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Gyan Vihar School of Engineering

and Technology

Seminar Report On


Submitted in Partial Fulfilment for The Award of

B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)
Rajasthan Technical University, Kota
Session 2010-11

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Head of Department
B.Tech Final Year

Computer Science Engineering (VIII



It is hereby certified that Mr. Anuj Khanna

student of B.Tech. Final year (VIII Semester)
Computer Science Engineering discipline have
submitted her report on MINIATURE PEN-PC in
Partial fulfilment of Seminar cum Presentation
prescribed in the syllabus of Rajasthan Technical
University, Kota for B.Tech Examination.

Dinesh Goyal
d of the Department
mputer Science Engg

I express my sincere thanks and indebtedness to my esteemed institution, GYAN

VIHAR SCHOOL OF ENGG. & TECH., which has provided me an opportunity to
fulfil our desire and reach our goals.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and keep debt to honourable Head of
department Mr. Dinesh Goyal for his suggestions, meticulous guidance and constant
support which have gone a long way in successful completion of the project.

Thanks in particular to our mentor and our seminar co-ordinator Mr. Dinesh Kumar
for his encouragement and valuable advice.

We heartily thank all those who have helped us directly or indirectly in the successful
completion of the project.


Computer Science Engg.

(Batch A1------24)
Miniature Pen-Pc is a revolutionary new miniature computer which is being worked
on in Japan and named as P-ISM “Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package”. It
comes in a shape such that it can easily slip into our pocket. This gadget is a
Minimalistic pen which enables Ubiquitous computing. It make use of pen sort of
instrument that produces both the monitor as well as the keyboard on any flat surfaces
from where we can carry out functions that we would normally do on our desktop
computer. With its Bluetooth technology, it recognizes our key-presses and inputs as
per usual. It makes use of a wireless technology for exchange of information. Whole
set is connected to internet through cellular phone function. It makes use of Wi-Fi

P-ISM is a gadget package including five functions:

• CPU Pen

• Camera

• Virtual Keyboard

• Visual output

• A Phone

The communicating devices are becoming smaller and compact; this is an example for
the start of new technology. This will diminish the laptop market. The biggest
advantage of this technology over existing laptops, net book etc. is its Portability; it is
very easy to carry while travelling.


1 Chapter 1- Introduction on miniature pen pc 1
2 Chapter 2- History 2-7
2.1 History 2
3 Chapter 3- NEC Corporation 8-11
3.1 Introduction 8
4 Chapter-4 Wireless Technology 12-20
4.1 Introduction 13
4.2 Technology used in P-ISM 14
4.2.1 Wi-Fi Technology 15
4.2.2 Bluetooth Technology 16
4.2.3 LED Technology 19
5 Chapter5- P-ISM 21-29
5.1 P-ISM Introduction 21
5.2 Table Showing Five Function Of P-ISM 22
5.3 Block Diagram Of P-ISM 23
5.4 Five Function Of Pen Pc 24-29
5.4.1 CPU pen 24
5.4.2 Communication 25
5.4.3 LED Projector 26
5.4.4 Virtual Keyboard 27
5.4.5 Digital Camera 29
6 Chapter 6- Advantages And Disadvantages 30-31
6.1 Advantages 30
6.2 Disadvantages 31
7 Conclusion 32
8 References 33