BLACK CROSS@ NOTES from Da RE~Covery Room of

The following are quotes provided by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakan* regarding the current mental and behavioral health practices of Afreekan Descendants whose Ancestors where enslaved in amerikkka. Based on his questions and commentary, THE BLACK CROSS@ adoring the door to Da Recovery Room of RACISM NON~ANONYMOUS is the place for Afreekan Descendants can go for Answers and Solutions. The Minister says: “I think we really need that type of education that makes you understand “What happened? What broke us down?” and then we can remedy; we can rebuild”. M.E. say: The Traumatic impact of the MAAFA in our lives is what happened. Europeans with their viral infection LIES. This set the stage for the invasion of E.V.I.L. Lies about who we were, who they were, how we were to think and behave based on how they thought and behaved. As a result and as the Minister states:

The Minister says: “The Black Community is in a state of death” “The Black community, as a community, has flatlined. “Flatline” means that you're dead, and as a dead man, you can't see, you can't hear; somebody has to wheel you for viewing. As a dead man, you can't feel, [my emphasis] because death robs your flesh of the ability to feel”.

M.E. say: People of Afreekan Descent experienced the death of their/our Cultural Legacy and Heritage. The weapon used was blunt force trauma to the psychic with the constant and consistent programming via mass media outlets including schools and educational system, the forced feeding of European cultural thought and behavior. This process represented the intentional application of Traumatic stress in the lives of Afreekan Descendants. Acts of domestic abuse and political terror continue and Afreekans we are in a state of chronic shock, seemingly unable to feel, or “sense” what is taking place. The term “seemingly” was used intentionally as I understand what is taking place on the Spiritual level of Lived Experiences for Afreekans. This note however, is focusing on what is taking place on the lower levels of Lived Experiences and asks you so search SELF for signs and symptoms of damages done. Minister Farrakhan words are also tailored to support a same SELF focus. The Minister says: “When you look at our behavior, you're looking at „demons' that are sitting up inside of us that have to come out in order for us to be what God intends for us to be. And that means that every one of us have to be purified! All of us!” M.E. say: Are you able to see the E.V.I.L. [European Viral Infection~ LIES] within? Are you able to look and see SELF?

More from the Minister: “There never was a time that so many of us have killed and abused one another as we are doing today. There never was a time when Black women were so abused and misused as they are today. There never was a time when Black children have been so abused and misused as we find them today. The violence and abuse in the home is so great that every teacher or leader of any consequence should begin to look at the destruction of the Black home, the Black family and the Black community and address these concerns with truth.” “What is the cause of this? We want to get to the root cause of why domestic violence is on the rise”. M.E.: The cultural germ seed of the European peoples…Cultural Aids Virus~European spreading E.V.I.~L. is the cause…THAT is the root cause.

The Minister: “Not only is this happening in the Black community, it is happening on an increasing scale in the White community and in the community of so-called civilized peoples of the earth. Female abuse and child abuse are not only violent in terms of physical punishment, but sexual assault in the home is on the increase. Men are sneaking up on their own biological daughters and having sex with them. Fathers are abusing their stepdaughters or beating and brutalizing their stepchildren who are male”. M.E.: Here is proof as told from their story. This is the story they have forced fed to us all. As is the case with their story since leaving the caves*, a trail of war and violence, greed and envy is left in their wake. The Minister‟s summation: “The Bible opens in Genesis with the story of a family being created by Allah (God)— Adam, Eve, Cain and Able. The first violence took place between two brothers in the same family. One brother killed the other. In the Bible, again, you have the story of Joseph and his brethren. Envy, jealousy, enmity and strife caused members of the family to come together to kill Joseph. They agreed, however, to put him in a pit and to sell him off into bondage. These are family members doing this. Look at the Prophet David and his son Absalom. It wasn't an outsider that became his great enemy. It was someone from his own loins. In the New Testament, Jesus was betrayed by a member of his own circle of disciples.” “We went to sleep on the gains of the Civil Rights Movement, and neglected to prepare a future for our children”. M.E.: And in our sleep, these were the stories we told ourselves and our children. It is time for us to arise from our sleepless slumber and BE~gin to tell ourselves the TRUTH about who we are, what we possess [the POWER of the trinity is in WE], why we are and define together, where we are heading. Reference the Minister Domestic_Violence_69.shtml l

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