Back story: Machines are taking over and killing those who fight back.

But some who fight back don't die but instead land in jail. Who's going to believe testimony about “killer robots from the future” ? FBI Agent Auldridge starts to believe Sarah Connor, the woman who has seen it from the beginning.

He tells her that Danny, the son of the scientist who built the machines, is missing.

Meanwhile there is another who has seen the machines start their war on humans from almost the beginning back in 1984 when he was fresh out of the FBI Academy. He began following the case then.

That was then.

This is now.

As you might imagine chasing “killer robots from the future” sent his FBI career into a dead end. But now, James Ellison is CEO of a company that makes (of all things) A.I.'s. An AI is an artificial intelligence. A way of understanding it is that an AI is software that thinks like a human mind in contrast to robots that look like humans. The company Ellison heads is in Los Angeles. This is before . . .

. . . during . . .

. . . and after

the Zeira Corporation building is hit by one of these:

But the military drone that hits the Zeira building is not built by Boeing. It is built by Kaliba Group, a shady company that makes Blackwater and Enron seem sweet by comparison.

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