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1 Sorting Items Impossible to sort items based on Price [A standard feature in most onli
2 Webcode No real description on how to reach or recieve a
webcode, yet it is listed on every link featuring a
3 Registering a user account doesn't send the confirmation
And I am(and
product email
loggedin reasonable
some in,other
but i cannot anything,find
subsites).Couldn't as ai haven't confirmed the
4 Search does not find specific page webcode
There is afor various
Service products,
called couldn't find
"Küchengeräte one at
Einbaucheck". If you type exac
5 Account Creation - Still not officially Logged in It
Although officially logged
says it navigates in on the
to a specific website it still denies me basics and
6 Inconsistent naming "Wunschliste" and "Einkaufsliste" however, I've never noticed
After you added a product to your wishlist, a webcode
it gets directly placed into you
and based on the facts its primarily under
7 Click on Register leads to an empty page Seems to Ibe
products, guess
a clicking-bug.
its meant to help with product
search. However no product lists one in any
8 Search does not have an „Alle Kategorien“ optionIf you areway.
findable not sure to which category a product belongs have to try seve
9 Wunschlisten - Choosing lists When adding an object to a wishlist, I take for granted I can choose whe
10 Wuenschlisten – Swapping When swapping between two wunschlisten, it took
the second one and labeled it aktiv. It was badly
11 Wuenschlist - More than two lists When
listed. swapping between more 'wuenschlisten', one vanishes and it stat
12 Inconsistent display of product preview There are two different ways of displaying a product short overview. Com
However I had to press the same button again to
13 Intransparent categories of products „Software“
aktivate thevs. „Software –However
Einkaufsliste, Spiele und Anwendungen“
I received no where is the differ
14 MediaMarkt top 10 feedback on the change (It still labeled Musik as
Although logged in, it says I can register for Mein Mediamarkt. However
being active), It was also the same button i used
15 Confusing arrangement of search results The
to active
is other
not arranged
list. If I didn't
very well.
page,with a lot of additional te
it didn't show the change.
16 Validity of prices At each product you see the text "Angebot gültig am 10.04.2010, Media
17 Top offers are just announced as screenshots Aktivieren looks
There are no liketoan
links einkaufsliste
detailed productusing the
same red arrow and is a design flaw.
18 Screen gets stuck When using the search without entering a message and without selectin
19 Wunschliste Difficult to add a product to "Wunschliste", because of bad placing and d
20 Too much information in Contact Form When using the webform to send a request; too many various options a
21 Deleting items from the product comparison list When you want to delete something from the product comparison list, th
22 Bad positioning of job exchange People, who want to find the job category may have some problems
23 Wrong layout of text The text "aus dieser liste entfernen" has a wrong layout (bug)
24 Contact page - opening times not very readable The Google Maps Popup shows all Contact information, but because of
25 Obsolete information on contact page On the contact page, the christmas opening times are still available (in A
26 Confusing icon, on the list "in which category am i"
On the right side of the products details page, you can find a list, that sh
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Screenshot Heuristic How Reproducible E1 E2 E3 E4
KalsLuis-prob03.png Flexibility and Efficiency ofProduct
Use Search y y y
KalsLuis-prob04.png Aesthetic and Minimalist Design
Product Search / Product Descriptions,
y y etc -
tschinkelgerwald-prob05.png Good Error Messages klick on Registrieren, and fill out the
y data.
y -
tschinkelgerwald-prob12.png Minimalist Design search y y -
KalsLuis-prob02.png Good Error Messages General Item Comments y - -
tschinkelgerwald-prob06.png Consistency and Standards
go on an product details page, and
- click
y yon "auf meine Wuns
tschinkelgerwald-prob04.png Bug go on any product details, then at- they end,
- click on "Jetzt für
langgartnerre-prob01.png Flexibility and Efficiency ofsearch
Use - - y
KalsLuis-prob06.png Consistency Product Info / when Logged in y - -
KalsLuis-prob07.png Reversible Actions/Feedback/Consistency
Wuenschliste y - -
Reversible Actions/Feedback/Consistency
Wuenschliste y - -
tschinkelgerwald-prob03.png Consistency and Standards
click on "Honeywell" in the Tag Cloud,
- y than
- click on the produ
langgartnerre-prob01.png Minimalist Design search - - y
KalsLuis-prob05.png Bug Top 10 y - -
tschinkelgerwald-prob02.png Minimalist Design click on "Honeywell" in the Tag Cloud
- y -
tschinkelgerwald-prob09.png ? product details - y -
langgartnerre-prob05.png Flexibility and Efficiency ofTop
Use10 y - y
langgartnerre-prob06.png, langgartnerre-prob07.png
Bug Press "Fotoservice"; Use searchengine
- - without
y a term and ca
langgartnerre-prob02.png Minimalist Design Product Search / Product Descriptions,
y - etc y
KalsLuis-prob01.png Aesthetic and Minimalist Design
registration/newuser.html y - -
tschinkelgerwald-prob08.png Consistency and Standards
product comparison - y -
langgartnerre-prob04.png Flexibility and Efficiency ofBottom
Use of mainpage - - y
tschinkelgerwald-prob11.png Bug "Wunschliste" - y -
tschinkelgerwald-prob01.png Minimalist Design Contact page (Start -> click on "Kontakt")
- y -
tschinkelgerwald-prob01.png Minimalist Design Contact page (Start -> click on "Kontakt")
- y -
tschinkelgerwald-prob07.png Consistency and Standards
go an a products details page - y -
E1 E2 E3 E4 Av
4 3 4 3.7 *
4 3 4 3.7 *
4 3 4 3.7 *
4 3 4 3.7 *
3 3 3 3.0 *
2 3 4 3.0 *
3 2 3 2.7
3 3 2 2.7
3 2 2 2.3
4 2 1 2.3
4 1 2 2.3
3 2 2 2.3
2 3 2 2.3
2 2 2 2.0
2 2 2 2.0
3 1 2 2.0
2 3 1 2.0
2 2 2 2.0
3 2 1 2.0
1 3 1 1.7
2 2 1 1.7
1 2 2 1.7
1 1 2 1.3
1 1 1 1.0
1 1 1 1.0
1 1 1 1.0