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Causes of Conflict Divided Loyalties -Difference in political belief between the

Protestant and Catholics

Protestants -Most Protestant see themselves as British and

wish to see the country remain a part of the
Conflict in Northern Ireland United Kingdom

Terence Tay Wei Teck (33) 3Edward -Do not want a union with the Republic of
Ireland, a Catholic Country

-People have grown up in an atmosphere of Social segregation Impact of the Conflict

tension and violence -May not be tolerant of their Protestant beliefs

Sometimes possible for young people in northern -Protestants and Catholics have been segregated
Ireland to grow up not having met someone from socially; in the way they live, work and play Catholics -See themselves as Irish, and want to be reunited
other community. with the Republic of Ireland

-Discouraged domestic and foreign investments Declining economy -Still resent the history of English conquest
where Catholics were either killed or treated
-The civil rights marches put pressure on the Political reform
Northern Ireland government to pass anti-
discrimination measures in Northern Ireland

New Node Unequal allocation of housing -Large Catholic families in need of housing have
Civil rights and demonstrations and pressure to wait a long time to get a house
from Britain

-In some towns, more houses would be given to

the Protestants than the Catholics

-The Catholics were frustrated as the shortage of

houses meant that they would have to wait for
many years before they could be given their own

Unequal employment of opportunities -Generally more difficult for Catholics in

Northern Ireland to find jobs, especially
government jobs

Although the Catholics may be as academically

qualified as the Protestants, they do not have the
same opportunities in getting the jobs that they

Lack of opportunities for social interaction -Fully-funded public schools that cater to the
Protestants only, and private schools that cater to
Catholic only

Protestant children are taught British history and

play British sports such as rugby, hockey and
cricket. They would also sing the British national

Catholic children learn Irish history, take up Irish

sports such as hurling and are taught the Irish
language and culture. They tend to regard Britain
as a foreign country.

Lack of voting rights -Before 1969, only those who owned houses and
businesses were entitled to vote in the local
government elections

-Each household was entitled to two votes while -Since many companies are owned by the richer
companies were entitled to more votes Protestants, they ended up with more votes
depending on their sizes

-Unfair to the poorer Catholic population

-Catholics were most unhappy that voting

districts were often drawn up to include larger
proportion of Protestants