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NEW YORK'S PUBLIC POWERHOUSE ‘y? BUFFALO FOOTBALL GAME CONTRACT Thisagreement, entered into thls uly 29,2019 by and between the State University of New York st Bua, {hereinaher referred to ¢ “Home Team) nd College of te Hoi Cross herenater eferrod toa Visiting, Team") 1. Purpose: The purpose of tis Agreements to confirm te arrangements and conditions under which ‘the varsty football teams for ome Team and Vsting Team shall play each other during the ruler ‘call season set forth in Section 2 Date Pace September 30,2022 Dutfalo, rv we ry 3. Officials: Ofcials forthe game sal be ald for bythe Home Tes and assigned by the Mid.American ‘Sonference ‘4 Game Management: Allcosts of conducting and promoting the game shall be borne by Home Team. ‘ising Team sal be responsible for sewn travel expenses fr thelr football team and marching band, ‘5. Compensation: Home Team shall pay VistingTeom {or the game on or before December, 2022, Alcther revenue generated, including gate revenve, salle retained by Home Team. 6. Televison: Television rights wl be governed by any curent or future rotsever agreements between the Mid-American Conference and Vsting Team contracted television partna(s. Absent an ‘agreement regarding the crossover games between the Mid-American Conference and Vistng Team television partners) negotiations fr rights to televise on ve or dlayed Bass and related rights ees, Meany, wll est with Home Team 7. Radio Broadcasts: Visiting Tem shall deignatenct mare than one (1) ofc rao station to broadeastthe game. The offical station shal be assigned a radio booth at UB Stadium and no charges ‘ot fes wil be aesgned forthe broadcast af the game via rai or the internet by isting Tern ors ‘fica station, nor shall any charges or fees be assessed any station tating afed fom Visting Team ‘offal station. Anunsponsored broadcast by Vistng Team's tation shal be permitted without charge lorrighs fees {8 Video Taping: Home Team grants permission wthovt payment of any fes for Visting Team to vdeo tepe or fim the gare. Vistng Team may use the tapes or fis, a wells the audo recording under paragraph 7, for delayed showing for coaches shows, ons sponsored internet website ané ary other Insttutona purpose as longa such use doesnot vieate the applicable Mid-American Conference television correc. Al costs involved inprocucing the vieo sal be the responsibly of Visiting Tear GB 102 Alumni Arena | Bufo, NY | 14260.5000 (O-716645 3142 718045.3758 Placement and coordination ofthe careras wile subject to the rules, regulations and contol ofthe Sportsinformation Office ef Home Tear. Inno event shall Vsting Team interfere with the ming of the game by the television netwark camera crew or Home Team, 9. Tichets: Visiting Team wilbe provided complimentary tickets. Vistng Team shall have the option ‘topurchaseupte game tickets atthe single game ticket price requested by August forthe year Inwch games scheduled. The Vsking Team shall return frcredtalltckets over nolater ‘than August 28a the yer game I schadled, and no more thar tects pus paver comellmentary pass tickets two hours ror to kiko. Vistng Team marching band wil be admited fee of charge to Us Stadium to perfor upto mammal members 40, Financlal Ald Equivatences~FCS Opponent To confirm compliance with the provslons of NCAA bylows 1872.12 & 20.9.2. the Visiting Team sal verbally erty upon execution ofthe contract ‘that it plans to average 90% f the permisslse maximum numberof grant-nald per yearn the sport cf football drlg the two ecaderl years immediately preceding the scheduled date ofthe contest. Further, the Vistng Tea shall erty in wring tan months prior to the schedule contest that Intends to maintain complance with the applicable NCAA bylaw effective during the academic year In ‘which the game s schedule tobe payed. Ifthe Viking Teams aot in compliance withthe above ‘ylows at any te during te two academic yrs prior othe academic ear ofthe scheduled game, ‘than the Home Team has the option to cancel the affected game without being subject to the liquidated damages provision contained within his agreement andthe Vistng Team woulé be responsible fora cancellation feof $300,000 due within 60 days Following the date cf the scheduled contest. 21, Uguidsted Damages ishing Team falls to appear atthe scheduled game, Vistiog Team shall pay Home Team a cancelation fe of $300,009 within 60 day after the scheduled gare date and Visting ‘Team wilnot be enttled to recalve the amount set forth in Section 5. If Home Team fast appear at the scheduled game, Visting Teer willbe ented tothe guarentee amount detailed in Section 5. No ‘cancelation fee or gurantee shall be pald if the parties mutually agree in weting to cancethe scheduled game 12, Force Majeure: The contrat shall be wold and no compensation shallb pid to elter partyin the ‘event it becomes impossible to play the stheduled game because of inclement weather; an act of God ‘strike, lockout or ether labor espute; any delsion, err, aw, rule or regulation of the Natonal Collegiate Athletic Assocation; or any ether federal, state or municipal agency or officio the ‘eceurrence of any other event thats beyond the reasonable control of either party. 13, The rights and resprsibities under this Agreement cannot be assgned or wanserred to another party. 34, should any provson ofthe Agreement be delved by a court of competent jurisdiction tobe nll and ‘vod, the remaining provstons of the Agreercent wl remain nfl fore and effect, 45, Tis Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the pares with respect the subject ‘matter hereof andsupersedes any anda prior understandings and agreements, oral and wten. This ‘Agreement may be amended ony in wing signee by both parties. GB 102 Alumni Aven | Bull, wi | 142606000 (0: 716.645.3142 [F716.645.3754 ADDITIONAL AGREEMENTS: ‘SIGHED IN DUPUCATE: (lease return one copy) State University of New York at iy con Ch HA ‘tic Becta Senta fr DRE] ‘ei Dor Siesta for Dag] Liat Af Chates F. Estep han rt tame Prine name Qiate. £ Maldies F/T) Dieter of Finance? B12-3015 Tae ate Tae ae GB 102 Alum rena | Bute, NY | 14260-5000 (0:716.645.3142 | F: 716.645.3754

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