether she was straight. and turned to see her dressed in only her skirt and top." She giggled. and besides. Taking me to bed was a test. The talk excited Theresa and she came almost immediately. only to return a short time later with another girl and three guys.wouldn't beleive!" We talked and the more we talked the more I saw that she didn't talk at all about her girlfriends. while she ate the girl. and the same since the party. When I finally mentioned it. I showed her how to flick the ridge on the underside. Once sated. and talking really dirty. Theresa found herself in a room with Lisa and Paula. During spring vacation. Dinner consisted of delivered pizza. The guy fucking Theresa pulled out and shot his load all over one of the other girl's faces. naked and getting wild. The girl protested until Theresa made her come several times in succession. We ate and talked about our feelings for each other. when to rake her teeth lightly(!) over the skin. neither of them happy. Afterwards. Two of the guys jacked off on the girls tits. While I was paying the pizza boy. and how would we ever keep it from her dad? Mom was ok. she started to cry. Theresa slept like an angel. "I'm still PLENTY interest. letting me cuddle her from behind while she dozed. She collapsed in a heap on the bed. calling her all sorts of names. Her arousal was so complete that she had her first multiple orgasm on my tounge. but her desire for Paula intense. the orgy scene bored and frightened her and she dressed and went back to the dorm. Theresa was not the best in the world. over and over. or lesbian for several weeks. they all went to a party at someone's parent's house. "I'm still horny." "Actually. sniffling back some tears. her chin on my chest. You didn't get me off!" I took care of that by eating her pussy until she came. waiting for the delivery. The two girls left. but Lisa and one of the other girls held her down and Theresa found herself on her knees. a smile on her face. and she watched as Lisa an Paula rubbed it all over the girl and themselves. showing how a guy squezzes and flexes for extra sensations. and simply walked out.

Without warning she changed her pace. stopping and backing up slightly as she tried to 'throat' me. white. especially her mouth. She understood. I was on the verge of tears. Theresa staying the night. "Please cum in my mouth?!" She swallowed me part way. Then. I felt her throat open and slide me down. She rose quickly and returned to her slow downstroke. We were too happy and content. rubbing my cock and cum against her cheeks and lips. By the time she had her lessons. But it was her mouth. Theresa. catching her breath. Slowly she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. and I pulsed again. and as my cock came from her mouth. Her nipples were hard and erect. and as I saw some cum run down my cock." She pleaded. and thick. We were both tired. we'd do this again. I lay panting. assuring me that she knew what she was doing. After a short rest. Her eyes pleaded with me.self. What she didn't expect was that each time I moved to the edge of her throat. and the gobs of saliva that she drooled down my cock that made me ready. "Cum in my mouth this time. She began by sucking me deep into her mouth. my cock became wetter. her teacher was sweating with and urgent need. When she returned to school. ready to come if only she'd move faster. finding several variations of her own that were driving me up a wall. even accidentally. we found reasons to disappear together and we enjoyed each other as much as possible. As she moved. her nose tickling my pubic hair. Always. moaning and pumping me against her neck and tits. . shining.circumcised. Her pleading turned me on even more. She had a rhythm. making her wetter and urging her on. almost breathless. but I wanted this to continue too. she knew she could do it again. I heard her swallow. She jerked and continued to suck. and she lifted her head from my cock. taking me fully down her throat. her pussy would contract and spasm. running down to my anus and back to the sacks. her purring moan exciting and sensuous. using her tounge well. sucking me and pumping with one hand. All that summer. We didn't worry about her dad. but managed several more spurts before she lay down. it was becoming intense. firing a stream of cum down her throat. I bucked into her mouth. and she was leaning over me. shorter and a little faster. She slid up on my engorged cock. Her hand pumping me milked another gush into her mouth. you are special. but her whole body. Yes. and I was just getting ready when she dived on my cock. She pulled up. not because of her words. I looked. "Remember to breathe. saying that we would always be special to each other. She gagged and sat up. Everything about her was giving me head. I felt the pressure building. shiny and wet. she continued and I felt the familiar bubbling beginning down low. something else did. slowing down. I was nearly spent. I wanted her to move faster. "Ohhhhh. I told her to enjoy her life and if we were both free next summer. four or five short strokes to each long one. and stroked. She also said that once my cock touched her throat. unleasing a raging torrent into her mouth. When she swallowed I shot again. just as she slid my cock fully down her throat. and I could feel wet drops of her juice on my leg. and agreed. then swallowed me slowly. The sensation was unbearable. lustful eyes. and she licked me up and down. taking me all the way and her fingers tickled my balls. unable to move. yet not close. she slipped and her mouth plunged down on my cock. her hand now milking my cock. her saliva dripped wetly down my shaft. God!" I moaned." Her hand squeezed mine. She felt like she was cumming in two places when I finally shot off in her mouth. close. My energy seemed to have drained out of my cock. Later she told me that she actually came when I did. We cuddled and kissed. each time she raised her head. and she moaned with delight. Her words didn't suprise me then. She slowly engulfed me again and again. without touching her. More cum spasmed into her mouth. She stroked me several times. and how to grasp and pull the skin up alongside the head.

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