mple Celebrity Endorsement Research Questionnaire

Name of the researcher: _________________

Name of the concerned department: _______________

Status of the research: ________________

Date: ___/___/____

Q1. Tell us something about your objective behind conducting a celebrity endorsement research program?

Q2. According to your opinion, what is the core motive of a celebrity endorsement research? 


Q3. For this research, who is your core target from the following mentioned sources? 


People Corporate people Previous records Others: ________________

Q4. What source are you using for this research? 


Online survey Public interviews Opinion polls

Q5. What type of products or services are you targeting for gathering the sufficient feedback to complete the research? 


Luxury Cosmetic Clothing Accessories Jewellery Furniture Other, please specify: _____________

Q6. Are you considering a particular brand for this celebrity endorsement research? 


Yes No If yes, kindly specify the name: ___________________

Q7. How are you measuring their publicity value? 


By counting the per annum income Using TV adds to count on their publicity Contacting people by using the above mentioned resource for the same

which factor of the following is best for you for finalizing the suitable celebrity for endorsing services or a product?     Popularity Income Impressive appearance Other: ________________________ . As per you opinion.Q8.

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