*Knock knock knock* Brian – mmmhhh *Knock knock knock knock knock* Nick – brian are you awake

? Brian – mnhey Nick – Brian are you…? You’re not even up yet!!? Brian – I’m awake Nick – Seriously, if we’re late to work again they’re gonna FIRE US! Brian – Yeah… I just…. I had to figure out… whose wheelchair… this was… Nick – Whatever dream priority you think you’re accomplishing right now, drop it and WAKE UP! Brian – Okay, I’m up, look I’m up… (sleepy face) Nick – Okay (mistrustful face), be ready to go in 5 minutes Brian – Okay… Nick – 5 minutes! Brian – Okaaay… Nick – 5 minutes- Don’t go back to sleep! Brian – I’m just laying down… Nick – Prove to me you’re awake… put your arms up Brian – (feeble attempt at moving his arms) Nick – You’re NOT going to go back to sleep (?) Brian – I’m not… Nick – Don’t go back to sleep Brian – I’M. SITTING. UP. Nick – Be ready to go in 5 minutes! 5:01 later Nick – Briiiia- BRIAN, GODAMMIT WAKE UP! Brian – mmhhmm I’m awake Nick – You’re not! Brian – Yes I am!! Allright? Look, I’m wide awake! (gets out of the covers with a pair of eyes taped to his face) Nick – Allright, good but you’re still… What?! Brian - ... what’s up? Nick – This isn’t a Marmaduke cartoon strip, Brian. That’s not gonna work, Now get up, and get dressed! (throws clothes at him) Brian – Allright, I’m up, just give me some privacy, okay? Nick – Ready to go in 2 minutes brian! 2:01 later *knock knock knock* Nick – Brian, are you awake?

I’m taking Briam and we’re going to work Nick – (turns around. Someone sits on the back. Nick downstairs in scooter. finds tape recorder on the table. finds Briam sleeping against doorframe) You GOTTA be kidding me… Briam – I’m awake… . have it your way. that’s Brian Briam – Briam? Brian – Brian… Nick – Okay. Nick – (stares blankly into space. I AM LEAVING WITHOUT YOU… (recording goes on in the background) 2:01 later. honking horn. I’m not asleep. wakes up) What’s up. Nick – Finally. she looks angNick – (looking at lump on bed) Are you serious?! This is getting ridiculous!! (removes covers) Brian – (recording) *fake snores* I’m not asleep. so don’t even think so. gets pissed) WHAT! Nick – (upstairs in bedroom looking at the bed) THE FUCK! Brian – (wakes up again) I’m awake! Nick – IS THIS?! (pointing at Briam) Brian – That’s me. I’m ready to go. do you know how close we’re cutting it right noBriam – Hello. yes.Brian – Yeah I’m up. don’t even think I’m asleepNick – What’s the matter with you!! Brian – (sleeping in the closet. I’m getting dressed… (lively voice) Nick – Okay Brian – (piano music) Now I’m just playing some piano Nick – Why are you playing piano?! Brian – (Chicken noises) The chickens are loose!! Nick – Brian! What’s going on?! (goes in. I am Briam. I got my shoes on (only one shoe is on) Nick – If you’re not downstairs in 2 minutes. playing) Brian – (recording) Oh the farmer’s wife is coming.

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