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Research Proposal










Research Title
To analyse the safety issues concerning workers while following deadline in L&T Hazira

We have generally seen that safety standards in industries are not followed properly, which
lead to disasters and disruptions in daily operations.

Workers’ lives are also at risk and they are forced to work in available site conditions, for
meeting project deadlines.

In big corporate, like L&T ECC, two workers lost their lives while chasing the deadline, on
4th of December 2009. Project started on 4th of Feb. 2009 at the outskirts of Surat and
employed approximately 70 Employees of L&T ECC Surat division and contract workers.
Construction Hoist at that site was faulty, which was used to carry material and man power to
different floors.

Assistant supervisor of that Project had put words to the higher management about the faulty
hoist of 2nd block. The carrying capacity of that hoist was 200 Kgs and there was some fault
during the upward movement of that hoist. In spite of regular reminder from the Project
supervisor, management didn’t take the issue seriously and their negligence resulted in an
accident and two contract workers lost their life.

Now management is into dilemma about the safety policy of the company and need to know
what measures should be taken to manage both safety and deadline in parallel.

Research Objective
• From management’s perspective : To identify the loop holes in following the safety
standards & analysing the factors forcing them to give deadline more priority over

• From employee’s perspective: To identify the issues concerning the environment in

which they are working and to analyse the measures and importance of safety to them.

• To study the importance of regular auditing of safety measures, recruitment of

specialized safety manager and reviewing of safety policy.
Management Dilemma
• Is there a need to revise the safety policy of the company?

• Whether safety is more important or meeting the dead line.

Management Question
• How managers & employees need to be trained to consider the safety standards, while
performing operations.

• How can we create incident-free environment and business with no safety impact.

• How can a safety manager can help in complying with the safety standards.

• How can safety staff can monitor the safety qualities effectively.

• How can safety audits are helpful in reducing the mishaps.

Research Design:
The survey research method will be the basic research design. The methodology adopted is as

• Questionnaire

• Interview

o Personal

o Telephonic

Each response will be analysed and collective report will be prepared with proper conclusion.

Sample Design:
A survey of all the current workers, employees and management working in L&T ECC Surat
division will provide the required information for the research.

Data Gathering:
Primary data will be collected through questionnaires and interviews as mentioned earlier.

Secondary data will be collected through L&T website, Labour Laws, Safety standards, HRD
Data processing and analysis
Several data analysis tools in order to edit and tabulate the responses will be used. Charts as
per requirement will be prepared and analysed by the consulting firm. By determining
consistent patterns and summarizing the appropriate details revealed in the investigation and
taking in note all the rules and contracts a conclusion will be reached.

Report Preparation
The report prepared will reveal all the data and investigation done through which conclusion
was reached. The report will be presented to all the members who were part of our sample.

Time Schedule
An estimated time of 2 weeks will be needed to complete the research and investigation.
Extra 1 week will be allotted for analysing the data and reaching the conclusion.

Q1. Are you provided with all the safety equipments & devices? (Yes/No)

Q2. Did you have training after joining your current project? (Yes/No)

Q3. Regular maintenance of electrical equipments is scheduled? (Yes/No)

Q4. No. of training hours conducted during the span of project for site workers.................

Q5. No. of safety drills conducted during the span of project..................

Q6. Response time of management in hours for maintenance issues is......................

Q7. Rate the effectiveness of supervisor in terms of managerial competencies. (Rating on

scale of 5).

Q8. No. of hours of overtime for meeting the deadline are...................

Q9. Are you satisfied with the working environment? (Yes/No)

Q10. Are you forced by the management to work in unsafe conditions? (Yes/No)

Q11. What changes would you like to have in safety policy & working environment?

For Management (Subjective)

Q1. What is the penalty for missing the deadline of a Project?

Q2. What are the laws in Safety policy that emphasise the safety of workers?

Q3. Are there enough workers for completing the project in estimated time?

Q4. How much the Company is spending on Safety, Maintenance & Healthcare yearly?