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- World smaller, internet, globalization – consumers more educated

and demand more.
- Need for corporate transparency, year reports – both good and
bad, Mearsk of the old school ” Cult Like Culture” James C. Collins.

Lead to:
- Heavy critic of working conditions, not allowed to strike,
dangerous working conditions.
- Corporate identity portrayed on website – “all employees are
treated equally no matter location.”
- First denying everything – taking a buffering approach
(Cornelissen) claims working conditions exeed other plants –
sense giving / stakeholder information approach (Morsing)
- Intensified media attention - agrees to send manager to Don
- Conditions investigated, revised manual in Chinese on its way
– Bridging approach/stakeholder response – sense making.

Maersk CSR
Carols Pyramid of Corporal Social Resposabillity.
- Economic responsabilities – Profit first to support local
community YES
- Legal – Obey the law, play by the rules -YES
- Ethical – do what right - NO follows law but not ethics of
Caroll: Big company – Big responsibility.
- Philanthropic- Be a good corporate citizen and donate
Amaliehaven 1985, Operahouse 2005.
A patch? Not paying taxes, no philanthropy in Don Guan
only in DK where we got power to criticize.
- Culture is learned and evolved with new experiences.
- Culture is a pattern of basic assumptions within a given group.
(Success ex)

- Esben Rahbek and Ivanka Manic; Corporate managers important

agents in implementing vision and code of conduct.
- The COC and vision should be like underlined assumption (Schein)
both internally and throughout supply chain.
- Strong alignment vision and corporate social performance.
- Most MNE’s decentralized structure – Maersk old school,
Esben Rabek – misalignment between COC/Vision and corporate
social performance creates innovation and growth.
- Different background, sex , gender.

- Porter, Kramer – Link between competitive advantage and CSR.

- Responsive CSR – write a check in times of need.
- Strategic CSR – create shared values. + Vin vin situation.

Maersk Should:
- Create shared values, Both beneficial for society and company.
- Strategic CSR – Education in Don Guan – Better workforce in the
long run.
- Marriott example, Porter,
- Danish company sending 2 billion to Somalia to develop societies
and prevent pirates.
- Instead of Caroll’s Ethical Relativism – going by local ethical
- “Ethical Eperialism” stick to ethical standards from home.